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Starcast for the week beginning May 27th, 2015

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

When dealing with the minutia of derailing details, the mind can become so overrun with meaningless tasks, which feel to be doing nothing but pulling you away from the things you would rather be spending your precious time on. It can be a challenge to keep your Soul on track when other things are constantly calling for your attention. The squeaky wheel does in fact get the grease and at the end of the day, you may be feeling that all you have been doing is chasing your own tail. Of course water leaks, computer crashes and car breakdowns do become a pressing priority, but somewhere hidden within the madness, you uncover something you never would have been able to otherwise. The comforts you find this week are rooted right at home, where you find refuge, peace and a place to re-fuel. Take care of what's pressing, so you have full freedom to participate in what's coming. June offers grand opportunities for breakthroughs and change.

I assure you Aries, it will be well worth the rest and the wait!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

If you have been on a feeling roller coaster, it's not your imagination, the universe has been taking you for a ride. With Mars' recent square to Neptune and Uranus squaring your ruler Venus, it can bring the best of us to the brink of a breakdown and it will make your own feeling limits be known. With so much energy in Gemini currently, all the attention for you surrounds self care and getting your essential needs met. Mercury is moving retrograde through this sector and you are becoming ever so mindful of what you need in order to be in balance with yourself. More than anything now, it is important to express these needs clearly and without force. It is more than ok however to express them with heat and passion, as this may be required to get your point across. You are reflecting deeply about what you value most, it is all up for review and you are combing through every last detail, to make sure that your life moving forward supports your deepest and most personal needs. With your ruler Venus in Cancer, you will also have of way of communicating with care, a way that will be well received, if you allow yourself to show a sensitive, more vulnerable side. In fact, in may be the only way your message is heard. A sea change of positive emotion awaits you in June.

An enormous wave of relief is coming!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

Delays, do-overs and feeling done with certain dialogues have been on life's energetic table. Your ruler Mercury is retrograde in your sign and conjoins Mars as we enter this forecast week, which means you could be spitting nails if someone crosses you in the wrong way. It can also reflect a supercharged energy stream that has you so far ahead of a plan that is not yet ready to be implemented, so is creates a surge of frustration. The best way to manage the current trend is to create plenty of time and space for things to play out as needed. You may also be feeling a bit fuzzy about which direction to take things, but the fog will clear before long as June is loaded with a solid charge in spots. Stay open and optimistic, and you will attract the very thing that helps you soar. Look at it this way, the artist or the author cannot force the creative process. One has to be in the right frame of mind to write a book for when all is aligned, the book feels to write itself. When the skies are forcing a pause, it can feel like pulling teeth to find any words at all.

Let the universe speak to you under this retrograde slide, as more pearls to your personal story are waiting to be re revealed!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

You may very well feel in ways that you are 'on your own'. This comes with the Cancer turf, as you are learning deep lessons in self reliance. It always helps to have some starry support now and then to help with the evolutionary walk, and with Venus in your sign, you may be feeling held and comforted, even amidst life's chaos. There will be spaces to turn to that feed you well this week, as Venus nurtures a central part of your core, but it will be up to you to take this blessing of energy and turn it into something good in the world. You know what is needed now and you will have the inner or outer resources to support a balancing of justice and to make all things fair and equal. You also will be able to tap into some of your own hidden wisdom as Mercury retrogrades through your house of the unseen and joins Mars in Gemini. A surge of confidence may re-kindle some old desires for expression and your imagination could very well be running wild. Find strength in those far out places that appear to be calling your name, through dream or otherwise. The messages they hold will be meant for your ears only.

Come mid June, it will be up to you to bring it up and out, and to then see it through!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

Creative surges of ingenuity and inspiration keep your mind running at an electric pace, as Mars joins Mercury retrograde in Gemini in your house of innovation. Your desire for the ideal, in all loving connections, is also in the background, as your heart is always invested in everything you do. With as much chaotic energy that has been pulling you in quick changing directions, you are preparing for an expansive launch mid June that is packed with potential in love and with respect to your creative life purpose. It is far easier to roll up your sleeves and deal with the 'un-fun', when you know a vacation in the tropics is coming. For some, a trip abroad may be on its way, but for many of you, paradise can be found within your artistry or within the loving arms of a cherished other. For now, energize the change you desire to have happen, and as long as your heart is in the right place, the universe will be all too happy to deliver.

What goes around comes around, so give the purest version of yourself, and a loving rush is destined to return!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

As Mars merges with your Mercury, which is retrograde, you may be feeling a power load of new energy surrounding old desires and ideas. You may also be feeling more than ready to take a leap in a certain direction, yet you know the timing is not quite right. For many of you, career path reflection is in process as you consider other areas of expression that feel to hold more personal meaning. You may now have the courage to think way outside the box and the potential new landscapes are creating an exciting charge. With Venus in Cancer, in your house of the alternative realm, you may attract others who are in a field of work or community that you feel drawn to and potentially see yourself apart of. At the very least, your eyes will be opened in new ways this week Virgo, and it will offer much for you to ponder, as your mind is working on overdrive to uncover a path that stimulates your Soul.

Wherever life feels flat, prepare for life to rock and roll!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

Something you have invested your heart and time into pays off in the next week, as your ruler Venus, moves through your house of career and the public self. You experience your own personal harvest, either large or small, and it is offering validating feedback that gets you back on the horse again. Mercury is also retrograde in fellow air sign Gemini and is joined by Mars as this forecast week kicks off. The burst of ideas will be limitless and you may be receiving countless invitations for your presence and participation. Mid June is spring loaded with unpredictable, yet abundant potential, so whatever may currently be gnawing at you, may very well become a distant memory. Your relationship world is also working its way to a better state of harmony, as you are within reach of a very rare eighty four year trend.

Energize the highest vision you can muster, and a higher frequency of love will find its way to your door!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

Ignorance may at times be bliss, but wisdom is essential for knowing how to work well within the cosmic tides. This is why astrology is such a gift. You may be going through a dark chute today but when you can see the light on the horizon, it will give you the drive and determination to see a certain process through. You can bring a conscious understanding to every moment, and it will inspire you well to keep going. Not every challenging trend will produce the same outcome for every Soul, and yet it is within these swings of energy where the greatest heights and depths of life can be felt and found. You may have been feeling the peaks and lows of late and with younger brother Mars and Mercury retrograde in Gemini, in your house of the Soul, you will continue to feel very bump and turn, as well as analyzing every choice you have made. It's about making new choices now, new choices that are going to create some dramatic changes in your evolutionary future.

Old habits die hard, but yours are about to go through a radical revolution, for all the right reasons!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

If you don't want to go to battle for what you believe in, you best step aside. But then again, that isn't really your way. You will however need to choose your battles wisely as Mars moves through Gemini in your opposite sign and merges with a retrograde Mercury. What you may also experience is a return to an old, what you thought was resolved, disagreement with another and you see there are still residual feelings that are creating a rub. In addition, as Venus travels through Cancer, you come to discover those connections that nurture your Soul, relationships that you know will still be there in the end, no matter what. When the heat is on, we all come to know who we can trust, and for you Sag, what you need most, is simply to be loved for you and all your wild and unruly ways. Jupiter, your ruler, is in fellow fire sign Leo, and is progressively forming a breakthrough angle of opportunity to Uranus in Aries, which will complete itself mid June. Between now and then, it will be essential to fuel a vision of positive change that you wish to manifest in your creative and loving future.

The electric potential for something holding immense meaning and magnitude to unfold is unreal!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

“If you have time to do something twice, you have time to do it right the first time.” Life and its pressure cooker time lines may have felt to be pushing you into a corner of stress, with Mars' recent square to Neptune, but you are finding key others are stepping up to lend a hand. Mercury is retrograde and joined by Mars and will also square Neptune in the coming days, suggesting you may have overlooked something in your haste and have to start all over again. The real lesson now is to do what you can to pace yourself, even if requires you to get up earlier than usual. Within pacing yourself needs to be a space held for taking care of you, so you have the energy required to keep up with the speed of life. You will be multitasking this week without question, and as well equipped as you are to manage details, a key move may elude you. Keep your perspective straight and your priorities in place and you will emotionally navigate this without a hitch. Fixate on one small thing and it becomes larger than life.

By my next forecast, a night and day difference of energy lifts you out of a fog and into the warmth of the loving sun!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

It does not matter how twisted and bizarre life could feel in the moment, if you knew something positive was brewing, it could pull you through any hot spot. This is how to psychologically and emotionally make it through any taxing push, as the mind can be a tremendous motivator. Mercury is retrograde in fellow air sign Gemini, and is joined by Mars, suggesting what thoughts you put fire to, will create a certain charge on your heart. Thoughts do create realities and you have an opportunity now to direct a certain tide with the power of your will. Venus is also in your house of improvements and will help you ease away areas of worry. Your ruler Uranus, is forming a progressive angle of precision to abundant Jupiter in your house of relationships, a connection that has not occurred like this in eighty four years. The angle will become exact mid June but you are within an orb of influence now. Communications are key to your success with this transit and will be transmitted with an unyielding confidence and courage.

Put yourself out there like you never have before and you will rise and triumphantly shine!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

You are re-thinking everything, and I mean everything. Mercury is retrograde in your house of the emotional body and is joined by Mars, the planet of desire and choice making. Thoughts will ignite emotions that lead you down roads of life altering change, as you become clear about the only way forward. All will not be resolved in your mind until mid June, when like a thunder bolt of lightening, you are shocked you into a state of awareness that allows you to see a Soul telling light. You will know from there on out, that none of your efforts were in vain. None of your efforts moving forward, now that you know what you know, will be wasted. Venus is in fellow water sign Cancer, which means she is always on call if you need a lift or some love, you will not have to look far.

Work to balance the best of what you want and what you know you need and in two weeks time or less, you will be signing a brand new song, a melody of your own making!

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