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Starcast for the week beginning August 26th, 2015

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

As Venus continues to retrograde back in fellow fire sign Leo to join your ruler Mars, you too will be feeling as if you are bridging the gap between what you want and what you need. You are slowly feeling your way back to something that burns deep in your being, and with the sun joined at the hip to Jupiter as we enter this forecast week, you will be shown the next needed steps to help you attract the very thing that you desire in your ideal world. A full moon in Pisces on Saturday, Aug. 29 will also pump up the image of the optimal and it will fuel your fantasies for better days ahead. Loving Venus joins your ruler Mars on Monday, Aug. 31, giving you the sign that you need to know you are right on track. Make every step from here on out, as conscious can be, and the return for this pure deliberate stride will be breathtaking.

Before you make a move, always remember, what you put out does come back!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

“Sometimes the hardest thing in life, is knowing which bridge to cross and which to burn.” Your ruler Venus, is retrograde in fire sign Leo, in your house of home and the emotional body, and is working its way back to a conjunction to Mars, the planet of desire, on Monday April 31. This will feel like a significant emotional turn, where you come to terms with a needed adjustment that must be made in a key relationship or two. It may also be a time where feelings are voiced and new ground rules are made moving forward. It will be a time to clear the air and remove any lingering resentment. It will also be a time when you feel ready to finally finish certain pieces of your past, in particular those pieces that never quite felt like they were giving back to you in equal measure. The sun is in fellow earth sign Virgo and merged with generous Jupiter as we move into this forecast week, which will be giving you a taste of what you want, and perhaps feel as if you do not have enough of in your life. The full moon in Pisces on Saturday, Aug.29, will energize a wave of liberating change that catapults you into new and alternative waters. It may take a few days to find your footing, but you will come to know exactly what you want.

The clarity will grant you the energy you need to make your way, all the way there!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

Communications prove to be fruitful, as your efforts to resolve prior mix ups make a significant difference in a desirable outcome. Venus continues her retrograde slide in Leo and will re-join Mars on Monday, August 31, hi lighting your exchanges with others. The more generosity of spirit, the better, as Leo always helps us find a way to 'feel the love'. Kill 'em with kindness, as the saying goes, and you will get far more than you expect in the process. A full moon in Pisces on Saturday, August 29, will bring into focus the time you are spending at work versus your time at home, reminding you of the bigger picture, as in 'we can't take it with us', as opposed to the memories of the time and energy we spend with loved ones living on and on. The point now is to feed your connections with an eternal investment of the heart and to balance your time wisely, so abundance can flow within your abode. Jupiter and the sun meet in this sector to show you just where you can get the greatest gain for your emotional investments. It may also require you to give up your time someplace else, in order to experience the greatest benefit in those precious moments.

Be fully present, versus divided in your interests, and the universe will immerse you in a wealth of plenty!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

Your ruler, the moon, grows full in fellow water sign Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, on Saturday, August 29, representing a healing emotional closure, a true culmination in a long arduous process. Something is coming full circle, giving you this inner green light that you can finally put something to rest. Prior to the weekend, the sun and Jupiter connect boldly in your house of communication, injecting a spirit of confidence to speak your truth without reservation and without apologizing for it either. How nice, eh Cancer? Your magic touch moment comes Monday, August 31, when Venus retrogrades back to reach Mars in Leo, and you are able to stay determined in your stance, and will benefit by not budging. You will feel strong on your own as we enter next week, stronger than you may have ever known. Once this growing feeling stabilizes, your new foundation will support a far better platform of strength moving forward.

Love yourself enough to not only discover what it is that you need, but to figure out a way to get it!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

Abundant Jupiter has made its way out of your sign after a year's stay, and just entered Virgo. However, there is still plenty of energy in your camp Leo, starting with Mars, the planet of action and desire. Mars also governs your instinctual nature, telling you what is emanating directly from your Soul, without forethought. With Mars in your sign, it gives you the power of initiation, and the courage to set something in motion, with enough energy to see it all the way through. Venus is also in Leo but she is moving retrograde, and will re-join Mars on Monday, Aug. 31, in your house of new beginnings. You will either be closing doors of old where there is unfinished love interests or else you are re-discovering some essential needs, needs that must be considered not only in your relationships but also considered before committing to something new moving forward. The sun and Jupiter conjunct as we kick off this week, in your house of earnings, allowing you to feel valued in places where you felt as if you were falling short. A full moon on Saturday, Aug. 29, in your house of the Soul, may bring up fears of betrayal and abandonment, but it is exposing a shadow of old, so a greater feeling of levity and light can replace the dark.

At its height, the full moon in Pisces can promote profound and promising healing. So help it rise to its best and then let it be!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

Old dynamics die hard, but not this week Virgo. With the sun and Jupiter conjoined in your sign, old debilitating habits can quickly become a distant memory, as you tap into an elevated energy stream of optimism that sets the stage for what's to come. You may also find you are attracting others to you with very little effort on your part, simply by letting your natural energy emerge. Jupiter does have a way of bringing out the very best in you, which then allows you to attract others that are good for you as well. A full moon in your opposite sign on Saturday, Aug. 29, helps you throw off any foggy filters that are not allowing you to see certain others clearly, and your new vision gives you a leg up and earns you instant respect. Venus continues her retrograde in Leo and makes her way back to merge with Mars on Monday, Aug. 31, in your house of the unseen world, serving to help you fuel your dream world with a clear picture of all that your heart desires.

You may at times be getting lost in a world of fantasy versus reality under the spell of these trends, but you will come to clearly know what is real and what also happens to rock your world!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

This may be the kind of week where all the things that feel to be broken end up standing out like a sore thumb, as the moon grows plump and full in Pisces, in your house of health and improvements on Saturday, Aug.29. The sun and Jupiter also combine early on which can have a way of exaggerating apparent problems and making them feel larger than life. However, this same signature works miracles if you are open to a little invisible help, so don't try to take on the world all on your own Libra. There is in fact abundant help on your behalf, on the other side. Jupiter's connection to the sun can also serve to induce a little luck along the way, so do what you can to stay as positive as possible, as the more optimistic your vibe, the greater your chances for some unexpected good fortune. Your ruler Venus is still retrograde in Leo, in your house of change, and will meet up with Mars on Monday, August 31, helping you implement any creative surges that rocket in. There is plenty of room for a total turn around in places in the next few weeks, so keep your head above water by keeping things in check and in balance.

A little change is gonna do your Soul some serious good!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

You like to go deep Scorpio. Nothing gets on your nerves more than people who live on the surface, with no real capacity to plunge to the depths of living and being. A full moon is forming in fellow water sign Pisces on Saturday, Aug. 29, allowing for more natural environments for you to experience life with more intensity and meaning. With the full moon in Pisces being so close to its ruler Neptune, it can raise the roof on the emotions you have experienced in the past, taking you far further into a feeling. Something is coming full circle, a healing can happen as you release an old emotional anchor. The sun and Jupiter join early on energizing an activation of your intuitive body, giving you an inner sense that some positive expansive changes are set to take place. Venus retrogrades back in Leo to join Mars in your house of career, gifting you a second chance at something that this time you can take all the way.

Something profitable and sweet its cooking on the career front. Don't rush it off the burner, trust, you will know when it's time!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

When there is something worrying you, it can be a challenge to think of anything other than that which is creating the rub. You are not a sign who tends to overly anguish over life, but now with your ruler Jupiter in Virgo, there may be a great focus on the desire for self improvement, as well as a new found focus on all that needs fixing. The sun's conjunction to Jupiter early on this week can help dispel the fear, as the sun shines a light of truth on what is real and what is a made up mirage. A full moon in Pisces, in your house of home and the emotional body, can bring your feelings to a peaking place, and for some these emotions can reach a breaking point. At its height, these trends can produce magical memories, as the limits of old fall away and you free fall into the power of the moment with another. Your career is hi lighted in the next year as well, with your ruler Jupiter at the top of your chart, presenting you with abundant opportunities, in ways you have not experienced in twelve years.

The bottom line Sag, is that you are going to be taking life and your evolution more seriously, and that is a very good thing!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

This week is the kind of week that Soul stuff is made of my friend. Venus is retrograding back in Leo and will join Mars on Monday, Aug, 31, in your house of metamorphoses. Together they will work in tandem to get your ego and your Soul onto the same page, also making sure you are deeply engaging your heart in the process. A full moon in Pisces on Saturday, Aug. 29 will keep your emotions visibly seen on your sleeve, as the lunar tide is within close proximity to Neptune, the planet that governs the great wide open. It won't matter how strong your defenses are now Cappy, you will be feeling everything. Following the feeling, you will be wanting to express everything that is on your feeling radar. This will prove to be good medicine, as the freedom to speak the deep truth will have a way of creating an enjoyable momentum that is leading you to your own personal promise land.

Holding back won't help, in fact it may very well hurt. Letting go buys you the ticket in!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

At the end of the day, when all is said and done, nothing will mean more to you than connections made while spending time here on Earth. At this time, this truth may never feel to be more true as Venus retrogrades back through Leo, in your house of relationships, joining Mars on Monday, Aug. 31. Prior to this, on Saturday, Aug.29, a full moon in Pisces reminds you that life is fragile and life beyond our time here on this plane remains a mystery. We can have all the feelings in the world about where we think it all leads, but can anyone know for sure? You bump up against these feelings surrounding what holds meaning so hard, it throws you into the arms of someone you love or have loved before. All of the material pursuits fall away until all that is left is the meaning that lives in the eyes of those who have held a real place in your heart. The next month offers you tremendous connection and breakthroughs in your world of relationships. All you need to do is slow down long enough to bring all that you are to the moment. Your full presence is all that they need, which in turn, is exactly what you need.

All in Aquarius, all in!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

Nothing like a little dose of Jupiter to give your spirits a lift. The sun and Jupiter team up, opening doors of honesty with others. Together they are traveling through your house of relationships and working to expand your feelings of abundance in this arena, energizing your ability to attract good people your way, as well as improving the connections you already have. We are not static beings, so to experience desirable growth in those relationships that we cherish and adore means everything in the world to a Pisces Soul. A full moon in your sign on Saturday, Aug. 29, will have you increasing your wing span, allowing you to reach higher altitudes in your earthly travels, spiritually speaking and otherwise, as well as serving to submerse you into those loving feeling waters of deep connection. Venus retrogrades back to join Mars in Leo, in your house that governs the daily grind, on Monday, Aug. 31, suggesting your Soul is seeking new ways to access passion in your work, but you will also be reminded not to sweat the small stuff.

A little self nurturing goes a long way, so remember to make room in your days for some tenderness, this is your life line!

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