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Starcast for the week beginning April 22nd, 2015

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

I cannot think of one planetary trend that when set in motion, could reverse something that is already destined to unfold. In other words, if certain choices were made that already led to a developing process, there are no transits that can suddenly change that process, hence the law of cause and effect. However, there will be trends that can help you better maneuver or gain solid footing while you are in the middle of a certain karmic chute. A powerfully motivating transit kicks off this forecast week, as your ruler Mars in Taurus forms a strengthening aspect called a trine to Pluto, the planet of empowerment, in your house of career. This is where you will experience the greatest drive and planetary push this week, and it can help you clear just about any hurdle you previously had in place. Will it change everything? It depends on choices previously made and your own personal evolutionary story. Will it propel you in a positive ways? Absolutely, as long as you direct your will with an unparalleled focus.

Here's to a new found determination, one that could potentially help you raise life's proverbial bar!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

If there ever was a time to feel ready, it would be now. If there ever was a time to get something going, it would be now. If there ever was a time for you to feel fully charged and passionate about your Soul's intended journey, it would be now. You will have the courage, the stamina and the desire to kick it into gear as action Mars in your sign, is joined by Mercury while they connect effortlessly to powerful Pluto, in fellow earth sign Capricorn. Also Venus, your ruler and the planet of what you value, including money, will be forming a supportive link to Uranus come Sunday, April, 26, suggesting sudden financial relief may occur, feeling as if pennies are falling from heaven. It could be too that you experience an unexpected opportunity to earn in new ways. The key to maximizing the benefits for any energetic trend is to know when to move and when to pause.

It's time now to move Taurus, you've got this thing in the bag!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

It always helps to have a sweet cosmic buffer as you travel through life and there is nothing like Venus at your wings to 'show you the money' and help you 'feel the love'. Venus is in your sign Gemini, and not only has she come bearing gifts, she is here to help resolve tangled relationship webs, and she is also here to bring out the sweetest and softest side of you. You will have the ability to disarm anyone in your midst and as Venus moves into a harmonizing position to Uranus, in your house of breakthroughs, you could become the energetic catalyst for positive change. Your ruler Mercury joins Mars in your house of dreams and hidden affairs and will connect boldly to Pluto in your house of empowerment, helping to align your Soul with what is highest and best for you. This energetic tuning fork that is in motion may very well be occurring while you are deep in sleep, so pay attention to the messages that are filtered through your dreams state. Everything that is surfacing now is emerging from the basement of your being, the content is rich with depth and is sending a message as to where and how to best direct your life.

Watch and listen closely and your life will click right into place!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

I realize when there is work to do, taking the time to dream can feel indulgent. Yet how will you ever extend beyond where you have been, without a vision in place? It is one thing to have gratitude for all that is right and working, and another to do what you can to build upon that base. The greatest masterpieces all started with a dream. Currently, Venus is in Gemini, in your house of the imagination and the ideal. This weekend, Venus will form an angle of grace to Uranus in your house of career, energizing a potential unexpected offer in your field of work. What is essential to do between now and then, is to visualize what it is that you do want for yourself, energize the ultimate scenario. This does not mean it will happen exactly like you imagined, but it will fuel the dream with an energy to help attract the very thing you want your way. What helps matters, is that Mars and Mercury will be joined as we initiate this forecast week and will connect securely to Pluto in your opposite sign. This aspect will allow you to trust key people on your path that are in place to help catapult you forward. This will also help to strengthen any and all of your most meaningful connections.

Fully lean into this trend and dig in with both feet, and you will land light years ahead of where you thought you ever could be!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

There is a big difference between what will happen and what can happen. The only things that are truly guaranteed in any given life are linked with karmic necessity, yet often times we do not know what is necessary until it occurs. The energetic trends reflect probabilities, and potentials, yet it is up to us to make something of what is within us and to do something with the energy that surrounds us. Pluto, the planet of metamorphoses, is in your house of daily habits and forms a powerful angle of productivity to Mars, the planet of movement, as well as to Mercury, the planet of communication, in your house of career. This emphasizes a focus on your 'right' work, the work that best reflects your evolutionary capacity and your ability to clean this place up and make it better than the way you found it. This transit supports your ability to fix any number of things that are off kilter, along with shifting your own center of gravity so you are more in tune with yourself. When you are inwardly aligned, you will attract far more of what you want versus what you hope to never experience again. Venus and Uranus sync up beautifully this weekend to inject a positive surge of validating feedback, certain to motivate you in hair raising ways.

Prepare for an electric surge destined to activate an innovative stream of consciousness, one that is destined to keep your inner flame aglow for all to see!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

If you have been lacking the confidence to say what needs to be said or feeling short on courage to take something on, to risk what your Soul deeply wants, your window to leap has arrived. It is a week where thoughts will hinder and instinct will prosper. Mars, the planet of desire, is conjoined your ruler Mercury and together they are making a game changing angle to Pluto in fellow earth sign Capricorn. With this kind of planetary net beneath you, there is no reason in the world not to jump. Venus in your house of career, also connects electrically to Uranus this weekend, stimulating you to try something totally outrageous, something that even catches you by surprise, and before you have time to think how crazy it might be, you discover it works, it gets you in, and lands you the lead role. This is no week to be timid or shy, no week to be licking old wounds and this is no week to analyze the past, or concern yourself about the future.

It is time to open your heart and invest your whole Soul into manifesting a personal desire, worry free!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

Your growth will be measured this week when you get in touch with an emotional process that in the past would have buried you. You realize that you have risen to an alternative perspective and it has illuminated a painful process and brought to light the reasons why it evolved in this way. Pluto, the planet of the Soul is in Capricorn, in your house of home and the emotional body, and is forming a solid angle of support to Mars, the planet governing will, and Mercury, the planet of communication, in your house of empowerment. You get a good grip on your growth and it has a way of feeding you with more of the inner strength you have rightfully earned. You realize how much you have come through, you know there will always be more, but you also now know that there isn't anything you can't handle.

This weekend, your ruler Venus in fellow air sign Gemini partners with Uranus in your house of relationships, suggesting that someone will be resonating with the vibration you are transmitting. Prepare to feel seen, to feel special, and to feel forever changed!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

While life will never be perfect, there are times when the good far outweighs the bad. When your relationships are solid and sound, and a feeling of trust has you fully committed to the union, there can be no greater gift for a Scorpio than to feel safe and deeply held. Your ruler Pluto is in Capricorn, and is forming a penetrating angle of support to Mars, the planet of desire, and Mercury, the planet of communication, in your house of partnerships. Timeless soul talks and sensitive steps forward have you growing together by leaps and bound. You may feel grounded in what is real and certain about steps you know you need to take together. This positively translate into being on the same page in a key process, and of gaining strength simply from knowing you have a trusted loving ally. Venus, is in your house of intimacy and forms an angle of ease to Uranus this weekend, suggesting that wherever you may have had blocks, you can expect to experience a radical removal.

There really isn't anything that cannot improve this week, if your heart is in the right place!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

A little old fashioned dedication pays off this week as Pluto, in your house of what you value most, connects to Mars, the planet of action and desire, in your house of efforts. It won't take much to be motivated to do a little honest hard work or to go the extra mile, in order to improve upon something that holds meaning to you. When others see that you are going out of their way to help them, they will respond immediately with a returning generosity. Energy is energy, it moves, thus what you put out is in fact exactly what you get back. Also, Venus is in your house of relationships and forms an easy breezy angle to Uranus this weekend, serving to re-vitalize a key connection by stimulating the wave length you travel upon together, giving it a boosted charge. All relationships can feel new again, because you feel changed and in ways also brand new. Your efforts in all places will prove to feel as if they are leading somewhere fruitful. You can trust that each sincere stride will be leading you better than well, these dedicated strides will lead you to prosper.

Make each one count!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

As long as you are moving and building, you feel right in the world. As long as you feel you are headed somewhere meaningful, you are motivated. You can be fully satisfied in the middle of a productive process without a sense of urgency to reach the finish line, as long as others are also bringing their best and pulling their weight. Pluto is in your sign and is forming an undeniable angle of support to Mars in fellow earth sign Taurus, as well as to Mercury, as we kick off this forecast week, giving you all the energetic backing you need to pull just about anything off. Venus, the planet of relationships, is also connecting easily to Uranus, in your house of home and your feeling base, giving you the support you need to know that you are not on this journey alone. Wherever you have felt emotionally 'off' , there is a quick change surge that holds enough voltage to turn your heart around . Something seemingly so small could not only make your day, it could positively change your tune long term. 

It is safe to expect that something truly good can evolve into something better than great!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

Magically you emerge from a place where you felt emotionally pinned, as Pluto in your house of the hidden realms forms an unearthing angle to Mars and Mercury in Taurus, in your emotional body. This has enough energy to pull you so far out of a hard place, you will forget whatever it was that weighed you down. You also find that you have the wherewithal to change your feeling reality, and direct it at will. You find, as you access the courage to emerge, that your energy radiates in such as way as to help you attract what feels good. Pleasing Venus finds your ruler Uranus this weekend in an attempt to show you how much you are valued and loved. Your creativity peaks, and your exchanges with others are loaded with innovative potential. Someone may also capture your heart in the process as you discover a rare like minded passion.

Celebrate the feeling of coming home!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

If confidence could be bottled and sold, there is no telling what humans could accomplish. Although it cannot be collected and divvied out, the ethers are fueling the skies with such an energy this week that if harnessed, could produce a powerfully productive surge in an ingenious process. Your message of intention could be communicated so well and to just the right ears, that it could take off like wild fire. Pluto, the planet of the Soul, is in your house of change and is forming an unbreakable bond of support to Mars, the planet of desire, and to Mercury, the planet of communication. This essentially means that whatever you set in motion, it will find the right hands and can be taken beyond perceivable limits. Venus also connects with precision to Uranus in your house of self reliance, suggesting that whatever is due to play out, will energize a surprising lift in your emotional being, one that allows you to stock pile more than your fair share of confidence for the road ahead.

Trust in the power that lies within you, it is in fact priceless and timeless!

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