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Starcast for the week beginning September 10th, 2014

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

A palpable shift in energy occurs for you Aries as your ruler Mars exits penetrating Scorpio and enters free spirited, fellow fire sign Sagittarius on Saturday Sept. 13. It may be just the lift you need to raise your spirits and infuse your energetic field with more hope and optimism. Mars in this arena will stimulate your desire to pursue philosophical studies or to set out exploring, crossing borders and far away lands. It will give you that feeling again as if anything is possible when your intentions are true and your heart is in the right place. But what you must remember most of all as Mars transits the sign of Sagittarius for over a month, is that your intuition will be sharp as a tack, so trust in that instinctual fire that burns in your gut. You will be able to promote more positive change in your life and you will be inspired with each step to then take another and then another.

Prepare, for before too long, a whole new world is going to open wide!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

There is an art in knowing when to move and how fast. In recent weeks you may have felt you had little control over any of this kind of timing as Mars has been opposing your Sun sign. The slightest thing may have caused you to stir and snap. Not only does Mars enter Sagittarius in your house of empowerment on Saturday, Sept. 13, your ruler Venus gracefully connects with Pluto, the planet of the Soul the following day. This will have you deepening into a better feeling groove, one you can trust and one you must nurture. With the recent super full moon in Pisces in your house of innovative strides aspecting Saturn so favorably in your house of relationships, you knew some change was desperately needed, you may have been reluctant to set those changes in place, but now you will feel the true depth of their healing and their hold.

Open your heart to new possibilities and let the universe show you what it has up its sleeve, it may very well pleasantly surprise you, if not in fact save you!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

One thing we all know as humble humans is that we will never truly ‘know it all’. There will always be more to uncover and discover and that is what keeps being here worth the journey. Mars exits Scorpio and enters Sagittarius on Saturday, Sept. 13, creating the feeling as if a certain problem has left you or is getting smaller and smaller in your rear view mirror. You will be pulling away from your involvement and the whole ordeal will be feeling less problematic, requiring less of your life force and something will tell you the tides are now turning in your favor. Mars in your opposite sign will keep you ready for battle if someone wants to challenge you, but your choice would be to win them over with diplomacy and rational thinking. Beyond that, you will be driven to take the path of truth which always equals the high road, no matter what is on the line or what is at stake, as the truth is the only way through. You will have to selflessly give a little in order to gain a lot this week as Venus trines Pluto, but it will be a natural gesture on your part and will end up making you look like a saint.

With your ruler Mercury in fellow air sign Libra, even with as tangled and tough as things might have become, there is a peaceful solution, leading to a real resolution!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

Whether you are desiring to drive your business or improve on your overall health, you will have the stamina, the wherewithal as well as the motivation to get it all going when Mars enters Sagittarius in your house of improvements on Saturday, Sept, 13. Jupiter and Uranus are also well positioned now in fire signs and in areas of your chart that govern earnings and career, suggesting that one novel idea could shift the tidal return in your strong favor. This is about exposing you to a unique audience or getting you into the hands of just one person who can help you take it all the way. Saturn is still in fellow water sign Scorpio solidly through the fall and is working to help secure your Soul on its path for the long haul. You do the work for Saturn and Saturn will prove to deliver every time. This is a partnership Cancer and no effort of yours will go unnoticed. “Dance as if no one is watching and love like you have never been hurt” and you will become more attractive by the day.

You better believe someone is watching and as long as you keep the good music playing, before long, they may just offer you the moon!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

The same ‘ol approach won’t give you the results you want this week, but then again, it never really did, and it never will. However, with Jupiter in your sign forming a progressive angle of immense support to Uranus, the sign of sweeping change, you are going to come up with an alternative plan and a mind bending way through. All it takes at times is a subtle energetic shift and everything in your life could change with the wind. There are energetic trends that are coming that have never been in place in your entire lifetime, trends that reflect a radically new world, one that promises a positive charge. To help matters for you Leo, Mars, the planet of action, enters fellow fire sign Sagittarius on Saturday, Sept. 13, in your house of the heart, adding fuel to your already passionate pursuits. It will help you direct all of your energy into those places that give back to you and it will open up your path in motivating ways, allowing you to not only see all that is possible, but allowing you to feel all that is true.

With Venus and Pluto harmoniously aligned on Sunday, Sept.14, you will find that at least one essential Soul need of yours is met, and that should carry you for quite some time!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

With the recent super full moon in Pisces in your house of relationships, it sure would have opened you up to a key connection in ways that have not been available before. Perhaps there is more contact now and more understanding, but with Venus, the planet of love and ease, in your sign for the next three weeks, you have the advantage now to softly and sweetly direct their attention your way. Simply your presence may be enough and as Venus forms a strong angle to Pluto this Sunday, Sept. 14, my sense is you may just receive the loving feedback you need to know where you stand. You must give in order to experience a return of affection, for one step in that direction will give the other the 'go ahead' to follow your advances. With Mars’ entry into Sagittarius the day before, you may be feeling a bit vulnerable at times in the coming week but that is just because you are entering virgin territory. The planets are preparing for a most impressive electric surge and you are within reach to feel the truth of this coming abundant tide. That will be all the feeling motivation you need to expect the very best, and nothing less.

Why settle?

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

There is nothing like a favorable swing involving the energy of Mars to help air lift you out of an emotional ditch. On Saturday, Sept.13, this firecracker force enters positively fueled Sagittarius to help refill your faith tank. Even a small boost of belief goes a good long way and this will prove to change your perception in one fell swoop. It will stimulate your connections that require some truth talking conversations and increase your desire for a bit of spontaneous adventure. The following day, on Sunday, Sept.14, your ruler Venus will form a stabilizing angle to Pluto, which will help anchor you in an area where you may have been feeling all over the place. An invisible presence may be felt as well as the potential for you to experience a deja-vu or two is quite likely. But most importantly you will be deepening into your own self and this will prove to have a pleasing balancing and stabilizing effect. With Jupiter progressively forming an angle of growth to Uranus in your house of others, you can bet there will be some freedom loving breakthroughs.

Prepare to exhale!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

With Mars traveling through the final degrees in your sign and exiting on Saturday, Sept. 13, you have a few more days to spearhead something that your Soul has been ready to unleash. It is also a time to get to the root of what you want, and to make choices that reflect this primal desire. You are ready, it is ready, and it is time. Just as Mars shifts in Sagittarius, Venus moves into a glorious position to your ruler Pluto on Sunday, Sept. 14, as a way of validating where you currently are on the path and helping you attract others of like mind to help you with your mission. With Mars progressively aligning with Jupiter and Uranus in fire signs yet in earth houses, the next month or more is going to be all about pioneering in your world of career, involving changes you can make to improve your profits and advance your presence on the path. Streamline your focus Scorpio as you consciously use the remaining energetic resources left to launch into the new.

More of you is yet to be unveiled to the world!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

Change will do you good and for some of you, it can’t come soon enough. No Sag enjoys the mundane. You crave action and adventure and with Mars entering your sign on Saturday, Sept. 13, you will instantly feel an inner charge light your fire. You may have to temper that flame at times as it can also make you a little more feisty than usual but Mars will be making enormously favorable angles as it finishes off this month and enters October. Knowing that you have more than enough backing to jettison the most problematic of dilemmas will put you in a positively positioned stance that allows for a swift and satisfying resolution. Isn’t it a rare treat when you have been living with a certain set of compromising circumstances, only to find that all of a sudden the dread and the worry and the weight of their hold disappears when a liberating turn tells you its gone, long gone .

Now as a result, all the energy it required to go to battle can be used for something superb!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

Just one pleasing encounter and you will be reminded of all the good in the world, your faith in humanity will be restored and you will find a way to take life in stride again this week Cappy. Mars exits Scorpio and enters Sagittarius in your house of dreams and the ideal this Saturday, Sept 13, which will have a way of elevating your outlook. The following day, Venus forms a benevolent angle of support to Pluto in your sign and creates an opportunity for serendipity to land in your lap. It will put you in just the right mind set, offering just the right vibration, leading you straight into the arms of lady luck. Generous Jupiter is also traveling through your house that governs other people’s resources, and those who have the power to help you and is progressively forming a most auspicious angle to Uranus, the planet of surprise. There is a world of grace out there and you are going to find your way into its home.

Expand your realm of perceived possibility and someone you least expect will ring your bell!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

As Mars leaves Scorpio and enters light hearted Sagittarius on Saturday, Sept.13, you will quickly feel it take the edge off of your living, breathing reality.. You may have been feeling as if the universe had its thumb on you and some form of forced growth was the only direction you could move. With Mars’ entry into Sag, this invites comedy relief, even if you are held to a full time work week, find the humor in the insane as it will add years to your life and it will prove to be the best medicine to help swallow that recent pill. As many tests, trials and turns that have tripped you up, your time is coming Aquarius as Jupiter is progressively forming a great angle of ease and abundance to your ruler Uranus, you can expect to benefit from this for the next month or more. This will improve and excite all areas of communication, including potential love interests and connections with others in your ‘tribe’ or community. These trends are electric in nature and can usher in a blast of quick, witty content certain to amaze and surprise any receiver of your ideas. If you are a writer, those keys will never again know such clever strokes of genius.

Stay tuned!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

As Mars spends its final days in fellow water sign Scorpio, you too will feel a motivating rush to make the very most of the drive that it offers. It may have done wonders to bolster your self confidence and offered a plethora of energy to tend to the tasks at hand. Between now and Saturday, Sept. 13, before Mars enters Sagittarius, it would be a fine time to fine tune your vision for yourself and your Soul’s future. Once you make your move, Mars in Sag may put you to the test as you rise to the challenges you set out for yourself. Venus is also traveling through your opposite sign and is working to improve all of your most cherished connections. People who have perhaps let you down may be circling back to make things right or set things straight just when you thought all was lost. You find you do have the upper hand when Venus in your house of relationships supportively connects with Pluto in your house of communication on Sunday, Sept.14, and you have a wonderful chance of finding your way to the very same page.

Peace where you once thought it was a lost cause, is now possible!

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