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Starcast for the week beginning November 22nd, 2017

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

With loving Venus in karmic Scorpio and your ruler Mars in Libra, which is ruled by that Venus, I am reminded this week of an old Kenny Rogers song called the Gambler. He sings, “I’ve made my life out of readin’ people's faces and knowin’ what the cards were by the way they held their eyes. You have extra radar this week and if you really want to play your cards right, then you better pay attention to the look in someone’s eyes. He follows with, “You’ve got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away, know when to run.” With Mercury in fellow fire sign Sagittarius progressively aligning with precision to Uranus in your sign this weekend, you will easily be able to access an avenue to travel where a clear way forward can be found and where you also feel a good feeling release from the past. There will be no words needed for you to feel your way forward. The truth speaks deep within the cells of your Soul.

Follow where it leads!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

No one week is all good or all bad. There always tends to be a mix of energy at play and while it may feel to be random at times, it never really is, and this is especially true now. Your ruler Venus is in Scorpio and recent travels suggest you may have just broken through an apparent impasse with another. Venus in this position will not allow you to sugar coat a thing, in fact she will be speaking deeply and directly to what you need at a core level. With Mars in Libra, the sign that Venus also rules, he is stirring the proverbial pot, unearthing all the things you feel need to be fixed or brought back into better balance, whether it's your health or the health of your relationships. If there is an area that has not been addressed, Mars will bring an ongoing issue that you may have been sweeping under the rug to a head in the coming ten days. Mercury in truth seeking Sagittarius does help you get to the bottom of something this weekend as he aligns beautifully to Uranus in Aries in your house of rising above where you have been feeling at a loss.

Let him help you navigate your way in, up and through!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

As your ruler Mercury moves through your opposite sign in Sagittarius and approaches Saturn, you may feel like a fish out of water or a bit more vulnerable with respect to some key connections, but when Mercury combines with rocket speed to Uranus in Aries this weekend, your perspective shifts and it frees you up to the potential of changing scenery where personal transformation can occur. Instead of possibly feeling like a victim of circumstance, you may soon come to feel like one lucky ‘dawg’. Mercury moves in front of Saturn on Tuesday, Nov. 28, to grant you some needed legs on this turn in your journey, leverage that will win you favor with just the right people. Action Mars transit through fellow air sign Libra progressively opposes Uranus in Aries in the next ten days, further signifying a radical shift linked with groups of like mind or areas linked with your creative life purpose. This week is energetically wired to help you stimulate some growth in your connections.

You have energetic plenty to ensure that happens!


CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

As long as Mars is traveling through Libra, in your house of home and the feeling body, which will occur until Saturday, Dec.9, you are going to be riding an emotional edge and even more hypersensitive than your already enormously feeling self. Knowing this, it will be important to do your best not to react to all that may feel to be landing in your lap. It will be a test to stay centered and calm amidst any emotional storm and access the best possible response versus fanning flames of reactivity, knowing too that this will only lead to burn out. So much of this life for you Cancer is in learning to cultivate those inner lands in order to offer more sustenance and inner support for yourself, a life of emotional maturation in a way that supports the evolution of your Soul. Fortunately, expansive Jupiter and loving Venus are both in fellow water sign Scorpio to lead you safely into the deep to deal with the most critical content that is being asked of you and you will be glad you ‘went there’. Mercury in Sagittarius slides into a strong position to Uranus this weekend to help you know how to quickly put out an emotional fire and use it for good, and he then joins Saturn early next week to solidify a dedicated pursuit. Just know there is a swift way through, no matter what appears to be flying at you.

Roll with it, and you will rise high with the tide!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

While there is a tremendous amount of energy pushing and pulling on you to grow, the Sun enters fellow fire sign Sagittarius on Wednesday, Nov.22, to allow you to see the bright side in a challenging situation. You may even find moments where laughter or even a gallows humor relieves some of the pressure you have been feeling. Mercury, the planet of the mind, is in fellow fire sign Sag as well and will form liberating angles of support to Uranus in your other fellow fire sign Aries over the weekend, to help grant you an alternative perspective that allows you to feel more hopeful surrounding your future creative and heart centered endeavors. By early next week when Mercury moves in front of Saturn in this same sector, you are going to feel far more secure in the road that will take you there. With Venus and Jupiter both in Scorpio, it will trigger just about every trust issue that remains, and at times igniting fears of loss, betrayal and abandonment, but this trend is helping you work out your own karma relative to these themes with the intention of ultimately empowering you forward.

It starts with finding the love and the light within yourself!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

For someone who spends so much time rolling around in the mind, you are going to feel your emotions leading the way for a change this week Virgo, with your ruler Mercury in Sagittarius, along with Saturn, in your house of the emotional body. The Sun will enter this sector too on Wed. Nov. 22, so it will be essential to follow the feeling versus the thought if you are looking for the best place to land. Jupiter, the ruler for Sagittarius, is in Scorpio in your house of communication, energizing the need to stay open while leaning into your intuitive faculties instead of the over analysis leading to paralysis. The wingspan of your radar is far reaching this week, especially when Mercury aligns with electric speed to Uranus, its higher octave, leading into the weekend. This can take one thought and send it half way around the world in a New York second. If you have a sincere wish, send your request out into the ethers and wrap it with all the faith you can find. Keep transmitting like a mantra until you get a response. Mercury crosses in front of Saturn on Tuesday, Nov. 27, to further strengthen your position and to give you evidence of manifesting something your Soul wants.

YOU are worth it!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

Your ruler Venus is in Scorpio and she aint messin’ around. She is going for broke and in some cases, she is going for the juggler when it comes to protecting what is precious and sacred. You are as sweet as the day is long until you catch one whiff of manipulation or someone hurting someone you love. True colors are revealed and you are forced to see something clearly once and for all. You are making new choices now in the face of old dynamics so stay strong in your truth no matter how uncomfortable it may be. Mercury is in Sagittarius and connecting with stunning speed to Uranus as we pull into the weekend, suggesting it won’t take many words or much time to get your point across, in fact, things may quickly go your way without too much convincing. Warrior Mars is in your sign as well, and he is progressively opposing Uranus which may radically alter a relationship, at least in the ways that your connection needs to change.

Mars will then secure itself to Saturn within the next few weeks, so even if at first it feels chaotic and uncertain, you will find your way back to land again and be grateful for the blast!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

Now that expansive Jupiter is in your sign for the next year, and Neptune in fellow water sign Pisces just stationed direct after months at bay, now is a time to go for the dream. I am not saying that in every case it will happen, but the chances are greater than they have been and you are recruiting some powerful energy. Loving Venus is also now in your sign until the beginning of December, which can help you attract what you need with less push. It may take a radical swing of your reality for the dream to manifest and with Mars opposing Uranus in the next ten days, you are sure to get up close and personal with how that change feels within. Mercury in Sag will team up with its higher octave Uranus as we move into the weekend showing you that a little extra effort will propel you further than you can track with your eyes. It’s similar to putting in a few extra training runs before for the race or the big game, making sure your lungs can go the distance and beyond. Your extra preparation gifts you with ample supply leading to supreme results.

If you are into more metaphysical pursuits, then entering that mediation space instead of opting for the latte, will earn you strong favor with the Gods and a rare feeling of elevation can be reached!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

Working out the details and getting to the bottom of it are main themes in your life at the moment. Your ruler Mercury is well positioned if you need to become a master multi-tasker, although it very likely is making your head spin. It may be a challenge to catch a breath these days with the intensity of what life continues to bring with your ruler Jupiter in penetrating Scorpio. With both Jupiter and Venus in Scorpio in your house of the unseen world, you are osmosing so much more than what meets the eye, you are feeling the fire, the fervor, as well as the futility of the collective. It can be hard to hold, but with Neptune stationing direct in Pisces, you are going to progressively find your feet again. Not only is this no time to go at it alone, the energy encourages you to recruit higher guidance to assist you in your evolution process and in your earthly travels. You are learning the power of an elevated presence and the unparalleled feeling of support it brings, nothing like it can be found on land. Mercury in your sign is forming a streamline position to his higher octave Uranus in fellow fire sign Aries upon entering the weekend, energizing a potential gale force wind at your back. At the very least, your brainstorming capacity will reach record heights, so do take notes. Follow the energy stream that clearly has your name on it and has no intention of slowing down for second.

Change becomes you!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

Regardless of whether there has been a load of energy pulling on you every which way but sideways, your ruler Saturn in Sagittarius has been locked into liberator Uranus in Aries, who is working hard to help you implement some long term changes that will benefit you now and in your future. It is an energy for starting anew and for taking risks. However, action Mars is in Libra and just recently squared Pluto in your sign, so you either felt some additional fear surface or there is something about your current reality that has you perched up on a fence, not knowing which way to jump. Mercury in Sagittarius is moving swiftly and will help you out with some key details to assist you in making a decision by Tuesday, Nov.28, and prior to that over the weekend, Mercury combines with Uranus to help you crack a key emotional code that can lead you to outer success. You feel the inside out truth this week and witness firsthand when the inner space shifts and lifts, the world comes runnin’ to answer your request. There are agents working behind the scenes.

Trust in their higher view!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

With action Mars in fellow air sign Libra, your desires for travel and growth have been highly charged and there may be no limits along these lines. However, Mars is progressively opposing your ruler Uranus in Aries in the next ten days so be mindful not to push your wishes and wants too far. Mercury, the younger brother to your ruler Uranus, is in Sagittarius and favorably aligning with Uranus in Aries this weekend, to help you maintain some semblance of practicality with respect to what you are after, he helps you cleverly deal with the details that are necessary to support its unfolding. You may find too that key people come out of the woodwork to support your efforts and you are surprised at who is first in line. Fortunately, Saturn is still forming a secure position to your ruler Uranus, to keep you steady and on track, so keep your discipline and determination high and your optimism fully on board.

It carries more weight than you realize!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

Your ruler Neptune is in your sign and is stationing direct after being retrograde since mid June. For you Pisces, this may have felt like you were slipping back into your past, or you may have been experiencing an elusive energy that would not allow you to get a foothold on your life in any real way. For some it may have been a time when you were saying goodbye to someone you dearly loved but regardless of what your story is, you would have been in touch with how fleeting life really is. Now that Neptune is direct, you can focus more on weaving more of the ideal into your days, and making the very most out of every moment that offers even the slightest hint of magic. With Saturn, Mercury and the Sun up at the top of your chart in Sagittarius, your public presence and personal teachings and healing that you can bring to the world will be high on your radar. It will initially feel to be about connecting with the strength of your nature and then finding a way to more fully express it in the world. Mercury in Sagittarius aligns with passionate intent to Uranus in Aries in your house that governs your inner relationship to yourself as well as how you earn, essentially allowing you to feel more inwardly connected to you and experiencing a greater sense of meaning, which will have a direct result on what you attract into your world.

Aim high!

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