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Starcast for the week beginning January 17th, 2018

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard these words lately, ‘It is what it is”. Really? That’s it? I know you, you never give up and you never take no for an answer. This feels like surrender and that is something you rarely, if ever, do. It may be true that something feels that it is just what it is, but that does not mean that ‘what is’ cannot change. Life is not some static set of circumstances. Every thought can make a difference in how something proceeds. Once words have been spoken or something has been set in motion , it is carrying its own kind of momentum. It may be a challenge to alter its course while its on the move as something may naturally need to play out. Time may need to take care of some of the emotion linked with these intense tides but what I ask you to remember this week is the power of what these teachings bring. This is truly a period that is rich with evolutionary potential. It’s not time for sitting back but for fully participating in life. Make an effort to know where you stand and then be ready to discover the real truth of ‘what is’, this alone will save you an exorbitant amount of energy and time.

The cosmic steam will reach your personal wheels by next week’s forecast, so keep your cards close to the vest for now. The time will soon be right to run like wind again!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

It is a loaded line-up with so many planets in fellow earth sign Capricorn, starting with your beautiful ruler Venus finishing her stay there. She has helped you build upon your best in recent weeks and she is breaking free into a new zone with her entry into Aquarius at the initiation of this forecast week. She set the table with love and sustenance at the New Moon in Capricorn on Tuesday, Jan.16, and she did her best to infiltrate your being with a spirit of gratitude. I know it has not been particularly easy in spots with warrior Mars trekking through your opposite sign of Scorpio, and no doubt some painful buttons have been pushed. But this is when it counts Taurus. When life peaks, the power for real movement is possible. There is a final turn in a story that is hitting close to home this week. Don’t think for a moment that you do not have any control as to how things play out.

Step in and think smart. You play a critical role in a timely breakthrough!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

Life may not be feeling breezy and easy these days with so many planets convening in task master Capricorn, including your ruler Mercury, and it carries an energy of feeling like you have to fight for every inch of respect or to get something to move. You can sense what is on the line for your Soul at this juncture. It is ever so important to also keep the truth in view no matter how much it may cause the wound to throb, because it is within this truth where your ultimate power lies. This week comes down to working straight into the center of something, versus around. With harmonious Venus entering fellow air sign Aquarius on Wednesday, Jan.17, you are going to feel some light reach your vision of the horizon. Something will equal a source of validation, and it will feel like a small surge of just the right medicine to keep your optimism in tact. What matters most is doing the deep inner work, the peripheral junk means absolutely nothing in the end, so spend your time wisely doing what means and matters most. Your Soul will thank you.

Onward and upward!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

Nothing like that four letter word 'fear' to make the knees buckle and the Soul freeze mid stride. A stellium of Capricorn planets may have been workin’ you to a nubbin in ways, in particular linked with key relationships, either with those who you share a committed union or with those who play a role of authority in your life, such as a boss, teacher or a coach. Life is far from spring training these days, it’s more like double days of boot camp where a relationship or two is concerned. You may have also been feeling stuck or trapped in this regard with very little wiggle room but I am here to tell you that any sincere effort now will help you bust a move. The Gods are taking notes, so be the bigger person if you must, prepare for whatever you may have coming to you in return, and then kill em’ with kindness. You may also be feeling unusual pressure with all that someone is laying on you and you are finding it may be a real stretch to be able to pull it all off. Fortunately, action Mars is in your sign up until Friday, Jan. 26, so tap into this superior energetic supply to help you channel your energy in the most productive way possible.

You discover this week that your inherent sensitivity is no weakness but a strong suit. Pure emotion washes river banks of separation!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

When several planets meet in controlling Capricorn, life can feel like an uphill battle for the Leo born Soul. The energy can wear on you like a ball and chain, a weight that you want nothing more than to set free. You may feel as if your hands are tied and you lack the feeling of command to influence what feels to be a futile fight. At the end of the day, it comes down to what something is worth to you. Everything is driven by this single emotion; desire. There are some things you want because you are simply magnetically drawn to them and there are other things you want because you know it is essential in order for your Soul to evolve. The latter of the two is not half as fun in the short-term but it is something that deep within your Soul you know you need and something you will be celebrating in the long run. It’s about taking the long view now Leo. Making conscious choices that support your highest and your best foot moving forward. Loving Venus enters your house of relationships on Wednesday, Jan.17, to gift you with a little love in all the right places.

This will be proof enough that you re right on track!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

I recently heard a friend counseling her teenage son who is working hard to reach his dreams. She said, “All you can do is control what you can and then let go of the rest, knowing you did your best. If it is meant to be, then the universe will take care of the rest.” There is great truth in these words and something to be said about letting go of the need to control the things you can’t. Imagine all of the inner space that would free up. Imagine too how much energy you would have to invest in more productive pursuits. A stellium of planets in fellow earth sign Capricorn is currently helping you ground yourself in a direction with greater confidence and with the very best you have to offer. It has a way of granting you staying power and increasing the full reach of your heart and how your spirit impacts others. Your ruler Mercury is part of this line-up in Capricorn and it has you taking your life more seriously than you have in long time. Action Mars is also ideally aligned while transiting through Scorpio as he is deepening your ability to let people really come to know who you are.

Don’t go lightly into the coming days, step into this week like it’s your last and your best will prove to steal the show!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

You never really know how much emotional weight you are carrying until you are given permission to lay some of it down. A little ray of sunshine, a piece of good news, a hug from your favorite friend, any or all of those things can be a game changer for you. Your ruler Venus has been traveling with the planetary heavy hitters in Capricorn and you find it to be a relief when your ruler Venus enters fellow air sign Aquarius on Wednesday, Jan.18, to shine a little light on a heavy subject. It would feel similar to a daily grind of arriving at the office before the sun comes up and leaving long after the sun goes down and then to your surprise your discover the following day that you have been given the morning off. It carries an energy that positively shifts your perspective with simply a change in schedule and in scenery. You are in something for the long haul, you know that it will come with its challenges, but you are experiencing the effects of how something so simple can serve to totally recharge your Soul battery.

Your ruler Venus will be sure to offer some pleasing deviations in life to help keep it all in perfect perspective!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

I used to be a runner and no matter how much ground I had covered in any race, I always saved enough energy for the kick at the end. Even when you think you have nothing left, there is something about knowing the finish line is coming that makes any runner pick up speed. Action Mars is in your sign and will spend a little more than a week there before moving on. Mars is asking you what you want and he is here to do what he can to grant you the will and the fire to go get it. This is not an energy that you will want to waste. A team of planets are lined up in Capricorn, along side your ruler Pluto, to help you earn some stripes and you will be taking this week’s events as serious as a heart attack. It may very well require the need to loosen your grip and to surrender where you feel something is out of your hands and your control.

Generous Jupiter in your sign and your ruler Pluto are blending as well any two things that go well together, so keep your positive thoughts on the goal and and it will double your chances for success!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

If you were to choose any planetary wing man to support you on the long journey, Pluto would be the one. This week your ruler Jupiter follows suit with my inner hunches and ideally aligns to this powerful beast. Pluto is the planet of empowerment and metamorphoses and he energizes an elimination of anything that does not serve you. He aligns with perfect precision to your ruler Jupiter in Scorpio, the sign that Pluto naturally rules. This creates a double dose of energy and influence suggesting that Pluto will not let you take anything on that isn’t in your best interest. If there is already something on board that is not safe to trust, then off it goes. He will expose anything you had not seen prior so you are ‘in the know’, which will help you dial in on next steps. Your ability to tune into the truth will deepen and your intuition will become a trusted radar for how to proceed. Loving Venus leaves the serious stage and enters Aquarius on Wednesday Jan.17, granting you wise counsel which creates an alternative vantage point. As you loosen your grip of attachment to a certain outcome and attach only to the truth of what the universe is showing you is best, you will find it strengthens your resolve and elevates your position.

Seek the invisible teacher who is waiting for you in the ethers and the way will be shown!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

When push comes to shove, nobody wins. You are learning hard lessons surrounding this fight. You may be able to bring more to the table and on paper it looks like you have won, but your heart is telling you something different in an aftermath. There are no winners when hearts get broken. In those moments when life gets intense, you may just wish to throw in the towel, be done and move on. In those moments you are not asking yourself, “where is the love?”, because resentment has eclipsed compassion. Now that you are standing on top of the mountain with some of your closest allies, including your ruler Saturn, you really are in charge of how this thing goes from here. Venus’ entry in Aquarius on Wednesday, Jan. 17, speaks to the swing of extremity in your reality depending on which road you choose to hoe. Mars is deeply rooted in Scorpio and ready to help you implement radical change on the path so you do not keep recreating the past. Climb aboard and get ready for your life to travel at the speed of light. The next ten days will speak to the promise of where you will land.

Consider this forecast to be a starting line for a race of your life!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

There are few things worse than the feeling of running out of time, or feeling that your time has run out. With a stellium of planets in Capricorn in your house of the invisible realm, you may be experiencing a fear of the unknown and a lack of feeling or control surrounding how things are going to finish or play out. There is ample room and plenty of energy to experience a feeling of empowerment due to dealing with old karmic loose ends, so commit to making efforts where you can influence a healing and then do your best to let go of the rest. Fortunately, loving Venus is showing up just in time to help you build a bridge or calm a storm as she enters your sign on Wednesday eve, Jan.17. You will benefit nicely by her presence in the next three weeks so keep all of your inner windows and doors open or at least unlocked, so she can make her way in. Life will still be keeping you on your toes in the next ten days with Mars in limit pushing Scorpio but you will find the added pressure that only he can produce will help you raise your own game. Your greatest line of support this week does come from on high. If your head is down, you will miss the opening.

Chin up and you will see the light!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

There is nothing like the feeling of working toward a common goal and then winning together as a team. It makes the win so much better when the celebration happens for everyone feeds of the high of the group and it magnifies the experience. This week you have an opportunity to be the one to take that final baton to the finish line. While you may have been working more solo on your personal pursuits, you can feel the support of many others involved and it will fuel your desire to bring home the win. Mars in fellow water sign Scorpio is energizing a final push on your part and giving you the deepest possible charge of energy to take something all the way. A stellium of planets in earth sign Capricorn is in place to help you break some kind of record while you are at it, even if it involves raising your own personal bar and creating a new benchmark for yourself. This week is about raising the roof and committing to a lifestyle change that secures a new trend in your life and in some cases secures a new reputation for yourself.

You have been through something that has changed you. Ultimately you will find that it is something that has made you even sweeter, if that’s even possible, and definitely deeper and more seasoned for the ride!

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