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Starcast for the week beginning May 4th, 2016

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

A new you is being birthed and unearthed, as a Super New Moon in Taurus on Friday, May 6, powerfully energizes your world of all things you value most, including beefing up your earning arena. This lunar tide connects securely to Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo, as well as Pluto in Capricorn, forming an auspicious Grand Trine in the sky, helping you return to your root of roots, where your true and natural strengths live. With your ruler Mars retrograde in Sagittarius, you will continue to traverse previously charted territory that felt true to your needs but where actions were not taken to fully support your instincts. You can now get all the way under your most natural wants and plant the seeds to make them blossom into full bloom. Every effort made now counts more than ever, and every conscious step taken will guarantee you won't need to circle back round this bend again.

Commit to your growth and your growth will reward you in gratifyingly tangible ways!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

Just because the planets are lining up for you in advantageous ways, does not necessarily mean you will automatically benefit by their gits and their grace. It is true that a Super New Moon is forming in your sign, on Friday, May 6, and that it is forming glorious aspects to Jupiter, the planet of abundance, the North Node, the symbol for your future, as well as Pluto, the planet of the Soul. These are door opening angles to invite you deeper into your journey, angles that allow life to happen with greater ease, as with your ruler Venus also in your sign, there is a high chance that you are going to be feeling valued and loved. Not too shabby of a week, eh Taurus? However, the true benefit and bounty of the times, comes when a little effort is extended first, versus lazily lounging while awaiting its arrival. When this occurs, a domino effect of better things can follow. It is a time to honor your instincts as well as your heart, and a time when you will experience some validating hits that you are headed in the right direction. You will be feeling support from all sides, which will be just what you need to take your life to another level.

A fruitful harvest is there for the taking!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

Leave it to a Super New Moon in Taurus, in your house of the unseen world, on Friday, May 6, to grant you a returning feeling of fierce faith in a long drawn out process. Your ruler Mercury is retrograde until the third week of May, so rolling with it will need to be your mantra, However, Mercury joins the Super New Moon and blasts you with new ideas that totally alter your perspective. Whenever there is a change of heart, a heart that surrenders to higher forces, the feeling of limitation is removed. You may very well find from May 6 through May 10, that life is taking on another feeling spark. Your creative energy will be boundless and your feeling self will be eclipsing the worn out mind, opening vast spaces for recreating your world in an expansive and positive way. You will be greeted with open arms as you turn in and tune in, experiencing a form of eternal pleasure that emerges from the deep.

Give yourself to the unknown and it will show up with a solid yet priceless plan!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

Once a month, every month, your ruler the Moon becomes New, offering you at least one solid day of the month to shine. On Friday, May 6, the energy is taken to another level, as a Super New Moon in Taurus is energizing your house of breakthroughs. In addition, this lunar lift is forming a Grand Trine with generous Jupiter, the North Node, the symbol for your destiny, as well as powerful Pluto, the planet of the Soul, laying the foundation for some permanent radical change, a transition you welcome with delight. Venus is also transiting Taurus, along with Mercury, suggesting that old relationships may be re-worked in places that now fit the times, as well as new connections of like mind making their way in. The key for you Cancer is to be open for anything this week, because the energy is so electric, it can totally alter your personal wave length, causing you to invite in a whole new alternative vibe into your life.

Make a wish, say it twice, and your day in the sun will darn right come!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

With retrograde central making itself well known, you may have to circle back with things a time or two, but what you do find this week, is that a return to what you have already given your absolute all to, shows you how much more you still have in you to bring. A Super New Moon in Taurus, in your house of career and the public self, on Friday, May 6, highlights your presence on the platform of life. People will be noticing you big time, and with Mercury retrograde merging with this lunar combo, there are some things you will wish to add or words you will by dying to express. You get that chance to re-state your case, or clear your name. You get to remind the world what you are made of and how valuable you are to the stage where you play, as this Super New Moon joined by Mercury is forming a Grand Trine with generous Jupiter and the North Node, the symbol for your destiny, as well as Pluto, the planet of the Soul. You will be feeling empowered because of all your efforts leading up until now, and it will grant you a visceral feeling of security, knowing you are worth your weight in gold and then some.

Everything you give, in heart, body and spirit, pays off big, and I mean big!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

What you need more than ever Virgo is for the universe to 'throw you a bone', lucky you, your chance has come. A Super New Moon in fellow earth sign Taurus on Friday, May 6, is loaded with the goods to help you gain more emotional footing and confidence in yourself. This lunar event forms a Grand Trine with abundant Jupiter in your sign, as well as the North Node, the symbol for your destiny. On the other side, the Super New Moon connects boldly to Pluto, the planet of empowerment, allowing you to feel more connected to this plane of existence and more on track in your life. There is a spirit of independence that fuels your Soul, and a feeling of new beginnings that is just what you need to feel stoked about the road ahead. This week is about recovering your own personal belief in yourself, not because of what others are saying, but because of the energy that is birthing itself within you.

Once this occurs, and the flame of faith takes off like wild fire, others will be chanting your name!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

Don't be fooled by the illusion that all these retrogrades planets are creating a negative slide, for in fact, they are in place to help turn things back around. You have tremendous power in your corner to re-write your story, as a Super New Moon in Taurus on Friday, May 6, is joined by Mercury retrograde in your house of the Soul. Your ruler Venus is also in this sector, suggesting someone with clout, connections or deep pockets may be noticing what you bring to life's table, and invest in your creative, beautiful self. This Super New Moon in Taurus is also forming a triangle of tremendous support with serendipitous Jupiter and the North Node, the symbol for your destiny, as well as Pluto, the planet of empowerment. This is a week where you feel yourself rise to your own power and one where you are feeling in step and in place in the world. It is also a time where you have strong leverage to get what you want. Your inner feeling sense will direct all things and from there you very well could be calling the shots.

Play it smart, feel your way through and the feeling of a Soul revival will have you climbing your way to the top!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

Going back to where you have been may initially feel like you are losing ground, but you will quickly come to find that turning around and re-tracing steps will invite in a sea of more meaning, an invitation to dive more deeply into your intimate connections. What at first appears like a set back, will show the truth of the beauty of your return travels in spades, as a Super New Moon in Taurus on Friday, May 6, joins Mercury retrograde while forming supportive angles to your ruler, powerful Pluto, as well as Jupiter, the planet of expansion and truth. Relationships are high in focus and you have immense opportunity to create more trust, intensity and fusion as the earth energy secures a cherished connection. Wherever life and love feels out of balance, this is your tuning fork time to get it right where it needs to be.

Live and let live, love and let love all the way in!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

You are busy as a bee, back at it, and back to tending to all that needs your care and attention, your body and Soul included. Fortunately, you may be whistling while you work, or finding good humor to keep you going as the energetic tides support your strong commitment and efforts to get it done and to get it done right, as a Super New Moon in Taurus, in your house of health and improvements across the board, has you paying attention to all the nitty gritty details. You are watching your intake as well as your output, measuring what works and what doesn't and making choices accordingly. This Super New Moon is uber productive, as it forms a rockin' Grand Trine with your ruler Jupiter, as well as Pluto, the planet of empowerment, energizing a gain of measurable distance as a result of putting your best foot forward. Mercury retrograde is also conjunct this Super New Moon, helping you hone in on a key detail that could turn this whole thing around for the better, it's like adding one more special ingredient to an already tasty batter that make its not just good but off the charts. Your ruler Jupiter stations direct on Monday, May 9, to help you step into your future with a whole lot more of what you've got going on within you.

Watch out world, cuz here you come!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

You've got the energetic influences now to direct what you need straight to your door, as your earth friends are collaborating strategically to help you reel it in,with a Super New Moon in Taurus on Friday, May 6, favorably aspecting Pluto in your sign, as well as benevolent Jupiter, who happens to be well aligned with the North Node, the symbol for your destiny. Wherever your life feels too full and too taxing, consider a shift in focus and be open to creating more space in your day and in your time to replenish yourself. You have colossal support to improve the quality of your life on all counts and to experience rewards of the heart in areas where your passions run deep. Your ruler Saturn is still retrograde and cruising behind the scenes, in truth he is asking for a little breathing room and a time out. You will have the luxury to take a load off as circumstances will present an opportunity to take it all in versus dishing it all out. Jupiter, the planet symbolizing the truth of your nature, also stations direct on Monday, May 9, allowing you to feel more in sync with yourself and your honest way in the world.

Feel the freedom of what it means to be you!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

Your mind works like no other, with a speed that defies logic and a lens that can foretell the future. It is also true that you can be way ahead of the rest of us with your clever concepts and outside the box approach. Fortunately this week, you get everyone on board with what you are pitching, as a Super New Moon in Taurus is joined by Mercury retrograde in your house of the emotional body, while they form a Grand Trine with abundant Jupiter and the North Node, the symbol for your destiny, as well as Pluto, the planet of the Soul. There is nothing like that feeling when you are trying to communicate an idea or express an inspiration, and with little effort, everything clicks. You see the light go on in the ones you are hoping to reach, they see what you see, and are on board with what you are selling. Something you thought may take twisting someone's arm, proves to happen with ease, because this time you have thrown your heart and Soul into the mix, and people tend to take the bait when they feel an emotional pull.

Go beyond those places where your mind can reach and before long, they will be sitting in the palm of your hand!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

Your ability to see all sides of a situation allows you to express yourself with clarity and strength, as a Super New Moon on Friday, May 6, in your house of communication, forms a stellar Grand Trine with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, and Pluto the planet of empowerment, suggesting your efforts to make amends, which includes playing fair, will unfold naturally. In any area within your relationship arena where you feel your connections need some work, roll up those sleeves and be open for some metamorphic change. When you come together with the same intentions in mind, you can't lose. When you come together wanting what is best for all involved, everybody wins. You have golden windows of energetic opportunity to voice what runs deep, to verbalize what feels true and to speak your piece. The bottom line Pisces, is that you can grow in leaps and bounds in your exchanges with friends and loved ones.

Don't miss out on this chance to clear the air and open the door for more depth and invaluable connection!

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