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Starcast for the week beginning October 22nd, 2014

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

If you have been feeling stripped down and worn to the nubbin, this is a week where some of that lost sense of power can be restored, as a New Moon Eclipse on Thursday, Oct. 23, at the zero degree mark of Scorpio, proves to infuse you with a surge of a new and needed life force. This will also be a time when you are immersed in emotions with respect to your path and the right way forward, given all things. This week will clearly echo themes of endings and new beginnings and an energetic boost is gifted for this new start when Venus forms a superior conjunction to the sun on Saturday, Oct 25. You are in the process of eliminating any and all things that do not contribute to your ultimate journey, ridding yourself of dead weight, so feel empowered in this process, as it will help you rise to your Soul’s intended occasion. It is goal setting time with an energy to back your desires.

Take it to the limit and beyond!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

Life is truly about timing, it’s about knowing when to leap and when to pause. There has been so much activity in the ethers with the recent Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries, yet Mercury has been retrograde as well, which does not always give us the green light to move. In fact, recent events may have forced you to re-think everything. However, there is a great deal on the energetic table this week and you very well will feel a swell of forward movement as a New Moon Eclipse in your opposite sign on Thursday, Oct. 23, stimulates a potent power surge in your relationship life. It could produce spontaneous meetings with karmic others who will have a key and influence in your life. It could also promote a true deepening of the connections you are already in. Two days following, Mercury stations direct in Libra, in your house of repairs, giving you the tools for resolution. On the same day, your ruler Venus, forms a superior conjunction to the Sun. This spotlights to an even greater degree your world of relationships and suggests it is a time of culmination, and yet on the heels of this closing, a brand new beginning awaits, one that is loaded with unimaginable potential.

This is no time to rest, it is positively a time to act!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

Your ruler Mercury entered Scorpio on Sept. 27, and then shifted retrograde in early October while backing into Libra. On Thursday, Oct 23, the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio will be active at the very same degree that Mercury was when it went retrograde. You have been mulling over so many things, sifting through options and choices with respect to the best path ahead for your Soul. You are also well aware that in order for certain things to manifest, that other things will need to be removed. This has caused you to reflect deeply about what would be the best way to balance your life considering all things, to promote a positive current moving forward. The day of the eclipse will be a revelatory day with the energy continuing throughout the weekend. Your ruler Mercury stations direct on Saturday, Oct. 25 on the same day that Venus forms a superior conjunction to the sun, suggesting you are going to find exactly the right ingredient you need in order to iron out a current kink, whether this exists in love or in finances.

Problem solved, the road ahead will soon be clear!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

I realize summer is long gone but this is your season Cancer, as a New Moon Eclipse in fellow water sign Scorpio, stars your ruler the moon, on Thursday, Oct. 23. The sky has your name blazoned all over it. This weekend is particularly special as not only will you be emerging fresh out this powerful wave of the new, Venus will be moving in front of the sun to take the spotlight, and will be forming a superior conjunction to this ball of light. This as a result could very well put you in the limelight, you could be attracting all kinds of attention, some you like and some you may wish would disappear. C'est la vie Cancer, it comes with the turf, especially when you are shining so bright. No doubt this will be a time when you can tap into the very depth of your being and bring it forth into the world with fire and power. Mediate intently on what you wish to usher in on this lunar event, for your wishes are sprinkled with fairy dust. Mercury also stations direct on Saturday, Oct. 25, which will help you make a decision with confidence regarding matters of the heart.

Do be careful what you wish for, because you darn well may get it!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

Eclipse season makes things royally obvious. Your focus becomes clear because whatever it is that needs your immediate attention is standing at your front door. A New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on Thursday, Oct 23, occurs in your house of home and the emotional body which is a classic time to make big changes in these areas, whether you are wanting to buy or rent a new home,or renovating and remodeling what you currently have. Considering this aspect energetically also connects to the home within, this may be a time where you are going down deep into your own emotional basement to clear the way for more light and less weight. This week is a window for endings and beginnings, change that is timely and necessary, so know the tides are quite fated and current events are integral to the evolutionary necessity of your personal path. On Saturday, Oct. 25, Venus, the planet of relationships will shift in front of the sun and form a superior conjunction, igniting a love to surface from the depths, reminding you of the feeling remnants of what still remains. A far more soulful love can now be made, one with unparalleled depth and meaning.

You can build beautifully from here!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

This is no time to take life lightly. Not that you naturally do Virgo, for you tend to be all the way inside your mind and the moves you make. Because you are already naturally sensitive to your surroundings, you may have been feeling a heightened awareness regarding all of your decisions at this time. Your ruler Mercury has been retrograde since early this month and will station direct in Libra on Saturday, Oct.25. Prior to that, on Thursday, Oct. 23, a New Moon Eclipse, in your house of communication, will be joined by Venus in the early degrees of Scorpio. You may uncover some information through your dialogue with others that becomes a game changer and helps you see things clearly now that further truths have been revealed. It is so easy to let the imagination run wild when you do not have all the facts. Once they surface, the power will be back in your hands.

Venus, the planet governing all the things that you value most, also forms a superior conjunction to the sun this weekend, which will help you not only communicate clearly to someone what you need, Venus will see to it that you find a way to reel it in!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

Not only is this the end of a long and potentially arduous cycle, the coming New Moon Eclipse on Thursday, Oct. 23 in Scorpio, in your house of self reliance, represents lifetimes of key relationships or relationship dynamics coming to a close. This is your time to take a stand and to make a strong unwavering stance for what you need from now on moving forward. This has been a time where many close connections have come to a head and you have needed to make a choice whether to end things or work to re-define how they function. Your ruler Venus joins this eclipse in Scorpio and will travel in front of the sun on Saturday, Oct 25, to form what is referred to as a superior conjunction. This suggests that it is your turn to take the lead, to set the stage, and to attract and invite more love and prosperity for yourself. Others who have the power and the resources to help you may also surprise you now and finally pay you what you are worth.

It is not only OK to make a move, it is a must, or you just might lose your shot!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

"Hasta la vista, baby”. Say goodbye and good riddance to a history of hurt, and say hello to a world of promising potential as a New Moon Solar Eclipse in your sign on Thursday, Oct. 23, opens a brand new big door, inviting you to start anew in relationships as well as in your world of work. This is a prolifically empowering surge of energy to help you jettison the past and prepare for a promising future. Benevolent Venus is also in your sign and fully present to provide her generous offering of love and favor on eclipse day, and if that isn’t enough, she will cruise in front of the sun on Saturday, Oct. 25, to form a superior conjunction for some extra juice. This ‘aint’ no back seat status, this is front and center and on fire for you Scorp. Seriously, get your self ready to blast off into a new zone, but be sure to document your desired direction so you have some say in where you land. Mercury also stations direct this weekend just in time to help you sort out all the necessary and ideal details.

Dream your way into reality, if you dare!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

Now would be the time to get to the bottom of what you want. A New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio activates your house of ideals on Thursday, Oct. 23. It will be easy to sift through the muck and the mud, in order to find your way to the gold, as Venus joins this lunar boom and puts her two cents in on your behalf. She has the bird’s eye view of your life, so do not be surprised if something unexpected enters your world that you were not prepared to receive, for the cosmos are being overly generous now, and this will prove to be an essential ingredient for your path moving forward. This week is steeped with endings and beginnings, which can increase the intensity at times, but an innovatively inviting path is soon to show itself, as Mercury stations direct this weekend and it will be a path that you will be more than happy to explore if not immediately travel. Venus makes her move and finds herself in front of the sun’s rays for the world to see, which is her way of saying that it is time to come out of the dark Sag, it is time to step more deeply into your Soul shoes and show us what you’ve got. Venus in Scorpio will remind you of your Soul design and what you are destined to become.

Answer desiny's call!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

This may have been a month of meandering as Mercury reversed its direction in your house of career and contracts earlier this month. However, this week, all of that is set to change as Mercury stations direct in Libra on Saturday, Oct. 25, two days following the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, on Thursday, Oct. 23, in your house of liberation. This month may very well have been a two steps forward, one step back process, as you have worked to uncover not only the most direct route from here to where you wish to go, but also what is needed in order to make certain you are getting your fair share of the deal. One special pearl in this week’s trend is that not only is Venus conjoined the sun and the moon on eclipse day, she will take a risk and put herself right in the line of celestial fire as she steps in front of the sun this weekend. With magnifying glass in hand, she will help you find the clue to your own personal breakthrough and she will find it in the very last place you yourself would tend to look, which will make it that much more surprising and possibly exciting, once it is revealed. A key connection, most likely a friend who has the power to pull some strings, is here to pay a karmic debt.


AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

It’s time for the turnstile. You know those funny looking moving barriers at the entrance of big sporting events, well it is your turn to walk through and find your way to your seat. You have made your way to the front and it is time to get on in. This Thursday, Oct. 23, a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio signifies an evolutionary gate on your Soul’s path, as you experience doors closing behind you and a light in the halls ahead illuminating the way. It is all about timing and the tides suggests that you have arrived, your time has come Aquarius. The focus for this eclipse surrounds your world of career and work as well as all of those karmic connections where a certain air needs to be cleared. There is space and a place now for you to climb your way to the top and this week is your benchmark moment.

Commit to the forward journey and the journey will not dare to let you down!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

For any sports team, its about numbers. How many healthy numbers are you carrying? How strong are your back ups? In other words, not only how fit and fierce is your starting team but how strong are the bodies on the bench? In cosmic terms, your bench is powerful and deep as a New Moon Solar Eclipse in fellow water sign Scorpio on Thursday, Oct 23, is not only joined by Venus, the eclipse forms a heavenly trine to your ruler Neptune. You could not have more support now to ‘go for goal’ for not only is your energy high, your guides are going to make sure you put the ball between the posts. Venus is feeling overly generous as well this week as she digs deep and struts in front of the bright sun to show the world how serious she is in ensuring that you find a way to let your light shine. Mercury stations direct this weekend, in your house of the Soul, to assist you in making a final and firm decision regarding who you will be taking with you on the road ahead.

Trust in your gut, it will be right every time!

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