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Starcast for the week beginning March 14th, 2018

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

When your feet are held to the fire, there is no telling what you will do. You are already wired with a heat in your veins and this gives you an added edge when push comes to shove. You are a natural leader and you can rise to any competitive occasion and tend to come out on top most of the time. It takes being surrounded by others who are also striving to manifest an ideal outcome, others who ultimately bring out the very best in you, when you can bring your very all to life’s playing field. This week you may be comparing your efforts and your worth to another, and it can be in this space when your energy kicks into a higher gear. We have a New Moon in Pisces on Saturday, March 17, which can be easy, breezy and dreamy on its own, but it will be squaring your ruler Mars in fellow fire sign Sagittarius, which is asking you to stay on your toes and requiring you to recruit more of your Soul to a key process. Essentially, you are being asked to evolve. Mercury and Venus are also in your sign which can add additional fuel to the fire and give you the running head start you need to maximize results.

This week you discover just what you are up against, and as a result, you rise up and meet your match. However, not without a few knocks, nevertheless, you will prevail!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

A New Moon in healing Pisces on Saturday, March 17, offers growth in your cherished connections, yet it may come under difficult circumstances. So often it takes hardship to really bring people together. Mars in Sagittarius will be squaring the New Moon this weekend which may bring you to the very edge of your own feeling limits, yet it will prove to be a positive turning point in your own growth. Fortunately, Mars enters fellow earth sign Capricorn hours after the New Moon, to help ground you and support you through a potentially difficult emotional process. It will give you inner strength to support another, and you will have a way of adding an air of optimism to the scene where an unusual feeling of faith finds your inner space and you are able to focus on a positive outcome. Leading up to the weekend, it may feel to take a great deal of your life force but you find your feeling feet before long and it will help you find productive ways to channel the abundance of energy at hand. Your ruler Venus is in Aries with Mercury and together they are shining a light on your emotional future.

You won’t have to look hard for it to come into view!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

The journey of life is always far more enjoyable when traveling with a friend. Your ruler Mercury is joined by loving Venus in Aries and together they are aligning passionately to the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future. You will be reminded of all you have to be grateful for, all that has led up to this very moment, but this energy will also be pulling you into a more desirable future. A New Moon in Pisces in your house of career and the public self is receiving a square from Mars in your opposite sign of Sagittarius on Saturday, March 17, which can create some energy of stress in a key relationship. You bust through this tension by holding your ground and staying clear and keeping the bigger picture in view. Try not to react to the little things that surface on the path. You have a keen ability to objectify your reality now, to step outside of a situation in order to see all the players clearly, and to not take everything in wholesale, so use this to your great advantage.

It’s a corner-turning time. Get ready to make your move!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

No matter how much you feel you may want to curl up inside yourself and find some sweet comfort and peace, the world is demanding you come out. A New Moon in fellow water sign Pisces on Saturday, March 17, has you inwardly reaching for the stars and you may be wishing you could float in those spaces of escape and wonder, but Mars in Sagittarius is squaring this lunar tide and it may be putting you on edge. Something far out and wonderful may be occurring in your world but there is also an irritant that is not allowing you to take it all in. Mercury and loving Venus are joined in Aries this weekend and are forming wonderful angles of support to the Nodes, those symbols that connect to the past and the future, suggesting wherever there are bold efforts made, you will be noticed. Action Mars enters your opposite sign of Capricorn just hours following the New Moon bringing your world of relationships into tight view. You are re-working how it all goes, you will not be making any rash moves. You will be making conscious strides, steps that maximize your growth in all of your connections.

Call this maturation or evolution, whatever the word may be, it’s time!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

While the New Moon in Pisces on Saturday, March 17, is having you reach more deeply into your Soul, you will no doubt be feeling like a rubber band as you are pulled into the heart of discomfort in places with Mars in fellow fire sign Sagittarius squaring this lunar lift, dredging up what still needs some feeling closure. Back and forth you go but with so much fire in the sky, you will pulled into new and far better feeling lands. Mercury and loving Venus are also in fellow fire sign Aries and they align with fervor to the North Node in your sign, the symbol that pulls you into your future, to energize hope and a passionate charge for where your life is headed. Action Mars will enter Capricorn as well on Saturday, just hours after the New Moon, which will have you taking your pursuits seriously and have you feeling driven to deal with every necessary detail.

You will soon discover the power of every little step, until at some point, that little step becomes an awesome leap!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

Your Soul is being pushed Virgo, and while at times it may feel like it’s more than you have the patience for, it is serving to light an inner fire that cannot be extinguished. It’s the fire of desire that gets any Soul going and it is essential in order to get somewhere good. A New Moon in Pisces on Saturday, March 17, in your house of relationships, is receiving a square from Mars this weekend, which could have your emotions on high alert, perhaps you are feeling more hypersensitive or alone in a relationship. Something strongly shifts just following the New Moon however, as action Mars enters fellow earth sign Capricorn and he bolsters you well, helping you pull yourself up by your own inner bootstraps. With Mars approaching Saturn in Capricorn, you are progressively learning that it’s your will that is bound to determine how this next pass goes. Pressing decisions may be approaching and concerns surrounding the direction of your life. You will have Mars in place to strengthen your stance through these Soul travels and to help you feel through to the center of what your heart wants, versus just what looks good on paper.

It is highly encouraged to long for a far better future and to fixate there. This will only encourage it into being!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

I recently heard this quote, “Never stray from yourself, in order to get closer to somebody else.” If we all followed these teachings a time or two along the way, this world would be far more whole and less dysfunctional. So often we look outside of ourselves in search for something to complete us, or to soothe an inner ache. With your ruler Venus and Mercury in your opposite sign of Aries and making effortless angles to the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, you have the ideal energy now to attract more of what you need, naturally. You also will not tolerate the grave imbalance in key relationships. A New Moon in Pisces on Saturday, March 17, may have you dreaming of the way life could be while also feeling triggered by everything that feels in need of repair. It certainly will be the kind of energy that demands a bit of work to fix what doesn’t feel good, and to stop at nothing until you do. You will definitely have huge gumption, just make sure you weave it into a beautifully delivery versus a wild demand. While everything has a limit, if you want something different, there will be an art to getting it.

Be clever, be coy, be creative, and it’s yours!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

You are chipping away at something Scorpio, and while a dash of doubt may be festering in those inner halls, there is not a thing that will stop you from going the distance and bringing it all forward. A New Moon in fellow water sign Pisces is forming an auspicious angle to generous Jupiter in your sign, which opens the gates to a dream, yet warrior Mars is playing trouble-maker as he squares this New Moon which may plague you with some uncertainty and question your confidence. Fortunately, Venus and Mercury are joined in Aries and forming advantageous angles to the North Node, the symbol for your destiny, suggesting if you keep putting one foot in front of the other, and continue to pay attention to each step in this process, you will land where your heart is calling you. Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, is retrograde in your sign now until July, in your house of new beginnings, so allow yourself to fully feel through next steps, so you can make choices to support the highest evolutionary road that your Soul can travel.

Bathe in the truth of what intuitively feels best and allow this to be your guide You could not possibly be carrying a better compass!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

Action driven Mars is traveling through the final degrees of your sign and will shift into Capricorn hours after the New Moon in Pisces on Saturday, March 17. This may feel like one extreme swing in energy. The New Moon in Pisces wants you to dream big as the energy encourages a boundless approach to your pursuits, yet Mars in your sign is squaring the lunar tide which may have you feeling like you are running out of steam. It may be too that you are feeling triggered emotionally and it is pulling you away from those places that allow you to elevate and levitate. Mars enters Capricorn mid morning in the west, four hours following the New Moon, to bring your attention to something that is requiring a certain level of responsibility. It can take the fun away from where you would rather be, similar to getting called in to the office while you are sitting on the beach. However, loving Venus and Mercury are traveling together in fellow fire sign Aries and forming fabulous angles to the North Node in Leo, symbolizing the future is bright, there may just be something that comes out of the blue that must be dealt with first.

With Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio in your house of the invisible realms, there is an energy pulling you in and up. Seek deeper and go further and your whole world will expand as a result!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

If you have been dragging your feet to get something going and off the ground, Mars is on his way to save the day. A New Moon in Pisces will set the innovative vision in place on Saturday, March 17, and with Mars in Sagittarius at that time squaring this lunar event, you may feel foggy and uncertain as to how it will all play out . But Mars enters your sign Cappy only four hours after the New Moon, to help you take charge of the dream and work to bring it further into being. Mars is considered to be exalted in your sign, which means you can magnify your efforts and allow them to make a greater dent of a difference. Loving Venus and Mercury are in Aries in your house of the emotional body which may have you feeling alone in a certain endeavor but they align harmoniously to the Nodes this weekend, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, and you are sure to feel that all is as intended and it is having a way of bringing you more deeply into yourself.

If nothing else, you are sure to feel that your Soul is passionately on track, energizing a greater feeling of inspiration moving forward!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

While your ruler Uranus is still in touch with flame thrower Mars to help add fuel to your ideas, the energy will wane by the end of this weekend, so if there is something you need to say or set in motion, now is the time. Before Mars makes his final exit, he will square a New Moon in Pisces which may muddy some of your plans as he can be like a petulant child, making a mess in some places or costing you some cash you didn’t expect. Mars enters Capricorn hours after the New Moon on Saturday morning, March 17, and changes the energy significantly as the day wears on. Fortunately, Loving Venus and Mercury are journeying through Aries together and forming key turning angles to the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, stating that there will be others to jump on board your train to help you in your efforts. You will get the help you need from a friend who see things as you do and it will offer much relief. Don’t be afraid to re-think a thing or two for with Jupiter retro in your house of career and contracts, he is sure to unearth something you hadn’t seen before. New choices follow a few new discoveries.

Stay open and far more will be revealed!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

A New Moon in Pisces on Saturday, March 17, suggests you will be the star this week, but with Mars forming a high pressure square, it may push you in places. In some cases, it just may have you working a little harder for something as you come to realize how much want you it or know you need it for your own evolution. There is plenty of energy in place to help you feel some forward momentum however, as Mercury and loving Venus are joined in Aries and aligned favorably to the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, in your house of improvements. This brings energy into areas where you can build upon your base and turn it into something measurably profitable. This also bodes well for energizing better health and for inviting more shine into your life, so spend time doing what you love, those things that open your heart and give it a lift. Be near water if at all possible. Generous Jupiter is well within reach to this New Moon, offering immense growth and a taste of something your Soul deeply desires.

Go the extra mile and your sincere efforts will leave a lasting impact, serving to bridge the gap between what you want and where you currently stand!

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