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Starcast for the week beginning September 3rd, 2014

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

As your ruler Mars continues his trek through Scorpio in your house of empowerment, you are being pulled deeper into your Soul and will be feeling as if you are being taken to the edge of the edge within yourself. This is about pushing those limits on all levels and in making choices that truly make a serious Soul difference on your journey. Mars will also have a way of exposing areas of your life that need your undivided attention which may also involve power plays and connections with others that trigger themes of trust. This week you get to the very bottom of it so you know where you stand and know clearly how to proceed. The super full moon in Pisces on Monday, Sept. 8, lights up your house of healing as it reaches out securely to Saturn and your ruler Mars in Scorpio, helping you put something heavy behind you. Within the next forecast week, your ruler will be shifting into fellow fire sign Sagittarius which will have a way of enhancing your confidence and improving your overall outlook. So dig in and deal with the deep and potentially the dark and your reward will be waiting for you just over the next knoll.

With Jupiter and Venus (for the first few days of this forecast week) both in fellow fire sign Leo, you can be sure however that love is not only within reach, it is potentially wildly abundant!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

The energetic shifts are subtle but significant as Mercury, the sign that governs details and the mind, exits fellow earth sign Virgo while feeling Venus enters this same sector of the sky. You always do better when the senses are activated and cosmically charged so by removing your thinking self from the equation and simply following your feeling body, you will find your way beautifully there. This should be effortless for you as the moon grows to complete a super full moon in sensitive Pisces. With Jupiter in your house of home and the emotional body, you are already feeling a high degree of emotional sensitivity and openness and with Venus now making this shift, it suggests you can benefit from a softer entrance and a more tender stride. Mars continues to travel though Scorpio in your opposite sign, which will have you eliminating something that does not meet your needs or else it will stimulate your desire to partner up and go deep, immersing yourself in greater degrees of intimacy.

There is no middle ground now Taurus, it is either no way or all the way!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

Your mind shifts and your heart lifts as your ruler Mercury just entered fellow air sign Libra to sweeten the pot and elevate your passion, either for another person or for a key creative endeavor. You will be attracting more attention and will be thriving in your connections with others even more so than usual Gemini. You discover you do have a special purpose to fulfill and a gift to give others far beyond the mundane and it will prove to stimulate you increasingly in the coming weeks. The super full moon in Pisces on Monday, Sept. 8, energizes your house of the public self, putting a spotlight on your career. With Mars in your house of improvements, you may continue to trip over some self doubt at times, but this will only spur you on to put in the time necessary to guarantee success. You will be validated now in ways that prove to encourage further efforts on your part, even if you feel there is a long way to go. Your Soul is growing by leaps and bounds and is deepening by the day and this is getting you in touch with your right work, your life’s work, the work that matters most.

Do what you love, because nobody can do it like you can!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

There is nothing more powerful than momentum. It is much more difficult psychologically and emotionally to come from behind versus being way ahead due to an inevitable progressive momentum that allows you to pull away from the pack. You have the clear advantage now Cancer and this will continue for the next few weeks. Saturn and Mars are both in fellow water sign Scorpio and there is nothing more powerful to sustain something you want than to have these two forces at your back. There is nothing that can anchor you more in yourself than to have Saturn in your corner and there is nothing that can inject your with courage like cosmic firecracker Mars can. In one respect you may just feel as if 'you are along for the ride’ as just a pinch of effort in just the right place could be a game changer. A super full moon on Monday, Sept. 8, takes your potential for success to ever greater degrees as this lunar ball of light rules your sign. Like anything, nothing lasts forever so do take advantage of the added burst of confidence and clout. At times it may feel like high risk, but it will be well worth the ride as it is coupled with high reward.

Get ready to cash in!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

The scenery will change with the seasons but you’ve got Jupiter in your camp for good, at least for a good long time still. Venus leaves your sign and enters Virgo on Friday, Sept 5, which will come to serve you well as she is now working out some of the fine tuning details regarding something you recently set in motion. She can help you financially prosper here and she can help you think smart about where you dedicate your resources, practically and otherwise. Even though Mars and Saturn in Scorpio are keeping you on the proverbial edge, the super full moon on Monday, Sept 8, is well supported by these powerhouses and should help to secure a desire that you have held for some time. At the very least it will be a week when you can get your emotional bearings back and as a result feel the Soul depth of the distance you have traveled. Your values are morphing as you evolve Leo and you revel this week in something that may have never before caught your eye but you are finding it means the world to you now.

Take it all the way in and you win!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

It is your turn to ‘feel the love’ Virgo as pleasing Venus exits Leo and enters your sign on Friday, Sept. 5. Not only do you have the Sun shining its light on your life, you have Venus in your corner to boot. In essence this gives you leverage, it grants you grace and it will have people flocking to you. Your ruler Mercury just shifted out of your sign and entered Libra which will help you in all of your relations with others. If things are not feeling balanced, remember that a certain other is not necessarily a mind reader and may be uncertain of your intentions, so be sure to ask for what you need. You will have a way of expressing this need with just the right amount of sugar and spice so speak up when the moment arrives and the words will flow with ease. The Sun in your sign kicks off this forecasts week by forming a strong angle to Pluto, the planet of empowerment, which will also expose a deep Soul desire that you may have been holding under lock and key. It is officially time to go about getting that desire met and this super full moon in your opposite sign on Monday, Sept.8, may yet deliver.

Yes Virgo, you are worthy of the prize!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

It is the subtle nuances and energetic bends that can make all the difference in how life feels to be treating you. Simply a change in your thoughts can change the course of your day and as Mercury exited Virgo and just entered your sign, you will begin to feel a cool breeze freshen your mental space. It may feel as if the wind is sweeping away the worry, replacing those thoughts with inspiration to make nice and make new. The trends speak to spear heading something of your own making and design and for depending on no one but yourself to secure a foothold in this mountain of success that you are destined to climb. The super full moon on Monday, Sept.8, is fastened with support to Saturn and Mars in Scorpio, suggesting your dreams will have a way of empowering you and injecting an air of confidence in your ability to manifest the outcome you desire. You know that if your will is strong enough, and we both know that it is, then there will surely be a way.

Trust in this truth Libra and you are nearly there!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

You’ve got the goods now Scorp. Saturn may be forcing you to deal with the real world in many ways but it is energizing a buttress of far greater support for your Soul and nothing prepares you better than Saturn, nothing. It tests, taxes, trains but ultimately it teaches and you will be wiser for the wear, mark my word. Warrior Mars is also still in your sign giving you the charge you need to take things to the max, to impress the higher ups or to earn status and make a name for yourself. The next few weeks feeds opportunities to take your Soul to new heights and greater depths. It won’t be enough to simply do what you’ve done, you are ratcheting up the energetic ranks and you will emotionally connect with the potential of where this is headed as the super full moon in Pisces aligns favorably to Saturn and Mars in your sign.

If your heart is all the way in it, you will make your way all the way there!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

You realize Sag that it is time for something new, it is time to step way outside the box, as Mercury just entered Libra in your house of innovation and is stimulating your need for a change. It may feel as a result that you are going to have to go at this on your own as initially others may not be on board. The super full moon in Pisces lights up your house of self reliance and as this lunar boom trines Saturn and Mars in your house of the unseen world, you can be certain that you will be feeling larger forces at work, guiding you and keeping you deep on the pulse of what holds ultimate meaning, giving you the determination and staying power necessary to go the desired distance. You can always count on your benevolent ruler Jupiter if you ever find yourself in an emotional bind as he is never far from reach. Jupiter in fellow fire sign Leo forms a progressive angle of liberating support to Uranus which will peak on Sept.25 but you are well within this influence now. This will attract others of like mind who feel vibrationally attuned with you and it will help energize innovative breakthroughs in your creative stirrings.

The bottom line is that this trend equals freedom, and for you Sag, freedom is everything!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

“ Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It’s the courage to pick yourself up and continue that counts.” (Winston Churchill) Your ruler Saturn is in the sign of Scorpio, connecting to endings and beginnings, and was recently joined by Scorpio to help unearth a new Soul chapter for you Cappy. With that crossing, you may have been in deep review about all that has come and gone and the time lost in some cases may have weighed heavily on your heart. Let bygones be bygones my friend and know that time is in fact an illusion and the only moment that matters is now. With Mars in a kick start position still to Saturn, courage is the last thing I am concerned about for you, and with the super full moon in Pisces so well aspected on Monday, Sept. 8, I am certain you are going to conjure up some clever strategies for yourself. This lunar tide also speaks strongly to those of you who consider yourself to be messengers here as the written word or the message your voice currently carries has wings.

So go on now and let it fly!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

With Saturn and Mars both in Scorpio, life can be unusually intense. It will certainly have a way of leading you into the deep, whether you are ready to go there or not. You have a way of being able to watch the world and your life happen as if you are watching a movie, conveniently detached, but you are slipping all the way inside your role in this life and not able to observe much if anything at all for you are now a living, breathing, feeling part of it, and that is by cosmic design. Worry not, before long you will see why this energetic chute was so necessarily hair raising and you will experience your own inner halls of conscious understanding widening and deepening as Jupiter progressively forms an angle of expansion to your ruler Uranus which will peak Sept. 25. The super full moon on Monday, Sept 8, helps to secure a career prospect as Saturn and Mars partner together to potentially help fund your dream. There is enough power now to lay some serious groundwork and to set that wave of desire in motion.

Don’t back down, stand your ground, and you are in!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

So much may feel to be happening all at once Pisces and you may find yourself on overwhelm, even if it proves to be an overwhelm that is coming from a heightened state of euphoria. It may be feeling as if there is far too much water in your Soul cup. Your emotions are filled to the brim and one more drop will cause it all to spill as a super full moon is building and will culminate in your sign on Monday, Sept. 8. This is a week where something comes full circle and completes itself in your life as this lunar ball is aspected powerfully by Saturn and Mars in fellow water sign Scorpio and is helping you to not only put something to rest but to initiate something beautifully grand on the heels of some significant closure. Formulate a courageous yet realistic vision for your future, and fuel it with every energetic morsel of your being and this dream will have enough magnetism to attract everything in the world that it needs to support its unfoldment. Loving Venus enters your house of relationships on Friday, Sept 5, and you begin to witness people coming out of the wood on your behalf.

If there is any relationship that needs repair, the light just turned green!

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