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Starcast for the week beginning April 16th, 2014

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

The gate is officially open. A total lunar eclipse in your opposite sign early on Tuesday, April 15, brought your feeling world to new heights and depths. This eclipse was not only in the sign of Libra, it landed in your house of relationships, creating an extra jolt of intensity and a need to focus your attention right there. If you and your partner have not been on the same page, the next few weeks will be open territory for going to battle and exploring ways to establish more love and peace, as revelations experienced for one or both of you will be peaking now. All relationships are up for review however and imminent change is in the air. Not all connections will end of course, but they will morph, necessarily so as Mars, your ruler, is also in your house of relationships and is opposing Uranus, the planet of transformation. Prepare for emotional truths to be revealed and for good, sold, meaningful growth to occur as a result.

Unload whatever emotions you have been shouldering, so you can proceed with greater efficiency and speed!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

If your life has not been turned upside down, then you are playing witness to many lives around you that are undergoing the upheaval. Even if some radical changes have occurred, there will be relative peace in some final decision making as something has run its course and when it is done, there is nothing anyone can do to make it undone. The full moon eclipse in Libra on Tuesday, April 15, activated a two week window of highly malleable energy that has enough punch to blow through a door of resistance. Fortunately for you Taurus, your ruler Venus is still within range of support to its higher octave, Neptune, who is serving as a guardian angel through this energetic mess. Also, Venus is trining Jupiter, the planet of honesty this Friday, April 18, helping you stay emotionally centered on this track of truth. Dialogues will continue to occur that allow the way forward to clearly show itself, for the more you know, the more confident you will be in committing with conviction to a direction. Firmly ending all that has become tired and old while making room for the bright and the new is the way to approach this week.

Stay tuned for the sage wisdom that will be streaming into your Soul from on high!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

Not only are you experiencing the after effects of a total lunar eclipse in fellow air sign Libra, within this alignment a Cardinal Cross formed to promote maximum pressure on all the things that have reached their limit. If someone in your world has been in hyper control mode, they will be getting their comeuppance. Karma kickbacks are big in the next few weeks, you can trust that the universe takes care of all things. You too may have a chance to share some choice words with someone who deserves to get an ear full and there is no doubt that the planets are doing what they can to balance the scales of justice. In your work arena, things should be looking up as Venus forms a supportive angle to generous Jupiter in your house of how you earn. But power plays are tempting for others as people may use whatever leverage they can muster to benefit themselves, even at the risk of hurting another. Exposure is inevitable in the next two weeks which could benefit you immensely.

Stay clean!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

With the moon as your ruler, you may be wondering if eclipse season hurts or helps you as a Cancer born Soul. A total lunar eclipse feels like the moon on speed or steroids, so it will exaggerate any emotion that you are feeling, for better or for worse. This particular eclipse on Tuesday, April 15, will be felt for the next weeks in relative degrees but you will feel it most intensely in the next few days. Life is a balancing act between pain and pleasure, work and play, commitment and freedom, and you will never feel this to be more true than you do now. If there is any area of your life where things have become painfully off kilter, things will be forced into a more balanced state. The two weeks that separate this pair of eclipses is ripe with potential for you to rise and reach a higher state and place in yourself, which will help you to advance not only in your personal pursuits but improve those relationships that hold the most meaning. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, is in your sign and forming a most supportive angle to Venus, the planet of love and harmony, suggesting that it is possible to access and benefit from a ‘higher’ dimension of energy now, one that will show you the best possible path through, perhaps even a path far better than you imagined!

Wouldn’t that be nice?

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

People who have the power to help you better serve your cause are stepping up to the plate and getting into position to shine a spot light on your efforts. The energy at hand may feel oddly unpredictable, as you know these may be the very same people who could pull the plug at any time. It can be a challenge to know that so much rests on another person’s choices and actions but something is circling back around now Leo, someone is trying to pay up where they had dropped the ball and the tendency for them to repeat such behavior could be strong. However, the good Gods are stepping in as Jupiter in your house of the heavens favorably aspects Venus in Pisces, encouraging people to take the high road at all costs. It is truly a turning point time with so much on the line for you and for them, and for all Souls involved. Try not to allow any unresolved anger or resentment from the past to insert itself on your path for it will only create obstacles.

Forgiveness fuels the path forward!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

Breakthroughs surrounding your value in the workplace and all that your being there brings may very well be recognized in the next few weeks as a pair of eclipses will expose your net worth. Someone in your world truly has your back and you may be caught by surprise by their generous gesture as Venus in your opposite sign connects magically with Jupiter early into this forecast week sweetly setting up the weekend. No use mincing words here as the peaking energetic intensity will be felt and known firsthand. Emotions may erupt out of nowhere but in the end it will be healthy and freeing to release whatever remains and is bubbling up from the depths. The bottom line for the next few weeks is that you are going to come to know, without question, who you can truly count on. A few may very well come to surprise you, for better or for worse. Either way, the truth of someone’s heart will be shown and known.

That in itself, will prove to be priceless!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

If nothing else, you will come to know what certain connections are ‘made of’, as relationships across the board will be tested with the total lunar eclipse in your sign on Tuesday, April 15. This initiates a two week window of potent possibilities and potentialities will be clearly unveiled. What will also be revealed are those people who lack the gumption and the gusto to be by your side. You will ‘meet your match’ or else the glaring polarity will be blinding. You can only sugarcoat a set of circumstances for so long. The degree of intensity that the next two weeks will bring is directly linked with how much you have been holding onto, how much you have been repressing or resisting. If you have been above board and have kept your heart out in the open along the way, then this window of time will serve to reward you for your honesty and courage. If you have been holding back a load of emotional content, prepare for the dam to break. Your ruler Venus, is forming a beautiful angle to benevolent Jupiter as we enter the weekend, and you will find it grants you a timely reprieve from a recent worry. The potential now for a significant breakthrough on all fronts, especially in your career, is head spinning.

So prepare for something to suddenly take-off in a potentially unexpected direction!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

A secret power that you hold has been hiding from you. You may have just recently interfaced with its potential as the days leading up to the eclipse often let us know what it will all be about. A total lunar eclipse on Tuesday, April 15, put a high beam of lights on your house of hidden potential, exposing those corners of your being where the dust may have been collecting. Your ruler Pluto is in Capricorn, and is part of what is called a Cardinal Cross where four planets are separated by ninety degree’s, forming a grand square. This particular grand square is referred to as a Cardinal Cross because all of the planets are in cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, representing qualities of drive, initiative and taking the lead. Jupiter in fellow water sign Cancer, is also part of the ‘Grand Cross’ and in this case is opposing Pluto, which will have a way of unearthing some unforeseen wisdom in the mental banks of your being. Consider this to be a time when your Soul can, with mind blowing speed, reclaim the depth of your designed potential and as a result, bring it forth.

Your choices directly impact the evolution of humanity. Do your powerful part!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

It does not matter how hellacious things become, you still seem to find a way to have a little fun Sag, You know how to inject humor into the most outrageous situations. This is because at the end of the day, you never take yourself too seriously. As we find ourselves between eclipses and in the middle of an intense two week bend, you will be taking whatever openings you have to free yourself from the chaos that life brings. Venus is transiting your house of home and the emotional body and will form a strong trine to your ruler Jupiter in your house of intimacy and the Soul as we enter the weekend, suggesting you will experiencing a heart nurturing reprieve as you are reminded of all things sweet and wild in the world. Whether it is a spontaneous outing with a cherished other or a tender moment with someone you love, the world will feel to be generous and kind, creating the feeling that you must have done something right to earn that space. Relationships may suddenly end or suddenly begin again, changing their tune up or down.

Whatever truth is revealed, will keep your Soul ‘in the know’ and far better for the ride!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

The scenery of your life may change in a blink as a total lunar eclipse in Libra involving a ‘Cardinal Cross’, including Pluto in your sign is destined to relocate you in some way. This could be a result of some sudden changes in your career or the need to move the place you call home. The key to safely navigating the next few weeks is to know that things may change a few times before we are through, so try and avoid over reacting to anything that may surface. Pretend as if you are watching your life as if you are watching a movie and it will help you make choices from a more objective place. The true saving grace is that Venus in Pisces, in your house of communication and short trips, will form an angle of support to Jupiter in your opposite sign, suggesting a key other will help ‘take you away from it all’ which will grant you the proper perspective. A new relationship could end and a new one could enter all in the same week as these trends encourage you to remove unwanted emotional weight or any connections that are not giving back to you in equal measure. As you release anyone who cannot invest their fair share, you create space for someone who can and who willingly, joyfully will.

It will be a wild ride and one day well worth remembering!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

There is nothing more nerve racking than to have to be forced to wait for results, whether it is the result for some tests regarding your health or an answer from someone who you professed your love to and you are wondering if they feel the same way. The waiting game can send any of us into a spiraling tizzy. We have just entered an unusual space being on the heels of a total lunar eclipse in fellow air sign Libra, and with Venus also forming an ideal angle to generous Jupiter, it suggests pleasing news may very well be coming. Eclipses can also energize a tremendous turn of positive change, it is not always a negative blast, it simply suggests that anything can happen, either way. Your mind tends to race and move with a momentum that mimics electricity, so I recommend that in order for you to benefit from this high voltage point in time, that you use your thoughts for good, thoughts that will carry you into a more desirable future.

You do have the power to turn things around with a flip of a switch Aquarius. Create only space for thoughts that serve your highest and your best, and then let your mind run wild!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

It’s true, there is no denying things are intense. People are unusually irritable and it feels as if life has reached the proverbial boiling point. It has, and now that we have entered the two week eclipse window, as we are now on the other side of the total lunar eclipse, we are swimming in a pool of purifying potential, a portal opening that can lead us into realms of greater awareness and understanding. There is also an escape hatch for you Pisces if it all becomes too much as Venus in your sign forms an abundant angle of support to Jupiter in your house of the heart as we approach the weekend. The escape hatch can only be found if you soften and surrender to where it leads. I realize you may have no clue after you enter where you will land, but that is the beauty of life’s mystery and where the most meaningful moments can be felt and found.

It may take all you’ve got to trust this turn, but I know if it feels right, even if it is a bit hair raising, then it is right!

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