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Starcast for the week beginning August 27th, 2014

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

With the recent Mars conjunction to Saturn in Scorpio, you were reminded about a piece of reality that will never change. Life has evolved to a certain point now and the bottom line potential is clear. As your ruler Mars closed in on Saturn, being that it moves faster and has now made its way ahead of this testing force, a realization has been made and a new start is now in motion. You are energetically wired to work with what you have and make choices that reflect this place on the path. You cannot change the past, you can only learn and grow from those travels, and now is the time to energize a way forward that mirrors your seasoned experience. Despite the reality check, you have a well of abundance within your reach with Jupiter in fellow fire sign Leo, it is just a matter of being clear now about what you want and energizing a life that is tailored to meet these deep Soul desires.

Keep it simple and go deep and the pearl will surface!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

Timing is everything and when the time is right, there is nothing anyone can do stop certain events from occurring. With the recent Mars conjunction to Saturn in your opposite sign, you felt the reality of something coming full circle in a key karmic connection. Either the connection fell flat or flat out ended or the dynamics in place thankfully died and a new way to relate was simply destined to happen for the sake of the life of the relationship. Either way, life may have been feeling more serious than usual and you may have felt the weight of something coming to a close. As much as you may have wanted something to end, or knew for sanity sake it must, there is still an attachment to the time you may have spent investing your Soul and your self to another. This week, as your ruler Venus continues to square Mars, you will be writing your new rule book on the subject, and inwardly feeling through what you need in order to be in balance personally and with another. A special experience gives you a taste of what will contribute to a life that holds far greater meaning and this feeds you well into the weekend.

Take charge of your joy!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

You are king multi-tasker and have a knack for being able to juggle several things at once, and you are typically up for the challenge. The downside is that you are not able to give your full self to any one thing as your energy is being pulled in a diversity of directions. As a result this forces you to stay in your head in order to keep things afloat, for when you lead with your heart, it moves as one. This week, your tendencies must change as Saturn and Mars recently joined in Scorpio and are asking for your undivided attention, they are requiring your commitment in full. You have come up against a tangle and in order to untie the knot, you will need to bring your full self to the scene. It will take patience and focus and a dedication to an unfolding process for there are no quick fixes this week. You are learning now to reach into deeper layers of relating, confronting the tough stuff head on. Do not let the fear cause you to freeze. Trust that a little vulnerability will go a long way. It is time to leave your comfort zone Gemini.

Greater depth equals greater meaning every time!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

Soul growth, the deep and meaningful kind, can be a long and slow climb. With the recent Mars conjunction to Saturn in Scorpio, you were forced to extend into corners of yourself for strength and sustenance. You were and very well still are feeling the pull to bring your very all to every space that you enter and this includes the very all of your heart and your presence. This recent trend induces a serious stride and it is requiring you to consider the degree of your commitment to your evolution and to make strong choices accordingly. So often the right choices can be the hardest choices to make but this week you get real proof that your courageous actions of late are going to not only produce positive results but lasting permanent change. There is nothing like that feeling of maturity, a coming of age, that speaks to this feeling of knowing that you will never be going back to a certain space of insecurity again. You have come that far.

Continue to trust in yourself Cancer and you will rise like never before!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

Worry can wear the Soul down to a nubbin and the recent Mars conjunction to Saturn in Scorpio in your house of home has been creating added pressure on your emotional tank. You may have been taking certain feeling concerns to greater depths and it has had a way of making you feel as if you are emotionally drowning. When Saturn is in this personal pocket of the sky and especially when joined by Mars, it can really stir the pot of pain but whatever has come up and it still surfacing, is necessary so you can bring closure to the past and confidently carry on. This week you do carry on and you take charge of your heart and find much to be grateful for along the way. However it may be a two steps forward, one step back process as Venus in your sign is still squaring Mars. Celebrate the movement and the visible progression and be aware of the pause as it will tell you what left over feeling threads still linger. No matter what Leo, there is grace and there is gain at every turn with Jupiter in your sign for months to come.

Not only will you land on your feet, you will hit the ground running and find yourself landing in the arms of something or someone you truly love- "madly, truly, deeply"!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

 With the recent New Moon in your sign Virgo and Mars now in a new phase to Saturn, you will progressively feel the wind at your back again and will be feeling a greater sense of control in terms of how you are directing your life. Positive reinforcements will begin keeping your doubts at bay and granting you greater confidence. With Venus still making a square to Mars this week, these feelings of hope and optimism will come and go but this swing is in place to help you find a greater state of harmony within yourself and this starts with the inner tape that plays. Any negative or fearful thought that enters must be replaced with a counter thought that is repeated if necessary to make it stick. You will find that positive affirmations will be necessary this week as you work to create a better working mental groove to support your highest and your best. With both Jupiter as well as Venus in your house of the unseen, you will feel and find invisible agents working on your behalf to support a long overdue healing process, with the pure intention to lift you up.

Open and receive, it’s your turn!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

No doubt you have been feeling ‘on your own’ Libra. Even in a room surrounded by others you have had that sense that certain things are slipping away. Maybe it is parents who have passed or are ill and aging, or children that are grown and needing less of your care. It is a realization of how precious and fleeting time is that has you conscious of what has left and gone and this can feel like an emotional abyss at times. Mars has moved in front of Saturn in Scorpio which will help energize a greater feeling of determination to bring your power to the present moment and to live with more of a permeating participation in life so you are left with no regrets. Even for the peace maker and people person of the zodiac, you are opting to hole up and spend some time alone, in part because you may be feeling you have little left to give. Your ruler Venus is still in range to square Mars this week which will keep you uncomfortable enough to make certain that Soul transforming life change happens. This week you find personal meaning when you make an effort to eliminate everything else that doesn’t cut it.

Prove to yourself that your happiness counts!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

Your sense of power and influence may have felt limited and even thwarted as of late, but the very opposite of this is true. With Saturn in your sign, the feeling of empowerment and social purpose in the world can be a slow build. It can take time to know how and where to best direct your energy and resources and you will be figuring some of this out this week as Venus in Leo squares Mars in your sign. Mars also also just crossed in front of Saturn suggesting that you will be getting in touch with some of your deepest Soul desires at this stage of your journey and have an instinctual impulse of where and how to direct the tides of your life. This takes trust, not only trust in others, but trust in your self. You won’t be fully on board the train of confidence this week, but you will be working your way there and will begin to see the bigger picture of where your life and your current efforts will lead. This fact alone will create great relief simply in knowing that your heart and your Soul are true to course!

The empowerment follows!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

With Mars representing the lead point in the evolution of the Soul, its position in the sky is paramount in terms of your Soul feeling like you are experiencing the right kind of growth. With Mars’ recent culminating close to Saturn in Scorpio, it may have felt as if life was idling at best but Mars has now moved into a new phase to Saturn and you are launching into a new chapter. Venus in fellow fire sign Leo will be forming a square to Mars all week which will keep testing your heart and letting you know on a repeated basis what is of utmost importance to you at every turn. It will remind you time and time again what holds ultimate meaning and keep you focused on doing the deep inner work that is necessary for real growth to occur and to truly know what is worth your spirit and your energy. Your most potent use of time would be on those inner spaces, and in quiet mediation.

There will be a world of depth revealed to you there which will lead you directly back to your truth, reminding you just what that truth is worth. It’s priceless Sag, so go the distance to secure it!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

When will it let up? I hear many of you Cappy’s asking this very question. I am not surprised either as Mars recently joined your ruler Saturn in penetrating Scorpio and this may have brought a certain hardship to greater feeling depths. These trends can expose a stark reality and not allow you to run from its hold. It forces you to be gripped in ways by the gravity and can cause even the most optimistic of you Caps to brood. But you know and I know, that Saturn is not always a tough guy. You want that energy around to sustain something you desire and to secure those things that really matter. You may be feeling as if you are shouldering more than your fair share of a certain burden as Venus is also squaring Mars this week, but your energy and determination is set to resume along with a changing perspective that grants you entry into a way forward and through, an avenue that is met with support and help from someone who is in position to potentially change your life, far for the better.

Trust the timing!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

When does it end? The tough stuff that is? I suppose by being human, the tough stuff and the taxing never does end but on the other side of life’s coin is the reward for the staying power that you have Aquarius, and your ability to be as objective as possible in the throws of hardship. Saturn and Mars recently merged in your house of career and commitments and for some it may have been feeling as if you were running out of time, as if you missed a window or the window you have found does not offer the view you had imagined for your life and for yourself. This week as Venus in your opposite sign continues to square Mars, you may feel let down by someone in your life, but there will be others to rise to your needed occasion as Jupiter, the great benevolent is stationed in this same sector or the sky and is progressively forming a beautiful trine to your ruler Uranus. You may need to release certain connections in order to make room for someone who is far better for you.

Once a key truth is revealed, the path will be clear and love will be yours!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

You have got what it takes and then some Pisces. Don’t you dare let a shred of doubt plague you this week as Venus in your house of lack is squaring Mars in your house of what is actually true. This has you questioning whether you can pull this off or rise to your Soul’s potential and with the recent Mars conjunction to Saturn, the truth of your desires were tested and may still be challenged throughout this next week. It all comes down to what you want and when you truly know in your heart of hearts what that is, you will be strategizing your way there. You may be going back and forth about whether you want to risk it all and take this thing all the way but this is only due to some personal fears about whether you can take it to the top. You do have it in you Pisces and there is so much more than even meets the eye as they will soon see. It is simply a matter of choice. Your commitment however must be total.

Say yes!

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