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Starcast for the week beginning July 29th, 2015

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

With Venus now retrograde in Virgo, it can create a “going back to the drawing board effect.” You may have had a certain project moving forward that was a work in progress, only to be stopped in the middle of it and returned back to square one. It may at first feel as if all is lost and you question whether you have the emotional energy to go at it again, as your ruler Mars in Cancer forms an angle of stress to Neptune, but what you come to quickly realize is that by retracing your steps, you uncover a vital piece in this process that unearths a pearl of ingenuity, inspiring you with a new energetic steam. Venus is now retrograde in Virgo, along with radical Uranus in your sign, and together they help you access an innovative surge. You may also find that your relationships are transforming, opening you up to an alternative way through, as Venus backs into Leo on Friday, July 31, the same day as a full moon in Aquarius. Venus re-joins Jupiter in Leo for another bountiful boost this week. But the best feeling vibe occurs as Mars in Cancer forms a supportive trine to Saturn, which has a way of keeping you unwavering in your confidence and rooted in your center of gravity as you strive for the 'sure thing'.

Due to your determination, you get a second chance at love or you double your capacity to create something that everyone is bound to treasure!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

Your heart may very well be busting at the seams, as your ruler Venus backs into Leo again and joins Jupiter this weekend. A full moon in Aquarius early on Friday, July 31, gets the fire going and you will be feeling larger than life. You may also be feeling more vulnerable than usual, as you find yourself wearing your heart on your sleeve in the coming days. However, your artistry will be at an all time high as your heart is stretched open. So if you sing, dance, or paint, you will be a creative machine. The loving fires will be burning wild as your house of home holds embers of abundance helping you find true meaning in playful spaces with loved ones. Mars in Cancer is progressively forming an angle of strength to stable Saturn, suggesting your emotional base is building by the day, as you feel key desires begin to manifest in your life.

Invest your time and attention toward nurturing key relationships that mean the most, starting with nurturing your relationship to yourself, and you will witness real results that will last a lifetime!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

Venus rules love and money, which sounds a bit strange considering the two are so antithetical, but in essence Venus defines what we value. Most of us, if not all, value basic shelter and food for survival and this requires money. As relationship beings, we also value love and thrive when our connections are clicking. With Venus now retrograde in Virgo, everything that feels to be lacking in both areas of your life will became glaringly clear. Venus backs into Leo on Friday, July 31, the same day as a full moon in fellow air sign Aquarius, which is destined to add a little fun loving spice to your life. To up the energetic ante, Venus returns to form a conjunction to Jupiter in this passionate fire sign of Leo which can create party feeling fun just about anywhere. If you have been feeling wobbly at all on the financial front, Mars in your house of earnings is progressively forming a validating angle of success to steady Saturn, signifying strides of security in this arena. This week is about recovering your losses and adding more where all that came from.

Your ruler Mercury, also in Leo, connects electrically to Uranus, on Sunday, August 2, helping you brainstorm your way into the arms of a triumphant breakthrough!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

It starts with you, and it all comes back to you. In the end, energy is a simple phenomena to observe. You feel everything Cancer, you can feel the energy when it is working for you and when it's not. What you are learning as an emotional being, is how to use the feeling current to help you, similar to catching a wave that has a natural momentum to carry you into the distance, versus using your entire life force to swim your way there. This week is loaded with energy, and it starts with your ruler, the moon, being full in Aquarius, early on Friday, July 31. Venus also retrogrades back into Leo to re-join Jupiter this weekend, in your house that governs your inner relationship to yourself. In addition, this sector rules how you earn, offering potentially profitable returns. Mars, the planet of desire, is in your sign and is going to make sure that you ultimately get what you want, as he connects securely to Saturn in the coming week. Something you have been working long and hard on may very well become a slam dunk success. Remember this week Cancer, that the kinder you are to yourself, and the more you tend to the inner lands, the more abundance will flow back to you. This week is big, and you realize in the end, how effortless it can be to attract exactly what you want, solely by fueling the right feeling.

Feed your heart and others will want to join in on the love!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

I cannot quite remember when I have seen so much fire working in your favor Leo. You like it when its hot, and you will be pulling out all the loving stops. A full moon in your opposite sign lights up the night sky, illuminating your path like the sun, not long after midnight, on Friday, July 31. Venus, the planet of love and all that holds meaning, retrogrades back into your sign the same day and joins generous Jupiter over the weekend. Mercury, the planet of communication, is in Leo as well and will be forming an angle of precision to Uranus, in fellow fire sign Aries, energizing an exciting breakthrough, as you receive good news linked with your ideas or inventive pursuits. This essentially bodes well for all of your written or verbal exchanges so network where needed and things will happen faster than you can say the word 'go'. Mars, the planet of action and desire, is in Cancer, and forming a healing angle to Saturn, which will have a way of helping you find and feel inner peace after a long run of relative unrest. You really do now get a second chance at something that you thought was a lost cause.

Stay humble even when the stage becomes yours and others will flock to your feet!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

Have you ever had that experience when waking up in the morning, following the eve of something magical happening, and you wonder if the whole thing was a dream? You lay there a while longer as you feel the reality of the news sink in. You swim in the floaty feelings of anticipation, as you imagine with what lies ahead. Your house of mysteries and miracles is loaded with energy this week Virgo, including your ruler Mercury, in your house of the hidden world, forming a stunning angle to Uranus, the planet of surprise. A full moon in Aquarius early Friday, July 31, has you craving change and breaking free of old inhibiting thought patterns, while loving Venus backs out of your sign and into Leo to re-merge with Jupiter, the planet of optimism. Prepare to be feeling immensely fortunate surrounding a recent event or one coming on the horizon. If for some reason you do not experience something on the outer planes that mirrors this description, your inner space will be fruitful beyond measure, as you find refuge in an imaginary world without limits. When you have something deeply sweet to look forward to, it can make the very moment you hold while waiting, magical itself.

There is tremendous power in the prelude. Watch, while it works a miracle!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

It can be a true heart squeezer, when things are going well in a relationship, then seemingly out of the blue, you feel something shift. You will sit and analyze the heck out of what happened, re-tracing your steps and wondering if it was something you said or did. We do not always know what is best for us, at times, it takes the universe's hand to lead us out of one thing we thought was right, and into the lap of another that proves to be far better. Venus, your ruler entered Virgo and stopped just as it did, this past Saturday, July 25. Venus will retrograde back into loving Leo on Friday, July 31, the same day as a full moon in Aquarius, which will have the effect of helping you feel the love again. Venus re-connects with benevolent Jupiter as well this weekend and into next week for another go, offering another chance at happiness. This may mean that you have to give something up to gain something better, or that you simply have to give up something that was not giving you what you need, to make room for something that can. As my teenage kids would say, “It's all good”, even what at first feel or at first glance, it does not appear that way.

However things look now, prepare for a positive about face!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

You came here to make a difference Scorpio, not a subtle splash but a memorable impact. You are simply wired to push the limits and extend as far beyond them as humanly possible. This is why you have earned a reputation for being intense. It can be a challenge at times for Souls like yourself to relax as a result of having such powerful personal ambition, and this week, a surge of motivation is going to push you for more. A full moon in Aquarius, on Friday, July 31, manifests as an energetic defibrillator to get your heart going again in your world of work. It can be a challenge to stay passionate about the same 'ol thing, and it often requires consistent sparks of innovation and connecting with like minded others to keep life stimulating. Venus, the planet of value and meaning, retrogrades back into Leo to join expansive Jupiter this weekend as well, activating a potential of plenty in your career. But what seals the deal this week, is that Mars, the planet of desire, is progressively forming an angle of undeniable strength to Saturn in your sign in the coming week, signifying a launch point that will raise the bar in your Soul's working journey,

You game? Thought so!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

Just because you experience a string of good luck, does not mean it has to stop short of the ultimate prize. By the same token, just because something fell by the wayside, does not mean things will keep on falling. Life is what you make it, and you know more than any other sign how to keep a crescendo effect of good growing in your favor. It takes an optimistic inner orientation which produces a contagious spirit. You are a positive force to be reckoned with Sag with so many planets convening in fellow fire sign Leo this coming week. For starters, a full moon in Aquarius opposing the sun in Leo early on Friday, July 31, will surely be reminding you what moves you most from the heart and when your heart is 'in it', there is no stopping you. Venus, the planet of love and what you value will retrograde back into Leo the same day and then reunite with your ruler Jupiter over the weekend and into early next week, re-opening old doors opportunity that you once thought were forever closed. Mars and Saturn are also in a progressive, impressive glide to support your efforts and wants. Lady luck will be on your side, so when you get a good feeling about something, feed it until you are full.

The results will speak for themselves!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

There is not nearly enough room here to write about all the planets that are convening and combining to support your evolutionary journey. We could all use a little levity and light. You were born serious. As a child, you were already figuring out how to be adult, in some cases you may have been forced to grow up fast. But now its about going back and feeling through those missed pockets along the way, as a full moon in Aquarius on Friday, July 31, shines a spot light on all that you need, in order to grow. On the very same day, Venus retrogrades back into Leo, in your house of the Soul and re-merges with Jupiter this weekend and into early next week, helping you reconnect with your deepest feeling truth, so you do not waste a moment on anything that does not contribute to this intended path. Mars, the planet of desire, is in your opposite sign and forming a secure angle to your ruler Saturn throughout the week, which will have the effect of strengthening your commitments in all of your emotional ties.

Wherever you want or need something to work, give it your time and your heart, and the bond you share will become unbreakable!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

This past weekend, Venus, the planet of love, stationed retrograde, which occurs every eighteen months. Venus' retrograde phase is the rarest of all the planets, and can activate a return to unresolved love connections. Its backward tour lasts approximately six weeks. Your ruler Uranus followed suit. Uranus reverses its direction once a year and is retrograde for nearly five months. This screams change across the baord. It can trigger unresolved trauma in old connections where your nervous system feels frayed. What the joint retrograde transit will offer, is an objective look at a specific relationship breakdown, similar to viewing your life as if you are watching a movie. Imagine the advice you will be giving yourself from this vantage point. A full moon in Aquarius early on Friday, July 31 activates a team of planets in your opposite sign of Leo. Loving Venus retrogrades back into Leo the same day, and makes sweet love to Jupiter this weekend and moving into next week. By letting something go, you may very well invite a new love in. You may also find yourself circling back with an old love from the past to talk about what and where it all went wrong, which can create a ripple effect of timely resolution. Lastly, career efforts look fruitful as Mars aligns with strength to Saturn, creating a harvest effect.

Go the extra mile Aquarius, and the universe will carry you all the way home!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

The good news this week Pisces, is if there is something in your life that is in need of a serious overhaul, the planets are all stepping up to make certain it not only meets your standards and is 'up to snuff', but that it goes beyond your expectations. It would be similar to asking your child to tidy up their room, only to come in hours later and see that it was clean enough to eat off the floor. Nice surprises are in store for you, as Mercury in your house of improvements forms a seamless angle of support to Uranus on Sunday, August 2. You may also experience an unexpected financial return as you think outside the box and make yourself well known as the one to beat, when Venus retrogrades back to join Jupiter this weekend and into early next week. Mars in fellow water sign Cancer also connects with solid recognition to Saturn in fellow water sign Scorpio, suggesting you too will be earning notable respect.

Prior to the weekend, a full moon early on Friday, July 31, will expose what is broken and in need of being fixed, but as music artist Leonard Cohen reminds us in these poetic lyrics, “There's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in!”

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