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Starcast for the week beginning October 18th, 2017

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

With Mars still at the tail end of Virgo, you may be dealing with a myriad of details in your daily life with a fine tooth comb. Perhaps you are working on home projects or looking at your bottom lines and asking yourself what needs to go and what can stay. It is a time for simplification and purification but also beautification. Positive change is in the air and with a New Moon in Libra in your opposite sign on Thursday, Oct.19, you are highly motivated to improve where you can, to make new where there is room, and to send some shock waves into your relationships in order to get them going on a better track. This New Moon in Libra is opposing Uranus in your sign, so just about anything goes under this trend. It can be a time when you exercise tremendous courage and where your impulse positively reigns. You have always been driven by your primal instinct but this week there is extra juice making it impossible to hold back. The will is a mighty powerful force so stay in step and in check with what feels to be surfacing without warning so you can direct it in the most optimal way possible.

Wherever you need to see a sea change of energy occur, pause long enough to prepare your bow so the arrow can properly fly!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

Nobody gets into the grind like you do Taurus, you can outwork just about anyone when you put your mind to it. Your house of improvements is buzzing with your ruler Venus in place along with a New Moon in Libra on Thursday, Oct.19. This New Moon is on some kind of speed as it opposes Uranus in Aries, which could usher in something that has you needing to raise your game yet again. Fortunately, action Mars is still in fellow earth sign Virgo and is providing you with ample energy and heart to tend to whatever is screaming for your attention. Mars in this position also keeps your passion for someone or something high and you make the time to keep the candle of love burning. Jupiter and Mercury are joined in Scorpio in your house of relationships, which allows your exchanges with others to take on a deeper vibration and a more Soulful feel which will have you coming back for more. It is an ideal time to voice whatever has been held in as those deeper dialogues go far to enhance your connection. Bold honesty blasts down any old doors previously separating you.

Speak true and love will soar!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

With your ruler Mercury now joined with older brother Jupiter in Scorpio, your need for diversity and variety in life is sure to slim down and into a deeper focus while expanding within that core as you work to take strides that are more directly centered within your Soul's intended journey. You have been eliminating the fluff and the excess and will only desire to fuel what contributes to your evolutionary path. A wealth of information may storm in with one singular experience and may prove to be a powerful course correction. Once you walk through a door of self discovery, you cannot un-walk through it and this may come to change everything. A New Moon in Libra is opposed by Uranus in Aries, which has enough voltage to blow the roof off of any preconceived limit in your life. Although with Saturn still in your opposite sign until just before Christmas, there will be a real discipline required involving challenges put before you on the path in key relationships. There is one last lap before you reach the ribbon.

Meaningful movement happens this week thanks to your intuition being off the charts!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

It’s that time again Cancer, as your ruler, the Moon, will be New in Libra on Thursday, Oct.19, in your house of home and the emotional body. You spearhead some change on the home front as Uranus in Aries opposes this lunar lift and you find yourself at just the right place at just the right time. Loving and profiting Venus is also in Libra in this sector and she knows how to help you either beautify a space or bring greater harmony within your abode. Action Mars enters Libra as well on Sunday, Oct. 22, energizing development in this arena either with a move or energy invested in an enhancement or re-design of your home. With Jupiter and Mercury conjoined in Scorpio, you pay attention to ‘the signposts’ and someone who has the power or the pockets to help you, steps in to assist you in sealing the deal. You are a Soul who feeds off the space where you dwell, it must nurture you and comfort you. It must be a space where you can replenish and find refuge.

Your attention will be actively drawn here in the coming weeks, in order to make it more of what will sustain you long term, allowing you to live in a greater state of feeling balance!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

As the depth of your heart expands, you may also be feeling fears rise with it. Jupiter and Mercury are powerfully joined in Scorpio, in your house of home and those emotional landscapes. It is an emotionally moving energy but it can increase your feelings of vulnerability. Considering evolution occurs through these emotional corridors, you will be ripe for some real noteworthy growth. It takes feeling like you are riding the edge of something in order to experience a visible breakthrough. Jupiter offers you insights where you had feared to look and he grants you with the emotional wisdom to grow within a greater degree of understanding involving where you had invested your heart in the past and why. This may also prove to be an incredibly empowering time for you to get to the bottom of an old festering emotion and pull it out by its roots. A New Moon in Libra on Thursday, Oct. 19, ignites your house of communication and with its opposition to Uranus in fellow fire sign Aries, you may receive a call or visit from someone out of the blue or you may spontaneously venture out to surprise someone yourself. You heart is sure to be stretched in different directions, but you will find that muscle in your chest becoming stronger and thus softer because of it.

Give in to the pull of the wave and it will show you a love that has a life of its own!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

Experiencing desired growth is directly a result of leaning into those turns when its your time. Welcome to your time Virgo. In any area where you wish to be free of a limiting belief or free of fears and insecurities that have plagued you, your window has arrived. Your ruler Mercury is in Scorpio and merged with Jupiter early on this week, not only helping to increase your magnetism, but together they are working to release the weight of worry that clings to you unnecessarily. Jupiter is providing a life compass, and he is honing your intuition in ways that will keep you above anything that has historically brought you down. Your mind already works on overdrive, but this time, your mind has been given a Guardian Angel for the ride. There will be an inner trust that ensues and you follow it because the thought will never come to question it. The truth has a way of sitting in the Soul without resistance so you bravely follow the light of its reflection. Warrior Mars spends his final days in your sign to give you one more hit of courage where you need it most and then enters Libra on Sunday, Oct.22.

A New Moon in Libra on Thursday, Oct.19, will oppose Uranus in Aries, the sign that Mars rules, suggesting some of your recent efforts are going to pay off big, whether on financial fronts or in terms of paving the way to your desired future!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

While we know that you love nothing more than experiencing peace and harmony with the ones you love, the pace of life feels far from calm and balanced. A New Moon in your sign on Thursday,Oct.19, opposes Uranus in Aries to bring about some fireworks in those connections close to home. This can swing from wild and exciting to hot blooded and hot headed. It may be too that it takes very little to set you off or push your buttons and you enter a state where you place demands where things need to radically shift. Warrior Mars also enters your sign on Sunday, Oct. 22, and with his entry, the very last thing you will be experiencing life as is mellow and serene. You will be in full action mode and highly charged for making things happen. Something you set in motion in the next week will show itself in full glory by this time next month if you continue to follow your instinct. Fortunately, your ruler Venus is currently traveling through your sign and she is helping you be at your very best in every way she can.

Be sure to first take care of you before spending so much energy on others and there will be more than enough love to go around!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

You have made it through a chute. You may not be all the way out of the woods but you have reached a memorable station and it has you relieved to be standing there. For any Soul, there will always be more work to be done, but you have laid down quite a foundation for where your life is headed and that counts for an enormous amount. It’s a bit like working long and hard on something until it starts working for you all on its own. Jupiter in your sign increases your magnetism, your mysterious nature has others even more intrigued by you, and before you know it, they are standing at your front door. Mercury is joining Jupiter early on this week which will have a way of making your connections and conversations steeped with good fortune. One exchange could have a ripple effect similar to a pebble dropping into a pond. A New Moon in Libra in your house of culmination will be opposed by Uranus in Aries on Thursday, Oct.19. Either something you finally finished will take off like a bang in a way you didn’t quite expect, or there will be one more fire to put out before the rocket launches for real.

More of the stuff that really counts is well on its way!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

Hidden magic happens backstage or behind the scenes, as your ruler Jupiter in Scorpio joins Mercury early on this week either to bring you into greater touch with some of your personal dreams or to bring you messages and teachings within your dreams. So much more will be going on within you than meets the eye. It’s your personal private universe, and one where you are meant to travel into the recesses of your Soul. You will find that it is within these travels where ultimate meaning is finally found. Little in the outside world will be able to come close to what you discover there, and yet it will be necessary to osmose this experience in such a way that it supports you more wholly here on Earth. A New Moon in Libra on Thursday, Oct. 19, opposes Uranus in fellow fire sign Aries, energizing a new connection in your world of like minded others that may lead to more visibility for you, a potential breakthrough for you and something that feels to happen overnight. At times all it takes is reaching out in one direction in order to experience a landslide of good movement closing in on you from all sides. Action Mars enters Libra to join Venus there as well on Sunday, Oct.22, to help you innovate and collaborate like never before.

Prepare for a channel to open, then don’t look back!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

Your time at work and at home makes a healthy state of balance hard to find. With a New Moon in Libra in your house of career on Thursday, Oct.19, opposing Uranus, the unpredictable is inevitable. There is as much potential for a positive surprise as there is for something unwanted or something that pulls you away from a needed area of focus. This week life may swing to extremes in places but with Jupiter and Mercury joined in Scorpio in your house of an alternative way through, friends or community will be showing up to cover what you can’t. Action Mars spends his final days in fellow earth sign Virgo, giving you one last dose of energy and considering the hours you have been putting in, you are going to need it. Mars exits Virgo and enters Libra up at the top of your chart on Sunday, Oct. 22, and will be asking you to shoulder more responsibility. This will potentially also energize greater recognition for your efforts, allowing you to earn more because of your worth but you may wonder if the added weight is worth it. You will be turning some heads and others will be looking to you to lead the way, so prepare for an extra push. You were built for such things Cappy, and someone key knows they can count on you.

Here’s to feeling validated and valued!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

You are ‘wired for sound’ Aquarius, with a signal that can receive rapid transmissions and a nervous system that can hold and transfer serious electricity. This kind of wiring is what allows you to brainstorm in ways that can move the mainstream forward, exposing others to the novel and the new. You think differently and because of this, you can tend to feel like an outcast, however, in many cases living on that edge is your preferred place to roam. While others may feel your ideas are too outlandish or ahead of the time, with a New Moon in fellow air sign Libra opposing your ruler Uranus in Aries, you have a strong likelihood of positively blowing someone away. In addition, action Mars enters Libra as well which allows you to weave in what you want with what another person’s wishes are as well. Generous Jupiter is in powerful Scorpio up at the top of your chart, energizing a more public presence, and he travels with Mercury to help you get a strong message to your audience.

They may be initially surprised by your ideas, but before you know it, you will have roped them all the way in!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

“The darkest hour is just before dawn.” You felt the truth of this sentiment in recent weeks, and now that ‘morning has broken’, day by day, you are feeling an inspiring stretch within your wings. Jupiter’s entry into fellow water sign Scorpio, has your inherent optimism returning. Jupiter will travel through Pisces for the next year, granting you with a greater feeling of buoyancy, along with that sweet and deep feeling of serendipity, for your life is bound to feel fated. A New Moon in Libra on Thursday, Oct.19, in your house of the Soul, is opposing Uranus in Aries, potentially energizing a breakthrough in areas involving how you earn and the work your Soul was destined to do in this world. It may be too that one key tie gets you in a desirable door and everything changes from that moment on. Action Mars follows this New Moon as he enters Libra as well on Sunday, Oct. 22, to bring heat and passion to your plan and a state of awareness that keeps you dedicated to what tugs on you most deeply within. You may very well feel a kind of re-connection to yourself and your Soul’s purpose more than you have in what feels like forever.

Follow the sound of the drum!

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