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Starcast for the week beginning July 18th, 2018

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

Everything in life eventually comes full circle. Heck, even fashions you thought were forever over and done with find a way to come back around. But what this time frame is about is dealing with emotional loose ends and unfinished business. Any broken pieces of your past are waiting for the glue. They are waiting for you to bring the feeling fragments back together so all of the short circuiting within you can become one constant energy stream again. Trauma of any kind can cause the Soul to freeze in places and in many cases it becomes an area you feel is better left alone. However, your ruler Mars is retrograde in Aquarius and he is steps away from merging with the South Node, the symbol for your past, a theme that is hi lighted now for the next few weeks, so tend to what is calling you IN. Also, do take note as this window of time is intimately connected to trends occurring the last week in September. Something is being unearthed this week and next and with it will be a moving walkway that has an unpredictable speed.

Keep your heart open now Aries, while allowing a conscious awareness to lead you onto that moving trail and into healing, and thus freeing, new lands!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

This eclipse season is like a live wire, with three highly charged energetic points occurring within one month. Considering the Soul evolves via the emotional body, and an eclipse always impacts your Soul’s emotional reality, this next month will open you up in some profound way. It is in those moments of feeling a palpable vulnerability when you will experience the greatest opportunity to radically alter your reality. Fortunately, electric Uranus in your sign is securely positioned to Saturn in fellow earth sign Capricorn, to help anchor you in a changing groove that supports you for the long haul. We have entered a kinetic window where ‘anything goes’ on Thursday, July 12, and it is highly active until August 11, and still reverberating for a week or so beyond that. You are standing at an interface between what was and what will be. It is a page turning time Taurus and with Mercury in Leo slowing down to shift retro next week, you are in the middle of mapping out your future. The universe is sure to reveal some travel plans you didn’t expect.

Keep all of your options open and then get ready to follow the full throttle flow!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

With action Mars in fellow air sign Aquarius, no matter how chaotic life may feel to be in places, you do have the edge. If you tune into the feeling, you will find Mars is feeding you with another kind of brilliance that will help you make smart choices moving forward. Your instinct may also come to surprise you as it is sending you messages that carry a different tune than you have ever heard before. We have just come through our first of three eclipse on July 12, and are preparing for the second which will be an emotional Total Lunar Eclipse on July 27. The day before this event, your ruler Mercury stations retro in Leo which will have you circling back with loved ones or going back to something from your past that carries a hot charge for your heart. With Mars retrograde until the end of August, it is telling you to keep things on the down low and encouraging you to take it slow. So much more has yet to be revealed to you Gemini, content that you will come to find is key for making wise choices for your future. International travel is also calling you to and fro, so ride this crazy wave in whatever direction it is pulling you.

Before long, you will be able to feel your way to shore!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

While there is plenty of energetic turbulence that can ignite a feeling of emotional instability and unpredictability, it is within this very channel where liberating change happens. No Soul gets anywhere far without living outside the comfort zone, so this is optimal ground for experiencing the kind of breakthroughs that just could not occur at any other time. In addition, you are traveling with a dedicated team equipped with some divine guidance. Jupiter in fellow water sign Scorpio is seamlessly aligned to heavenly Neptune in water sign Pisces for the next six weeks, carrying you safely through this portal of time where three eclipses are destined to shake things up in the world around and within you. Consider this also to be a time when your wishes are carried on the wings of your thoughts and landing on the doorstep of someone who can play a vital role in positively changing your life. With Mars retrograde in Aquarius, it is important to feel through everything that is instinctually driving you, in order to make wise choices that can ultimately save you. The connections you are making now hold the key to your desired future. Nurture them and trust in the timing of necessary next steps.

The universe will notify you when its time to make your move!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

You are shining your light and expressing your strengths well with Mercury in your sign, but yet it feels as if it’s not nearly enough. Mercury is slowing down to shift retrograde on Thursday, June 26, the day before a Total Lunar Eclipse in your opposite sign. If you haven’t fully sold yourself or been able to grab someone’s attention, this would be the time to find another avenue to do so. You can see the hurdles before you and time feels to be slipping by with Saturn retrograde in Capricorn, but he is in position to bring out the genius in you as he trines Uranus in Taurus for the next few months. There will be many moments when you can get your break or make a break-away, whatever is needed most. You are learning as ever that so much in life comes down to connections and who is willing to go to bat for you. Whatever is bringing you down today, will be water under the bridge by this time next month. Know that everything you need to change a current set of circumstances is within your reach.

Lean on who you know; your breakthrough is on the other side of a conversation that is just waiting to happen!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

There is plenty to feel good about these days Virgo, with loving Venus in your sign and just coming off a positive charge from life-changer Uranus and stable Saturn. However, life is far from perfect. I suppose that is what the living is about, working with all that is within you to improve the walk, when and where you can. With Mars retrograde in Aquarius, you will be keenly aware about what needs to happen now in order to alter your journey in an optimal way. Your ruler Mercury is also in Leo in your house of dreams, energizing the ideal and having you coming up with ideas to move your life forward, and closer to reaching that feeling of wholeness. More than anything Virgo, your heart has to be in it, so this next month is about bringing more heart into everything you do, knowing that is what makes life feel closer to perfect. On Thursday, June 26, Mercury will shift retrograde, the day before a Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, suggesting your days are going to suddenly change, perhaps due to a work schedule or new commitments you are making to support your long term future. Make room for the sudden and the unexpected, so there is space to allow for an ease of integration.

Love is also coming your way, so free yourself up so it can find its way in!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

Re-connecting with old friends and re-energizing creative passions are high on your list now Libra with Mars retrograde in fellow air sign Aquarius and inches away from the South Node, the symbol for your past. Nothing busts open your heart’s door faster and it is having a way of getting that muscle in the center of your chest pumping strong again. The recent eclipse on July 12, would have had you feeling the need to make the most of every minute and moment as life may be feeling more fragile and fleeting than ever. Your ruler Venus is behind the scenes in Virgo, so you may be feeling lost in dreams about how you wish for your life to play out. A feeling of distance from the one you love may also surface or an inner void that something is missing may also be tugging on you. However, Mars is in position to better help you attract not just what you need, but what your heart wants, so energize that vision of actualizing what you want versus thinking about the reasons that are keeping you from it.

The next month is a game-changer and holds plenty of promise to get you right where your heart desires to be!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

We have entered one wild eclipse window, but no matter how unpredictable life gets, benevolent Jupiter is in your sign and aligning with magical precision to Neptune for the next several weeks. It keeps you hovering ‘above it all’, and protected in just about any set of circumstances. It suggest your higher guides have a close watch on you and can step in at any point in time if they see you in danger while also leading you into the arms of opportunity. One other advantage on its way, is that loving Venus in Virgo will be forming an angle of great ease to your ruler Pluto on the day of the Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, Friday, July 27. The energy around that time can be intense and anxiety provoking but this Pluto/Venus combo keeps you balanced and centered. It also allows you to feel supported by others who you know have your back. What matters most during this highly sensitive period is knowing that there will always be a way through and your relationships are becoming stronger because of what you are enduring together.

Strong and direct communication changes everything for the better so commit to your growth with one another and quantum leaps abound!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

Your exchanges with others are worth their weight in gold with Mars retrograde in Aquarius in your house of communication closing in on the South Node, the symbol for your past. The North Node, the symbol for your future, is in fellow fire sign Leo, along with Mercury and with Mercury slowing down to reverse directions, it suggests you will be circling back with key others to show how serious you are about following through on a passionate fire that got started. Your ruler Jupiter in Scorpio is in an epic position to Neptune in Pisces for the next several weeks which can translate into what feels like a miracle occurring on your behalf. Considering we are in an eclipse window, it can also be a time when you are feeling intimately connected to the ‘other side’ and when loved ones who have crossed over feel more present. The feeling of separation can literally melt away to the point of feeling as if you are literally walking with them in their world. At the very least right now Sag, it is timely to tune into the nature of your desires and ask yourself if you are doing everything you can to maximize your own awakening. Those inner strides produce immediate outer shifts as a result of your frequency clearing. If you are not quite sure how to move forward, you will gain plenty of insight in the next week.

The way ahead is about to become crystal clear!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

Life is changing, there are no two ways about it. Your ruler Saturn is in your sign however and keeping you steady and relatively sane through the turns, as he aligns with laser-like accuracy to electric Uranus in fellow earth sign Taurus. This trend is in place until the end of September, so lean on this knowing and relax as best as you can, trusting that whatever is morphing in your life is going to lead you into a better zone. Action Mars is retrograde in Aquarius, in your house of how you earn and what you value, having you re-think your way forward along these lines. If nothing else, you are going to be changing how you do business. You do need a change Cappy and Uranus is strapped with strobe lights to lead you there. Loving Venus is in fellow earth sign Virgo and will form a beautiful angle of support to Pluto in your sign on the day of the Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on Friday, July 27, proving to be some life-saving energy to offset the emotional blast. You do have friends in all the right places, so know that you are not alone nor will you be alone. The intention now is to take a deeper dive so you can clear the remaining residue from the past.

Once that occurs, your chariot will arrive!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

The very last thing you ever want is the feeling of something hemming you in. You need unbridled expression and the freedom to express yourself in whatever way you see fit. Your ruler Uranus is now in earth sign Taurus and with his strong line to Saturn in Capricorn, you are being asked to be more responsible and to get serious about what you wish to cultivate in your life. No more flying by the seat of your pants or playing things by ear. You will always need to follow your own wind but you are understanding ever more clearly that there is a price to pay for that kind of freedom. It’s a bit like learning to play by the rules in order to gain entry and then once you are in, you slip out of that limiting disguise and shock their socks off. On a deeper note, these ecliptic skies are having a way of opening up your emotional being and showing you how to strengthen those spaces you were keeping yourself distanced from. The next month is going to transform your connections. They are changing because you are changing. Have the courage to feel what you fear and you will find yourself well on the other side of something that has limited you for far too long.

You thought you knew freedom until now!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

It always helps immensely to have a little bit of lady luck on your side and lucky for you Pisces, you’ve got it. Abundant Jupiter is in fellow water sign Scorpio and forming an exquisite angle of strength to your ruler Neptune in your sign for the next several weeks. This is a time for personal expansion and for reaching heavenly heights with the help of some celestial beings. Action Mars is retrograde in Aquarius, in your house of the invisible realm, allowing for a direct transmission to the heavens. It’s like having your own personal calling card that reaches a request line in the ethers. Venus in your house of relationships is also moving into a position to Pluto on the day of the Total Lunar Eclipse, July 27, to have you attracting powerful people who can help you, so be ready to act quickly in the event someone moves a few mountains to make something happen for you. You’ve got the magic you need to make a miracle or two manifest.

Let your connections work for you and there will be no need to look further!

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