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Starcast for the week beginning July 16th, 2014

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

As Saturn slows to a stop and readies itself to move direct again after months retrograde in your house of the Soul, this Saturday, July 19, you will feel yourself inwardly preparing for a new launching point. Saturn is the planet of limitations, among other things, and it would have made things painfully clear where and with whom you lacked even a semblance of control in a certain situation. Wherever you feel you have been rendered powerless, now will be a time when you can reclaim a better emotional foothold as Neptune in Pisces also connects effortlessly to Mercury in fellow water sign Cancer, helping find your way to higher ground. Jupiter enters fellow fire sign Leo on Wednesday, July 16, which will have a way of expanding your luck, stretching your heart and extending your reach for an entire year. Once this new view and elevated vantage point is achieved, the perspective will help create a deep inner shift where a far more empowering space can be accessed, a place where you will find greater confidence to proceed.

Your journey officially starts now!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

You may not know who or what is coming or going this week as four planets either switch signs or change directions, starting with your loving ruler Venus who exits Gemini and enters Cancer on Friday, July 18. You will be drawn to all of those creature comforts in life and in learning again how to nurture all the corners of your own heart, body and Soul. Simple pleasures will be the focus of your pursuits and dialing things back to a more meaningful way of moving forward. Saturn stations direct in your house of relationships on Saturday, July 19, and has you making new and stronger alliances in key connections as you commit for the long haul. It may also be a time when you can no longer tolerate the superficial and are only interested in energizing relationships that support the evolutionary journey of your Soul, when you finally remove the superfluous and the unnecessary excess.

You know what you need, so love and respect yourself enough to make choices accordingly!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

As Saturn moved retrograde through your house of repairs in recent months, you may very well have been re-vamping your life to support a healthier living lifestyle, perhaps shedding your own winter coat and finding your way back to your Soul center. Saturn stations direct on Saturday, July 19, and helps you really reap the benefits of your dedicated efforts. This may also apply on the work front as you put new strategies in place and a real pay off reaches your door. Venus joins your ruler Mercury in Cancer, in your house of earnings, on Friday, July 18, and you begin to see some of your hard earned effort bearing fruit. Jupiter also enters generous Leo on Wednesday, July 16, in your house of communication, helping you expand your capacity for networking and thus increases that serendipitous stride.

If you are lucky, and chances are you will be, you may just be able to talk your way into a world of good fortune

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

Jupiter is leaving your sign after a year as a guest in your cosmic home, but it does not mean you will be denied his benevolence and grace. As Jupiter exits your sign, he will enter your house of earnings, resources and those things valued. This can be a time of immense fertility and productivity. It can be a time when what you value most expands. This arena also connects to your inner connection to you. You will be finding your way back home to yourself and nothing is more comforting for a crab than the feeling of coming home. To up the ante, loving Venus enters your sign on Friday, July 18, creating the sense that nothing has left your life, in fact it may feel as if even more has entered as Venus is doing all she can to feed those empty spaces, to ease what has ailed you and to fix what may have become so broken. Often times, all it takes is a good tune to turn it all around. Venus connects to music because it creates a universal feel good feeling. I recently saw a flick called ‘Begin Again’ about musicians trying to ‘make it’ and found these lyrics particularly telling for you Cancer. “Are you ready for the last act, to take a step, you can’t take back?

Take that step, there will be no regrets!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

With Saturn traveling through Scorpio in your house of home and the emotional body, things have been feeling far too heavy and serious. It doesn’t matter what may be weighing you down, that is all going to change as Jupiter, the jolly, generous giant with the spirit of Hotei, the laughing Buddha with the belly full of jelly, enters your sign for a year on Wednesday, July 16. This in and of itself will bring cause to celebrate. Also, Saturn stations direct in Scorpio on Saturday, July 19, which will also help things to get moving again in your life. You will not be subjected to the same ‘ol stories and the same ‘ol suffering - good riddance. All worrying and weeping should be time limited and so if you need to continue to lick those old wounds and feed that ill feeling, you have until Saturday, then be done with it, unless you wish to carry a certain sadness into your next Soul chapter. With Jupiter in Leo, your spirits will naturally lift and you will feel a renewed joy and optimism.

It will fan the flames of your awesome heart. Let that be your compass now Leo!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

As your ruler Mercury finally regained the ground he had lost during the retrograde, communications are clearing up and the confusion is slowly sorting itself out. Mental mind benders are replaced with heart felt sentiments as Mercury enters feeling Cancer on Friday, July 18. Also, a few days earlier on Wednesday, July 16, abundant Jupiter enters Leo in your house of dreams for the next year, which will create the feeling of a benevolent energy protecting and guiding you. If you open your heart and expand your trust in the invisible world, it may very well feel as if you have a divine force at your back, energizing your intuitive sense and belief in all that you can be. Saturn also stations direct in your house of communications on Saturday, July 19, after months at bay, serving to give you the courage to speak without edits, filters, or regrets. Uranus moves retrograde in your house of the Soul on Monday, July 21, encouraging a recovery of your own unique way in the world. You can start with this piece of advice,

“Dance like nobody’s watching” and people will flock to you!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

This forecast week kicks off with our most generous energetic force, Jupiter, exiting the sign of Cancer after a year of travels and entering Leo, on Wednesday, July 16. This will have a way of energizing right place, right time scenarios with people of like mind who can help you advance in creative arenas as well has helping you form new relationships with people who walk to the beat of your same drummer. You will experience your friendship circle growing and as a result your world of opportunity and what is possible will grow with it. Your ruler Venus enters Cancer on Friday, in your house of career, and helps you secure some contracts, potentially in the next three weeks. You may also experience that feeling of being truly valued in ways you have not been leading up to this point, which will positively motivate you onward. Saturn stations direct the following day after months in a backward slump, which will do wonders for getting the financial wheels moving again. Uranus stations retrograde on Monday, July 21, in your house of relationships which will demand you change the game and spice things up. Why? Because you need it in order for this connection to last.

Go ahead Libra, shock their pants off!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

You will be stepping out onto life’s stage in a new way Scorpio as Jupiter enters Leo at the top of your chart and expands your horizons, raising the roof on where you thought things could go. You have not had this kind of cosmic clout in this respect for twelve years and the next year is yours to take it to the limit, if there is one. Motivated? Inspired? Well you should be. Also, Saturn in your sign stations direct this Saturday July 19, in your house of new beginnings and in essence wipes the slate clean of the unwanted and clears the way for something brand new. Gift giving Venus enters fellow water sign Cancer this weekend as well to sweeten life’s pot. Your public self is going to make an even greater name for itself, that is, if you are ready to go the distance. It all comes down to desire, and with Mars entering your sign by my next forecast, I can assure you that desire will not be something you will be lacking.

Whoa! Watch out world, step aside here comes Scorp!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

The biggest news of the week for you Sag, is that your ruler, bountiful Jupiter, changes signs and enters fellow fire sign Leo on Wednesday, July 16, certain to make some beautiful fireworks for a solid year. This is a good omen for you as it will work to expand all of things that make your heart skip a beat. You may have opportunities for international travel that allow you to grow in ways you never thought were possible. You may expand your understanding of the world in philosophical or spiritual realms that opens your heart to vast new lands of loving and meaning. Anything is truly possible. Saturn, the plant of barriers and blocks, stations direct this weekend and you begin to feel those Soul gates open again. Timing is everything and not until now has this been your time. You may have lost some of your faith in life’s process, lost faith even in people, which had you losing that raw belief in yourself. But you are destined to regain your natural spirit of conviction as Uranus shifts retrograde in Aries early next week, and there will be plenty more where that came from.

Enjoy your return!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

Wherever you have been dying for a change and a breakthrough, the time has come. Jupiter enters fiery Leo on Wednesday, July 16, in your house of the Soul for an entire year. This also energizes connections with people who have the power to help you shine. Saturn, your ruler, has been retrograde for over four months in the sign of Scorpio and will station direct on Saturday, July 19, in your house of liberating change. Your recent energetic tour may have felt more like soaking in a psychic stew, where there was no way out of the penetrating space, and you were forced to sit and seep and stay in the deeply heated brew. One way to understand this trend is that layers of holding have been and will continue to be stripped from your bones, which includes all the added weight that your Soul is refusing to carry any longer as Pluto, the ruler for Scorpio, is also in your sign for years to come. Ultimately the intention for this transit is to promote an ascent to your own personal power and not a mere morsel of unnecessary weight be allowed to join you on your journey. Imagine how swift your gait will be after unloading half the weight of your backpack while scaling life’s mountain. It is time to pick up some serious speed.

Go and grow baby grow!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

With Saturn stationing direct in Scorpio on Saturday, July 19, up at the top of your chart, you are about to get the credit and recognition that you deserve. It has been a long time coming but it will taste ever so sweet and well worth the wait. Just prior to this shift, on Wednesday, July 16, Jupiter enters Leo in your house of relationships, where it has not been for twelve years. This will increase your attraction factor and have you pulling in people that actually 'get you’ and understand who you are and why. If nothing else, there will be a true appreciation for the unique individuality that you bring to this world. Even the most recluse need to feel validated along the way. Venus joins Mercury in the sign of Cancer as well this weekend and helps you work out some kinks that were emotionally tripping you along the way. Now while worrying about what’s to come never suits any Soul, it is important to also remember, It does not matter where you have been, “You are only as strong as your next move."

Spend your energy and time with that in mind!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

One thing is clear, there will not be an energetic drought this week as some big shifts will be felt by all of you sensitive Pisces Souls. Straight out of the gates, Jupiter enters Leo on Wednesday, July 16, in your house of health and daily habits. This presents a wildly good opportunity to boost this area of your life and do remember when you feel good, better things happen. It all starts within. Jupiter is a generous energy as it expands everything it touches, so do remember that what you energize is the key. It can just as well exaggerate or create excess involving something that is not good for you if that is what you are fueling. Saturn in fellow water sign Scorpio also stations direct in your house of optimism on Saturday, July 19, which will give you a more confident foundation from which to spring in your career pursuits and help you structure and pursue projects that support the growth for your Soul. Venus enters fellow water sign Cancer and joins Mercury in your house of creative self actualization to help increase your passion in areas involving your life purpose.

At the very least, you will be feeling more heart centered and from that place, just about anything can be born!

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