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Starcast for the week beginning July 1st, 2015

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

It is not uncommon for you to be running yourself ragged, hardly coming up for air, until something in your body stops you in your tracks. You collapse from the grind, you turn in and work to recover from all the output, doing your best to replenish vital resources. It can also be that within all of the running, you have forgotten what it really feels like to feel good, to experience a true break, and to receive on a heart level something that feels as if it could sustain you for life. Make an effort to stop long enough to smell the roses and you will be greeted with an unexpected bonus on the journey of life. Jupiter and Venus are joined at the hip in fellow fire sign Leo, in your house of creativity and love, and are connecting with precision to life changing Uranus, in your sign. An opportunity for expanding your life in a monumental way may very well show up where and when you least expect it. New love could enter, a new exciting path could present itself, or travels may invite life changing experiences. Your ruler Mars is in Cancer, which will keep you deep in those feeling seas, and is forming a progressive angle of magic to Neptune Wednesday, July 8, suggesting your spirit guides will be bathing your being in a healing tonic, purifying any hanging emotions, so you can rise to your very best.

Beauty becomes you!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

Nothing soothes like music. It universally penetrates and permeates the Soul. It finds an entry point and travels through our every cell until we feel whole again. Nothing touches and teaches like a harmonic chord, nothing opens us up wanting more and with Jupiter and your ruler Venus blending beautifully in Leo, you are destined to make some of your own music this week, literally or figuratively speaking. Creativity is always at its best when your emotions are at their peak or at their depth. This week the skies are energizing a crescendo effect of expanding optimism, allowing you to tap into this energy stream and make some magic happen. Mars is in your house of ideas and will connect brilliantly to Neptune, the planet of the ideal, next Wednesday, July 8. You must first clear a key hurdle of doubt, before the brainstorm carries this wave of innovation into successful shores. You will feel a highly celebrated belief in yourself. Hold onto to that sweet charge and do not allow excuses or rationalizations to stall or intercept your bold breakthrough.

You are on fire Taurus, sizzle!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

You find yourself at a crossroads or a a key decision making point, as Mars squares the Nodes, those symbols representing your past and your future. It may be too with Jupiter and Venus now joined in fire sign Leo, that you simply want more for yourself. You want to expand your resources and increase your comfort level along those lines. With Jupiter and Venus walking as one and connecting effortlessly to Uranus in Aries, your communications will prove to be fortunate, you may also find others are doing some leg work on their own to get you some vital information. Networking can buy you in to a tremendously lucrative deal, as Mars in your house of earnings forms a progressive miracle making angle to Neptune, in your house of career, on Wednesday, July 8. Your ruler Mercury is in your sign and is making very reliable angles to this fire trinity, allowing your way with words to be at its very best.

Allow yourself to feel through those intuitive hunches, following their lead to the other side of a predicament, for your sixth sense is plugged into to the cosmic tower of resolutions and solutions!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

Just as generous Jupiter and loving Venus merge to help usher in more joy and abundance into your life, a full moon in serious Capricorn follows on Wednesday, July 1, creating a reality check, in some cases, a dampening effect on your winged buzz for a few days that follow. Mars is also in your sign and forming an edgy square to the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, which may be triggering old anger, involving feeling trapped or controlled by circumstances. Above all else, these are potent times to not only expand your own emotional depth, but to evolve in your committed connections. Often times you have to get naked and raw, in order to do the down and dirty Soul work with another. It may not feel good while you are walking on the coals but there is no greater feeling of empowerment once you have reached the other side. Mars, the planet of action and desire will form a majestic angle on high to Neptune, on Wednesday, July 8, rewarding you with a cosmic penthouse suite, with a view of the world. Once you rise to those heights, you will see all of your recent travels clearly, and you will find it was necessary and also well worth the bumpy ride. Breakthroughs in your career are also breathing exciting new life.

Opportunity knocks!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

You are the star of the show and of the sky this week Leo, as Jupiter and Venus travel hip to hip in your sign. You cannot have more cosmic favor combining on your behalf, as they are also forming an electric angle of support to Uranus, the planet of transformation. It is your time to radiate, elevate and illuminate your life, a time when you can take your creativity to new heights or your love life into new lands with greener pastures. As Saturn retrogrades at the tail end of Scorpio, you will be pulled deeply into yourself, forcing a state of reflection surrounding the Soul question, why am I here?. With Saturn ruling a full moon in Capricorn late Wednesday, July 1, you will be taking every step seriously from here on out. Mars, the planet of desire, also forms a divine angle of support to Neptune within the coming week and will reach its greatest potency on Wednesday, July 8, promoting a healing from something that has felt to be a very long and wild ride. But with Venus moving in front of Jupiter just after midnight in the west on Wednesday, July 1, you become the director of your own grand play.

You are an attraction magnet now, so cast those characters wisely, and then get ready to shine like never before!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

Often times, healing can only happen, when justice is served. Natural justices lead to a karmic balancing point, and when things are off kilter, nothing can feel right until relative fairness is found. What we put out in the world, does come back, for this is the natural law of cause and effect. This week you feel a wave of healing justice soothe your Soul linked with matters of the heart, as Jupiter and Venus join in Leo, in your house of dreams and the ideal. Perhaps it is your turn for a love of the highest possible kind, a love you have been patient to feel and find. With this magnetic duo also connecting vibrantly to Uranus in your house of the Soul, someone could enter your life without notice, someone with deep and meaningful significance. But at the very least, this can be a time when you finally release someone you may have pined for over time, as you surrender to something that is not meant to be, thereby opening you up to something that is. Mars, the planet of desire, is squaring the Nodes, symbols that connect to your past and your future, causing you to hesitate, but Mars positively progresses and forms an angle of grace to Neptune in your house of relationships Wednesday, July 8, allowing you to feel confident about following your pure instinct.

Love can be yours. Let it in, then let it be!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

Understanding what is karmically at play and on the line is about measuring the energetic combinations in the sky. Certain powerful trends can eclipse the energy of lighter passing planetary influences. This forecast week initiates with abundant Jupiter in passionate Leo perfectly partnering with your ruler Venus, in your house of breakthroughs. Together they are also aligning beautifully to Uranus to re-enforce some positive changing circumstances. However Mars, the planet of will and desire is in stress early on as you may be feeling overly burdened by family circumstances or too much work and not enough play. Mars strikes a harmonious balance as he strives to help you reach a higher ideal when he connects with a seamless ease to Neptune on Wednesday, July 8. Whatever apparent irritation you are experiencing now will be a distant memory by then, as solutions appear out of seemingly nowhere. In essence, there is someone entering your life that is destined to bless your world in fruitful ways. Be ready for anything, because just about anyone could very possibly blow your mind with an unforeseen act of generosity.

You give and you gain, big time!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

Your will is fiercely fixed and potently penetrating as it is, heck you were born that way. But with younger brother Mars now in fellow water sign Cancer, you also now have the power to influence the tides in the direction of your desires. It may not feel this way straight out of the gates, as Mars forms a vexing square to the Nodes, the symbols connecting to your past and your future. Something may be setting you off and pushing your buttons. But the stress will dissolve, as Mars marches on and finds the peaceful sea and escapes into a dream setting, on Wednesday, July 8. Jupiter, the planet of prosperity and Venus, the planet of what you value most merge in Leo, in your house of career. Together they are also forming a strategically innovative angle to Uranus, helping you come up with clever ways to expand your business. With respect to work, everything you touch could very well turn to gold.

Strike while the iron is hot!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

Your ruler Jupiter is forming an exact conjunction to its equally generous counterpart Venus in fellow fire sign amorous Leo, as we begin this forecast week, helping you attract abundantly and with speed. The kind of speed where what you need shows up even before you have time to ask, as others begin stepping up in places where you wish for it most. Mercury is also in your opposite sign and forming most supportive angles to this benevolent pair, as well as to Uranus, the planet of surprise. Currently, Mars in Cancer squares the lunar Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, igniting age-old anger as you interface with others who are triggering some emotional weak spots. You may find early on that even within all the glory in the galaxy, you are feeling somewhat inflamed and you are in search of a break from it all. Fortunately, Mars finds a more pleasing current in life's river, as he continues his watery travels and aligns with a peaceful ease to Neptune in your house of home and the emotional body on Wednesday, July 8. A great deal of the energy is currently calling you within, into the inner planes of being. A wonderful refuge can be found there, a place to recover, replenish and restore a vital piece of your Soul center.

Once this occurs, your magnetism will magnify and multiply!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

You are in charge, and you like it that way. Yet something this week brings you back to reality and you get in close touch with all of those things you cannot control, as a full moon in your sign revs up your emotional base and exposes your emotional underbelly late Wednesday, July 1. Also, Mars in your opposite sign squares the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, which can be energy sucking at best. Your hopes are held so high with Jupiter and Venus joined, bringing your attention to all of those earthly things that you aspire to have and to be. Something or someone will remind you what is real versus what is temporary, what is timeless versus what is a meaningless filler, serving to help re-direct your attention and energy to those things that matter most. An event may bring out the vulnerable child in you, reminding you of your tender center and where you still need some inner work. Mars will find his way to an angle of angelic support to Neptune on Wednesday, July 8, helping you reach a heightened state of peace in key connections that had recently become tangled in quarrels. This is a fix it kind of week, one with enough magic to resolve the toughest of quagmires. Find a way to meet half way, and any hard feelings will dissipate and dissolve.

Everybody can win!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

Well you will surely know how to position yourself this week Aquarius, as your ruler Uranus in fire sign Aries, forms a rare and uplifting angle to Jupiter and Venus in fire sign Leo. There is positively not a thing that this combination of energy cannot make manifest. There is enough fire and spark to light up the night and this cosmic current energizes adventures of an outlandish and unexpected kind. You could find love in the most unusual places, and also see the ones you love from a brand new perspective. Your communications could also take off like wild fire, and your message could travel miles in a moment, as you search for answers to help solve a missing link. With Mars in Cancer squaring the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, health concerns may be heated, causing doubt and question, but Mars does not back down until he finds an answer. By Wednesday, July 8, Mars will form a healing angle to Neptune, allowing the worry to lift and a part of you to feel set free. Your mind is racing now with an unthinkable speed, so be sure to fuel those thoughts with outcomes you want versus those that you don't. You may just have enough energetic juice to alter an outcome simply with the sheer velocity of your mental engine. What you think about, you become,

Take the high road!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

As generous Jupiter and Venus harmoniously blend, you could not have more planetary grace at your disposal. This meeting occurs in your house of health and improvements, suggesting where things may have felt to feel far from treatable or fixable, there is hope on the horizon. A solution may shoot in straight out of left field, as they form a liberating angle of support to Uranus, the planet of ingenuity. A radical way forward may release you from what 'was', opening doors to all that can positively 'be'. A full moon in Capricorn in your house of change late Wednesday, July 1, re-states these sentiments, as you work to remove the resistance and fear that is driving a wedge between you and the vision you have for your future. The week finishes strong as Mars in fellow water sign Cancer forms a jaw dropping angle of strength to your ruler Neptune, in your house of new beginnings on Wednesday, July 8. You find the courage to do whatever you deem necessary and it will prove to become an effortless step to take.

Do yourself proud!

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