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Starcast for the week beginning November 26th, 2014

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

You slip into a space of grace as we kick off this forecast week, as Venus in fellow fire sign Sagittarius forms an auspicious angle to Uranus in your sign, creating this sense of having sweet serendipity on your side. This will have a way of elevating your spirits as it will feel as if the universe has your back in some large or small way. Mercury also enters Sagittarius on Thursday eve Nov. 27, to help increase your faith in all that is possible on your path and on this plane of existence. Although Mercury squares Neptune, the planet of confusion, over the weekend, which can create an energy of not knowing how or where to best direct your attention, by Monday, Dec. 1, things swiftly change. Your ruler Mars, aligns securely to Saturn, the planet of commitment and career, and you experience the solid footing you need in order for your Soul to feel right back on track.

Prepare for things to seriously start looking up!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

The truth does not need to explain itself, it just stands there plain as day. With Mercury moving into truth seeking Sagittarius on Thanksgiving eve, in your house of ‘getting to the bottom line’, nothing becomes more important than finding your way to the very center of the story. However, Mercury does square Neptune over the weekend which can be tough in terms of being able to see things clearly. Perhaps someone is being vague with their feelings or not expressing themselves in a way that allows you to know what is going on inside them. Also, with this being a holiday weekend and many are surrounded by family, the pink elephant in the room can be a common prop, as it can be painful to discuss the unwanted. However, major kudos goes to the ones who can muster up the courage to do so, as your ruler Venus in Sagittarius makes an epic angle to Uranus in Aries. Mars in fellow earth sign Capricorn connects quite favorably to steady Saturn on Monday, Dec. 1. Strangely, it may feel better than good simply to get back to work, as productivity and your way with people will be right on the mark, creating the feeling as if you are actually really getting somewhere.

Serious progress is here!


GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

You push through a Soul block this week in an area where you have been feeling intensely resistant, an area where you have not wanted to budge. In fact, in some ways, you have been fighting yourself, due to doubting what it is that is in you to do. How far do you really think you can get carrying an energy stream of resistance? Fortunately, you feel a lift when your ruler Mercury enters Sagittarius on Thursday eve Nov. 27, some of you may choose to escape life’s hold as a result of feeling freed up in some way by saying yes to social gatherings or subjecting yourself to the holiday shopping scene over the weekend. It will feel good to finally want to be an integral part of life again. Your house of relationships is also quite lively which can help to improve all of your cherished connections. With Mars and Saturn teaming up on Monday, Dec. 1, you are going to feel back in charge of something where you had been feeling out of control, specifically in areas of overall health.

You have the go ahead now to work on a new groove for yourself, one that others are bound to notice and one you can feel proud to call your own!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

There is nothing better than being in step with your natural stride. It can be similar to diligently working hard on your fitness and one day waking up and not feeling winded on your run. The sun and Venus are in Sagittarius and by Thursday, Nov. 27, Mercury will join them as well. The energy is encouraging you to connect in simple ways that improve your vitality and outlook on life. Sag, by nature, is the sign of the eternal optimist, so when this energy is activating your house of habits, including how you think, you are being invited to open all of your inner windows and doors and literally clean house. This is about emptying all the inner content that is not desirable or helpful in moving forward. It is about getting out of the house and into nature, it is about reading books that inspire and it is about connecting to anything and everything that lights your fire. Mercury squares Neptune this weekend, so avoid making any big decisions but by Monday, Dec. 1, Mars and Saturn click so if you want to sign on that dotted line at that time, all systems go. Find your way back to the simple pleasures, the ones that cost only a piece of your time, and you will be over flowing with just the right vibe.

What goes out, comes back in a snap!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

So you have known for a long while that stickler Saturn has been testing you left and right, as he has been trudging through your house of home and the emotional body. This will all be a distant memory as we reach the end of the year, which will be a gift in itself this holiday season. However, with the sun and Venus in fellow fire sign Sagittarius and Mercury joining the crew by Thursday eve, Nov, 27, you will be feeling the warmth of a little cosmic fire as they combine to open your heart in a new way. Venus also forms an electric link to Uranus in Aries at the get go, encouraging you to take a risk involving matters of the heart. However, Mercury squares Neptune over the weekend so be careful not to over idealize what is in front of you. By Monday, as Mars in Capricorn forms a stable angle to Saturn in Scorpio, you will be seeing things ever so clearly and will be able to trust whatever feelings are coursing through your veins.

All in all, the loving odds are in your favor, fire likes fire and fire wins!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

All it takes is a little firelight to purify a painful pocket as the sun, Venus and your ruler Mercury travel through Sagittarius, activating your house of home and the emotions this week. You find yourself swelling with all sorts of emotion, in large part emotion you enjoy, as Mercury makes its entry into this same sector on Thanksgiving eve. Mercury then squares Neptune over the weekend, so you may be feeling as if something is too good to be true, but ride that good wave in your imagination anyway as all the best in life starts with a dream. You find out what is real and what is not on Monday, Dec. 1, when Mars in fellow earth sign Capricorn partners with Saturn in Scorpio, leaving you with zero question about your fate. You will experience a strong inner base and in one key area you will be feeling at your best which will be more than enough positive energy to flan those flames of determination with respect to your creative and loving pursuits.

Trust in what you’ve got to give and before long, someone you want in your corner or in your heart will be fully on board!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

If there is someone in your life where lines of communication have become broken, battered or flat out bombed, this is your week to turn things around as the sun and your ruler Venus are in Sagittarius in your house of communication, working to help create a bridge between you and the ones you love. Mercury also enters Sagittarius on Thursday eve, Nov. 27, to join the mix and to help you communicate where you have been ineffective in the past. With Mercury also squaring Neptune over the weekend, know that it may take a few days for your words to be taken in but by Monday, Dec. 1 the key fits the lock when Mars and Saturn form an angle of great support. Even in the toughest of cases, resolution is possible. Monetary kickbacks and bonuses are also in store where earning is concerned next week, under the same starry alignment. Your efforts take the toughest problems on by storm and you find timely success.

Carpe diem!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

Financial concerns may swiftly be dismissed with some unexpected news as Venus in your house of earnings harmonizes with Uranus early on in this forecast week. Mercury also enters Sagittarius, joining the sun and Venus, on Thursday eve, Nov. 27, to help stimulate new ideas and options to generate more security for yourself. Spending what you may not have becomes a wild temptation this weekend however when Mercury squares Neptune, but you get your feet back on the ground by Monday, Dec. 1, when Mars in responsible Capricorn connects strongly with Saturn in your sign and your powerful mind becomes energized by a long term plan. This becomes an ideal day to commit to something for the long run and to dedicate your Soul to what you know in your blood is going to lead you down the true and trusted path.

If you have been feeling a bit all over the place, get ready to not only safely land but to hit the ground running!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

There is nothing like a little sunshine to brighten your world, and you have a cosmic fire trinity to offer some levity, humor and light as the sun and Venus are currently in your sign and Mercury makes three this Thursday eve, Nov. 27. Straight out of the gates, Venus trines Uranus, opening doors for some unexpected good news, at the very least, you may be feeling good for no reason at all. Mercury in your sign does square Neptune over the weekend, which could have your moods swinging all over the place, ranging from grief to glee, but you find your way back to your solid Sag center come Monday, Dec.1, when Mars in Capricorn creates some strange magic with Saturn in your house of the hidden world and gets you back on your feet again, emotionally speaking and otherwise.

It is your birthday month Sag and that means, no matter what, it’s your turn and your time to shine!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

So much is going on behind the scenes for you Cappy, its’ crazy. The sun, Venus and on Thursday eve, Nov. 27, Mercury will be in truth seeking Sagittarius and will be activating your house of dreams and the unseen world. Many of you have been holding in and holding back your truest calling, you have been doing what it takes to make it in this world, yet there is so much more unrealized potential. Your natural Soul calling is making its way up and out and your dreams may be the first place you catch wind of how much this personal truth means. For those of you already directly working on your creative life purpose, more will be revealed to you this week and by Monday, Dec. 1, when Mars in your sign forms an undeniable angle of support to your ruler Saturn in Scorpio, you may very well feel to be unstoppable.

Let go of life’s controls and let the heavens speak to you between now and then, for soon enough, everything will become abundantly clear!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

One word could change everything in a blink as your Uranus forms a door opening angle to Venus in Sagittarius. It won’t take much to experience a true breakthrough as we enter this forecast week. So much of success in life is more about who you know as opposed to what you know and you will be living this truth firsthand. Be careful what you wish for, as the saying goes, and you just might get it as Mars, the planet of desire, is in your house of dreams and forming a sound angle of support to Saturn, the planet governing the real thing this coming Monday, Dec. 1. There are strings attached, so do make sure to either read the small print before you sign or in some cases you may need to read between the lines.

Either way, if you wait until Monday to jump in, you will have a much clearer understanding of what you are getting yourself into, and from there you can confidently pursue your dream!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

The truth always has a way of making its way out and with the sun and Venus in Sagittarius, along with Mercury entering too on Thursday eve, Nov. 27, nothing will become more important than either knowing the truth or in some cases hiding the truth. Mercury in Sagittarius also squares your ruler Neptune over the weekend, which can keep those lines of communication and understanding quite fuzzy but by Monday, Dec. 1, when Mars finds Saturn with ease, you will clearly know how to proceed, and exactly where you stand. This week’s trends also directly connect to your career and whether you are feeling true to course.

Allow yourself to go through the emotions linked with how you have come to define yourself and you will pull through the weekend with flying colors and will land on Monday, knowing more clearly who you are and what you need in order to be true to yourself; in work, in love and in life!

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