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Starcast for the week beginning December 18th, 2013

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

Emotions do not surge without a reason and events do not manifest coincidentally. Life in many respects is directed by the natural law of cause and effect. Whatever has been brewing will build and in some cases boil until the intention for the heat is known. We are on the heels of a Full Moon in Gemini and your ruler Mars is still opposing Uranus in your sign. Relationships are on the front burner and the need to express whatever has been eating at you will surface and be spoken. At times it becomes an evolutionary necessity to put those feelings into words so the weight of heavy emotions are not holding you captive any longer. Venus, the planet of love and relations also stations retrograde on Friday, Dec. 20, until early February which will have you reflecting deeply about what you value most at this stage of the journey and how time is of the essence. The energy carrying us into the New Year strongly encourages you to renew your commitment to your Soul’s intended destiny.

Prepare for more of that picture to soon be revealed!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

It would not be a surprise to learn that things are not moving fast enough for you Taurus. I realize that you are a plodder and a planner but even for you things may feel to be coming to a perceived standstill. Venus, your ruler, is slowing down to reverse her direction on Friday, Dec. 20, and will be retrograde until early February. This does not mean everything stops until then but it will force a pause and a review of all the things that hold value and meaning. It may also serve to clear any unresolved relationship dust that is still covering the floors of your inner halls causing you to hesitate regarding inviting anyone else in for a visit. Everything will be under review with the intention to create a stronger security base on all fronts. Financial stability is always your front line so once this is ironed out, the love interest or improvements to the love that currently exists can follow. Changes in your approach or current plan will serve to be a time saver in the end.

Remember the tortoise and the hare!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

A Full Moon in your sign on Tuesday, Dec 17, lit the stage of your life for the coming two weeks. It will have a way of bringing a multitude of things to culmination making room for a brand new beginning in the new year. As topsy turvy and unpredictable as people and life may be, know that you are flushing out the unwanted, finding order in the chaos and creating space for a bigger and better year. Venus, the plant of connections stations retrograde on Friday, Dec. 20, in your house of the Soul suggesting that you will be taking all of your relationships more seriously and feeling the magnitude of their impact in your life. Nothing will be taken lightly or for granted as you deepen in to the kind of fated commitment that your Soul is destined to make.

Take life slow, as slow as it can possibly go and you will be well prepared, inside and out, for a melodic new mantra in the New Year!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

You have recently cleared a high emotional hurdle. It does not mean all is forever peaceful and perfect, for whenever could that be guaranteed? This is life after all. However, the Full Moon in Gemini on Tuesday, Dec 17, brought you to a certain sort of finish line, it is bringing something to a close. Conversations may have been heated, the emotional air intense and thick but you pushed through with determination and as a result a new level of understanding and connection is possible. So often so many sweep emotions under the rug. These emotions begin to pile on top of themselves to the point of not being able to even enter a room without tripping all over them. No doubt the holidays can stir the emotional pot and this year will be no exception but something is now out in the wide open. The air can finally be cleared and more loving oxygen is destined to fill its place. With Venus stationing retrograde on Friday, Dec. 20, in your house of relationships, you will be drawn to take better care of all of your connections across the board, starting with the relationship you have with yourself.

The nurturing needs to start there!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

Distractions are only a good thing if they have enough power to pull you away from a self defeating mind set. However, any form of distraction that suspends a certain piece of needed emotional work is only going to delay the inevitable. The Full Moon in Gemini early on Tuesday, Dec. 17, would have energized some timely objectivity surrounding your emotional life offering solutions for change that will have a way of improving your feeling self. Much of the human heartache is rooted in our attachment to outcomes. Once we remove expectation, a world of resentment and anger can leave our inner space. The times are about dedicating a world of energy and heart into strengthening your inner base regardless of what someone else is doing or saying. Venus, the planet of love, is moving retrograde on Friday, Dec. 20, in your house of doubt which is about finding and fueling a love and ultimately a trust in yourself.

Once this is established, the path and your process will become crystal clear!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

The tend to overspend plagues us all at this time of year and with Mars in your house of cash opposing Uranus up through through Dec. 25th, watch that you do not take this tendency too far. Less really is more Virgo. You taught this truth to all of your astrological counterparts but something else may feel to be driving those impulses now. Perhaps you earned more than expected or are simply in the spirit of surprising others. Venus, the planet of love and money moves retrograde on Friday, Dec. 20, and something will remind you again that nothing material can satisfy the heart. It is about spending quality time and creating new memories with those who have stood by you through thick and thin. Gift the ones you love with your presence and your gratitude, either verbal or written, for the value they bring to your life.

These gifts will be the offerings forever cherished and remembered!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

With ‘large and in charge’ Mars in your sign Libra, life can feel to be hi wired as this energetic force progressively opposes Uranus you may be feeling like something big is about to change. You may not be able to put your finger on it but there is a palpable feeling of anticipation. Perhaps plans will alter and unexpected visitors will arrive. Otherwise, spontaneous decisions on your end could change the course in some key connections. Anything truly goes under this trend. The Full Moon in fellow air sign Gemini on Tuesday Dec. 17, will have you emotionally reaching for the stars and expanding your horizons as you envision the future. Faith and belief surrounding something that you feel is finally possible can be the most potent motivator. Venus, your ruler, shifts retrograde on Friday, Dec.20 and backs into your house of home and the heart. No doubt the old and unresolved within your family of origin will surface for clearing. Use this time to unload any historical weight so a productive sort of change can take flight.

The times are calling for a relationship revolution!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

The emotional current within can take on a life of its own. You may never really know how you are going to feel on any given day which is the nature of being a water sign. A Full Moon in Gemini on Tuesday, Dec 17 in your house of the Soul will have you potentially experiencing old triggers of feeling abandoned or betrayed. These triggers may feel to come up out of the blue, and you may be challenged in terms of knowing what to do with some of the emotion that is surfacing. With your younger brother Mars now in Libra and progressively opposing Uranus, the spikes of intensity on the subject are peaking in order to draw to your attention what is still in need of being healed. Venus, the planet of relationships shifts retrograde on Friday, Dec. 20, in your house of communication, encouraging you to go back to the past if need be and get whatever it is that still remains off your chest.

Give this gift to yourself before the New Year!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

The big stuff is rarely peacefully resolved. It may end in peace but the process can feel like a wrestling match. Every Soul has a history of emotion that they bring to the table. Everyone also has certain triggers that can cause something so simple, a look or a word, to be mis-interpreted or blown way out of proportion. This holiday as Mars opposes Uranus, there is a rare and powerful opportunity to set things straight and to turn things around for good. This would be called real change, change that sticks. Venus, the planet of love and what you value will be moving retrograde in Capricorn on Friday, Dec. 20. This suggests anything that you may have been harboring or holding that is not contributing to the betterment and well being of your cherished connections, must be released. You will be reminded of where the rub is and it will be your job to focus on that point until you can release the tension that may have been creating a silent irritation. The Full Moon in Gemini in your house of others on Tuesday, Dec. 17, will have all of your relationships high on your mind. Simply commit to making them all function better. Start by establishing a keen ear for listening!

Half the battle will be won when someone feels heard!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

If there is something you started but never finished. If there is something you committed to yourself that you would do but the ball was dropped. If there is something you have wanted to do but never made it enough of a priority, using lack of time as your excuse, in the New Year you will be singing to a different tune. Venus, the planet of what you value most is in your sign and will shift retrograde on Friday, Dec 20 until early February. You will be re-visiting projects or pursuits that were tabled or shelved with the intention of committing the time needed to make sure that they are self actualized. You have two weeks to get clear about the best way forward as you will be blessed with a New Moon in your sign Cappy on New Year’s Day. This is a gift, one that is encouraging a rich, new chapter for accomplishment, regardless of whether the success is reflected in visible outer strides or personally reaching emotional benchmarks that reflect a stable and stronger, healthier you.

Prepare well and you will prosper!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

Your ruler Uranus has been retrograde since June which may very well explain why you have felt as if you have not been given any breaks for months. In fact, a part of you may have even come to expect disappointment in order to inwardly prepare for it, just in case, as it may have felt to become the norm. Uranus stationed direct on Tuesday, Dec 17, the same day as a Full Moon in fellow air sign Gemini. Mars is progressively opposing Uranus as well this week which will become exact on Christmas Day, suggesting you may choose to remove yourself from a situation or environment that you feel may cause undesirable angst or stress. With your ruler Uranus now moving direct, the opposite will be true. Step in to what you fear with courage and you will experience a surge of support rocket through your being.

Crazy unpredictable change is replaced with a steadier stream in the New Year!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

Some of the best advice that I received along the way came from my wise sage of a teacher and it reminded me of you Pisces. Neptune is your ruler and symbolically this planet connects to the ocean, or what one might refer to as the Source of all things. As Souls being born, we are similar to the waves separating from the sea, with the intention to express our own unique individuality in the world. Within each Soul or wave there are desires that we all naturally have, leading to choices that carry us in varying directions. While we are traveling along on this journey, it is essential to stay centered in the sea versus centered in the wave so we are not subjected to all of the cross currents of life. Life may be feeling somewhat chaotic now Pisces and it may feel to be a challenge to stay grounded but if you find a way to go deep within as Venus shifts retrograde in Capricorn on Friday, Dec. 20, you will find your way to the center of the sea, where all is quiet and calm!

Clarity also lives there!

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