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Starcast for the week beginning October 7th, 2015

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

With Mercury stationing direct on the North Node, the symbol for the future, in Libra, on Friday, Oct.9, you will feel clear regarding how a key relationship is destined to proceed. A New Moon, also in in Libra, on Monday, Oct 12, will oppose Uranus in your sign, allowing you to finally cut a certain karmic cord for good, or to dramatically transform a relationship you are already in. This could also invite in somebody brand new. Your eyes will be wide open and the way will finally be ever so clear. Venus, the planet that rules Libra, will shift into Virgo to join Mars and Jupiter on Thursday, Oct. 8, bringing you into tight focus with the tasks at hand, and it will allow for an extremely productive October. This is about bringing meaning to the present moment, and making the very most of simple spaces. Your sincere efforts and conscious strides forward will make the kind of impact that will be worth documenting. Nothing feels better than progress for an Aries born Soul, that and the feeling of being in control of generating a passionately charged momentum.

You have that going for you in full now Aries, so put yourself in motion and watch your life pull ahead!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

The secret to capitalizing on the cosmic currents, is to know what is mixing with what and where the energies are in place, either to support you or to test you. Recent weeks have been chaotic at best, but the tides are returning to a more manageable low rumble. For starters, Mercury, the planet of communication, is resuming its forward motion on Friday, Oct.9, in your house of improvements, which will help you return to a more predictable schedule. Unfinished business can now be executed versus feeling like you are getting de-railed every time you step into a good rhythm. Also, Jupiter in fellow earth sign Virgo, is forming a strong angle of support to Pluto in fellow earth sign Capricorn, empowering you to go after those personal aspirations with more confidence and clout. A New Moon in Libra on Monday, Oct 12, is opposing Uranus, suggesting you may come up with a radical new way forward in your realm of work, that keeps things stimulating. Prepare for the moving scenery in your day to day, to potentially change for the better. Your ruler Venus, enters fellow earth sign Virgo as well, on Thursday, Oct. 8, and with Mars and Jupiter already there, you can look forward to some solid support in the coming weeks.

Earnest efforts flower into an extraordinary bloom!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

Everything has been happening all at once, but frankly you have been known to master the mayhem. Yet slowly, and finally, it will start to feel as if life is falling back into place. This starts with your ruler Mercury stationing direct in fellow air sign Libra, which will stop smack dab on the North Node, the symbol for your destiny at zero degrees, signifying a totally brand new shot at something you felt you fumbled, a second chance at getting something right. Venus, the ruler for Libra, enters earth sign Virgo on Thursday, Oct. 8, joining Mars and Jupiter this month, in your house of home and the emotional body. This bodes well for feeling good in these arenas, and in making vast improvements on this front, whether it be physical or emotional. It is a time when home is where it all happens. Jupiter in Virgo is currently forming a supportive angle to Pluto in Capricorn in your house of the Soul, energizing a timely opportunity for you to deepen the bond with others, and to deepen your understanding of yourself. Dig in first, expand your inner space, and you will attract an abundance of more where all of that goodness came from. It only happens in this inside out order!

A wild New Moon in Libra, in your house of love and creativity on Monday, Oct. 12, says life is literally up for grabs. Surprise another or become surprised yourself. This week is bound to keep life feeling very alive!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

Something deep in your Soul has been pulled out by its root. Mars, the ruler of this recent New Moon Eclipse in Aries, the Moon being your ruler, has also been opposing Neptune, which will unearth anything that has been buried and will bring it out into the light of day. Now that a certain key truth has been revealed, it is time to get to work. Loving Venus, the planet that governs balance, is entering Virgo on Thursday, Oct. 8, to join Mars and Jupiter, who are already traveling in this sign. Jupiter, the planet of truth, is currently forming an auspicious angle to Pluto, the planet of metamorphoses, helping you unlock something your Soul deeply needs, in connection to others. This is about addressing the undeniable, not sugar coating but straight shooting, so your Soul can evolve. You have all the support in the world Cancer, as long as you speak with an honest tongue. A New Moon in Libra on Monday, Oct 12, carries a tremendous charge, that could go either way. The New Moon is typically a fuel injected launch point for you, but this one may take-off with a speed so stunning, that your emotions can hardly keep up. You may feel pulled like taffy, but you are truly going somewhere now.

Keep an objective lens and you will come out the other side of this thing, not only feeling unscathed, but totally set free!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

Venus, the planet of love and what you value most, exits your sign on Thursday, Oct. 9. You have been blessed with her company for months, as she took some time out in your sign during her retrograde cycle, to help you remember what it feels like to fall in love with life again. She would have reminded you as well, what needs to change in order for a chance for that feeling to return. Venus will join Mars, as well as generous Jupiter in Virgo, and together they will travel through October and into early November. This combination of energy is guaranteed to help you manifest something valuable of your own making, whether it is of a material, creative or loving nature. It's all about you alone creating something of value and bringing it out into the world, being of service to the world because of who you are, what you do, and the spirit with which you bring this to others. A New Moon in Libra, in your house of communication, on Monday, Oct.12, is loaded with enough energy to send a rocket into space, as this lunar tide opposes shocker Uranus.

If you want a message to be sent with lightening speed and with a memorable, blow their mind impact, now is your moment!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

You have been humbly waiting for this, not always patient, but ever so humble in your willingness to endure some discomfort along the way. It's your turn to be noticed like you never have been, it is your turn to make something magnificent happen, yes, because you are worthy and deserving. Not only does your ruler Mercury, move direct on Friday, Oct, 9, at zero degrees of Libra, it stops right on the North Node, the symbol for your future, in your house of all that you value. Let's start by saying, you will finally, truly, be valuing you, and what you bring to this world. Venus, the planet of love and gifts, enters your sign as well on Thursday, Oct. 8, joining her partner Mars, and abundant Jupiter for the next month. All you need to do in order to visibly benefit from this energy, is to take a step in the direction of your dreams. To speak in terms of “I can”, versus “I can't”, along with I will. An electric New Moon in Libra also occurs on Monday, Oct.12, which will feel like an intense turning point. But you are up for the challenge, it is time, and the world is ready to see you climb and shine.

Give it your best shot Virgo, and it will prove to be show stopper!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

So much spotlight can make it challenging to sleep, let alone relax, and you have been living under the glare for some weeks. Fortunately, Mercury's retrograde through your sign would have allowed for more time to take care of all that needed your presence and your help. Mercury does station direct at zero degrees of Libra on Friday, Oct.9, and will also be conjunct the North Node, the symbol for your destiny. This symbolizes the turnstile effect, as if you are literally walking through a new gate. Venus, your ruler, also exits Leo the day before and enters Virgo, to join Mars and Jupiter, in your house of healing and dreams. A New Moon in your sign on Monday, Oct 12, opposes rebellious Uranus, but Jupiter is connecting with support to Pluto, energizing grace from on high, and support occurring behind the scenes. The energetic trends are doing what they can to not only push you along, they are instilling you with a trust that as you leap, a wind will carry you into the lands of transformational change. All the energy you need this week, already lives within you. Tune in and you'll find more than enough to feed and sustain you. Strong step forward now Libra.

Now or never!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

There is nothing you wouldn't work hard to have, it you want it Scorpio. You have proven this to yourself and others, time and time again. This month, the story will be the same, as Jupiter and your ruler Pluto's younger brother Mars are having you 'working hard for it'. Mars and Jupiter travel through Virgo, which will produce the great benefit of experiencing the sweet fruits of your labor, when Venus joins in and showers you with some good loving feedback, as she joins the mix in Virgo on Thursday, Oct.8. Jupiter is progressively forming a secure angle to your ruler Pluto, becoming exact on Monday, Oct. 12, the day of the New Moon in Libra. This lunar boom is opposed by Uranus, igniting an unexpected turn of events, something is soon to be seen in a new light. Mercury does move direct in Libra at the earliest degree on Friday, October 9, but even though the hope of your life reaching a better state of balance is there, life is still certain to keep you well on your toes. Never a dull moment, you can count on that. It's simply another opportunity for you to tap in to the gale force winds that are streaming for you to pull off the impossible.

No body better built to make that happen than you, Scorpio!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

How did you get here? You will be asking yourself this same question. Life has strange twists of fate at times, and life can catch even the most evolved Soul by surprise. You do know one thing, that you reached this place by being true to yourself, and that of itself holds tremendous evolutionary weight. Your ruler Jupiter is in Virgo and is progressively forming a favorable angle to Pluto, the planet of the Soul, which will become exact early next week. It says, when you are impeccably honest, you grow by leaps and bounds, and you become empowered to go the distance. It can also strip you down to the bare bones, so you never repeat anything that worked you into a corner with the feeling of having no way out. Mercury stations direct on the North Node, the symbol for your destiny, at zero degrees of Libra, on Friday, Oct. 9, in your house of change and transformation. The New Moon in Libra on Monday, Oct. 12, is also in this sector and may bring your life to certain extremes in order to guarantee a necessary 'go ahead'. Are you ready for what's coming? It's a corner turning time, nothing will be as it once was.

Your evolution is counting on you!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

When you feel as if the chips are stacked against you, when it comes to energy, it is essential to lean on your strengths. Whatever density exists, there is a rare levity near, as Jupiter in fellow earth sign Virgo progressively connects with power to Pluto in your sign, becoming exact on Monday, Oct 12, the same day as the New Moon in Libra. Uranus will also be opposing this lunar burst which has enough voltage to disseminate any emotional concrete that you have allowed to cure in attempt to protect yourself . Everything is certain to be out in the open in the coming week, but you will be granted just enough emotional objectivity to help see yourself through this tunnel. When you feel you cannot push through a feeling, pretend as if a close friend is asking you for advice, and this friend is you. Step outside the scene and peer in. Give yourself the kind of advice you would offer your closest friend. Mercury is also slowing down to a stop and will station direct on Friday, Oct 9, at zero degrees of Libra. Mercury stops on the North Node, the symbol for your destiny, and gifts you a new start in your relationship arena, specifically committed connections as well as relationships you have formed through your work.

It's your chance to start with a clean script!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

With Mercury's retrograde tour through fellow air sign Libra, you have been reviewing your vision of what you see for yourself and how that looks on the horizon ahead. It has allowed you time to consider and compare different options. Venus enters Virgo in your house of the Soul and joins Mars and Jupiter in this sign on Thursday, Oct. 8, and as she does, she reminds you to remember to sink into how that visions feels, not just in this moment but what it would mean for your Soul in the long run. Mercury stations direct at zero degrees Libra, on Friday, Oct.9, while making an exact conjunction to the North Node, the symbol for your destiny. More than ever, you are taking your evolution seriously and are desiring to do the work necessary to ensure that optimum growth occurs. This will require you to be brutally honest with yourself. Starting with asking yourself this simple question, “What are the dynamics in me that are responsible for creating my reality?" Your ruler Uranus, is opposing the New Moon in Libra on Monday, Oct.12, helping you see something exactly for what it was and what it is.

Jupiter in Virgo will be forming an angle to Pluto that offers a higher wisdom to filter in, and a beautiful feeling that you are being guided well on this flight, and you can trust that you are and will be!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

I always save the best for last, you know that Pisces. Although evolution is not this linear, in your own way, you have evolved through all the signs in the zodiac to get where you are now. You have felt through all of their flaws and tapped into all of each sign's strengths. Because of this, you are highly tuned in and sensitive to the energy of others, energy that tends to come rushing in all at once, without filters, often times without notice. What you need is some balance, or a way to meter out all that is not yours, with all that is. Mercury is slowing down to stop at zero degrees Libra, where it will conjunct the North Node, the symbol for your destiny, on Friday, Oct. 9, in your house of the Soul. Venus, the planet that rules Libra, and governs others in this case, will enter your opposite sign the day before, suggesting you are learning when to give and when not to give, as well as how much in all cases. Your Soul is ready to receive, and with Venus, Mars and Jupiter all in your house of relationships, it is your turn to be showered with your fair share. A New Moon in Libra on Monday, Oct. 12, is opposed by Uranus, which is bound to spice things up, playing it safe is just not in the cards. Jupiter connects enthusiastically to Pluto to invite people into your life that are good for you. Why? Because you are equally good for them.

Trust me, it really can be that easy!

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