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Starcast for the week beginning October 21st, 2015

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

When more feels to be going wrong than right, a natural humbling occurs. Self reflection follows and you begin working with what you have versus that which you don't. It requires a stripping down effect, whereby you start working again with bottom lines and build from there. Inevitably the Soul will search for what is right and well in the world, as a way of measuring or comparing it to all that feels so problematic. Your ruler Mars is in Virgo, the sign of improvements, and is moving in a new phase to Jupiter, suggesting you are getting your second wind. Within that, loving Venus is also in Virgo and will join Jupiter come Sunday, Oct. 25, to offer you a sweet feeling reward as a result of your efforts, and in some cases, a reward for your selfless sacrifice. If you feel all that you are doing lately is putting out one fire after the next, prepare to find refuge in the silence that is offered in those timeless, priceless spaces. You begin to cherish in full feeling, the value of things you have previously taken for granted. You discover the magic in learning and thus living the art of simplicity. The feeling of abundance will be felt and found everywhere you look and everywhere you turn, as a result of your new pair of eyes.

From this vantage point, great gain is in store!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

When I reflect upon the one thing that has changed the game when the going gets rough, it isn't pushing harder to make something happen or forcing a feeling or an issue, the one thing that has worked magic in many moments, is some timely tenderness. Jupiter, Mars and Venus, are all traveling together in fellow earth sign Virgo, in your house of the heart. At times it takes finding your way inside the heart of another, discovering what moves them from that place, before you can impact change in your favor. It takes reaching them from their heart before real movement on any real level can occur. People make decisions all the time with their head, but the ones that are made from the center of the chest, are pulled from the most honest place within any Soul. Your efforts involving matters that tug on your own heart strings prove to be productive steps forward this week and you follow your intuition and strike a bit of gold, as Jupiter joins your ruler Venus this weekend. One more effort could be the thing that sets a whole new better deal in motion.

When you think you have done all you can, try one more time, and it will be the one that finally works!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

The mind is like a room with walls. The emotions on the other hand, are like a body of water, ever changing, an energy that takes on a life of its own. We can only truly make our way forward as Souls by dipping into this watery well and submerging ourselves if necessary, trusting in the direction that it goes and flows. It is true that the mind can influence the feeling current, and the opposite is also true, and this week, as Jupiter joins Venus and Mars in Virgo, in your house of home and the emotional body, you will have a ridiculous ability to impact what goes on inside of you for the better. Jupiter is the planet of opportunity but it also rules humor. The fastest way out of a paralyzing feeling spiral is deep belly aching laughter, to the point where everything that ever worried you, begins to fly off you with warp speed. An invited perspective is gleaned this week when you find a way to feel good, when you access those tried and true 'go to's' that always seem to do the trick. The vulnerability that you will feel in the following days, is your ticket in to a deeper part of yourself, a place that when accessed, will allow you to bring more forth into the world, and thus more to others. When you start to emotionally wiggle and squirm, you have made your way in.

Park yourself there, find a way to laugh, and you will attract all that you want and need on the heels of that smile!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

What brings you to tears Cancer, those happy heartfelt tears? I know for myself that feeling waters can flow effortlessly and without warming when I hear magical harmonies happening in music, or when I am hiking and witness the beauty in nature. Every time this happens, this come out of nowhere feeling, it reminds me of the pure joy that can be found when we simplify our stride and when we tune in to ourselves and into the gifts always within reach. Jupiter, Mars and Venus are traveling close together in Virgo, in your house of communication, suggesting that priceless feeling can come over you too while you are in motion, while you are listening, and when you make the effort to connect without needing something in return. Something beautiful happens energetically when you give without taking and when you simply 'show up' in a space to offer your presence to it. An example of this is closing your eyes and shallowing your breath in a mediation. The intent is the empty the mind and the static of the world, to create an inner space of receptivity, so you can tune in to higher frequencies and obtain a greater feeling of peace. This week, 'you say it best, when you say nothing at all'.

Prepare to be showered with attention as a result!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

Anytime the Soul has been through the wringer, it can create the 'waiting for the next shoe to drop' feeling phenomena. Instead of hoping for the best, you can tend to start preparing for the worst. Energy is a real deal and it is important to understand how much impact we do have to influence certain events in our lives. Sure, there are fated occurrences that we cannot control or even begin to contend with, but we can affect whether we respond or react to whatever has occurred. You benefit by putting your entire being and the pure power of belief into something, as Jupiter, Mars and Venus are all traveling in Virgo this week and making secure angles of tremendous strength to Pluto, suggesting that something you have shouldered solely on your own, is going to turn into something of significant value. The tides encourage a spirit of optimism, even if every time you tried to launch this thing, your efforts were interrupted or obstructed in some way.

Put your best foot forward and an army of energy to support your most sincere efforts will carry you clear across a fruitful finish line!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

You may have all the celestial support in the world, but if you doubt your ability to capitalize on the influence or worry that nothing will come of it, that may very well be just what happens. The mind has a persuasive way of intercepting the very thing that is trying to make its way into your life. If you want to quench your thirst, you would not put a kink in the hose before turning the water on, by the same token, you must not question the good fortune knocking at your door if you wish for it to enter. Generous Jupiter, action Mars and loving Venus are all joined in your sign. Together they connect in promising ways to Pluto, the planet of empowerment. This is your week Virgo, I like the two weeks that follow too, but now is your time to step in, own your glory and receive the goodness that is coming your way. You can rise to many occasions, it all depends on what you want most and what it is that is holding your attention. I suggest you get real clear on your tip top priorities and target those needs and wants. If there is karma for you to close the deal, you can bet that your efforts will swing life far in your favor. If whatever you are after is not what is best for you, the universe will make that known too, and you will see it as a gift in the end.

Either way, you win, and you may just win BIG!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

You are dying for the dream to be real, it feels so close you can taste it, and yet with Jupiter, Mars and Venus joined in Virgo in your house of dreams, you may be feeling like the ultimate ideal is just out of reach. Everything in you may be fueling those fantasies of all the potentialities, only to experience an immediate reality check. Your faith in the fruition of a passionate pursuit is just as important as anything else that you put into making it happen. What raises the roof of your current potential is this trinity of abundant energy is forming an angle of extreme elevation to Pluto, the planet that governs those with deep pockets and those who have the power to help you. The more confident that you become on the inside, the greater your chances of seeing this thing through just to your liking. Th energy that you emanate from within will dictate the degree with which you pull in  The planets are gearing up to help you so you will be at your very best.

Take the time to step fully into your self and you will win by a landslide!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

Everyone loves to be caught by surprise, as long as it is a good one. The unexpected visit, gift or gesture, can spring load the life for any Soul, especially if things have operating at a lull. You rarely allow for life to cruise, and you get your jolt as a little spark gets a good fire going. Jupiter, Mars and Venus conjunct in Virgo to increase the potency and potential for unexpected life changing dialogues that will lead you down alternative roads. What makes this trend 'uber' special is this trinity is forming an auspicious trine to your ruler Pluto, in your house of communication. You have all the energy in the universe now to work through just about anything you need to with loved ones. Even in cases where you thought a resolution was impossible, there will be a way through if it is something you want and need. Keep voicing your feelings openly and without fear and you will pull through a power struggle effortlessly and with a clear understanding of the best way forward. I cannot express the abundance of energy that is in place to help you take your life to a whole new working level, in love and otherwise.

Humbly extend yourself and the response will positively overwhelm you!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

When you are chipping away at something massive and monumental, the little victories become just as important as the ultimate arrival. You know you cannot skip any steps now Sag, There are no short cuts in your evolution, however there are faster ways to get there. This requires a focus and a discipline like no other. This week you feel the thrill of progress, as your ruler Jupiter joins Mars and Venus in Virgo while forming an angle of advancement to Pluto, the planet of empowerment. You take some time to observe the view from your recent climb and you see there has been recognizable progress. This week you deepen into yourself and your strength, you feel all the way down to your root of roots and you emerge from there, wiser, stronger and more aware of what is needed for the road ahead. It does not frighten you, it energizes you, and you access the raw fuel needed to make the journey a Soul success.

You can afford to feel good, you have earned it!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

There may be many paths that lead to your desired destination, but there is only one honest path to travel, one path that honors you every step of the way. Jupiter, Mars and Venus are joined in fellow earth sign Virgo, in your house of truth and are connecting boldly to Pluto in your sign. This allows for your ego and your Soul to be on the very same page, totally in step and in sync. Your instinct will be as sharp as a tack and your intuition so well honed, you will be hovering with certainty, as a result of removing a load of dead weight. There is nothing that you cannot accomplish if you put your whole Soul into your most sincere stride. You have an opportunity to be so well aligned and on track that nothing could begin to interfere with your pace or your plan. The right path is not always the easiest path, but when you know where you need to be, it will feel like an effortless move to make. When you feel the truth of being on track, it will energize you with a charge strong enough to send you to the moon and back.

Buckle up and get ready to experience the sheer speed of solidly sound growth, nothin' better!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

How long can anyone hold in the truth? There is no telling what it does on an energetic level to hold a story safe, yet one that may be necessary to hide for some time. Pluto is in your house of the unseen world and is receiving a door opening angle of support to Jupiter, the planet of honesty, Mars, the planet of action, and Venus, the planet of love and justice. Something is ready to be released, something you may have been holding onto for lifetimes, and the weight you will feel lift and leave you may be memorable beyond measure. For some, this energetic trend offers the kind of healing that you never saw coming, a healing you never thought could happen, and one that will change the way you see everything. Mercury opposes your ruler Uranus this weekend as well, suggesting as with one strike of lightening, its a wake-up, shake-up, shock your socks off kind of time, and it is loaded with the kind of energy that will help you leave a history of baggage on the floor. Do some digging, some Soul searching too, and be willing to go where it hurts.

Your kind of heaven awaits!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

This is no week to play it safe. This is the kind of week that is made for you to soar. Jupiter, Mars and Venus are all joined in your opposite sign and they are forming a breakthrough angle of support to Pluto, the planet of the Soul. Every relationship that you need to see end, those you wish to improve upon, or attract into your life, it's all up for grabs. Nothing will be as it once was, because you are no longer who you once were. Venus moves in front of Jupiter, on Sunday, Oct. 25 and sets the bar high for what you need most. You must be willing to not only voice what you want but demand the change sticks. There will be no falling back into old self sacrificing tendencies, for there is a cosmic electric fence keeping you out of that zone and safe from falling prey to old patterns, as Mercury in your house of the Soul opposes Uranus. You are working with a new relationship rule book to play by Pisces, and it is one that protects your interests but more importantly supports your heart. Feel through to the deepest change that you feel you need, and prove to yourself that it means enough to you by exercising the patience required to change your tune, and thus their tune too.

If all that happens, then harmony is headed your way!

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