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Starcast for the week beginning January 6th, 2016

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

It's not so much a freeze frame, but a re-frame kind of week. It is important to lay down a solid foundation for the coming year before doing what you instinctively are so inclined to do Aries, and that is go all out, and full speed to boot. A New Moon on Saturday, Jan. 9, opens doors in your career arena, but with Mercury retrograde, and Jupiter also sliding back in Virgo on the eve of Thursday, Jan 7, there will be a need to do additional legwork and iron out some key details before you can put yourself in the the kind of motion you enjoy. Mars, your ruler, is now in Scorpio, the sign that your higher octave Pluto rules. This is about finding your way straight to the source of the pain and the problem, and cutting through the B.S., so you can deal with what is real, and know exactly what is needed moving forward. Venus is in fellow fire sign Sagittarius and joins Saturn upon entering the weekend, suggesting your focus and determination will pay off handsomely. You get the kudos you need in spades, as Uranus in your sign teams up with Venus, and sweetens the pot early next week.

So keep on struttin', even if it feels like slow motion. The pace will ultimately play out just right!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

This is no week to force an issue or push your way into progress, for it will happen with ease, if you allow for a natural current to flow. A New Moon in fellow earth sign Capricorn, in your house of faith, energizes an effortless optimism to surface, even in the midst of a feeling of intensity that knows no bounds, as this lunar tide is joined by Pluto. There are times when life is accompanied by an edge of discomfort, even when there is no rational reason for the depth of the gravity. There is power in living like you have nothing to lose, living like there is no tomorrow. This feeling sense of urgency can unearth the deepest surge of inspiration and it can carry you fast and forward for a good long time. Mercury retrogrades back into Capricorn as well on Thursday, Jan. 7, the day before Jupiter retrogrades in fellow earth sign Virgo, both of which will help get you in touch with content that will contribute to your creative life purpose. Your ruler Venus in Sagittarius joins Saturn this weekend in your house of the Soul, to help you expand your reach in the world. This month is about recovering your full self, so you can step into 2016 with all you've got.

Go the distance and you'll be gloriously 'good to go'!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

If you are having a slow feeling start, join the cosmic club. Your ruler Mercury entered Aquarius on New Year's Day, and was feeling fired up for the change. Mercury shifted retro on Monday, Jan 4, and will slide back into Capricorn on Friday, January 8, to re-think the recent charge.. A New Moon in Capricorn is joined by powerful Pluto as well, on Saturday, Jan. 9, which can intensify life beyond measure, but it can also invite a feeling of magnitude, as it relates to your Soul's journey here, and how fated you realize that every step can feel to be. It is healthy now to take life more seriously and so important to fine tune your strategy for your next steps. Venus joins Saturn in your opposite sign of Sagittarius this weekend as well, which will have you committed to making sure that within all that feels to be so serious, that you are still making plenty of room to have some fun along the way. We all know you know how to have fun Gemini.

Your laughter this week could very well buy you additional years here on Earth, so find a way to frolic and to feed good, for there is gain on other others side of .letting loose and letting go!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

A New Moon in your opposite sign of Capricorn, this Saturday, Jan.9, is joined by powerful Pluto, suggesting it will be the very furthest thing from feeling light. You have come to lean on those cosmic bursts to elevate you into better times, and to spring board you into the new. No doubt you will find yourself catapulting into changing landscapes, and the feeling experience of your travels will depend solely upon you. The more you resist any deep Soul change that is coming, the more you may feel knocked around by life. The more you take charge of the direction of your journey, surrendering to a natural opening that presents itself, the more empowered you will be. Mercury, the planet of communication, retrogrades back into Capricorn as we enter the weekend, and Jupiter, retrogrades in Virgo on Thursday, Jan.7, gifting you with a plethora of insight, to the point where the writing will literally feel to be on the wall. Action Mars is now in fellow water sign Scorpio, granting you a promising feeling of power that will allow you to magnetize and attract more of what you want.

There is some magic in the making Cancer, so energize your picture perfect vision, and you'll help mold it into being!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

You are one passionate cat Leo. Clearly you do not need me to tell you this, you feel the truth of this raging belly roar as soon as you open your eyes every morning. We all have lulls and periods however, where you are fighting to get back that feeling, and this Saturday, Jan. 9, as a New Moon in Capricorn is joined by Pluto, you are going to be digging all the way down to the bottom of your being to recover that power surge. Mars is also in Scorpio, in your house of the feeling body, so there won't be any lack of vulnerable emotion, if anything, there will be more than you know what to do with. Fortunately, loving Venus is in fellow fire sign Sagittarius and will join Saturn this weekend, to help warm you up where your heart had been feeling a chill. The next two weeks are about getting underneath all that is getting in the way, it's about getting out of the way of yourself, and finding the keys to living life with less fear and more joy. It's about connecting more fully with your life's work, your karma yoga, and feeling Soul good about all you bring to this world. It's about making this place better than the way you found it, because of your efforts.

This truth you come to find, is where real meaning lives!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

It may feel difficult to find your groove, as we enter this New year Virgo, for your ruler Mercury is retrograde, and Jupiter in your sign will turn retrograde on the eve of Thursday, Jan.7. Life does not stop just because the skies shift as they do, but it can feel as if you are losing ground. You live for the feeling of progress, so this could mess with your head on some level, but the New Moon in fellow earth sign Capricorn, which joins Pluto on Saturday, Jan.9, is destined to pull you out of a slump and straight into the intensity of your tender, sweet heart. Venus in Sagittarius also joins Saturn this weekend, having you take ever so seriously the plunge of your recent dive. At the end of the day, what rings your bell, is contributing here in a measurably, meaningful way, to know that who you are is what is needed, to be respected, validated and better yet, celebrated for what you bring to life's table. Take the time to examine and reflect upon all that appears to be returning to your heart's door.

Something or someone is knocking, it is up to you to let them in!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

If it means enough, and is worth enough, then you will do what is necessary to secure it in your life. Your ruler Venus is in Sagittarius and will join Saturn, the planet of commitments and contracts, this weekend. Mercury is retrograde, which means you are discouraged to sign anything legally binding, unless it is an agreement you are returning to from the past. Pluto in Capricorn, the sign Saturn rules, is also combining with the New Moon on Saturday, Jan 9, in your house of home. This arena also connects to your emotional commitments with Capricorn ruling this sector for the Libra born. There will be no room for waiting something out, or measuring the pros and cons. It's about commitment one way or another, and this pressure could tug on you. for you like keeping your options open, unless something is so clearly the right choice, that it leaves you no other choice. Mars in Scorpio is in your house of earning and will connect beautifully to Neptune next week, which could very well usher in the ideal. So if you feel you have to compromise in some way early on this week, and it is not sitting well with you, wait it out a few more days. Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, connects brilliantly to your ruler Venus on Tuesday, Jan. 12, so expect something you want to go your way.

Feel your way there, versus thinking your way through, and you will be pleased as punch!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

You thrive on intensity, so much so, when things are relatively calm, you can tend to stir some trouble just to keep life interesting, simulating and feeling more alive. The universe knows your needs and has got you covered, as a New Moon in Capricorn on Saturday, Jan.9, is joined by your ruler, potent Pluto. This equals a New Moon with a boom and a bang. Younger brother Mars, is also in Scorpio, to keep those waves of intensity building, cresting and climaxing. Venus is in your house of what you value and how you in earn in truth seeking Sagittarius, and will join Saturn this weekend, so in combination, this means you are coming up with one powerful plan, one that will raise the proverbial roof off of where you have been. You will be driven by a crazy desire Scorpio, one that is propelled by the purity of your Soul push. With Pluto and the New Moon in Capricorn aspecting Jupiter and the North Node, with ease, there is no doubt in my mind, that this wild yet solid plan of yours, is gonna fly.

A clever way through is coming by early next week, anything rushed or forced will be a waste of time, so be patient until it arrives!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

Your ruler Jupiter is slowing to a stop, and will reverse its direction in Virgo, in your house of career, on the eve of Thursday, Jan. 7. Mercury is already retrograde and will back into Capricorn on Friday, Jan. 8. A revamp on your work front is in order, as you prioritize next steps and remove those things that are taking your time and not contributing to your bottom line. It's about clearing the unwanted and making room for the desired and invited. It's a bit like getting rid of anything in your home that is taking space, so a fresh new wind of potential can replace what felt to only be getting in the way. A New Moon in Capricorn on Saturday, Jan.9, is joined by Pluto, the very last planet you want to argue with, and will be laying down the law and the foundation of your Soul's future. Pluto is the planet of the Soul, and even though your ego may have some de-railing desires, the Soul ultimately wins. With Venus in your sign and joining Saturn this weekend, you will get some help along the way, and it is help that has come well earned.

Venus connects electrically to Uranus early next week, giving your heart a stimulating charge, one where you will be wired for sound, to the point of attracting something you want with rocket speed!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

Reading the stars is like weighing the pros and cons. This weekend a New Moon in your sign, which is often welcomed, is joined by powerful Pluto, the planet that maximizes metamorphoses. No one enjoys being forced onto the train, especially you Cappy. You want to walk on at your own will, you want control over every step and decision along the way. With Mars in Scorpio, well supporting your Sun, you may very well find yourself in a position of unusual power now, but the tables may also turn, depending on the choices made leading up to this point. The good news is, that Venus, the planet of justice and love, is in Sagittarius, and will join your ruler Saturn this weekend, making things feel not only more than fair, but you will receive accolades for your spirited presence and dedication. You will feel to have reached a key benchmark on your journey, a graduation from an unpleasing part of your past, knowing you have the power to put it to rest, along with the power to put an entire new reality into motion.

Energize the change you want and as Mars progressively connects to Neptune like a dream, you will reach an ideal you have yet to feel!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

This week is powerfully weighted, with a New Moon in Capricorn joined by Pluto on Saturday, Jan. 9, in your house of the unseen world. This could ignite all kinds of fears, as you start to question everything; your past, your present and your future. With Mars also in Scorpio, A seriously robust surge blows up everything you may have found comfort and safety in and forces you to go deeper, beyond the false sense of security you came to rely upon. The ratcheted fears may peak this weekend, only to be followed by some radical relief, as your ruler Uranus in Aries, connects to Venus in Sagittarius, to help separate you from the unnecessary emotion that was causing you to spin. You have a change of heart and an illuminated perspective, as you connect with someone who helps you see something from a totally different view. It's as if things have to peak, before they can fully play out. You must reach the bottom of the barrel before you can find your way into the luminous light. Allow the days ahead to take you on a tour of your past, looking under every rock, so you can step out of the layers you have been holding and free yourself for good. You find a feeling of true promise, in a unique connection to someone who seems to read you like a book.

To be felt and understood is to truly be loved, and you find that is more than enough this week!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

Your direction may not feel to be crystal clear, with Mercury retrograde and Jupiter fixing to reverse his motion too, on the eve of Thursday, Jan.7. Your ruler Neptune, also squares Venus early on this week, which may have you emotionally all over the place. However, action Mars, is in fellow water sign Scorpio, and will connect in epic ways to your ruler Neptune by my next forecast, yet it is already in a beneficial range of influence, suggesting if you direct your will with a pure intent, the payoff could be off the cosmic charts. Pluto, the planet of empowerment, merges with the New Moon in Capricorn on Saturday, Jan. 9, in your house of breakthroughs, helping to accelerate your efforts to experience a freedom from the unwanted and the known. Loving Venus in Sagittarius, joins Saturn at the top of your chart, to help in any career pursuits, and will connect like a thunder bolt of lightening to Uranus early next week. You may not feel the true extent of the benefit of this trend until the end of the month, when Mercury is back in a forward swinging stride. The bottom line Pisces, with Mars in Scorpio, is not to play it safe.

“No risk it, no biscuit."(Keim)

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