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Starcast for the week beginning January 20th, 2016

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

Nothing is easy and light when your ruler Mars is in Scorpio, as it takes you into the dark and down to the very bottom of your being, pushing you to your very limit. Mars is the lead point in your evolution, it is the choice maker, driven by desire, and it is accessing the depth of your Soul, pulling out a plan rooted in the best path forward, even if it hurts. It may feel as if you are not being given a choice, as if something is just thrown in your path, whereby you have no other choice. Mercury is slowing to a stop in Capricorn, on Monday, Jan. 25, and will conjoin Pluto on the Full Moon in fellow fire sign Leo on Saturday, Jan. 23, suggesting there will be a feeling of gravity, as it relates to certain decisions that are forthcoming, causing you to shoulder yet more responsibility in your life. Fortunately, during this fiery full moon, your heart will be all the way in it, and you are up for this next challenge, whether you feel ready or not. Mars in Scorpio is still forming a triumphant angle of support to Neptune, the planet of higher help, so do know that you are not alone at this serious juncture, you have all the invisible help you'll ever need.

Lean on this knowing, and you will rise to impressive heights, because of the challenge you will soon skillfully master!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

The truth comes out a little bit at a time, but it always find a way out. Mercury is retrograde in fellow earth sign Taurus, and will conjunct Pluto, the planet of exposure, early on Friday, Jan. 22, in your house of honesty. For some, it just may be that you are getting in touch with a deeper truth within yourself, one that connects to what you feel your right work in the world might be, or a more natural path for you to follow. It may also be that more is disclosed to you about someone you are close to, you realize you have been 'in the dark' and not privy to someone's agenda, as Mars in Scorpio, in your opposite sign, favorably connects with Neptune, to bring something out into the light of day. Everything comes full circle on Saturday, Jan. 23, when the Moon becomes Full in Leo, in your house of home and the emotional body, and now with everything 'out' so to speak, a clear plan moving forward can happen. Mercury also stations direct on Monday, Jan. 25, which will have you feeling progressively more true to course than you have been in quite some time. Your ruler Venus also shifts into fellow earth sign Capricorn on Saturday, to help you attract what you love if not what you need, with a little less effort.

Now that alone is worth celebrating!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

The mayhem is coming to a stop, as your retrograde ruler is slowing down and will station direct on Monday, Jan.25. Nothing like going out with a bang however, as Mercury joins Pluto on Friday, Jan. 22, while squaring Uranus, with a Full Moon in Leo lighting up our night sky the day following. This carries an intensity, coupled with a passion that may feel like you are prepping to pop. Sudden correspondence with key karmic others may come out of left field, the unexpected email or text, the unfinished and unresolved, perhaps even a power play at hand, one that is calling you to the carpet. You may be feeling up in arms in places, but with Mars in Scorpio still connecting effortlessly to Neptune, as much as you may want to seek some sweet vengeance, your higher self will step in and save the day. The best way to understand this week, is that there is significant energy in place to help you up and over a block that you keep barreling into. If you can't clear it on your own, the universe will do it any way it sees fit.

With that said, do what you can to make it easier on yourself by actively participating in this karmic play, and you will find an optimal way right on through!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

No one feels it like you do. Your fellow water signs may argue with you on that one, but you Cancer are pure emotion, and when you feel it, you feel it all the way. With Mars in fellow water sign Scorpio connecting majestically to Neptune in Pisces, you are in position to lift yourself up and out of an old and cold emotional bath, taking charge of a better feeling reality. Often times, that feeling river has a life of its own, but you do have the upper hand now and it doesn't get better than this planetary combo. It's about connecting deeply with what you want, and then directing your own inner flow to help you attract the absolute ideal outcome. Mercury retrograde joins Pluto in Capricorn in your house of relationships which means you are getting real with what you've got and making a commitment to take it to the next level. We are morphing beings and the Full Moon in Leo this Saturday, Jan. 23, will be reminding you what you value most in another, shining a luminous ray on the obvious. Mercury stations direct on Monday, Jan. 25, helping you become crystal clear in your exchanges with significant others. Tough talks may need to take place, but you will know exactly where you stand and what is possible for the long haul ahead.

Keep diving IN as you do, and feeling your way, all the way through, and you'll be fired up and ready to emerge as a brighter, lighter you!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

Patience is not your strong suit, Neither is playing second string or second fiddle to anyone else. You came here to shine and for some, you came here for the lime light. It can be tough to wait for love or to wait for the win, but with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn and conjunct Pluto, on the day of a Full Moon in your sign, Saturday, Jan.23 , you may feel as if your patience as run so thin, the world can see straight into your heart and Soul. Uranus, is in fellow fire sign Aries, is also squaring Pluto and Mercury, which has you feeling as if you are running out of time and out of steam. However, Mars and Neptune are still heavenly aligned, doing what they can to help you see the bigger picture versus getting de-railed by any short terms set backs. Know too Leo, that Saturn in fellow fire sign Sagittarius is progressively forming an angle of strength to Uranus in Aries, suggesting the change you need to experience and feel, the change you need to see coming is in fact coming, but you are not finished with key responsibilities that need your time and attention. Venus exits Sag and enters Capricorn as well, on Saturday, and she will help make the grind feel less like a grind and more like a pleasing contribution on your part.

Give where its most needed and you will get far more than your fair share in return!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

We all like to be in charge of our choices, but at times it feels as if our choices are made for us. An example is wanting a job and it being given to another candidate. Or, falling in love with someone who is in love with someone else. Some desires cannot be forced. Your ruler Mercury is retrograde in fellow earth sign Capricorn, and is conjunct powerful, Pluto, the day before a Full Moon in passionate Leo, occurring Saturday, Jan.23. This has you re-thinking everything, especially if you have spent far too much time going after something that has not produced the return you wanted. Mars in Scorpio's angelic angle to Neptune currently, is not only revealing someone's true colors, he is showing you someone else with a brighter halo, so you can redirect your focus on something that can usher in more of the optimal and the ideal. A Full Moon in Leo on Saturday, Jan.23 has you dreaming about love and all that it can be, but with Pluto and your ruler joined, while squaring Uranus, you will be forced to see someone clearly. Venus' entry into Capricorn as well on Saturday, has the world noticing your light and your way, and this sweet validation gives your heart a boost.

Your ruler Mercury stations direct on Monday, Jan.25, which will have a way of helping you happily move up and on!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

No matter what trials are trailing you on the river of life, it always feels best when the ones you love are right by your side. Your ruler, loving Venus, enters Capricorn, in your house of home, this Saturday, Jan. 23, the same day as a Full Moon in Leo. Mercury is retrograde and joins Pluto upon entering the weekend, and together they square Uranus, the planet of the unexpected. Anyway you slice it, this is a recipe for a wild ride, where the feeling of peace can come at a high price, as limits will be reached and emotions are destined to come undone. However, action Mars, is in Scorpio, and connecting with ease to Neptune, in your house of all that feels broken and in need of repair. This allows for problems to be solved in places where you thought could never be. The message is to stay determined, and true to course, no matter what may crop up. With Saturn's progressive angle of support to Uranus in your house of relationships, you come to find there are people you can depend on; people you love, and people who love you, naturally and unconditionally.

Not much more any Soul could ask for that that!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

Even if in places life begins to feel futile, hope is not lost in the least bit. Mars in your sign is still connecting in magical ways to Neptune, in fellow water sign Pisces, telling you if you energize what you want, versus that which you don't want, you will have far greater success in manifesting what you desire versus that which you don't. Mercury is retrograde until Monday, Jan 25, when it stations direct in Capricorn. Just days before however, Mercury retrogrades back to join your ruler Pluto and together they square off with Uranus, on the day of a Full Moon in Leo, Saturday, Jan.23. This weekend, may come to feel like the perfect storm, for better or for worse. It all comes down to the kind of choices you have made up until this point, that will dictate how you experience this loaded trend. Your career is in the spot light, which may or may not be a good thing, but with Mars in yours sign, connecting harmoniously to Neptune, you are destined to find the highest and the best way to fly on through.

You finally experience the silver lining to a dark cloud that as been following you for far too long, and it brings your life and the way things have unfolded into a new and better light!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

You are striving to keep your work novel and new, highly charged and challenging, as Saturn in your sign progressively connects with precision to radical Uranus, in fellow fire sign Aries. This trend is in place off and on for the next year, but it is one that is encouraging a transformation of your ideas and an elevation of your current model with respect to your creative life purpose. These things take time, which is why Saturn is in your sign Sag, to help you pace yourself and to make realistic plans for your future. A retrograde Mercury joins Pluto in Capricorn, as we enter the weekend and together they square off with this transformer Uranus, which means you are working to jettison any old conditioning or resistance, while releasing any fears that are getting in the way of delivering your very best. The day following, a Full Moon in fellow fire sign Leo on Saturday, Jan 23, reminds you well what is in your heart and what lies in the distance, as you forge the ultimate path. A tremendous amount of energy sits in your house of resources and survival, as some of you may be crunching numbers so that you know how to best support this view ahead. Mercury finally stations direct on Monday, Jan 25, and you feel back on your feet again, with your dream solidly in place, as Mars in Scorpio aligns seamlessly to Neptune, the planet of the ideal.

When your emotions are in in check, your compass is fierce. Trust the inner signal, then go!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

You may be feeling pushed and perhaps truly tested this week, as Mercury retrogrades back, essentially stopping to join Pluto in your sign, on the day of a Full Moon in Leo, Saturday, Jan.23, in your house of the Soul. There will be no short cuts, only getting to the bottom of what is real and what can be trusted, knowing what is needed now, in order for you to evolve. Life in spots may be reaching an extremity, one that is demanding that new structures replace the old, it is asking more from you, and you are feeling your own limits being wildly stretched. However, with Mars strategically moving through your house of innovation, while positively aspecting miracle maker Neptune, you will be able to pull things out of your hat that you did not know existed. Some true greats share your sun sign Cappy and we just celebrated one in particular who was famous for reminding us all that “The ultimate measure of a man (or a woman) is not where he (or she) stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he (or she) stands at times of challenge and controversy.” (Martin Luther King, Jr.)

You prove your weight in gold and then some when you stand and deliver in true living, breathing, color!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

As we deepen into January, you are still trying to button up some pieces of the past, whether you are not feeling emotionally ready for the New Year, because of events that have a strong hold on you, or you are simply tending to those things that have been swept under the rug, as Mercury slows to a stop in Capricorn, the sign that connects us to our past, and stations direct on Monday, Jan. 25. Two days prior, Mercury joins Pluto and together they square Uranus, your ruling planet, to rattle your cage and to shake out all the emotional stories you have been storing up and keeping well hidden. A full Moon in Leo, in your opposite sign, also occurs on that day, and you are feeling the full breadth of what certain years meant to you, and whether or not you spent them well. It is important to remember that time is an illusion, we may not get those years back, but there will be others, in this life or the next, and you do have right now. Saturn in Sagittarius, slowly and progressively helps you get your bearings back as he reaches out to connect with Uranus in fellow fire sign Aries, and day by day, you find yourself feeling more optimistic about this next chapter, knowing you can carry the music of the past forward.

Feel free to leave the rest behind!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

When you worry and work and worry and work, and still find no progress to be had, the only thing left to do is surrender. With Mars in Scorpio and still connecting in levitating ways to Neptune, it can help keep your feet off the ground, free from the worries of the earthly world. It is unrealistic to say we are ever truly free from such things, and you do feel the truth of this weight now, with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, while joined to Pluto and squaring Uranus. Energetically this says, “the more you resist, the more it persists.” You may also experience, “the harder you push, the stronger it pops.” A Full Moon in Leo also occurs in the middle of all of this planetary tension on Saturday, Jan. 23, and it brings everything to light. It strips it all down until all that you have left is that which holds ultimate meaning and value? As you feel disillusioned by the injustice and chaos in the outer world, you invert your focus to the central source of your center, which allows you to change your orientation toward whatever was detrimentally holding so much of your inner space.

Mars's holy alignment to your ruler Neptune permeates you with hope and helps you hover above the pain, free of what can no longer touch you!

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