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Starcast for the week beginning March 30th, 2016

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

The Aries born Souls like to move in one direction and that is forward and fast. Slowing down to stop and reflect upon where your travels have taken you, most often, is not even on your radar. Yet when the planets in our universe shift retrograde, there is a natural pulling in effect, an energetic drag, an energy that forces the Soul to slow. Saturn, the planet of career, commitments and time, just shifted retrograde this past weekend in fellow fire sign Sagittarius, for the next four months. This does not suggest that life, flat out stops, and that nothing gets done. It may very well mean, that you will be re-evaluating where you have been, and how to best move forward for the long haul, which involves making choices that intuitively feel best for you. Your ruler Mars is also in Sagittarius, fueling a new found motivation for more of what you want and less of the rest, and getting you in close touch with more inwardly expansive vibes, leading to you wanting to energize more of where all that came from. It is a truth seeking time, and once your truth is found, there will be no stopping you.

Take those steps that feel most natural, and you will not only by 'in the know', you will have found your own personal flow!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

Getting tripped up on the past, can eat at the best of us. We hold onto things that we know are better left kept as they are or once were. We may also idealize something that does not deserve the kind of pedestal we put it on, but it feels better remembering the good and flat out forgetting about what may have taken us down. Your ruler Venus is in Pisces, and is sweeping over the the South Node, the symbol that connects to your past, energizing a feeling to forgive and forget. It may also lift you out of the heavies, and into a more heavenly place, but it can also keep a wound open, as the asteroid Chiron is tightly joining this trend. The highest expression of Pisces involves compassion and ultimately surrendering to what you cannot control. It has to do with releasing your worries and woes to a higher Source, and in your context, to gain a healthier alternate view, once the feelings have loosened their hold. You are granted a higher perspective upon entering this forecast week, as Mercury and Saturn favorably align. It has you feeling more centered, yet also feeling as if you have gained some evolutionary ground.

Broaden your scope and due to your individual efforts, the universe will extend your reach and ultimately, your impact!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

Life is about taking chances, not about sitting on the sidelines and forever waiting around for your turn. At times it takes jumping in even if nobody gives you permission. When something doesn't feel to be fair, it is your responsibility to give it your best to even the scales and attempt to balance the bar. Saturn is in your opposite sign, as well as Mars. Saturn is retrograde, and by mid April, so will be Mars. This has you back in the ring with another, and you will not rest until the bell has rung. It really is not so much about being right, it's about what is flat out just and fair. This alone will inspire the best of you, for there is no better fight than one that involves defending the truth. This may take a bit more time, but that is due to the universe ensuring that you are not going to skip any key karmic steps. You may be going toe to toe with another, as power plays appear to be integral to this process, but you are a clever cat Gemini, and you do have one more trick up your sleeve. Use it, and it will be game over. You've got the upper hand.

Do it, not to prove a point, but do it, because it's right!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

Never underestimate how far a little inner work can go, especially for the Cancer born. If you work from the ground on up, in essence, from your root, you will be laying down a safe and trusted foundation for yourself. Saturn in Sagittarius just shifted retrograde this past weekend, in your house of improvements, and will be pulling off some of the forward moving pressure for the next four months. It may be a time when your overall health is brought to attention, and you are re-working your time, and your energetic output, in order to improve and enhance a better feeling quality of life. For some of you, it may simply involve getting outside and into nature, as winter leaves us and spring calls our name. It is when you slip away from the chaos and the crowd, and hear the sounds of nature in the trees, when you can also access your own mantra in the natural rhythms of your own movement. It will be about getting to know yourself again, not only knowing yourself, but loving what you re-discover about your own inner workings; how you love, how you give and how your natural design translates in this world.

You find your voice upon entering this forecast week, and you discover that even as much as a whisper, rises above the rest!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

The mind can be a powerful ally, for a confident mindset can easily make the difference between winning and losing. Take two equally capable and qualified candidates, one with inner belief, and the other with doubt. Energy is a real thing, and you can bet that one hundred percent of the time, the person with conviction, will not only have a leg up, they will seal the deal. Mercury in fellow fire sign Aries aligns courageously to Saturn early on this forecast week and it gives you a strong running head start. With Venus in Pisces sweeping across the South Node, the symbol for your past, it may be that something unresolved with someone from your own past is returning in your life, and you have a shot at not only setting a certain record straight, but finally putting some heart ache to rest. It has been a long time coming and that time may finally be here, whether it is finally having the chance to cure what you never thought could be healed, or having the chance to say something to someone that you never thought would stop to listen.

Mercury joins Uranus on Thursday, March 31, to help invite a most natural moment of truth. See the moment for what it is and make the very most of it!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

If you have been feeling stuck in a groove, one that you are tired of falling into, now would be the optimal time to work on creating another one where you can dig in your heels. It can feel so effortless to return to those usual spaces and places, and yet if they continue to produce the kind of results that leave you feeling empty and searching for more, it would be best to exercise some emotional courage and step into the new. Your ruler Mercury is in fiery Aries, giving you a bit more heat in your step, allowing you to take risks in ways you may not do otherwise. Mercury is also now connecting passionately to Saturn in Sagittarius, and you are feeling an intimate connection with an undeniable truth that your Soul is dying for you to set in motion. Your potential for a spontaneous move is heightened beyond compare, as Mercury joins Uranus on Thursday, March 31, whereby you end up saying something that you cannot take back, you walk through a door that you cannot come back through.

The truth will always find a way and ultimately lead the way, so this time, get out of your own way, and let what is best make its way forward and through!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

Your ruler Venus is in Pisces and is sweeping over the South Node, the symbol for your past, as well as Chiron, an asteroid that symbolizes the wounded healer, which can tend to bring up the old and unfinished, with the intent to soothe an ancient ache, and heal it for good. It can also remind you how precious life and love is, so you never take a moment with those you love for granted. You have been known Libra to put the needs of others well ahead of your own and even sacrificing yourself for another, so they can have what they need first. There has been a grave imbalance in terms of the output and input, the giving and the receiving, and with Mercury in Aries connecting with serious intent to Saturn in Sagittarius, you are stepping up and speaking out, it's your turn turn and time to get what you need too. It may very well be that you have to learn to supply your own emotional needs, as there may be others in your life who cannot step up to the plate, either way, the key is starting with you. You come to find this week, that it is the smallest things that end up nurturing you long, well and true this week, as Venus in Pisces knows how to extend her gifts into those eternal places for comfort, so limit yourself not, and become a savior for yourself.

You'll find it to be beautiful place to fall!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

You sense that nothing is going to move forward until a certain something is resolved, as Venus in fellow water sign Pisces crosses over the South Node, the symbol for your past, and has you hanging on an old feeling. It may be that there are some karmic kinks to work out, before any semblance of true progress can be found. You see Scorp, it's not just about the apparent issue at hand, it is the long term view and seeing the sustainability of something into your future that must be considered, as Mercury, the planet of communication, first connects to Saturn forming a beautiful trine, and then squares off with your ruler Pluto. You may not be winning any friends this week, but what is more important to you than anything else is dealing in bottom lines, and that which is inherently true, versus doing something simply to please another. You may have no tolerance left, so speak with that in mind, so you don't deliver words that after the fact, you wish you could swallow. Your intuition will be operating at at high for the next three plus months, as Jupiter and your ruler Pluto hover and harmonize together, so let that be the louder horn to follow versus the worrying weight of the mind.

Your hunches speak volumes, so trust what you inwardly know and go!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

It is an explosive week in places, either your efforts blow away any prior benchmarks you had reached for yourself, or it will tear apart any superstructure in place that does not support your natural way forward, as Mercury connects like wild fire to Saturn in your sign, while conjuncting Uranus in flaming red Aries. Results of your efforts could fly through the roof and yet this energy could also burn a new and prosperous path for you moving forward. Venus in Pisces crosses the South Node, symbolizing a love from your past returning, or else a healing can occur, as a result of your putting certain pieces of your past back into place. In order for any of us to truly move forward, the past must be understood, in a way where nothing is swept under the rug but is addressed wholly and completely. Not until you understand all the working parts that contributed to your current evolutionary place on the path, can you know what specific steps are needed to be recovered, re-lived and restored.

Your ruler Jupiter is retrograde in Virgo, which means it is about discovering the crack or the weakest link in your make-up, and then giving this area of doubt your full attention, until you are blinded by its shine!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

It matters not what stands in your path, for there will always be a way to find your way through, as Mercury connects with determination to your ruler Saturn in Sagittarius. With your ruler now retrograde, the pressure of moving forward is beginning to lift, and as it does, it allows you to visualize a way into and out of life's maze with greater confidence. Mercury is also squaring Pluto in your sign early on, so be aware of the old emotions that can take hold, emotions that can force a feeling freeze, This exact rub is precisely the point where the greatest evolutionary push must occur. If you square off with an insecure feeling enough times, it begins to back off, until all it becomes is a proverbial speed bump, you may still feel its presence, but it is nothing more than something that keeps you moving at a more conscious pace. There are themes still encouraging you to express yourself in whatever way you feel will help you bring closure to something that has followed you around for one too many years. An optimal level of anxiety is required in order for real growth to be gained. Get behind the elevated pace of your nervous system and you will increase the magnitude of your impact. It all starts with a desire to grow beyond where you keep getting stuck.

Here's your ticket to get there!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

Brainstorming sessions are multiplying by the moment, as younger brother Mercury joins your ruler Uranus in Aries on Thursday, March 31, to help you think your plan logically through into fruition. Just prior to that, Mercury forms an auspicious angle to steady Saturn, letting you know that your ideas will stick, and that your ability to communicate and negotiate will be effective in reaching your audience. There is always someone in the mix who wants to play Devil's advocate, but that is merely a test to see if this is really something you want, something worth working toward and fighting for. It may feel like resurrecting a love from the past, whether it is a literal love, or a love of an old project, that if followed through upon, would empower you to the hilt.

Let your desire for putting yourself on the map in a unique and innovative way, motivate you all around the globe and may the grandest expression of you come barreling yet artfully through!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

You may feel an extra dose of support with Venus now transiting through your sign. Perhaps you feel someone deeply in your corner, or someone who is always there to answer your call. Venus also sweeps across the South Node, the symbol for your past, to remind you when you have extended certain emotional trusts and the same kind of reciprocity was not granted in return, bringing your quick attention to the imbalance that you may have experienced in some key cherished connections with others. You do feel and find those Souls who will be there and with you til then end, and also those who you just can't be sure of, but with Mercury in Aries in strong connection to Saturn in Sagittarius, you acquire evidence that your faith in a certain future is well founded, and destined to be true. You do get the feedback you need to trust in all that a little more time can buy you. It is true that some people never change, so keep this in mind if you choose to give it one more go. We all know Pisces, that your belief in the spirit of people's potential, far outweighs just about anything else. If you see a ray of sunlight following the heavy rain, you will hold out for hope that the rainbow is near, you always do.

That is what makes you, beautiful you!

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