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Starcast for the week beginning July 6th, 2016

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

Moment by moment and day by day, you will progressively be getting your groove back again Aries, as your ruler Mars is finally sinking in to its forward moving journey in Scorpio. It will take some weeks before you really feel yourself back up to speed and at the clip you enjoy, for it can be similar to the Soul waking up from a very deep sleep. You don't simply spring out of bed and hit the ground running, you gradually step into your waking self and prepare yourself for the day. Mars is in stress to Uranus for a few more weeks, keeping you on your toes in ways so you are sure to honor this period of transition in your life. This aspect will not allow you to become too comfortable with any feeling, but will keep you pushing on. However, Mars is also forming an angle of ease to loving Venus at the same time, which means that there will be immediate benefits to your complying with some key Soul turns. You have unraveled more of the true you in recent months, you have also learned how to take care of those forgotten places. Keep tending to the inner flame and the world at large will gradually and favorably respond to your inner shine.

Life is a work in progress. Make every step count!


TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

This week may feel mixed, as life as you know it may swing to extremes in the very same moment. On the heels of some piece of stress that presents itself on your path, a saving grace answers a prayer. With Mars in Scorpio in recent months, it would have exposed the shadow side in others, potentially permanently severing certain connections. In some cases it would not have been a surprise, in others it surely could have been. Something happens when the truth comes out, it has a way of not only seeing people's true colors, the honesty can also open people up, revealing the capacity for sincerity to stream in through the cracks. Wrestling with themes of trust and in some cases betrayal, may still be plaguing your Soul, as Mars in Scorpio, in your house of relationships moves in stress to Uranus, while your ruler Venus also squares Uranus. However, Mars is forming a powerful angle of support to Venus, in your house of communication, and your words are having a way of helping things move in a better direction. It is allowing you to make the most of your energy and efforts whereby getting to the bottom of it will help you leave what does not serve you behind, and bring forward everything that does. You find your stride, and you will feel more empowered, for speaking up and for drawing a line.

Clear what ails you, and what feeds you will abundantly take its place!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

Whenever there is a combo platter of energy in the atmosphere, the hard trends can be offset by some of the more pleasing influences, a balance of energy that takes the edge off, allowing you to keep it all in proper perspective. It's wild out there, and the energy is also productive and some life changing, Soul deepening turns, some of which may surface on a dime where you will be asked to think on your feet. Fortunately for you, your ruler Mercury, is forming a progressively harmonizing angle to Mars, the planet of action, and will become exact this weekend. This allows you to get your point across, to fix a problem, or to find a missing link. Prior to this aspect, Mars connects in the same way to Venus straight out of the gates this week, helping you in some of your financial pursuits, allowing you to get ahead of the game. Venus also squares off with Uranus, which reflects an unexpected turn of events, but you find a way to make the change equal a gain.


CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

Nothing better for a Cancer born Soul than to bathe in the comforts of home, for the nest is what feels safe and soothing and supports your emotional state to its core. We are just on the heels of a New Moon in your sign, along with the sun, Mercury and Venus to help uplift your feelings of home and where the heart lives, whether it involves improving the space where you love, or nurturing the inner space where you inwardly dwell. Venus in your sign is squaring erratic Uranus, which can create unexpected change in your relationships but with Venus also forming a strong angle of support to Mars in fellow water sign Scorpio, it says that the change deeply supports your necessary evolution. Mercury in your sign also connects in the same harmonizing way to Mars this weekend, to help you further secure some of the changes you need to see fit. Old paradigms, contracts and commitments are in true transformation mode. You may feel a bit uneasy in spots, as change is always coupled with a feeling of insecurity due to the unknown, but it will feel like timely liberation on the other side.

Give in to the tides that are turning, for they know a thing or two about where they are traveling, ultimately leading you to your own feeling of personal freedom!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

It is just a matter of time before the tides shift in your favor, as your birthday may feel to be coming a little early this year with Venus, the planet of love and ease moving into your sign close to midnight on Monday, July 11. Mercury will also be entering your sign on Wednesday, July 13, which means there is a good deal to look forward to. In the meantime, Venus connects beautifully to Mars in Scorpio, yet squares off with Uranus early on this week, creating a touch and go feeling, like the nerves are on edge and you don't know why. Until next week comes around, so much is happening behind the scenes and on the inner planes, and that is exactly where things need to be inwardly worked out. There is a world of activity happening on those emotional landscapes, so cultivate where you can so you are ready for when Mars finally returns to fellow fire sign Sag early next month. Your home life is also highly in focus and getting things back to a semblance of security.

Pluto, the planet of the Soul, is still securely aspecting Jupiter and the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, so keep making honest efforts for forward movement and you are bound to bust something positively loose!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

Objectivity is the name of the game this week, as you begin to see people clearly, including yourself and what you need. It is becoming ever more important to truly find your people, to align with others of like mind, versus making choices to move in circles with those who simply do not walk to the beat of your same drum. You will make a connection or a re-connection, that your Soul deeply needs early on this week, as Venus and Mars align in water signs. Your ruler Mercury follows and finds Mars as well with seamless ease on Sunday, July 10, stimulating communications in friendship circles that keeps life interesting and entertaining to say the least. Uranus is mixed up in the middle of all of these so the element of surprise is also part of this week's program. The key for you Virgo is to find a clever way to connect with someone you wish to reach, and they will never forget it. You are learning vital lessons surrounding standing strong on your own, and your Soul becoming whole on its own, similar to clearing the static on your own personal radio signal.

Once you are inwardly harmonizing with the whole of you, the other you wish to attract more deeply into your life, will come sprinting through!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

Your ruler Venus in Cancer forms a powerfully harmonious angle to warrior Mars in Scorpio upon entering this forecast week, granting you the emotional courage to go after something that you have not had the hutzpah to tackle or confront. It may not be easy street however, as Venus also squares Uranus in your opposite sign, so it may ramp up your nervous system something fierce. Its a bit like walking to the end of a diving board and not being able to change your mind, as someone removed the stairs that supported your climb. This may include anything from asking for a raise to confronting sensitive topics with a partner. It all comes down to your Soul's need for fairness and balance, and doing whatever necessary to even those scales. Ultimately, it is about the need to stand strong in yourself, to trust and believe in who you are and all that you bring to life's table, and yes it is all about the climb. Commit to making progress in your life on all fronts and the universe will throw you a serious bone.

When you do reach the edge of that board, don't just jump, show us your best swan dive, so all within eye site can see you soar!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

With your ruler Pluto still strongly and strategically positioned to the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, as well as to expansive Jupiter, it speaks volumes to the fact that the universe is putting constant pressure on you to evolve. This energetic configuration is supportive in nature, but it is constant, for the universe has its finger on your pulse. With Mars, the planet governing the lead point in your evolution, now moving direct in your sign, it will motivate you immensely to dig in with both feet, to take something to the max, and to stop at nothing until you reach your goal. Mars also happens to be forming a favorable trine to Venus at the onset of this forecast week, and it will give you the desire to embrace that vision with your entire being. Venus and Mars are also in stress to Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, so although there is tremendous support for you in places, there is also a nerve racking electricity that may make it impossible to sleep. You may very well be full of desire to go full bore, but it may also be a challenge to trust that it will all play out as you wish. Nothing like the universe to keep you on your toes. It will make victory that much sweeter. Keep following your instinct, even if the magnitude of your wishes intimidate you.

You've got this thing Scorp, you know you do!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

When life reaches a place of extremity, which feeling do you follow? You may be experiencing true reasons to feel joy, yet something else is bringing your emotional state to another extreme and it can be tricky to know where to find a place to land. Loving Venus is connecting in compatible fashion to Mars in Scorpio, allowing you to feel on track in many respects with a significant other, yet Venus is also squaring Uranus, which can either equal that rug being ripped from beneath your feet or else the fear or anticipation of something not working out in the way you envision it can. At the end of the day, its that 'hurry up and wait' feeling that Sag's are not particularly experts at pulling off. At its best, this trend equals new experiences with partners that change your world, bringing you closer together because of what you have shared. Mercury, the planet of communication and short trips, is well aspected all week, as he forms supportive angles to other planets in just about everywhere he looks, with the exception of forming a square also to Uranus on Sunday, July 10. This may equal a sudden change of plans, feeling caught off guard, or some emotional unrest linked with matters of the heart. It is an all over the place feeling kind of week, but it is guaranteed to catapult you into a new evolutionary zone.

Mercury and Venus shift into Leo, fire meets fire, so plan on experiencing more confidence involving the future direction of your life!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

How do you make the most of a mixed bag? You can value and cherish the energetic fruits and do what you can to remove the bad apples. Pluto in your sign is teaching you a thing or two about eliminating the baggage and removing the weak links, as he is still in strong support to the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, as well as to expansive Jupiter. You can only experience the abundance of Jupiter if you unload the dead weight, for imagine what you will free up if you do. Venus finds Mars with pleasure early on allowing you to connect deeply and meaningfully with others, but Venus also squares Uranus at the same time, which suggests this may get in the way with commitments at home. It may also energize an opening for needed change in your connections at home, leading to events that allow for timely breakthroughs. There is a plethora of energy for positive shifts in all of your relations, if you energize what you want versus what you don't want, if you focus on what can change versus where you keep getting tripped up and feeling trapped. Mercury also connects like a breeze to Mars on Sunday, July 10 while squaring Uranus, suggesting your communications are going to break the ice and calm the storm.

Give it a go, love follows!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

You have been known to be rebellious now and again, for some of you it is not just now and again but time and time again. You can blame, or better yet thank, your ruler Uranus for the mischief and individual approach to life. Uranus will not let anything stand in his way, he wants zero limits and he wants the freedom to choose as he wishes, especially more than ever now with Uranus traveling through warrior Aries. Your ruler Uranus squares Venus, as well as Mercury in Cancer this week, not allowing you to attach to anything in particular, in fact he is showing you where there is still work to be done, in your relationships, as well as in your communications with family and those where you hold emotional stock. However, Venus and Mercury also form an angle of strength to Mars in powerful Scorpio, suggesting your will is a mighty strong piece in this equation, your will to improve, to grow, to sustain and to surge forward in your life, in those ways that hold the greatest meaning to you, and you are willing to work for it, to fight for it, and to wait if necessary. Continue building upon your base, and trust in the people that are slowly but surely showing up for you.

You won't need to go at this one alone!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

On the one hand, there is a surging strength in the sky, yet things may also seem to be shooting straight out of left field, as an unpredictable air fills the atmosphere. Uranus, the planet of sudden events is squaring Venus early on this week and then follows with a square to Mercury, suggesting relationships may feel to be all over the board. Fortunately, the ones that really count will also be showing themselves, as Venus in fellow water sign Cancer harmonizes in heavenly ways to Mars in fellow water sign Scorpio. Come Sunday, Mercury in Cancer will follow with a beautiful trine to Mars in Scorpio, and this is a powerful heart meets the mind kind of fusion, as relationships of a karmic nature are also feeling more rooted in something real versus figments of your imagination. Pluto, the planet of the Soul, connects with remarkable leverage, to the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, along with generous Jupiter, the planet of prosperity. The dream may very well be feeling very close to real. Keep things practical when and where necessary, and then keep feeding the ideal.

The dream just might happen!

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