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Starcast for the week beginning July 27th, 2016

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

You go out with a bang, as your ruler Mars is spending his final days in the sign of penetrating Scorpio after months of getting to the bottom of some old karmic content. Mars will be doing all he can to scour the corners of holding and hiding, exposing the remnants of the old and unresolved, as well as letting you know where certain key deep desires still remain. This is no party, as you will tend to feel it all more fully, a result of evolutionary necessity. Fortunately, Uranus in your sign is syncing up beautifully to Venus, the planet of love and ease this weekend, allowing you also to see life with an objective lens in areas that may feel to be growing with intensity. This will help you manage the gravity of what's at hand or at stake, and give you the courage to follow your heart at every turn. Some tough talks may have to take place with Mercury squaring Mars leading into the weekend, but confronting the truth head on will lead to the greatest possible feeling breakthrough, the feeling of really come through a storm, only to experience some relative smooth sailing, as a New Moon in fellow fire sign Leo commits strongly to Saturn in Sagittarius on Tuesday, August, 2. This week you deal with what deeply counts, what else could be more important?

Bottoms up!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

Life may feel as if you are walking on wobbly ground, with your ruler Venus in a vulnerable zone and Mercury progressively squaring Mars, as we move into the weekend. Family matters involving emotionally sensitive content will be felt in full, and karmic conversing is inevitable where there are feelings left unspoken, and words that you just know must be uttered. As Mars spends his remaining days in your opposite sign, it would be most helpful to imagine being at the end of your life and asking yourself if there is anything you feel is unresolved, dealing with all that feels unfinished on a Soul level. What are the things you do not wish to drag forward? No time like the present now Taurus to nip them in the bud for good. With your ruler Venus also connecting harmoniously to Uranus, the planet of change, moving into Monday, you will experience a wave of relief, coinciding with a lack of attachment to outcomes, and only a desire for the right things to happen, no matter what that looks like.

New beginnings in all of your most cherished connections are in the wind, so clear what you must so there is nothing to muddy the pure waters that are gearing up to carry you forward!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

A changing perspective or a talk with someone that gifts you some validating feedback that grants you a new view. This also gives you the confidence to 'go for broke' in an endeavor that has required an incredible amount of work and in some cases sacrifice. Your ruler Mercury aligns with support to Uranus upon entering this forecast week, inducing a sense of bravery, but Mercury then squares Mars moving into the weekend to potentially cast some doubt, as something reminds you of those weak links in your plan. It does come down to trusting yourself in what you know to be true and not letting up no matter what. A New Moon in Leo forms a ray of support to Saturn in your opposite sign on Tuesday, August 2, as well as Venus in Leo connecting passionately to Uranus, energizing an emotional lift due to the help and visible commitment from another, reminding you that you do not have to go at this thing alone. The support you feel as the week progresses, strengthens you from the inside out, motivating you to dig in and give something your absolute all.

Lean deeply into yourself first, and you'll find that you have what it takes to experience a favorable and timely breakthrough!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

Feel it baby, that's you. No one ever had to tell you to get out of your head and into your emotional body. You live there all the time. Furthermore, there is also nothing like the recent Mars tour in fellow water sign Scorpio to take you ever further into those deeply feeling seas. Mars spends his final days in Scorpio before entering Sagittarius, and as he does, you will find that it serves you well, giving you that wave of momentum that you need to truly evolve. You find courage in the intense vulnerability, a rarity, but you also know you only have one way to go, and that is forward; similar to being caught in the middle of a growing wave, simple physics equals a forward thrust. Mercury is in Leo and squaring off with Mars, suggesting there will be some heart to heart talks that force your Soul to stretch, but while strengthening you nevertheless. However, come Monday, August 1, you finally and fully exhale as Venus combines with Uranus offering you the true benefits of staying in the center of the fire, even when it burns. You are getting strong on your own, and because of it, those partnerships will strengthen too with the help of a New Moon in Leo on Tuesday, August 2, forming an impressive pact with Saturn.

This bond is strong enough to truly trust!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

The Sun, Mercury and Venus are all traveling through your sign Leo, to offer their love and support. However, Mars, the planet of action, is spending his remaining days in Scorpio, which forms a natural square to your sign, keeping you on the emotional edge. Something highly karmic in your life linked with home, or in some cases family and women is playing out and you won't be able to sleep or possibly even breathe until you know that all is well. Fortunately, you won't have to hold your breath for long, as Venus in your sign aligns in ideal ways to Uranus, in your house of visions for the future, putting a positive spin on recent events, as we move into next week. Also a New Moon in your sign follows on Tuesday, August 2, to positively raise your spirits. It's about trusting that the right things will happen and knowing that the help you need, if necessary, is going to surface and show itself in living color. Mars will soon kick into gear and help you in ways you can't yet imagine, as he enters fellow fire sign Sagittarius as well on the day of the New Moon. Regardless of where your birthday lands in the sign of Leo, Tuesday, August 2, is a wonderful day for wishes.

With the New Moon so securely connecting to Saturn, there is strong potential, as long as it is realistic, for that wish to come true!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

You are in quite the pickle involving matters of the heart. On the one hand, your ruler Mercury is making a stellar angle of support to Uranus moving into this week. However, no sooner do you experience this welcomed air of relief, do you crash back down to the bottom of a feeling, when Mercury squares Mars in Scorpio upon entering the weekend. You could be getting the attention you need from someone you don't necessarily want, and wanting the attention from someone who isn't necessarily giving you what you need. My niece recently offered these words of wisdom to my daughter on Teen Dating 101. “It's always the one you don't want doing the right things.” Something is not allowing you to move forward, and it is either a result of the fear of going too far into a feeling and not being able to recover, or fear that whomever you want is not sharing the same desire in full measure. However, next week the games changes, when Venus and Uranus help you find an alternative way through followed by a New Moon in Leo on Tuesday, August 2, as this lunar duo trines Saturn in secure ways.

You will come to be able to count on something and there will be more than enough love in the ethers to heal those troubled waters!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

Love can make you sick and love can make you whole, and there is not a Soul that cannot relate to this feeling experience. Your ruler Venus governs love and those relationships that bind us to others. You have wonderfully supportive energies to work out the toughest emotional snag with Venus brainstorming with Uranus, the planet of ingenuity. You will know just how to pick any emotional lock with a New Moon in Leo forming on Tuesday, April 2, while in strong support to stable Saturn. This will lead to an outcome that feels secure, motivating you to pour ever more of your heart into the mix, especially when you feel the love in return. Balance becomes your bottom line Libra, so be sure to push for that even if that push becomes a shove, they won't know what hit 'em. You are setting new necessary boundaries for yourself and this will only prove to increase in August. There is a limit to anything, and you are experiencing the limit of what you can give, which must occur in order for you to find your way back into balance. Mars enters Sagittarius on Tuesday as well, and your instinct without filters from there on out will be to speak honestly and directly.

The truth may hurt and may at times feel foreign to deliver, but oh how it will help!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

Life has intensified even for you in recent months Scorpio, and with warrior Mars spending his final days in your sign, you can still see smoke from all the fires. There may be one more karmic kernel to contend with, or more than one if you are really feeling ambitious, and no time like the present to get into it and on with your life. Fortunately, Mercury and Uranus are offering a new vantage point that frees you from your past so you can make the best decision in light of your own personal evolution. Mercury does square Mars in your sign on Friday, July 29, potentially igniting some verbal combat rooted in fears spilling forward from the past. But Monday, August 1, loving Venus connects effortlessly with Uranus manifesting an optimal solution, and the follow day, Tuesday, August 2, a New Moon in Leo connects boldly to Saturn to grant your heart greater feelings of security, allowing you to make plans long into the distance.

Prepare to make a promise and a pact, one that you love, and one that you trust!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

There is always a list of energetic aspects occurring every week. It comes down to combining the effects and predicting potential outcomes. There is as much stress this week in the sky as there is support, so it comes down to asking yourself whether you want to push the limits or play it safe. With Mars still in Scorpio until entering your sign on Tuesday, August 2, there is a compulsive energy in the air that will have you more likely driven to deal with the obvious, versus passively sitting on the sidelines, which is not your style anyway. You are happiest and feel the most free within yourself when you lean with absolute honesty. The days leading into next week may feel tumultuous in places but as Venus in fellow fire sign Leo teams up with Uranus in fellow fire sign Aries on Monday, August 1, you will find your passionate persistence pays. The following day, on Tuesday, August 2, a New Moon in Leo forms a strong bond with Saturn in your sign suggesting honesty prevails, and as a result, so does a unique and powerful love connection. If you are single, this could also equal a new love making its way in.

Regardless, do stay open for the gift!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

As I look into the next week, one that is filled with energy that is literally all over the map, it feels impossible to experience all of these emotions that are so diverse within such a short period of time. You will feel joy and pain, you will feel stress and strain, and you will feel an intensity that is followed by a feeling of freedom. Your Soul is working through so much karmic content at this time with Mars spending his final days in Scorpio, and with each hurdle cleared, you will feel the fear free itself and as a result, you will feel far stronger for the ride. My favorite trend for you Capricorn comes on Tuesday, August 2, when a New Moon in Leo, in your house of the Soul, forms an anchoring trine to your ruler Saturn in Sagittarius, in your house of healing. It may very well feel that your heart, at that point, can rest on the mountain for a while. We all know that you rarely take breaks from the climb, but you will relish the feeling that comes with a steady stream of good loving vibes and balance, which creates this long overdue feeling. It's as if you have lived with a feeling for so long, you had forgotten what it felt like to be free of it, and now that feeling can be replaced with something you far prefer. Roll with the changes and the shifting tides. You'll be up and down and all around, but you will land on your feet.

You discover that it feels safe to feel secure in the passions that you crave. Have a taste!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

As fast as your ruler Uranus thinks and operates (which is at warp speed), things will be slowing down in your own unconscious, as Uranus stations retrograde on Thursday, July 28, having you re-think the way you wish to move forward. Mercury and Venus in Leo are also offering plenty of direction with respect to loving others and you are seeing the writing clearly on the walls. There is tremendous opportunity for change with also zero room for the way things have been. Mars spends his final days in Scorpio, which will create the feeling of reaching the roof of certain commitments, leading to new rules and structures needing to be born. As we move into next week, Venus leans in for a kiss as she opens her heart offering you more, and you feel the true benefit of timely change. A New Moon in your house of relationships the following day forms a stable angle of support to Saturn in Sagittarius, giving you a foundation of hope for what's to come in your most valued connections. The Uranus retrograde transit will allow you to put some distance between you and recent choices that may not have felt to be well thought through It will also serve to help you harmonize more with your own unique nature, naturally so, allowing you to vibrate in the world with less static and more Soul.

Others who you attract into your life will reflect where you are at vibrationally speaking, so use those scenes and settings as your reference point for growth!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

Getting real is the deal. There will be no two ways about it in the next few months, as Saturn squares your ruler Neptune, never allowing you to slip too far off into fantasy land. The good news is you will be catching those tendencies right at the get go and not allowing yourself to believe in something that cannot be. Saturn will also be forming heart-warming angles of strength to the New Moon in Leo on Tuesday, August 2, which will translate into problem solving at its best. Between now and then, Mars, the planet of action and desire, is spending his final days in fellow water sign Scorpio, so it is an ideal time to get your 'mojo' back, to step in with strength, wherever and whenever it is needed most. Your radar is penetratingly clear, so trust in whatever storms into you, and follow where it leads. With Mars entering Sagittarius also on Tuesday, August 2, there may be a need to move those goal posts, as new revelations are revealed which is occurring so you can expand the field of play, which will in turn benefit all.

Lastly, Venus connects seamlessly to Uranus early next week suggesting tremendous breakthroughs occur when you work together leading to positive results for all concerned!

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