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Starcast for the week beginning August 17th, 2016

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

Now that Saturn, the planet of commitment and contracts, is moving direct in fellow fire sign Sagittarius, along with Uranus, the planet of change now retrograde in your sign. This bodes well for being able to grab ahold of all the transformational change that you wish to implement in your own personal world. It can ultimately feel like a face lift on your life if those steps of awareness are taken consciously. Your ruler Mars is also catching up to Saturn and will zoom in front of this task master on Wednesday, August 24. The accessible energy you will be able to harness will be similar to wild stallions being released from behind a locked gate, as if the brakes have finally and fully come off, representing a new chapter turn in your Soul's evolution. A Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius on Thursday, August 18, will inspire you to take on something alternative and new like never before. Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, also produces a positive power surge on your behalf, potentially leading you into your breakout moment, as Mars puts you in position to be recognized for all that you are inherently worth.

Get ready to soar!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

Life without meaning is pointless. Life means nothing without being able to feel and find deep meaning in priceless moments as well as those hard fought personal pursuits. We start this week with a powerful planetary combination involving your ruler Venus in fellow earth sign Virgo forming a convincing trine to Pluto, the planet of empowerment. Pluto in practical terms can equal big money leading to big transactions. But on a more profound level, Pluto governs the Soul. This trend can help you connect with what means the most to you on the deepest possible level. It helps you attract exactly what you need for your evolution with the universe in full support of helping you achieve that goal. Venus moves swiftly and its impact is the strongest in the first few days of this forecast week so you may need to work fast. Transiting Mars in Sagittarius will also finally move in front of Saturn on Wednesday, August 24, so whatever you've got in the hopper may finally pop after that day. A Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius on Thursday, August 18, has something exciting and new brewing in your house of career, so prepare to board that train of change. Know however, that your ruler Venus will be getting plenty of help from her friends until month's end when she joins Jupiter and Mercury for a productive powwow.

If you play this thing right, there is no reason it can't be yours!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

Life feels so sweet when things just click. There is a reason people use the expression that 'the planets must be aligned' for that is the feeling experience when everything falls well into place, life simply happening naturally and without force. On the heels of a universally intense week, life will lift in places now with Venus forming a beautiful angle of support to Pluto, the planet of the Soul, occurring on the day of a Full Moon Eclipse in fellow sign Aquarius on Thursday, August 18. Hindsight is a powerful teacher and you will find it becomes your best friend in the coming days, granting you a new perspective on something you were not seeing clearly; it will have a way of removing a knee buckling weight. So much emotional goodness and growth can emerge in the next few weeks when you take the time to tend to the healing fires at home with the ones you love. It all starts within, from within yourself and in those sacred spaces we call home. When home feels good, all else falls into place.

Make your inner life work and the rest will prove to be a breeze!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

Deep emotional processing can be the very last thing a Cancer born wants to do. You feel it all and to have to put words to something that words could never reach produces a futile feeling. On top of that, the words can have a way of putting more salt in the already open wound, they make it ever more real and remind you of something that must be addressed and dealt with. Fortunately, a Full Moon Eclipse, one that is relatively mild in comparison to others, is in the sign of objective Aquarius on Thursday, August 18, and it is offering you a way through and a new way to understanding something that has caused you to writhe in pain. Once an alternative understanding arrives, the sting subsides, and in some cases will totally vanish. Loving Venus and Pluto also align seamlessly as we enter this forecast week, and it will have a way of strengthening your sensitivities, allowing you to feel stronger where you have so often tended to feel, in your mind, too soft. This week is an invitation to deepen and grow, where your desire for such things eclipses the fear that has parked itself on your path. Speak up now about what you would have not dared touch before, and you will be spellbound by what follows.

Only good can come of it!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

While a Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius on Thursday, August 18, increases your chances for electric change in your relationships, an enormous amount of energy is also stimulating areas of earning as Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, your ruler the Sun, and the North Node, the symbol for your destiny, all convene in Virgo in your house of what you value most. Now and in the next few weeks, true value will reside in the effort, for any little effort is destined to go an extraordinarily long way. Pluto, the planet that rules other people's money and those who have the power to help you, is harmoniously aspecting Venus early on this forecast week, helping you put your energy where it will be most well received and where you witness immediate results wherever you dedicate your attention and time. Rambunctious Mars is in fellow fire sign Sagittarius and will finally pass the judgment of Saturn on Wednesday, August 24, so give yourself a little more time before you put all that you have all the way out there. For now, it's about streamlining your energy and focus and staying determined no matter what. You will know you are right on track when you experience a prompt return on your energetic investment.

Dig in and feel through to the root of what matters most and then look no further!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

Surprise, surprise! It's eclipse season, although not as bold and blasting as some, this Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius on Thursday, August 18, is bound to show you a thing or two that you did not see coming. It is also effortlessly connecting to Uranus, the ruler for Aquarius, so anything goes under these trends. Loving Venus is in your sign and is also forming an epic angle of support to Pluto, the planet of the Soul, which could deepen your connections with others and have others feeling attracted to you like bees to honey. The trends continue moving into the following week Virgo as Jupiter, Venus and Mercury will all conjoin in your sign, allowing you to enjoy life to its fullest and make the very most out of what is being offered. Saturn is forming a hard square to the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, so do your best not to fall back onto old tendencies or fear that whatever good you are feeling is temporary. You can have more, life can be better, and love will find you.

All you have to do in the coming weeks is to let it happen. If it's not right now, it will be soon!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

It is time to take an energetic risk Libra. A Full Moon Eclipse in fellow air sign Aquarius on Thursday, August 18, may very well suddenly open a door that you least expect. This Full Moon Eclipse is also forming an ingenious angle to Uranus in your opposite sign that would be similar to picking an impossible lock or solving a mystery. On top of that and the biggest energetic kicker of all, is that your ruler Venus is forming a power trine to Pluto, the planet of empowerment, intimacy and the Soul. I know you enjoy keeping your options open, but this will be no week for fence sitting, it mustn't be, if you are going to get what you want. You will see an opportunity and know that you have to take it, or else. It's like the guy who privately pines for a girl. He thinks he may have a chance, but he hears of other guys expressing the same interest. Do you sit this one out for fear that she says no and leave her on the open market for others to go after or do you take the risk? It all comes down to the desire becoming bigger than the fear of rejection. Note: She doesn't want you to play Mr. Nice Guy, she wants you to step up and take it to the next step.

Whatever is playing out in your life Libra, just make a move. You'll feel better, she'll feel better, and heck, we will all feel better!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

No one likes to feel vulnerable, the very least of which is you. That is unless, you feel safe enough to show another the very corners of your Soul. Once you trust and that light turns green, there is no turning back, the one you are with won't know what hit 'em. You go further than most can fathom and because of this, you are a catalyst for evolution and change. A Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius, on Thursday, August 18 in your house of home and the emotional body is bound to open you, it will do so, because you want it to. This lunar pop is in stellar alignment with Uranus in Aries, translating into an energy that is spring loaded and ready to propel you forward on the path. Loving Venus is also perfectly combining with your ruler Pluto, helping to strengthen your communications with those who are committed to being in your life long term, friends, intimates and otherwise. This may also prove to be a week of true progress where sincere efforts have been made to improve the penetrating power of your bond.

Everything you need to feel, you will!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

Whenever Mars transits a sign, it gives it impressive energy. However, Mars does not always give it the kind of heat you want, nor does it know when to stop. Mars can irritate and intensify life. Mars can inflate, especially when it is in your sign, as it is right now. There are some energetic relief points this week that get you back on track, as loving Venus and Soulful Pluto reach a state of memorable harmony on the day of a Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius on Thursday, August 18. This eclipse also connects like clockwork to Uranus in fellow fire sign Aries to help turn things around involving matters of the heart. Mars is the ruler for Aries and while in your sign, it will finally reach the same point in the sky as it was when it went retrograde back in mid April, as it crosses in front of Saturn on Wednesday, August 24, suggesting a certain piece of your past is finally closing and in some cases culminating, while new vistas of opportunity gloriously await. Your ruler Jupiter is in Virgo and is joined by Venus and Mercury, the ruler for Virgo, the last week of this month in your house of career. This is one ambitious trinity as it sits at the high point in your chart. It is clear that old ways of doing business must cease, in order to make room for all that naturally wishes to manifest and prosper.

Get out of your own way and then prepare to take flight!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

As Mars approaches a conjunction to your ruler Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius, the expression 'rock steady' comes to mind. There is no telling what will rise and fall until they conjoin and when Mars moves ahead of Saturn finally on Wednesday, August 24, the message is to stay on your feet, ride the tide and ultimately, 'rocky steady til the break of dawn'. You have staying power like no other, and can endure whatever necessary so long as you know what awaits on the other side of your climb. This week you will be reminded of the gold as Venus, the planet of pleasure and promise forms a most auspicious angle of support to Pluto in your sign. When these two planets align in this way, your degree of magnetism is off the charts, as long as you stay in your groove without pushing something too fast or too far. 'Rocky steady' reminds you to dance as you go, to stay in rhythm with yourself and in harmony with others.

That's your ticket this week, so take it to heart and they'll be lining up at your door!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

So much of what determines the degree of success in any Soul's life is whether or not you acknowledge the obvious signs that appear on the path. This week you are going to be gifted and granted a sign that is far from subtle and it may as well have been posted on a billboard of lights, as a Full Moon Eclipse in your sign on Thursday, August 18, plugs itself in to its ruler Uranus, now in Aries, which can feel like downing a triple espresso following a sleepless night. Life will have a way of picking up speed potentially in a direction that you did not expect, although you will welcome the liberating change. To help matters next week, Mars moves in front of Saturn on Wednesday, August 24, and reaches the same point in the sky as it was when it went retrograde mid April, which will have the effect of moving a serious road block. Lastly, and perhaps most meaningfully, Venus and Pluto dance the Samba, as if they were made for one another and they lead you into a potential fairy tale scene. At the very least you will get in touch with what you ultimately need on every feeling front either because you dreamt it, you tasted the truth of it, or you watched it happen for another.

It's time to make it your turn!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

It is far more preferable to float than to drown. With Saturn, the planet of reality, forming a tight square to your ruler Neptune, as well as the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, it would have made it next to impossible to be successful in any tendency to escape whatever is bringing you back down to earth. The good news with respect to this trend, is that it will tell you precisely what is possible versus you trying to paint the world rose colored and hoping for the best. You know exactly where you stand and you know what can and cannot be, which in the end will be a massive time saver moving forward. My older brother used to coin the phrase, “The longer you stand in wet cement, the harder it is to get out.” So why make it harder on yourself than you need to? Venus' phenomenal trine to Pluto opens an atmosphere for speaking in bottom lines to loved ones and yet experiencing loving progress as a result. Venus in Virgo will join Jupiter and Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, in your house of relationships, in my next starcast, which equals abundant opportunity in relationships, you may just have to give up one thing in order to get something far better.

You are seeing things clearly and with that said, this week requires you to act accordingly, so you can set yourself up for the ultimate win!

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