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Starcast for the week beginning August 24th, 2016

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

Your ruler Mars traveling in fellow fire sign Sagittarius has finally cleared its lingering shadow from the recent retrograde and is gearing up to get up and go, and I mean (really) go. Mars closes in on Saturn, the planet of tests and trials, and speeds in front of this task master on Wednesday, August 24. The surge of energy you will be feeling will be palpable and, at times, hard to contain. It may be too that variable amounts of anger may surface if you have been storing that edgy emotion, so be prepared for the power of its release and allow for a healthy outlet. The key now is to channel this energy in productive ways for you will be filled to the gills with feisty fuel. You move into the weekend with an abundance of room to improve your health, your love life as well as your overall spirits, as Jupiter, Venus and Mercury combine to help you make the very most out of whatever it is that matters to you.

Don't let any doubts get in the way of the dream. It can be yours if you bring your all!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

An abundant life is at your fingertips with your ruler Venus now joined by her equally benevolent planet Jupiter, and they will be peaking in their influence moving into the weekend. To add to the energetic elevation, Mercury is also adding to the buzz as this planet of communication and negotiation joins this team to take something positively to the max. These three planets are traveling through fellow earth sign Virgo, which is the sign that Mercury naturally rules, giving you extra cosmic clout in your exchanges with others. This is a heart stretching trend that is destined to open you up to landscapes of fertile opportunity involving your creative life purpose and how you can be of greater service to this planet. This week is about finding the most meaningful stride you can muster and then not slowing down until you've found yourself deep in your Soul groove. Much may surface to attempt to stop you in your tracks, but you will find that you are bigger and better than whatever it is that is trying to intercept your steps.

You rise to the challenge by following your heart and you see that it speaks passionate volumes and gains you an effortless entry!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

Matters of the home are calling you forth as your ruler Mercury in Virgo joins Jupiter and Venus to improve the space, whether it be physically enhancing the surroundings or nourishing the emotional waters that sustain the connections that you hold most dear. These trends speak to work needing to be done while at the same time plenty of helping hands who are ready and willing to jump in and help. Evolution is an inside out process. Anything that you attempt to fix on the outside will only translate into window dressing, it won't touch the heart of the matter. Any effort you make to feed those inner halls or to tend to whatever feels broken or lacking in those loving connections, will go tremendously far. It is similar to paddling hard to catch a wave, it may take tremendous effort but once you are 'in it', the surf does the rest of the work to carry you to shore. You must engage in the initial push, reflecting your desire for progress, and you will experience measurable results when you discover where you land.

Release the mental chatter, soften your stance, and you will be merrily on your way!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

When life becomes emotionally charged and that inevitable feeling of vulnerability kicks in, your instinct is to retreat into your shell. However, this week you have a cosmic invitation to move through all that has been angering or ailing you and put it to work with your words, as a power trinity of energy combines in Virgo, in your house of communication this weekend. Jupiter, governing honesty, Venus, energizing harmony and Mercury encouraging emotional expression, together combine to help you tackle just about any hardship you have endured. If your intentions are pure, there is tremendous support in the sky to break through to the other side of a feeling place where you continue finding yourself getting stuck. Your efforts to penetrate to the root of an issue and your courage to stand in the fire no matter what, will earn you rank and ultimately set you free from what has felt like an emotional ball and chain. Take a risk in a key relationship knowing the entire universe is in your corner.

Ultimately this is about you being true to you, which you'll soon find is about to strengthen you in spades!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

Warrior Mars carries the torch and it literally makes your Soul engine run. Mars took a hiatus for a few months and he has finally cleared his own shadow, meaning he has caught up to where he was when he went retrograde back in mid April. Not only that, Mars is crossing in front of Saturn on Wednesday, August 24, suggesting something has run its course or is coming to an end. A new vital surge of energy will follow but not without some pain on its way out as you experience certain aspects of your past slipping through your fingers. For the health of you and for the health of your life, the truth of something must be dealt with head on so that you can put your heart into something that will work for you. Jupiter, Venus and Mercury all conjoin in Virgo this weekend to help show you exactly what is needed to help repair or upgrade your circumstances and in some cases your finances, and this should have a direct positive impact on your spirits. Good fortune is sure to find you in the coming week, so long as you unload any unnecessary baggage that you may be still be carrying. Let go of the unwanted and open yourself up for more of all that you love and live for.

It really can be as simple as that!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

This is your week Virgo. Generous Jupiter has been in your sign for close to a year now and before he exits next month, he is leaving his stamp on you and your life, as he recruits the help of loving Venus and your ruler Mercury this entire week but its greatest impact will show this weekend. Imagine standing at a threshold and a door opens. Beyond where you stand you see into a land that looks like no place you have ever been yet you feel naturally drawn to take a step, a step into a new life that you feel ready to pursue. There will be plenty of space to spread your wings and oodles of opportunity to try new things on for size. However, your ruler Mercury is also slowing to a stop next Tuesday, August 30 and shifting retrograde, which will have you re-thinking either a love interest or future life plans. The retro slide will help you make certain you want what you want and that it feeds a natural need in you versus something that fizzles out fast. Let whatever intuitively storms in fill your being, and then let this wisdom help you reach the peak of your potential.

Follow this pull and you will suddenly and with an eerily feeling of sweet serendipity, fill those Soul shoes!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

Your own personal field of dreams is a powerful place to park yourself this week, as abundant Jupiter, your ruler Venus, and Mercury all convene in Virgo in your house of the ideal. Your imagination will be off the charts with imagery and you may find yourself fantasizing about the perfect fit in terms of a partner or a new desirable reality. This is all fine and good as long as you don't set yourself up for a fall by projecting too much perfection into that dream lens, for who could possibly live up to that picture of perfection. These trends will allow you to attract more of what you dream about which will have a way inspiring you to continue to go after what you want. Mercury will shift retrograde on Tuesday, August 30, having the effect of helping you re-write a few of those life pages, words that reflect a revised version of what you long for. Mars is strategically positioned now to give you a good boost of courage right where you need it most. Do away with some of those “what ifs' and just let nature take its course.

You will find the less you worry, the more things will start to go your way!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

Times are changing, and so is your life. Honesty opens up pathways that may have felt to be blocked in recent months, and you feel the freedom in coming out with it versus holding it in an allowing it to fester. Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are all conjunct in Virgo this week, in your house of change and breakthroughs, suggesting you will be finding love where friendships live and allowing yourself to step in with more of your Soul in places where you may have held back. This week does allow for a rare kind of objectivity that is necessary with the choices you are making surrounding your future. Action Mars moves into a new phase to Saturn, initiating a new life chapter, one that is rooted in honesty and authenticity. There are some strong turns regarding your financial picture which may be a result of a big purchase or needing to pay out more on a monthly basis than you have previously been forking out. Ultimately it takes money to make money so the financial hit is worth it. If you are ready to make a change, this week shows you every which way to make it happen. All things are possible with a little help from the right people.

You not only get by with a little help from your friends, you get high too!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

You were already blessed to be born a Sag, I've never met one who didn't feel this was true. This does not suggest that your life has been a breeze, but it does mean that it would have been one heck of a lot harder on you otherwise. One Sag in particular who had a very challenging life said, “If I wasn't a Sag, I would be dead by now.” It creates this good fortune kind of feeling and a sense that there are higher ups always hovering near to help with the near miss, or to save the day. It is fortunate enough to have lucky Jupiter as your ruler, but by joining forces with Venus and Mercury, as it is this week, and most effectively this weekend, this combination can triple your capacity to attract more abundance or experience more meaningful growth in your life. Because these planetary players are in Virgo, this does not allow for laying low, hoping for your ship to come in. It requires output, and directing your energy in clear and defining ways, targeting where you can make the most out of your efforts and time. Mercury is slowing down to turn retrograde on Tuesday, August 30, so there will be some changes on the career front and possibly some time line shifts for some of your work goals. If it is not right, you will know it and then you can follow with the necessary adjustments . Meeting half way will benefit you but just be careful not to don't bend so far that you break.

You can get what you want, just take the time you need to negotiate fair and square!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

You are encouraged to shoot for the stars when generous Jupiter is well positioned for there is no telling how far this cosmic giant can help carry you. There is no time like the present to benefit from his good graces as he not only spends his last few weeks in fellow earth sign Virgo but he is currently flanked by Venus and Mercury and together they all three form a new phase conjunction this weekend. This allows you to finally get something off the ground or to put yourself out there in a more expansive way, in some cases involving international pursuits. You may have some wild interest to travel off the beaten path but with Mars so close to Saturn, currently it would be best to play it safe. Mars does travel beyond your ruler Saturn moving into this week, but it may take a few more weeks before things feel less irritated and inflamed. Regardless, you are in a grand position to grow and to target new heights for yourself, and we all know how you live for and love a challenge. Mars is in your house of healing and dreams, and he is serving to help pull your privately held desires out of hiding. You do have some time to prepare for their release if you feel you are not quite ready but know that resistance will be your worst enemy.

Be free and come out with your wishes and a natural unveiling process will follow!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

You may think that your Soul is right on track, and then straight out of left field something shoots in to tell you were wrong, or at the very least letting you know that you still had some cleaning up to do. Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are traveling arm in arm in your house of empowerment and they are showing you the truth of things, letting you clearly know all that can and cannot be. Mercury is also slowing down to a stall and by early next week on Tuesday, August 30, he will shift retrograde to give you the time and clear understanding about what still needs your undivided attention. You cannot skip steps as you go along the way of life, for they do eventually catch up with you, preventing you from enjoying the connection with others that you crave. Action Mars is really showing his true colors now and you are going to like his style this week as he gives you the fire and the courage to tell it like it is and exactly how you see it. An opportunity has arrived for you to step outside of the emotion of what you feel you want and observe the scene objectively.

Will it work long term? Should it not, then you will find a way out and a better way through!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

I recall phenom American gymnast Gabby Douglas wrestling with perfection at the Olympics because she was able to stick the landing on highly difficult vaults at practice but when on the world stage she found herself on occasion landing with a slight wobble and hop. The pressure for any Soul can be insurmountable when all eyes are on you. At some point the near perfect mark has got to be enough. In the end, what matters most is that you give it your best, Gabby clearly gave it her best and it proved to be far more than enough. For any Soul that is all we can really ask of ourselves. Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are all conjoined in your opposite sign suggesting you may have the tendency to either compare yourself to others or compare yourself to your own picture of perfection. It speaks to the need for balance as well as the need for greater harmony in your life. These symbols also speak volumes for others stepping up and helping you where you need it most, so that it's not all on you. With Saturn squaring your ruler Neptune, it may feel as if your world is out of control with life or career placing far too much pressure on you and your time. Let the people who love you and know what you need most take care of what you can't.

It is time you give yourself a break and know that you are perfect just the way you are!

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