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Starcast for the week beginning September 14th, 2016

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

Your ruler Mars is making a commotion all over the energetic sky. For starters, he is forming a direct square to the approaching Lunar Eclipse in Pisces on Friday, Sept.16, where you can expect to experience plenty of feeling fireworks, as just about anything goes. It can be a highly volatile period so be mindful of the peaking energetic blasts in unexpected directions. However, Mars is simply chomping at the bit to help you make a radical breakthrough and he is here to ensure that it happens by moving into a high velocity angle of support to Uranus in your sign. Within this, Mars is also forming a strong partnering angle to loving Venus in Libra, helping you get a little more of what you want and what you need in your relationships. This week is the furthest thing from status quo, and it very well may take you on a roller coaster ride, one that may makes you shriek from the speed, but also one that could potentially give you a positive electric charge, leaving you racing for more. Energize a desirable vision and prepare for a potentially life changing journey to initiate.


TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

When compiling a preparation of the astrological influences, it can be a bit like baking a cake. You can put flour and sugar on the counter and some of the other basic ingredients, but until you start adding specific spices and seasoning, there is no way to know what the final product will even begin to taste like. This week is loaded with flavor, some tastes you will enjoy and some you will find are a bit too pungent. A Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces may positively aspect your Sun but it will also be squared by troublemaker Mars, so the skies are creating quite a recipe for success or distress. Fortunately for you Taurus, your ruler Venus is sweetly positioned to Mars, and they will be giving you quite a bit of leverage in places. Mars also forms an auspicious angle to Uranus, the planet of breakthroughs suggesting once something is set in motion, it could happen breathtakingly fast. In essence, life could go either way, and in either direction, but if something falls apart, you are going to find a way to make it far better. Your life is about to take off with some serious speed. The bigger the Moon, the bigger the boom.

Get ready to zoom zoom!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

Your ruler Mercury is still retrograde for an entire week and as he slides back and into those cracks to bring your attention to overlooked details, he continues his retro tour smack dab in the middle of a Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces. Warrior Mars in your opposite sign also squares this eclipse, suggesting there may be some upheaval in your relationships. However, there could be some radically cool change too, as Mars is also forming a brilliant angle to Uranus in Aries, where fresh starts are certain and new ways of looking at your connections can also set you free from an emotionally binding past. At its best it can usher in some positive sweeping change, for it is calling for a potentially chilling yet a truly freeing kind of honesty that can allow for an acceleration of growth with the ones you love most. Mars also aligns effortlessly to Venus, which can help you find your way to the very same page, even if it means you both will need to find a way to meet half way.

The bottom line is that change wins, any way you slice it. So encourage that tidal shift in your own life, and you will absolutely love where you land!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

You came here to grow and to evolve, isn't that true Cancer? Of course you did, for who wants to idle and mark time? With that being said, it will require you to push those feeling limits and you will feel uncomfortable at times, especially if it requires you to swim through vulnerable seas. On Friday, Sept. 16, a Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces connects in timeless ways to your Sun sign, but at the same time, will be receiving a right angle turn of stress from warrior Mars in Sagittarius, suggesting you may have to put yourself out there, which means potentially setting yourself up for a fall. At the end of the day, your Soul lessons are all about loving yourself, and strengthening those inner halls, and this will only happen when you take risks that require living outside that comfort zone. There is however a redeeming energetic quality to this week's lunar blast, in that Mars will also be forming a powerfully clear channel to Uranus, the planet of breakthroughs, allowing you to move beyond a debilitating block. Mark my words, you will be witnessing yourself rising above the doubt and enjoying your new found station on life's climb. Mars and Venus also sync up in stimulating ways suggesting your efforts for inner self-care pay off when others see the light of you and want more of your shine on their faces.

Just watch how they come running!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

One of two things will be occurring for the Leo born this week, as Mars in fellow fire sign Sagittarius squares a Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces on Friday, Sept 16, having the effect of piercing any possible illusions you may have left around a potential love. It may become a total eclipse of the heart, or with Mars also forming an exhilarating angle of support to Uranus in fellow fire sign Aries, it could mean that you benefit from what you once experienced as a crushing loss. A silver lining phenomena may grace the stage of your life and you become clear on why things have played out as they have. Loving Venus is also aligning to Mars in the most pleasing of ways suggesting someone is going to show up for you that you didn't expect. Even if at first it appears as if you are not going to get what you want, know that what you thought you wanted will quickly become overshadowed by something you realize you want so much more.

You are reminded that there is a reason for everything, and that reason will soon reveal itself in living,vivid color!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

Never a dull moment, eh Virgo? That is the way things have been, and that feeling will follow you into this week, as a Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces on Friday, Sept 16, keeps things lively and highly unpredictable. Also, your ruler Mercury, is retrograde in your sign, so keeping your communications clear is more important than ever. Action Mars is in truth seeker Sagittarius, and is squaring this eclipse so you may finally come to hear the truth of someone else's affections or lack there of, depending on your personal story. Fortunately, Mars is also making a fiercely fertile angle to Uranus in Aries, in your house of the Soul, ushering in the potential for a passionate ending followed by an even more heated new beginning. Venus, the planet of love, is in Libra, in your house of self reliance and all that you value while traveling hip to hip with Mars, reflecting an ease in deepening your inner relationship to yourself. The deeper you go within, the more attractive you will become to others, as a result of resonating a wholeness versus projecting a neediness as you look outside yourself for someone to fix a feeling.

Find your center, move from that place, and love will follow wherever you roam!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

With generous Jupiter now in your sign, you will come to experience more abundance in places where there has felt to be a lack, especially in your world of relationships. However, Jupiter in your sign can also reflect the pendulum of love swinging from one extreme to another. If anything is out of balance, it could swing further in that direction if you do not honor and thus voice what you know you need. The Libras of this land are learning balance versus experiencing the art of being in balance, and this is due to your tendency to step in and over give. A Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces, which is being squared by Mars on Friday, Sept 16, will remind you where you have made sacrifices that have gotten the best of you, leaving you feeling angry and depleted, in some cases where you felt more like a door mat rather than an equal. This coming eclipse will certainly bring things to a head wherever necessary, but it will also provide a clear pathway for positive change. Your ruler Venus is in your sign and combining harmoniously to Mars to help you get more of what you want. This starts with speaking up. Access the courage to speak honestly and freely and someone's response may very well stop you in your tracks.

You'll see just how fast things can change!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

As Mercury retrogrades back to form a favorable angle of clarity and support to your ruler Pluto, you too will be clearer by the day. It will give you an opportunity to unleash a load of the unwanted doubt that you may have been carrying, but it will also work to expose anything in your life that needs some work. Within this retrograde swing, we have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in fellow water sign Pisces, which typically would work wonders in terms of creating a healing momentum and a natural deepening in your connections with others. However, edgy Mars is squaring this eclipse, so someone may very well be working hard to build a wedge between you and your joy. You are not afraid of the dark and like no other sign, you know how to go all the way into the center of something if need be, but you don't stay down or in those shadows for long, as Mars connects with his best friend Uranus in the ethers to help you remove that burr in your saddle. In the middle of it all, you do experience some sweet justice in places thanks to Mars partnering well with Venus in Libra. What goes around comes around, and this week you can count on that. You have all the energy you need to help pull yourself out of a fog or a slump.

Keep your fire lit and it will passionately radiate, clearly showing the way!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

Now that your ruler Jupiter has entered Libra, the sign that governs relationships, you will feel the support in your own personal life for Jupiter becomes like a tuning fork to help you harmonize with others, as well as offering the potential to expand your connection with the ones who love. Your magnetism increases now as well and the relationships you are in have the potential to grow for good. A Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces is being squared by action Mars in your sign on Friday, Sept. 16, but Mars will also be forming an electrically charged angle of support to Uranus, energizing a re-boot effect in your life. Because of this, you will feel the promise of a new life force running through your veins, an inner vibe that feels energetically transforming. Mercury, the ruler of the North Node in Virgo, the symbol for your destiny, is still retrograde in the middle of all this chaos, but he will show you a thing or two of significant detail that will help with some major decisions before he turns himself around the middle of next week. Mars in your sign finds Venus with ease energizing a feeling of sympatico with another, a feeling of being totally in sync.

Mars is also injecting you with a rare kind of courage that if harnessed could take you all the way to the top. Prepare to summit!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

Your ruler Saturn is in Sagittarius and is squaring the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, as well as squaring Neptune in Pisces, reminding you of where you have been getting stuck and where your efforts have felt futile. These symbols do reflect a crossroads on the evolutionary path, and with Mars squaring a Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces, on Friday, Sept 16, along with Mercury still being retrograde, you may experience people losing their minds around you, causing you to question your own sanity at what you are witnessing. There is a caveat in that Mars is connecting with impressive precision to Uranus, the game changer on all fronts, as the two of them work to re-wire and re-set anything that has felt to have gone south or turned sour in your life. The strength of this trend for you Cappy works on your inner landscapes, specifically your emotional body, helping you energize a significant shift that in turn allows for long overdue positive changes to manifest in your outer world. It is not complicated in the end.

Let this week change you, and your life will positively follow suit!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

The energy this week is one of extremes and events may occur in unpredictable fashion, as your ruler opposes Venus in Libra. Warrior Mars is squaring a Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces on Friday, Sept 16, potentially causing some stormy seas, where you could get caught in a verbal crossfire or perhaps you are the one who gets triggered and then you blow. This may very well occur in your world of work but it may also be that you bring the stress home from the office and someone becomes a target for your rage. Communications can become testy and heated with loved ones that then may lead to an inevitable change in the dynamics of your relationship. On a positive note, Mars in Sagittarius is forming a passionately productive angle of support to Uranus in Aries allowing for the kind of resolution that lifts the roof off of all prior limits, granting you a freedom feeling like no other.

It is a week to tell it like it is, just be mindful of your delivery, something positive is destined to come of it!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

Step by step and before you know it, you will have climbed out of a recent hole and made your way into a clear zone of the known. You will be feeling Saturn's square to your ruler Neptune for a few more weeks but it has just begun to wane in its influence. A Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces on Friday, Sept.16, may keep things wild and unruly, especially since Mars in Sagittarius is squaring this eclipse and there is no telling what this could ignite in your closest relationships. However, Mars is also forming a stunning angle of support to Uranus in Aries which can create a surplus to stream in with respect to your finances wherever you have been clever and creative. Venus, the planet of profit and pleasure, is also joining the bandwagon and she is here to help you secure a financial deal or one that will have you profiting long term. The times suggest that just about anything may be blown out of proportion, so do your best to take it with a grain of salt and always keep the big picture in mind.

This bird's eye view will be essential for knowing your best next steps!

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