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Starcast for the week beginning September 21st, 2016

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

With your ruler Mars spending his final week in fellow fire sign Sagittarius, as well as Mercury turning direct in Virgo as we initiate this forecast week, it is a fine time to kick something strongly into gear now that you have some of those missing pieces in place. What makes this Mercury shift so powerfully effective, is that it will be forming a dynamic angle to Pluto, the planet of the Soul. In essence, Mercury will be making a mark on a map that says I am here, but on my way there. It speaks of a commitment moving forward, and a willingness to do the work, taking whatever steps necessary for something to succeed. Saturn is still squaring the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, suggesting patience will be not only required but always a virtue as you continue to pursue a long-term plan. Don't rush or force it and the road to somewhere very special will naturally open up. With both Jupiter and Venus in your house of relationships, you may very well find you are an attraction magnet.

Enjoy the attention and the admiration, and do something positive with that spotlight!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

Things are going to start to come together for you this week Taurus. Mercury is traveling in fellow earth sign Virgo and is reversing his direction late in the West on Wednesday, Sept. 21. What makes this turn around so noteworthy, is that Mercury will be connecting with precision to Pluto, the planet of empowerment, in fellow earth sign Capricorn, to help you put some of those ideas into serious motion. Your ruler Venus is currently traveling in your house of improvements but she will enter your house of relationships on Friday, Sept. 23, in the sign of Scorpio, to help you align and collaborate with another in order to support a Soul vision. With Saturn still squaring the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, there is still work to be done and red tape to get through in some cases but whatever is saying 'not so fast', will be worth the wait.

Communicate clearly in the next week, and by my next forecast, you may very well just end up getting exactly what you want!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

Life can get a bit wacky when your ruler Mercury travels retrograde, in that everything can tend to start breaking down and falling apart, especially when it is in the sign of Virgo, which it is now. Everything from home and car repairs down to the health of your body can be in need of an overhaul. Fortunately, Mercury ends its retrograde late in the West on Wednesday, Sept. 21, so you can look forward for things to be put happily back together again. On a more personal front, it may have been that you needed to re-visit conversations with certain family members in order to improve the health of your connection. The air has either been cleared or it is moving in that direction, so life can move on instead of feeling like it is caught in an age old loop. Generous Jupiter as well as Venus are in fellow air sign Libra, which will open your heart to harmonious ways of relating, energizing a desire to make love not war, as well as allowing you to carry an energy of greater ease so you can attract a better feeling flow in your world.

Let your heart tell your mind what to say, and you are sure to find a far better way!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

You are finding your voice Cancer, and it is about time. Mercury slows to a stop in your house of communication late in the west on Wednesday, Sept 21, and as he turns himself around, he harmonizes deeply and sweetly with Pluto, the planet of the Soul, to help you express those inner stirrings of your heart. You are growing by the day, and your relationships are truly beginning to reflect this truth. This trend offers a spirit of grounded confidence, allowing you to speak from your center. It provides an energy that says you know who you are and what you want, and this way of expressing yourself so intently and directly has someone asking for more. Loving Venus also moves into fellow water sign Scorpio on Friday, Sept.23, to help you further deepen a heart-felt connection, gifting you this 'knowing' feeling that there is so much room for more. The stronger you stay within yourself, and the more you nurture those tender corners, the greater your chances for love to flower and flourish.

Show more of yourself to the world and the world will generously shower you with loving praise and applause!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

Mars is giving you a final thrust before exiting fellow fire sign Sagittarius next Tuesday, Sept.27, so use this energy well and wisely. With Mercury being retro the past three weeks, it may have felt more like a push or a shove to get things moving in any given direction. However, Mercury stations direct late on Wednesday, Sept.21, to help give you the response that you need in order for life to lift and proceed. To help matters, Mercury connects boldly to powerful Pluto, which should help with financial matters as well as ironing out any remaining details. This week has more of a practical energetic flavor, but certain decks need to be cleared before you can get down to the business of having some good loving fun. With Mars heating up areas involving matters of the heart, there is no doubt you will be feeling passionate about a number of things, not to mention a person or two, so know that your focus will be clear and your affections will be telling you where to tailor your time.

Loving Venus enters Scorpio on Friday, Sept 23, suggesting there may be some power plays in your midst, but you are up for the challenge and will be in a strong position to prevail!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

You are going to have some powerful leverage to effectively pivot, as your ruler Mercury slows to a stop in your sign late Wednesday, Sept 21, moving direct after three weeks in retreat. Mercury joins forces with Pluto, the planet of metamorphoses, allowing you to feel more secure with respect to someone you have your heart set on. Loving Venus also enters Scorpio on Friday, Sept 23, which serves you well as she maneuvers her way deeper into your life, and you begin expressing yourself with more depth, breadth and measure. Life may also feel to be taking some fated turns, and for the first time in quite some time, you feel yourself confidently following this pull. With Saturn still squaring the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, you may be feeling more vulnerable in places, which is a good thing Virgo, as it will encourage the inner growth that you need in order to evolve. Mars enters fellow earth sign Capricorn by my next forecast, so if you do not take a real risk this week, your time for such courageous strides is destined to come.

The clock of opportunity has officially started ticking!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

Your ruler Venus exits your sign on Friday, Sept 23, so milk her presence for all she is worth. However, abundant Jupiter as you must know by now, will be in your sign for an entire year, so know that there is plenty of cosmic generosity headed your way. Mercury, the planet of communication and negotiation, is also returning to a forward moving motion again late on Wednesday, Sept 21, while also aligning magically with Pluto, the planet of empowerment, suggesting a new dialogue will be occurring in your your inner world, one that strengthens your inner state as well as your stride. I heard someone recently offer these words of advice, “Instead of listening to yourself, talk to yourself”. If old tapes are still playing, then re-write those lyrics that can weave an inner fabric of emotional strength.

The tendency is to look outside yourself for such assistance, yet the power feeling that you seek is only accessible within, especially as we speak. Go grab it and get it!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

If you have been delaying making a final decision, it is a mighty good thing. Mercury, the planet of information and communication, has been traveling deep in the recesses of time, creating derailing disruptions and annoying setbacks, but he stations direct late in the west on Wednesday, Sept. 21, while forming a most impressive angle of strength to your ruler Pluto in Capricorn. However, Saturn, the ruler for Capricorn, is currently squaring the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, which means that even though there is energetic promise for a productive forward momentum, it may take a little longer than planned. The reason being, this is your life, not a minor decision making moment, not to mention, this is the journey of your Soul. You are going to make damn sure to get it right versus putting yourself on the famous path of repeat. These trends will allow you to make smart and solid choices, reminding you that this is in fact a process, not a landslide of movement in one direction or another. Lastly, Venus, the planet of love and money, essentially those things you value most, enters your sign on Friday, September 23, and she is going to help you ease your way right on in.

Wherever there is a need, as long as you are playing fair, Venus will come running!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

Life has been wild and lively with Mars trekking through your sign Sag and you will feel his fire for nearly one more week before he takes the heat off when entering Capricorn by my next forecast. This is a good time to access the added motivation you need by lighting a fire in your Soul wherever you need it most. Fortunately, Mercury stations direct late in the West on Wednesday, Sept.21, and as he stops to turn and face your future, he gains the staunch support of Pluto, to ensure that you are deeply seated in your destined groove with respect to your work and your career moving forward. You may experience a deep-seated feeling of security in places, even if it is just in the knowing that something is on its way. However, an experience that reflects a harvest after many years of hard work may materialize, as a result of all your efforts.

Get ready to put some concentrated time into something that will drive you up and into the next realm of manifestation!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

Often times all it takes is for one thing to fall perfectly into place on the heels of wrestling with it for weeks in order for an energy of confidence to return to your body and being. Mercury has been retrograde in fellow earth sign Virgo, the sign who pays close attention to details, and you have been lost in the shuffle of set backs and do-overs. Something else may have been usurping your time and now you are ready to re-direct your focus and energy into something where you can measure a gain. Mercury forms a streamline connection to Pluto in your sign and stations direct late in the west on Wednesday,Sept 21, to help you feel more optimistic about your vision for your life. You may finally be able to see into your future where things have become foggy and uncertain in places. Your ruler Saturn is also still squaring the Nodes, those symbols that connect to what lives in the past versus that which sits hopeful on the horizon. This creates a feeling pause on the path, one where either you are experiencing an inability to let go of the past or fear of the unknown has been causing you to freeze, preventing you from moving freely into your future.

Mars enters your sign next Tuesday, Sept 27, and by then, you will be feeling reborn and raring to get up and go!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

The future of your Soul is on the line. Sound serious? It can be if you do not pay close attention to the obvious. Mercury in Virgo has been retrograde in your house of the Soul, collecting overlooked information that could very well equal the missing link that you needed to know how to move forward. Mercury stations direction late Wednesday, Sept.21, while forming an epic angle of support to Pluto, in your house of healing and dreams. You may have been getting in touch with the ideal picture of your future, or of what you wish that future to be. With Mars' recent electric angle to your ruler Uranus, you could have encountered a sudden serendipitous event that let you know clearly which way to travel. Venus, the planet of resources enters your house of career on Friday, Sept 23, allowing you to climb that ladder with greater ease, and to be recognized or valued for all that you are worth. Jupiter's travels in fellow air sign Libra, opens doors for international pursuits or higher education perhaps involving philosophical studies. You are hungry to grow and it shows.

Allow yourself to expand and the world will be your oyster!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

Saturn has passed the critical square to your ruler Neptune, but he is still within range of creating a reality rub. Saturn is also still squaring the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, energizing a re-work and a re-evaluation in places, either to fix something that has long been broken or to improve upon something that is already firmly in place. It forces you to take a long hard look at it, so you can make necessary adjustments and fine tuning. Mercury, the ruler for the transiting North Node, the symbol for your destiny, ends his retrograde tour in your opposite sign of Virgo, late in the West on Wednesday, Sept 21. This has put a magnifying glass on your relationships where you may have also been experiencing a lack or a crack along those lines. However,  Mercury forges a pact with Pluto, the planet of the Soul, and you come to find how necessary this time out of sorts has been as it empowers you in ways you may have never known. It is time to make choices that will impact your Soul long term, not just because something feels good in the moment.

Draw the line, make each choice count, and stay determined to expand and evolve!

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