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Starcast for the week beginning October 12th, 2016

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

You may need to watch that hot button this week Aries, which is due to become easily agitated, letting you know what is still emotionally unresolved within you, as you feel old emotions race to the surface. A Super Full Moon in your sign merges with Uranus on Saturday, Oct.15, and it is destined to ignite and excite. Life will undoubtedly be full of surprises and heated with emotional unpredictability, as tolerance may be unusually low in the coming days. However, your ruler Mars is right where he wants to be, in patient Capricorn, helping you steady your pace and stay in an energy of response versus reaction. This spike in energy will occur in your closest relationships, so be sure not to say anything you might regret. With honest Jupiter and Mercury, the planet of communication, both in Libra, you will have some cosmic help in terms of knowing just what to say. Also, the more open and receptive you can be, the better. Making an extra effort to listen closely will guide you well in terms of knowing how to quickly resolve whatever may feel to be so out of sorts. Your ruler Mars in Capricorn is forming stable angles to the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, so this does present you with a solid opportunity to make some significant loving progress.

Take the bait!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

When the energy gets hot and heated, it is important to know which way to lean, knowing too what cosmic resources you have to pull from in order to make the best of the energetic tidal wave at hand. You can either hop on your board and ride or you can let it toss you around and turn you upside down. Fortunately, action Mars is in fellow earth sign Capricorn, giving you a strong leg to stand on and offering you a solid channel where you can direct your energy. Mars is also forming strong angles of support to the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future. A looming Super Full Moon in Aries on Saturday, Oct.15, may be creating some anxiety in the days leading up to that climax point, but this electric surge, that feels like you are riding in the pocket of a sling shot, will propel you into some changing territory that offers you more room to grow. Being a fixed sign, all of this sporadic, erratic energy may rub on your nervous system but you have the staunch support of Mars to help you keep your center and your cool.

Keep your eye on what you want, and pace yourself until you get there!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

A Gemini client of mine described this past year as a time period when she felt as if she was 'twisting in the wind', never really knowing when or where she would land. Perhaps you have felt the same in recent months, and this week will be no exception. A Super Full Moon in Aries late in the West on Saturday, Oct. 15, will be conjoined Uranus, causing sudden unexpected surprises in the lives of many. However, because this lunar tide forms a strong angle of support to your sun sign, it may very well generate a desirable breakthrough and one where you finally feel as if you are on the other side of something for good. There is considerable karmic content that is also being worked through with Mars in your house of the Soul and approaching Pluto, the planet of metamorphoses. Mars is offering tremendous leverage in your life as you take steps to secure yourself on the path, inwardly directing you with that keen instinct as to the best direction to point your compass.

With your ruler Mercury in Libra while squaring Mars and Pluto, you may need to challenge old paradigms in your thinking but you are ready for change, and the stars on your behalf say, "bring it on"!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

Hold on to your hat, your heart, your head and your whole self. A Super Full Moon in Aries joins Uranus on Saturday, Oct. 15, to energize some potentially radical change in your world, in particular as it relates to your career. Because the Moon is your beautiful ruler, this holds tremendous power, and in some cases could very well turn your life around on a dime, it could even invite in something new that you never saw coming. Mars, the planet of action and desire, is in Capricorn and approaching Pluto, the planet of karma, reflecting the closing of an old Soul chapter. Right before something finally culminates, as it will on Wednesday, Oct. 19, life will intensify. However, Mars is extremely well positioned to the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, and he is anchoring you on the path and keeping you strong in your stride as you prepare to take on something potentially life-altering. Emotions are running high and you know more than anyone that when emotions peak, you can take your life into another stratosphere, all due to your own making.

Prepare for launch!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

While the skies are spring loaded with energy and this energetic heat is working its way to a boil, you are benefiting from the growing tension, as a Super Full Moon in fellow fire sign Aries will be joining Uranus on Saturday, Oct.15. Action Mars, the ruler for Aries, is in a practical stance as he travels through Capricorn, and he is progressively securing himself to the Nodes, the symbols that connect to your past and your future. This helps you make wise choices that will help support the long road ahead, specifically linked with your personal resources and finances. Mars will help keep your wheels on the right track, allowing you to feel a momentum moving forward in the midst of a potentially radically changing landscape. Life may feel like a true balancing act from moment to moment this week, but you will always have what you need if you stay with what you know has consistently worked. The world around you may feel to be coming unhinged but you will find a way to stay above it in the middle of the mayhem. Innovative breakthroughs keep you positively charged and motivate you immensely. A change of heart is also possible.

Prepare for anything and everything!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

When you see a storm coming, you prepare for the rain. At times we may never know the course that the storm will take because the wind can take on a life of its own. A Super Full Moon in Aries on Saturday, Oct.15, combines with Uranus to create quite a splash. Things may materialize in such an unexpected fashion that it stops you in your tracks. In your strong favor, Mars in fellow earth sign Capricorn keeps you grounded and wise in your follow through. So much of life is about how any Soul responds to what life is dishing out. Mars in this position could also allow you to attract exactly what you have been pining for yet you may not know what to do with it once it is staring you in the face. The overarching theme still remains: continue making choice that nurture and thus strengthen you, and the emotional muscle you gain from tending to your bottom lines will prove to serve you without fail. It may be too that loved ones are experiencing some sort of upheaval and you are feeling the need to carry them on your back.

Whatever the world is asking of you Virgo, Mars in fellow earth sign Capricorn will give you all the strength and stamina you need to pull you powerfully through!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

Leave it to a Super Full Moon in your opposite sign on Saturday, Oct.15, to shake things up Libra. There is nothing 'chill' surrounding the energy this weekend. It is either exciting beyond compare or a turbulent, anxious ride. If you have not been met halfway in key connections, you are not going to be able to keep a lid on it anymore. Mercury and Jupiter are traveling through your sign which will give you the courage to voice what is in your heart and on your mind, necessarily so. Be aware however, that the nature of your delivery will be critical. Action Mars is in Capricorn which may be increasing your feelings of vulnerability, and it will be essential to stand in an unwavering stance. You may also feel emotionally exposed and naked in ways, as some raw and tender corners are revealed. It will be up to you to nurture those spaces back to health. This does not mean that you bow out to tend to yourself and allow injustices to continue, it means you lace up those boots and get in there and fight. Mars is also strongly positioned to the Nodes, those symbols that connect to the past and the future, so any efforts you make do matter and will make a considerable difference.

It may feel like an earthquake in places, but your center of gravity is due to shift in ways that can better support your base. Love grows from the ground up!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

Younger brother Mars is gaining on your ruler Pluto, and you are feeling the pressure of a certain Soul chapter coming to a close. It may very well feel like a death of something, knowing that on the heels of this close, there will be new life. Mars will move in front of your ruler Pluto on Wednesday, Oct. 19, marking a powerful new start, and a period of initiation where a new momentum has you pushing hard and fast into your future. Life changing Uranus joins a Super Full Moon in Aries on Saturday, Oct.15, exposing more of the craziness in the world at large, and it may have you needing to pick up some of your own pieces as a result. However, Mars in Capricorn is forming angles of strength to the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, granting you pull in your negotiations with others. Lastly, Venus is traveling at the tail end of your sign and she will do what she can to soften the blow or sweeten the pot.

You are approaching an evolutionary gate. Before you enter, and I cannot stress this enough, make sure you close and clear what you must, for you do not want to carry anything unwanted into the new!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

Like a thunder bolt of lightening, the atmosphere is so electrically charge this weekend that it could transform the direction of your path with one blast, as a Super Full Moon in fellow fire sign Aries is merged with radical Uranus on Saturday, Oct.15. International pursuits are favored, along with an air of ingenuity that produces a sudden flash of heightened awareness that changes you forever. Action Mars, the ruler for Aries, is approaching Pluto and will cross over this powerful threshold on Wednesday, Oct. 19, marking a new Soul era for you Sag. Change inevitably creates the feeling of instability but with Mars forming a secure angle to the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, you will find a way to guide and direct the tidal currents in your midst. To improve matters, loving and lucrative Venus enters your sign on Tuesday, Oct.18, to help you get what you need across the board. People may be showing up left and right to support your efforts.

This week, get clear on exactly what you want, and then get ready to kick it fully and favorably into high gear!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

As supercharged as you may be feeling with warrior Mars traveling through your sign, it will be essential to keep things in check so you do not suffer from royal burnout. It will be easy to do with a Super Full Moon building in fiery Aries, the sign that Mars naturally rules, one that comes full circle late on Saturday, Oct.15. You may feel you have a surplus of energy and drive only to take it all too far. Others may also be feeling as if you are placing excessive demands on them so avoid that bossy vibe if you want to keep your circle of support. Mercury and Jupiter are both in Libra, helping you strike a good balance within yourself and with respect to how much energy you invest in energizing your connections with the ones you love. Mars in your sign helps you earn great respect and could help improve your reputation as someone who is worthy of significant recognition. It is set to be a real barn burner this week in just about every direction you look. You can thank Mars for keeping your energy high and for also keeping you from getting scorched and singed.

The heat is on, let it light your fire!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

You will be progressively feeling restless Aquarius. The very last thing you are going to want to do this weekend is lay low. Your ruler Uranus is conjunct a Super Full Moon in Aries on Saturday, Oct.15, and this energy will be egging you on to be wildly spontaneous. You have strong energy for getting away and experiencing the novel and the new. Mars, the planet of action is in calculating Capricorn and is well positioned to the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, so I am sure he won't let you get too crazy, just a little bit of something that may feel crazy for you. Mercury and Jupiter are both traveling through fellow air sign Libra, and they are lining up beautifully to help support harmonious and stimulating outings with others.

You may be filled with that 'live like you were dying' kind of feeling, as Venus spends her final days in Scorpio, but this only makes you want to bring more to the moment, to live more fully and deeply, because you just never know!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

Life is unpredictable, it is simply the nature of things, which can be a joy at times and a shock at others. Uranus in red hot Aries will be conjunct the Super Full Moon in Aries on Saturday, Oct. 15, suggesting that anything goes and just about anything can happen under this influence. Fortunately, Mars, the ruler of Aries, is in Capricorn and he is forming strong angles of support to the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future. This trend will either keep that loving charge alive for some time, or it will keep you relatively grounded in the middle of chaos. This lunar tide is impacting your areas of earnings and resources, so It could be a volatile time for investments. It could also be that clients and bosses that you may depend on for your livelihood could be emotionally all over the place. The key is to not overreact for you have all that you need to work your way out and through to the other side. The bottom line is that this is a week for sudden surprises and news that could swing your life into one extreme or another.

It may require you to hold someone's feet to the fire in order to keep things fair, but you do have the upper hand to make sure that it happens!

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