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Starcast for the week beginning December 28th, 2016

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

Per usual, there is loads going on in the energetic ethers, as we usher in the New Year. Right out of the gates, a New Moon in Capricorn late Wednesday, Dec. 28, speaks to laying down some solid plans relative to contractually binding agreements in need of some edits and change, as well as anything involving career pursuits. Change-maker Uranus in your sign stations direct the same day to put a formal stamp on the deal signifying an initiation with an exclamation point. Your ruler Mars is in Pisces and is approaching Neptune, the sign Pisces rules, and together they conjoin on New Years Eve, as Mars crosses in front of Neptune close to midnight. Note: for those of you who like to 'tie one one', or celebrate to the max, this energy has people going further than is recommended, as something could go too far too fast, so watch the roads and play it safe when possible. However, it can also be a signature for an out of this world experience and since Uranus is in your sign and connecting boldly still with Saturn, you have plenty of cosmic backing for things to go your way. Lastly, Mars in Pisces joining Neptune, can make room for massive healing where you need it most, and for experiencing a supernatural phenomena that changes your life forever.

Extend yourself a bit further into the unknown and it will pull you into the mystery!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

It is a plotting, planning and putting the pieces back together period, as you prepare for the new with your ruler Venus high in your chart, in your house of commitments, helping you strike an innovative cord relative to your long term life pursuits. The energy is practical in places with a New Moon in fellow earth sign Capricorn late on Wednesday, Dec. 28, yet wild with potential as two energetic combinations take things to radically new heights. Unpredictable Uranus stations direct on the same day after over five months retrograde, while favorably connecting to secure Saturn, promoting a feeling of certainty even in the midst of an altered reality. Action Mars is in Pisces and approaching Neptune, the planetary ruler for Pisces, and they will conjoin just before midnight on New Year's Eve. This could generate some anxiety moving into the New Year linked with the great unknown, but Mars is powered with some invisible fuel to propel you magically into the new. Certain changes may also promote a healing or possibly even a heavenly effect and you may be wondering what took you so long to make the leap.

Step out of your old skin and slip into your Soul. A coming change is going to elevate your awareness which will have you vibrating from the good buzz!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

A New Moon in Capricorn late Wednesday, Dec. 28, pours a new energetic foundation on your Soul path, helping to secure your footing in those life pages to come. Uranus in Aries also stations direct that same day to help you truly see the light at the end of a long arduous tunnel, along with steps to ensure a successful way through. Mars and Neptune join in Pisces just before midnight on New Year's Eve, which may have you shooting for the stars and dreaming about an ideal flight into your future. Know that with your ruler Mercury still retrograde until January 8, you may be putting some final touches into your plans for the New Year, and certain things may still need to happen in order for what you want to finally play out. In fact, do not be surprised if you do not feel as if your New Year has started until later in January when Mercury finally leaves its own shadow. This will grant you more time to work out any unresolved kinks or work through unfinished business. Venus in fellow air sign Aquarius keeps your clever mind working well and has your pursuits wrapped with a feeling of faith that you will joyfully land on your feet.

You can trust in this feeling to be true!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

Anytime a New Moon arrives, no matter what sign it is in, it has your name written all over it. You are granted this gift once a month as each sign experiences this lunar levity every year during their birthday month. Late on Wednesday, Dec.28, a New Moon in your opposite sign of Capricorn, breeds new life in your relationship arena, energizing new levels of commitment in those valued ties. Life changing Uranus stations direct in Aries, after many months at bay, while anchored by Saturn on that same day. This is an auspicious release of energy, involving something that has burdened you, now with your being able to transform it or set it free. Perhaps you are simply playing by some new rules, or because of all you have been through, you are rising to a new occasion to make what you have better, to commit to changes where they can happen, and to let go where you know they can't. Warrior Mars is in fellow water sign Pisces and will join Neptune just before midnight on New Year's Eve, creating a powerful lift of energy, potentially carrying you into new spiritual lands. It carries an energy of hope and healing, as long as your intentions are honest and pure, an energy that supports your highest and your very best. Fears may still need to be confronted, but celestial dividends are granted where bravery resides.

Know yourself, Be yourself, and by all means, Believe in yourself!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

As this year comes to a close, the New Moon in Capricorn late on Wednesday, Dec. 28, offers you one last gift of the season. If you could choose one area of your life that needs serious improvement, one area that needs a make-over or a do-over, what would it be? Health habits are included here and highly recommended if you are not taking proper care in this way. It may also be that you need to get back to more regular meditation or a yoga schedule, as you know the dramatically life changing energy those sacred spaces can create. Start with this simple prescription at the get go. Commit to a form of true and constant change, knowing the direct impact it will have within you that then directly enhances your outer reality. Action Mars in Pisces will join Neptune, the ruler for Pisces, close to midnight on Saturday, Dec. 31, suggesting you will be drawn to more eternal pondering and timeless teachings, as you reach for healing and understanding in worlds far beyond this one. It will have a way of lifting you out of any feeling of funk that may have followed you into the close of this year. This week, you will find a way to stimulate your heart to unforeseen heights, as long as you make sincere efforts to get it beating strong again.

You make the first move, and the universe will triple your investment!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

While you are re-working your heart and coming to terms with the trueness of your feelings, you are also experiencing a greater totality of your nature and what you need in all of connections. Your ruler is retrograde in fellow earth sign Capricorn until Jan. 8, granting you a little extra time to get something right and to feel it all the way through. You need this time now to know, truly know, what you want long term. Uranus stations direct on Wednesday, Dec.28, after months on snooze, while connecting with strength to Saturn. That same day very late in the eve, a New Moon in fellow earth sign Capricorn opens your heart in an unexpected way. Also Mars in Pisces, your opposite sign, is approaching Neptune, the ruler for Pisces, and they will merge just before midnight on New Year's Eve, suggesting something is coming full circle for you. You are letting something go, in order to let a new experience enter. It may be too that you are simply needing further healing to happen with another, where trust has become an issue, and someone gifts you with some proof of their commitment to you and your relationship. Either way, Mars will be showing you the direction that your desires are taking you and in time, you will know exactly what page you are on.

For now, feel baby feel, and your heart will speak volumes of all that is honest and real!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

You've got your ruler Venus right where you want her Libra, as she travels through the tail end of fellow air sign Aquarius until Tuesday, Jan. 3. This energizes all the things you love equaling moments that make cherished memories, with friends and community, as well as family. A New Moon in Capricorn late on Wednesday, Dec.28, merges with a retrograde Mercury in your house of home and the emotional body, which may involve re-connecting with family to work through old arrangements or anything legally binding that needs to be re-addressed. Mercury will be retrograde until Jan. 8, so you may not experience smoothing sailing along these lines until mid January, and that may simply be a paperwork issue, where emotional issues can be worked through well in the coming week. Mars in Pisces joins with Neptune, the planet that rules Pisces late on New Year's Eve, bringing some nagging issue to a head. However, you will find a way to move up and over a hurdle, possibly involving personal health or the concern of health and well being of a loved one. Uranus stations direct in your opposite sign of Aries as well on the day of the New Moon, after months in a retrograde slide, and connects with tremendous promise to Saturn, reflecting strong surges of growth in your most meaningful relationships.

Pleasing positive progress becomes you!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

You know how to get a powerful point across like no other. All it takes is one look, not even a word is needed at times and you can silence a room. This week you get another chance to make your point, and this time with a voice of unchallenged authority, a voice that means business, A New Moon in Capricorn in your house of communication joins a retrograde Mercury, along with your ruler Pluto, which will have you returning to any stone that has not been unturned, and desiring to finally deal with it. Uranus in Aries stations direct on the day of the New Moon, after nearly half the year being retrograde, and strongly aligns with Saturn to help you feel grounded in some inevitable change. Younger brother warrior Mars, is in fellow water sign Pisces and will join Neptune close to midnight on New Year's Eve, creating unlimited energy and drive to encourage you to take your life not only fast and forward, but 'up, up and away', and into the another level of ideal. It becomes an optimal time as well for spiritual seekers to extend beyond prior limits of personal experience and to be taken to further depths and greater heights in your inner travels.

Whatever it is you desire, the universe is giving you the energy to not only manifest it, but to feel it all the way, Scorpio style!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

With action Mars in watery Pisces and approaching Neptune late on New Year's Eve, you may be feeling more vulnerable and hypersensitive at times, as Pisces lifts your defenses, and has a way of opening your energy field so more can come in and cross on through. This can be ideal if someone wants to feel more of you but it may have you a bit wobbly in your own feet. Your immune system may also feel to be more taxed at this time, so take extra care to keep yourself strong. Fortunately, a New Moon in earth sign Capricorn late on Wednesday, Dec. 28, joins a Mercury retrograde to help ground you and steady your pace. It may require you to take your life slower than you like to travel, but this will allow you to take more of life all the way in. Uranus in fellow fire sign Aries stations direct the very same day after many moons of being retrograde. At the same time, Uranus connects with tenacity to Saturn in your sign, to help grant you the courage to stand your ground as you follow your heart of hearts. This suggests that a potentially unusual turn may yet prove to be productive and prosperous. Your intuition is naturally hard wired Sag, and this week you get to watch in action. You are all that you need in order to know what comes next.

Usher in something that is naturally, brilliantly you!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

Just last weekend, I shared that your ruler formed a rare angle of support to Uranus, the great transformer, in a way that has not occurred in this lifetime. While the exact aspect has passed, it is still within a strong orb of influence and the energy is calling for you now. This is ever so timely, as a New Moon in your sign late on Wednesday, Dec. 28, is joining Mercury retrograde to help you re-strategize your way forward. There may be some key pieces you discover in the coming week that could positively alter some significant details in your plan. This is no time to rush it, but a time to deeply ponder what is possible. Action Mars is in dreamy Pisces, in your house of communication and negotiation, and will join Neptune, the ruler for Pisces late on New Year's Eve, giving you the feeling that invisible agents are flying with you at each wing. Your inner exchanges hold tremendous power and influence now. You can be led by invisible guides that have a far better birds eye view on your situation and are just waiting for you to say the word. Look beyond your usual limits and request for the cosmic compass to step in and steer.

Nothing is out of bounds or out of range, nothing is out of the question, but you must ask in order to receive!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

It's about time. Your ruler stations direct in Aries on Wednesday, Dec. 28, after five plus months in a retrograde slump. It has been a period of surprise central for many but now your ruler can work to make sense of some of the madness. This occurs the same day as a New Moon in Capricorn, occurring late in the West, which feels ever so fortuitous, as Saturn the ruler for Capricorn is still forming a memorably electric angle to your ruler, Uranus. This allows you to take whatever the mainstream never thought was possible and make it so, whether you have a radical idea, an invention, or a cutting edge concept. The intention for this trend is to not only wake people up, but to make this world better in the long run. Loving Venus is also in your sign until Tuesday, Jan 3, to help you feel reached and understood by others when and where that has not been the case before, but also for you to find a way to get your needs met and ultimately for you to be heard. Mars joins Neptune just before New Year's Day, in your house of resources, so although your pockets may feel to be emptying by the minute, there will be way to generate a reverse surge. You have an uncanny ability this week to convince and convert anyone to your same page. This could cause one positive flip of a switch.

Keep talking your truth and a landslide you can trust could follow!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

You have been referred to as many things, but feisty is not one of them. Most people tend to lean with compassionate, sensitive, dreamy, but this week you will be hearing something else. Warrior Mars is in your sign and is approaching your ruler Neptune late on New Year's Eve, which is certain to get a fire blazing under you. There will be zero question surrounding what you want and for once you may find yourself fighting hard for it. I am not saying you are a pushover, for I know plenty of Pisces who stop at nothing if they want it. But you will feel that something has gotten into you, and you might even come to like it. One thing is for sure, you won't be sacrificing your needs for another, and people will know exactly what you are made of. Be aware however if this fire energy is fueling an energy of anger for that could rifle out of you like a fire bomb. In the most holy of ways, this energy could produce tremendous healing as you feel a door close behind you. As well, this could represent a desirable surge into greater spiritual lands, where you access a kind of feeling love that you know would never let you down. The key now Pisces, is that you are in charge of the direction that is all goes. A New Moon in Capricorn late on Wednesday, Dec. 28, helps secure your footing and grants you with a golden key certain to fit a finicky lock.

May you work some some magic this week. For you the fairy dust comes absolutely free!

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