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Starcast for the week beginning March 1st, 2017

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

We have cleared the eclipse but there may still be some energetic residue. Also, your ruler Mars is in your sign and just crossed in front of Uranus, so your nerves may still be somewhat frazzled from the charge as you work your way back into balance. Loving Venus is in your sign as well but will reverse her direction this coming Saturday, March 4. It is an interesting phenomenon to have Mars in your sign wanting to pull you forward and Venus retrograding in your sign to force a pause. She won't let you get too far ahead of yourself without feeling all the way through everything you think you want. She will also remind you of the importance of how your actions will impact others, keeping you tuned into their needs as well and listening with an expanded ear. You may have initiated something that needs more time to develop and cure. You may also be needing to take time to consider the significance of specific Soul connections and understanding how they are in place to move you forward, and if not, which ones need to morph or go. On an immensely positive note, your ruler Mars partners with Saturn in fellow fire sign Sagittarius in an undeniably powerful way on Sunday, March 5, granting you with this feeling that there is nothing you cannot be, do, or have, that is, as long as you are deeply seated in your natural groove.

Take it all the way if you wish Aries!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

Hold on Taurus because the cosmic brakes are coming. Your ruler Venus is slowing down to pull it into reverse on Saturday, March 4. This won't feel like such a terrible thing, as you will come to appreciate the extra time to feel things through, extra time to mull things over and to get it right. The next six weeks will be a period of review and self-discovery, it will be a time to contemplate what comes next and ideal outcomes. For you spiritual seekers, it is a beautiful time to return within and to experience more from your inner travels. Your house of dreams is fueled and loaded with energy, which will keep you relatively quiet until you are ready to make your move. In fact, not until early June will you experience either an unveiling of your efforts or a response you have been waiting for, so find a way to chill and to take life in for the time being. Everything you need to know and to experience will be occurring on the inner planes. My favorite day this week however is Sunday, March 5, when Mars and Saturn connect with impressive precision. You will experience a fear disappear or a Soul desire that finally feels to be in the process of actualization.

This week you find a feeling of security within a liberating lift!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

The joy for any Soul in any given life is born out of the journey and the growth that follows the experience. The gifts reside in the emotion of anticipating something wonderful on the horizon as well as in the emotion when reflecting back upon the memory of it. Venus, the planet of love and what you value, is slowing down in Aries and will shift retrograde on Saturday, March 4, in your house of breakthroughs. She shines an innovative light on your past and offers perspective that allows you to see life from alternative angles. It may also lead to some evaluation surrounding friendships in your life and a desire to re-connect with key others where things had become de-railed, injecting more joy where life became jaded. For some of you, it can be a time when friendships are strengthened or when friends becomes lovers. It can lead you out of a barren desert and into a changing fertile scenery of hope. Your ruler Mercury is in dreamy Pisces and crossing over Neptune. It will be fueling the ideal and the promise of what may come. It will energize a desire to heal the past and to then reach out for far more. This week you have a real shot at building upon the best of all that supports you, as well as making new connections with those who can elevate your life to another altitude.

Give where you can and you will gain double in return!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

You know that feeling in your feet after you have been riding a roller coaster. It takes some time to get your footing back after stepping off the ride. In fact, it feels like the earth is still rolling in and all around you. We have just pulled away from a two week eclipse window and there may still be some aftershocks from the energy blast. Because the recent New Moon Eclipse was in fellow water sign Pisces, these after shocks could very well benefit you. However, there will also be energetic forces that create a greater feeling of security and stability, as Mars in Aries in your house of career, connects to Saturn in Sagittarius with unparalleled support on Sunday, March 5, allowing you to feel the universe's benevolent hand. You also may find that angels do in fact exist, as evidence will prove of their presence and it will carry a supernatural feeling that keeps you unusually light. When the worry leaves you, and it will, it frees up a room of potential to energize that space with something that is pleasingly loving and productive. Venus reverses directions in Aries on Saturday March 4 until mid April, which will have you re-evaluating how you structure your time and your work. Mars and Saturn will give you a clear feeling of what your Soul is targeting combined with the drive to follow through.

You want it Cancer? If you work for it, you've got it!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

Even if you wake up in a funk, knowing there are highly charged supportive trends on the horizon can motivate you in the moment to turn everything up and around. This is what the energy of hope inspired can offer, knowing how the planetary positions directly influence your reality. Action Mars is in fellow fire sign Aries, and is aligning with Saturn in fellow fire sign Sagittarius on Sunday, March 5, in a way that can grant you needed validation or recognition that fills your heart in a way that it hasn't in quite some time. You have strength across the board this weekend Leo, incredible energetic positioning in your creative and loving pursuits, as well as in your career arena. Something that you have been energizing over time can materialize and may even supersede your expectations. Loving Venus slows to a stop and reverses her direction in Aries on Saturday, March 4, but ultimately her retreat will help you get more of what you value in your life, so long as you have the courage to ask for it. Life is about knowing when to make your move and this week you experience the reality of perfect timing playing out perfectly for you.

Prepare to benefit in a way you can truly count on!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

Soul connections thrive this week as Mars in Aries unites with Saturn in Sagittarius in emotionally moving ways on Sunday, March 5, to help strengthen a natural bond that provides a source of invaluable support for you Virgo. Those who have the power to help you either monetarily, psychologically or emotionally will show their unwavering position and place in your life and you find there are no words fitting to reflect the comfort that fills you from their loving gestures. With as taxing and chaotic as life has been, life will find a way to settle and steady itself. This does not mean that you can relax and cruise for there is a wild fire ablaze in the cosmic skies, but you will find a state of better balance because of an energetic boost assist. Loving Venus slows in Aries and shifts retrograde on Saturday, March 4, taking you deeper into your Soul so as to lead you down a more meaningful path. You get to the root of how you are wired in the next several weeks and you become more attuned to your natural rhythms and inner frequency. By doing this, the world feels the music you are making within you and others begin gravitating towards you for they want to know more about what they sense but cannot see. Prepare to pull people in without knowing why or how they got there.

It will be up to you whether or not to take it further!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

You return to love this week when you revisit pieces of your past to recover missing moments and unfinished business, as your ruler Venus shifts retrograde in Aries, in your house of relationships on Saturday, March 4. In fact, this theme may very well carry forward into the next six weeks for Venus will not turn direct until mid April. The timing could not be better however, for Mars, the ruler of Aries, connects to Saturn in Sagittarius like nobody's business the following day. There is simply no better planets to partner together if you want to accomplish something or reach a goal, you can trust that your efforts will not be in vain. The trends are so strong now that anything you direct with your pure will has a strong chance of going your way. The power of this weeks energetic offerings encourages open exchanges with others and truth out talking that results in visible growth because of this direct honesty versus the famous dance around the subject. Hiding emotions takes a tremendous amount of energy and you soon discover that as soon as you start talking, a load of carried weight is lifted from your weary shoulders. The trends this week are also positively stellar for negotiations of any kind. You will simply have a way of knowing how to ask for what you need, ultimately securing your wishes.

Follow your instinct and it will lead to a positive emotional landing!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

The breath is slowly returning to your lungs. It has been a highly charged few weeks and with younger brother Mars in hot headed Aries, the embers are still hot and bubbling in places, but loving Venus who is also in Aries, is slowing down to reverse her direction in your house of health and improvements on Saturday, March 4. Life can downshift and you can restore your own feeling of well being, as well as recover financially in places. In essence, you can quickly find your way to a better state of feeling balance. The most potentially rewarding or productive energy this week occurs on Sunday, March 5, when Mars in Aries forms a compelling angle of support to Saturn in Sagittarius, energizing a feeling or experience of hitting the bullseye. At the very least, life will feel to be working well and moving in a direction that feels like gain versus playing catch up. It is similar to being up by two goals in a soccer match, there is a psychological advantage that cannot be underestimated. You rise above a doubt and you soar beyond its hold. You get the sense that you are in the process of finally and forever letting go of a nagging worry, one you thought may never leave you. A well earned feeling of (relative) security prevails, whether in be in Spirit, in Soul, or in practical measures.

Let this feeling secure your next launch!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

There is nothing like life clicking like clockwork. You experience an optimistic surge this week when Saturn in your sign forms a harmonizing angle to Mars in fellow fire sign Aries on Sunday, March 5. It may be that you have been energizing a career pursuit and you finally experience the harvest. Your desire and determination will be strong moving into the weekend, even though Venus is slowing to a stop and reversing her direction in Aries the day before. Something may stop you in your tracks and remind you what is of top priority for your Soul. You may be reminded of not only what is worth fighting for, but what is well worth living for too. The momentum you feel in your Soul to manifest key desires could potentially be mammoth in nature and it may also feel as if the universe is energetically backing you in your mission, having the effect of amplifying your faith. Venus retrograde in Aries will be re-visiting places within your heart that have been overlooked and in some cases closed off. You may re-unite with people and places you have loved, literally or figuratively, and it will have a way of re-inspiring you to live more openly and more fully within your journey.

You will be shown what your heart needs and you discover that with just the right effort and intention, there will be a way to get it!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

You can feel it when you are deeply seated in that Soul groove. It may not even matter how fast life is dishing things out for you can easily field whatever comes flying at you. Action Mars is in passionate Aries in your house of the unseen world and is combining with your ruler Saturn in your house of the emotions. You are well within range of receiving this beneficial influence and the aspect becomes exact on Sunday, March 5. I cannot imagine two more favorable energies to be partnering in this way for you Cappy, for it gives you a feeling of direction that can be sustained, it raises your confidence and a newly found courage spontaneously kicks in. This is an ideal time to initiate projects and to inwardly make formal commitments to a long term plan. However, Venus, the planet of love and what you value, shifts retrograde on Saturday, March 4, asking you to feel all the way through everything you want and need before taking it to the press. With Venus in this position, anything rolling around in your mind will be an afterthought compared to what you will be feeling in your body. With the emotions being the door that leads you back home to yourself, consider this as an opening back to the heart center of you, where fear cannot be found and where freedom rings. Your leading desire will reflect how this week unfolds.

Prepare to experience a return to the wild within, yet remarkably feeling safely seated in your Soul's center of gravity!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

This is your week to attempt the impossible. Warrior Mars is in Aries, in your house of communication and connecting strategically to Saturn in your house of innovative pursuits on Sunday, March 5. You have so much leverage building in this regard, you just can't lose. You may also feel whether you are typing or talking that some other higher force is spelling it out for you and speaking through your voice. Your message carries inconceivable speed, and we know with social media how fast word can travel. The key this week is also to follow your instinctual sense of timing. You will know when it's time and you will know what to say, even though you may not know how you know what to say, it will just flow with impeccable timing and speed. Loving Venus is slowing down to reverse directions in Aries on Saturday, March 4, allowing you to stay in tune with others, and by tuning into what they need, this will allow you to know exactly how to deliver your pitch. In a social sense, this could be a time when you circle back with old friends, or when you spontaneously meet new people through friends that feel like 'your people', your tribe, Souls that feel to be cut from the same cloth. At bare minimum under this trend, you will feel less alone in the world and more connected, something will allow for that and it will be an invaluable experience of feeling plugged in.

Go after what counts and make your march and your mission worth every step!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

While your fairy tale may include white horses and romantic scenery, this week you prosper in other places, specifically as it relates to your work and earning realm. If the nature of your survival and your financial future in this regard is eclipsing the fantasy, then you have come to the right place to learn of this week's support. Action Mars is currently traveling through your house of how you earn and connecting with bold precision to Saturn, the planet of stability and security, in your house of career. This literally puts a bow on a long sought after pursuit, it wins you favor because you have earned it and because someone else also recognizes the value of you. The dream is never far from your sight Pisces for it always floats just beneath whatever may be taking priority in the moment. What you are learning is how to take practical steps in order to secure more of the ideal in your life and for it to be sustained.

You soon secure a very large piece of your life's puzzle!

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