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Starcast for the week beginning April 12th, 2017

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

An inner feeling of freedom and liberation from something that has long had a hold on you will find you in the coming days, as the Sun in your sign joins Uranus and together they connect with strength to Saturn in fellow fire sign Sagittarius. This energy also speaks to living your authentic self and feeling empowered as you grace life’s stage with an honest stride. Your ruler Mars advances through Taurus and syncs up effortlessly to Venus as she stations direct this weekend, granting you with the courage to confront a fear and the stamina to resolve a private pain. At the very least, you will find this weekend to be productive in nature as efforts are made to improve your surroundings and your connections with loved ones.

The Sun is currently shining a light on your path, warming your world with a new feeling of security with respect to your commitments as well as your career in the coming future!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

The work that now needs to be done due to the dreams you have in place is becoming clearer by the day, as your ruler Venus slows to a stop in Pisces and shifts direct again on Saturday, April 15. Currently Venus is squaring Saturn, so undoubtedly there will authority types throwing their weight around or a certain process that you cannot control getting under your skin. You may also be experiencing issues around trust and you are coming to know who your friends are and who just won't make the cut. Fortunately, warrior Mars is in your sign and will be aligning beautifully with Venus this weekend as she moves forward again, so something will secure itself in your own life and gift you with a welcomed feeling of confidence in a key area of interest. Mercury is retrograde in your sign for the coming week so more information still needs to be recovered and kinks may need to be worked through as you side step and back peddle..

On a deeper note, the Sun joins Uranus while forming an auspicious angle to Saturn in your house of the Soul, suggesting there is great potential for an expanded awareness to occur that has a way of setting some demons free. Follow the light!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

Your ruler Mercury may be retrograde but in the coming week, he is connecting securely to the Nodes, the symbols that connect to your past and your future. What this means for you Gemini, is that with a steady hand and a patient stride, you can secure your place on the path if you play your cards right. Venus, the planet of what you value most, is slowing to a stop this weekend and will move direct in Pisces, in your house of commitments and career. While Venus is still squaring Saturn, suggesting there are some clear obstacles in the way, Mars comes into position to help you clear the rubble and the weight. The Sun and Uranus conjoin while harmonizing with Saturn in your house of relationships, offering you the potential to either connect with a community of like mind, to experience a refreshing breakthrough in a key connection or forward moving momentum in a significant partnership.

Know that you may be feeling emotionally wobbly in spots. This is occurring because you are in the process of strengthening your inner home, which will guarantee maturity, hence evolution!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

Love takes time, and so does letting go. You have been in the process of recovering the lost pieces of your past. It takes a raw vulnerability and real courage to return to something with eyes pried open in order to reclaim it as your own as much as it hurts. Yet it is vital in order to heal. Venus is still retrograde in fellow water sign Pisces but she is stationing direct on Saturday, April 15. Venus is squaring Saturn which keeps the heart focused on what it needs to fix and all that weighs heavy on the Soul. Your efforts not only matter this week, they will make a significant difference in your own growth. You can count on Mars in Taurus as your wing man with him moving into a powerful position to Venus this weekend, blessing you with the brute force of his deliberate intent to help you rise to any occasion that calls for your undivided attention and presence. Mercury is retrograde in Taurus and connects with ease to the Nodes, those symbols that connect to you past and your future, to help you express yourself in ways that stun and stop other's in their tracks.

Cancer, you will be seeing the world with an objective lens this week versus feeling as if you are forever swimming all the way inside an emotion. This will help you break into new seas of being, pleasing you to no end!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

Your ruler, the Sun, is approaching life-changing Uranus and together they make laser-like contact to Saturn in fellow fire sign Sagittarius, suggesting something you put your whole heart into has a chance to take off with warp speed. It is important however to remember with Venus slowing down to shift direct again this weekend while also squaring Saturn, she is telling you that even though you may have been given the green light for a creative or loving endeavor, you may need to wait a bit more time before it’s a ‘go;. Mercury is also retrograde in your house of contracts and commitments but he is forming a stable angle of support to the North Node, the symbol for your destiny, in your house of how you earn. There are still more details surfacing for you to consider if you are going to commit more fully in a certain direction. Action Mars combines with Venus with pure intent this weekend which will help you get more of what you want moving forward, as long as its a win-win for all.

Your Soul is speaking to you through your instinct so follow it fearlessly

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

The transiting North Node, the symbol for the future, has been in your sign for eighteen months and is spending its final days there before progressing into Leo. The transiting Nodes natural motion is retrograde which is why in this case Leo follows Virgo. The reason being is that as Souls we are always returning to the past in order to re-create a better future for ourselves. Your ruler Mercury is also retrograde in fellow earth sign Taurus but he is forming angles of strength to the North Node in Virgo, suggesting you have some leverage in your life, a leg up if you will, or an added advantage. You may be busier than you want to be but you are going somewhere and all the time and energy you are investing is going to pay off in precisely the way your Soul wants and needs. Mars is also in fellow earth sign Taurus and will be partnering with Venus this weekend as she stations direct on Saturday, April 15, allowing you to cover all the bases and make up for lost time with the ones you enjoy most. You may have several balls in the air and although there never feels to be enough time for everything, not one of those balls is going to drop.

You’ve got this week covered!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

Life may not be feeling like a breeze but you will find more than enough to feel grateful for this week Libra. Your ruler Venus has been retrograde and will station direct on Saturday, April 15. As she makes this turn, she squares task master Saturn, which is having you re-evaluate everything from how you earn to who you love. You may also need to be making some big decision under this influence, and in some cases it could take your life in a totally new direction. The Sun and Uranus join in your house of relationships while aligning passionately to Saturn energizing sparks and changing scenery to strengthen the bond with the ones you like and love. Memories made now will keep the connection feeling brand new again. Lastly, Mars, the planet of desire, is in perfect step with your ruler Venus this weekend as well, which means if you follow the instinctual pull, you will find pleasure and prosper.

There is nothing you won’t be able to mend under these seas, so do what you do best and bring what feels broken back into balance!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

Not only is Venus, the planet of relationships retrograde, but Mercury is in Taurus in your house of relationships, also retrograde, which brings an added focus of others into your life. There will be no moving fully forward until you have circled all the way around and back again. With Venus squaring Saturn, you have zero interest in lugging the baggage of the past forward. Venus is slowing down to shift direct again on Saturday, April 15, but she is still squaring Saturn for two more weeks, suggesting you won’t be out of the woods yet. These are travels that your Soul knows are necessary to take but it often tugs to dig into the past. A strong and overriding trend in your favor involves action Mars harmonizing with Venus in fellow water sign Pisces this weekend, sure to help you feel at peace within a certain process, one that may require further patience and an awareness of right timing. Mercury helps you in a multitude of ways as he is full of innovative ideas to positively transform your connections with those who mean the very most to you.

Allow yourself to think way outside the box and follow it no matter how crazy it seems. It is destined to free you up!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

The pressure to perform or to reach a targeted ideal may be high with Saturn in your sign squaring a retrograde Venus in Pisces. You may also be confronting old fears as well in the next few weeks, whether they are linked with your financial overhead or relationships of old that still weigh on you. You are doing the inner work you need to, so allow this process to take hold where it must. There will be a reliable way through as warrior Mars in Taurus steps in to help take some of the edge off when he forms an angle of ease to Venus. She stations direct this Saturday, April 15, and with the help of Mars in a strong position, you stay true to course. You will also be blessed with unexpected surprises as the Sun in fellow fire sign Aries joins Uranus and they team up with Saturn in your sign to reward you with more of what you love, as a cosmic validation for all of your dedication. A true discipline is required in your life right now, but there isn’t anything more important than being knee deep in the evolutionary mud.

It will lead to a world worth every step!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

Your ruler Saturn in fire sign Sagittarius is currently squaring Venus retrograde and she is doing an about face this Saturday, April 15. Venus moves direct again but you will still be feeling tested for a few more weeks in places. It may be that you do not have the usual life life force or lift of energy, or that there is a burden or responsibility that is creating a feeling of being limited or trapped. Thankfully, Mars in fellow earth sign Taurus shows up for Venus in the best of possible ways to help you beautifully manage what you must and find a way to enjoy it at the same time. Mercury is also retrograde in Taurus but aligning favorably to the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, suggesting you are in the process of creatively self actualizing your intended destiny, which may require you to return to some old ideas that were left dusty on the shelf. Emotional breakthroughs are also possible with the Sun and Uranus in Aries conjoined while forming a stellar angle to your ruler Saturn.

Just remember Cappy, the deeper you dig the higher you climb!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

There is nothing like a little help from the Sun and you are sure to feel its rays Aquarius, as the Sun merges with your ruler Uranus and they unite with stunning speed and strength to Saturn in your house of electric progress in the coming days. Your clever entry and keen networking gets you in the door like never before. However, not everything is going to happen fast with Venus squaring Saturn while slowing to a stop and shifting direct on Saturday, April 15. Also, Mercury is retrograde but he is helping you lock into a direction that feels just right for you, the path your Souls wants and needs. Warrior Mars is in Taurus and although he is poking at some of those tender spots, he syncs up with Venus in the sweetest of ways, helping you feel grounded and supported in the midst of the emotional discomfort of vulnerability..

This is where the growth happens however, so lean IN with all you have and you will love where you land!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

Loving Venus has backed into your sign and she is slowing down to station direct on Saturday, April 15. You will enjoy her forward moving float but with Saturn still squaring Venus, you will be forced to play by the rules. However, action Mars in Taurus will be walking in a harmonizing step with Venus to help you pace yourself with a satisfying feeling of progress, knowing that its worth what lies on the horizon. Mercury is retrograde in Taurus but is connecting with support to the Nodes, those symbols representing the past and the future, allowing you to move on from a relationship hold that has continued to follow you around like a sock full of static clinging to your favorite sweater. Your boundaries are getting stronger and you are learning how to better discern what is good for you and what never will be.

Each step gets you closer to your version of heaven!

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