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Starcast for the week beginning May 3rd, 2017

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

You are finding your way back into the zone. Your patience in a key area is about to pay off with Mercury in your sign stationing direct on Thursday May 4. It has been necessary to cool your jets and make sure certain conversations took place before stepping too far and too fast forward. Mercury is also now on its way to forming a new phase conjunction to change-maker Uranus which will occur on Wednesday, May 10, the same day as a Full Moon in Scorpio. The coming days are fire packed and rich with opportunity for significant movement as a result of choices made that will lead to a liberation of a heavily burdened reality. Your ruler Mars is in Gemini, suggesting you may have many balls in the air but with loving Venus in your sign, you will be able to not only get the help and feedback you need, you will be able to experience a significant gain wherever you invest your unbridled self.

Big choices lead to Soul strides you will come to be proud of!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

Much is still operating behind the scenes in your Soul story Taurus. A slew of planets in Aries are stimulating your dream state thus energizing an energy of preparation for your ‘ideal’ moving forward. Mercury, the planet of ideas and communication, will station direct on Thursday, May 4, in this same sector , and will join Uranus on Wednesday, May 10, to activate a potential massive download of inspiration from on high. If I were you, I would be on my knees meditating any chance I could get, while remaining as open and receptive as possible. Your ruler, loving Venus, is also in Aries, suggesting this is a time to inwardly ask for what you need, to put those requests on your own inner alter and to find a way to commune with the energy that you feel but cannot see. Mars is in Gemini in your house of what you value, so there may be more 'moola' going out than is coming in, but it is a time to invest any and all resources in the dream you have set out for yourself. Mars aligns brilliantly to generous Jupiter as well which speaks to your unique path that is presenting itself, all for you.

Rebel just because you can!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

You definitely have a great deal going for you in the coming week Gemini. For starters, warrior Mars is in your sign, fueling you with more than your fair share of energetic juice. You are a true spitfire. However, do watch that some of that energy doesn’t rage for one small trigger may cause you to blow a verbal gasket. If this energy is harnessed in a healthy way, you can be a front runner in all things. Secondly, your ruler Mercury, stations direct on Thursday, May 4, and will slowly regain his footing, especially on Wednesday, May 10, when Mercury moves in front of electric Uranus and connects to steady Saturn with crazy confidence. This also happens to be the same day as Full Moon in Scorpio, so something may feel to be intensely coming to a head, but a better way through will result from the fall out of this immense build up of pressure. Loving Venus is in Aries, giving you plenty of outlets for relief and release, ultimately helping you to stay in balance.

Prepare for your life to take off with wild warp speed!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

If you have been going back to the drawing board or resurrecting old desires that have been shelved for another time, now is your moment to unearth these burning ideas and implement them into your working life, in essence giving them wheels and motion, with Mercury stationing direct in your house of career on Thursday, May 4. It may take a week or so before Mercury feels to be back on track but by Wednesday, May 10, Mercury will move in front of Uranus, creating the spark you need to get the full fire going. On this same day, a Full Moon in fellow water sign Scorpio couples with this Mercurial charge to help empower your Soul more fully in your creative quest. Do watch for potential burnout with Mars squaring Neptune that day for things will be running hot and wild. However, Mars also connects seamlessly with Jupiter to help keep your emotions in check, which will be just what you need to give you the added edge.

May this week prove to be a key turning point in time for you Cancer, where an evolutionary leap can be mastered and measured!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

What’s life if you’re not pushing the limits a bit? It’s really no fun at all unless you are feeling the heat and there will be plenty of heat within reach this week. Mercury stations direct in fellow fire sign Aries on Thursday, May 4, and will rejoin Uranus in a forward moving conjunction on Wednesday, May 10. The same day, a Full Moon in Scorpio just about guarantees an emotionally deep and intense ride, mixed with something beautifully skyrocketing in your life as this duo receives some stable support from Saturn. There is something you are building for the long run, whether you are nurturing certain relationships or feeding a creative wish. Loving Venus is also in Aries which serves you well as she increases your own capacity to shine. Mars, the planet of action and desire, is in an extremely innovative position as well, exposing you to new environments and stimulating your desire for the unusual adventure. You will be living life in full color this week, a window of time that is steeped with evolutionary potential.

Your relationships in particular will be far better for the deep plunging dive, even if it gets dark in the depths for a bit. Know that more light and love will manifest if you trust in this radical process!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

All you need is a little fire in your forecast for you to feel on top of your game again. It will feel like the Sun coming out in your life after months of rain and too many days of gray. Your ruler Mercury will station direct on Thursday, May 4, in Aries in your house of the Soul. Venus is also present there and she will help get you in direct touch with an essential need. You are in position to experience a long overdue feeling of empowerment especially when Mercury crosses in front of Uranus on Wednesday, May 10, the same day as a Full Moon in Scorpio. Unexpected news gives you a spirited lift and injects you with a welcomed feeling of confidence. In one way or another, you will be hitting center stage Virgo and you will come to know what directly nourishes your heart, not just what feeds your mind. You may be juggling between two different paths at the moment but the diversity is keeping your interests peaked nevertheless as you try on different hats to see what suits you best. You may also feel to be torn between two choices and you are not wanting to let either side down.

Mars aligns with Jupiter in stellar fashion, encouraging you to honor what feels naturally best for you, which will in turn be best for all!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

You have been re-working a way through in some primary relationships and you will finally see a clear way forward with Mercury stationing direct in Aries on Thursday, May 4. Your ruler Venus is also in Aries, helping you meet in the middle yet also having your voice and needs well heard. Mars, the planet of desire, is assisting plenty on this front as he travels through fellow air sign Gemini activating an instinct in you to ‘come out with it’ and tell it like is. Mercury joins Uranus on Wednesday, May 10, and together they combine with secure Saturn to help promote radical shifts in your connections where you need it most. The same day, we have a Full Moon in Scorpio in your house of what you value so this is sure to be a potentially game changing week in your world. Mars is also combining with Jupiter in your sign in highly advantageous ways giving you a leg up when you exercise the courage to step in versus hold back.

Know exactly what you want while keeping your boundaries strong and this will lead to memorable week for growth and loving progress!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

Keeping it simple will be your saving grace this week Scorpio. Mercury will station direct on Thursday, May 4, in your house of improvements. This sector also connects to how you spend your day to day, as in your daily habits, as well as your overall health. So much of what you choose to do will dictate how you feel and this week the stars say you find joy in the simple tasks, activities that seem small but will make a mountain of a difference. Mercury slowly recovers his steps and will team up with his higher octave Uranus on Wednesday, May 10, while connecting strongly to Saturn, suggesting a little effort will send a power surge of energy that travels far, long and wide. You are in need of some changes in the monotony and life will present you with a chance to mix it up. The same day, a Full Moon in your sign brings a karmic relationship into a sharp feeling focus You will be shown what still lingers and be granted an opportunity to force it further into your rear view. Mars’ square to Neptune will remind you of the heartbreak yet Mars’ trine to Jupiter will show you how to rise high above its hold.

It comes down to trimming the fat this week so you can get to the meat of what will stimulate and sustain you sweetly, deeply and well!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

With your ruler Jupiter still retrograde in Libra until June 8, you are working to restore a greater feeling of inner balance with yourself and in your life. This will in turn help in your key connections as you embody a more honest reflection of your natural make-up and design. Action Mars is in Gemini and will align with Jupiter in your opposite sign which will help promote positive changing trends in your relationships as a result of an ongoing open dialogue so it is highly encouraged to keep it flowing and going. Mercury, the planet of communication, stations direct on Thursday, May 4, in fellow fire sign Aries granting you with a highly tuned instinct in your expressions, which will have a way of keeping you feeling passionately plugged into one another as well as the capacity to access choice words for how you feel. Mercury joins Uranus next Wednesday, May 10, while harmoniously aligning with Saturn in your sign to help you launch something new into high gear.

The same day a Full Moon in Scorpio has you full with feeling as you grapple with the memories of the ones you have loved and lost. However, you don’t stay there for long for there is far too much positive charge to bring you back into the here and now and you will find there will be plenty to celebrate!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

I always encourage clients to lean on what is available in the energetic ethers to support life on this plane of existence. With this in mind Cappy, let’s consider your ruler Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius. Saturn is in a pivotal position to support necessary change and transformation for the next five months due to his beneficial angle to Uranus in Aries. Any area of your life that requires added bravery now has the support of these two outer planetary giants. I refer to them as giants due to the sheer power of their influence. This is no fly by night energy, these outer planets move relatively slow so the changes that you undergo will occur from the ground up and will be sustained. Mercury helps you confront something head on with courage as he stations direct in Aries on Thursday, May 4. Next Wednesday,May 10, Mercury joins Uranus to add more spice to your life and to further support the connection to your ruler Saturn. The same day we have a Full Moon in Scorpio in your house of breakthroughs just to give you an added push and a push it will be.The results of your efforts will be doubled as a gift from the universe if you take this next turn seriously and Soulfully. Much is on the line Cap.

Will you take it or leave it?

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

Life is all about timing. When you know something is not ripe for the picking, you wait. Why? Because who wants bitter when you can have something sugary and sweet? You have been patient but something savory is nearly here. Mercury stations direct in Aries on Thursday, May 4, and will slowly pick up some forward moving speed when he joins his higher octave Uranus, your ingenious ruler, on Wednesday, May 10. Together they kick something into high gear as they receive a formal approval from Saturn and you get the official go-ahead. The same day we have a Full Moon in Scorpio in your house of career, suggesting much is being brought to light and you may find yourself in a power play with another. However, you will be on your best behavior and on top of your game like nobody’s business so good luck trying to sneak anything by you. Trust your instinct regarding who to trust for Mars and Jupiter in fellow airs signs are harmonizing to help your intuition be tip top.

You are a spin doctor this week Aquarius so let your message fly and you will secure the health of your future!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

Action Mars is moving recklessly through the sign of Gemini which always makes you feel as if you have far too many irons in the fire, especially with Mars now moving into a square to your ruler Neptune in the coming week. However, there are other energetic trends that will help keep significant balls rolling in your favor. Mercury stations direct on Thursday, May 4, and will rejoin his higher octave Uranus on Wednesday, May 10. Together they will form an anchoring angle of support to Saturn in your house of recognition. These are superb earning trends if you are in need of some extra cash but if nothing else, you will be several steps closer to securing a deal that will help you in your working arena. In some cases, this connects to new and novel ways to earn, and gaining some ground in these pursuits. Often times it just takes one conversation and the doors start swinging open. A Full Moon in fellow water sign Scorpio also occurs on the Wednesday, May 10, which bodes quite well for you Pisces, as it presents you with an opportunity to get your power back.

Don’t even think about waving that white flag. This one is yours!

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