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Starcast for the week beginning May 10th, 2017

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

You get the big benefit of a few planetary configurations that make you a front runner in a meaningful personal pursuit. Great change is in the air yet it also happens to be wrapped with long term good fortune. Mercury and Uranus are off to the races in your sign while forming a strong angle of support to Saturn in fellow fire sign Sagittarius, generating sweet serendipitous timing. Lucky for you, loving Venus is blazing through your sign which allows you to feel and be at your best thereby helping you attract more of what you need. Your ruler Mars is in Gemini and forming a harmonious angle to Jupiter in Libra promoting better communications in all of your connections for your intuition will be hyper-honed. However, Mars is also squaring Neptune so you may not see something coming but with your instinct so sharp, you will have whatever feels to de-rail you covered. You will potentially experience more speed and progress in your life than you can remember.

Just keep your focus on where 'something's got to give' while reaching out to those who can help you in your quest and you will benefit abundantly!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

An intensified focus is bringing your full attention to power struggles with key family members or loved ones as a Full Moon in your opposite sign of Scorpio thickens the air and entertains the extreme. This trend is calling for a healing of themes that continue to repeat and where no notable progress has been felt or found. Fortunately, all of the planets are conspiring to assist you as Mercury and Uranus join in your house of higher help while they reach out to Saturn in your house of the Soul. A natural opening will be created, your own personal off ramp away from the emotional traffic jam. On the work front, you will also be experiencing some visible progress when action Mars aligns favorably with Jupiter allowing you to put a real dent in all that has been piling up onto your plate.

Wherever you have felt frustration or overwhelm, prepare for a breath of fresh air followed by a breakthrough to take its place!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

You are standing on the precipice of potential radical change, dramatic shifts that feel long over due. It is important to know when your window is golden and this week that moment may be yours. Your ruler Mercury is in fiery Aries and moves in front or electric Uranus on Wednesday, May 10, the same day as a Full Moon in Scorpio. Together they strategize with Saturn in your opposite sign of Sagittarius, energizing strong new partnerships that help raise the bar of your life. You may be brainstorming with cohorts or making new connections with people who could benefit you in your long term future. This energy also supports friends becoming lovers or you simply having a restless desire for adventure and travel. Pay attention to the sparks of expanding interests that are consuming your mind and follow your desires fearlessly. Mars is in your sign and receiving beautiful support from Jupiter in fellow air sign Libra to help enhance and promote the very best of communications in all of your relationships. Mars does also square Neptune so you will be shown which connections will never hold water.

Regardless, the ones you need will have your back and this week energizes a foundation of confidence that supports your charge into your next chapter!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

Unlike any other sign, when the Moon grows full, you tend to experience the wholeness of who you are. A Full Moon in fellow water sign Scorpio on Wednesday, May 10, is loaded. Not only does this powerful ball of light help you step and stand more deeply into your power, there is a rare kind of electricity within it to totally revamp your reality for the better. An abundance of energy is forming up at the top of your chart involving your career and your public self. This may also include any area of your life where contracts exist, such as in marriage. Where life has felt to become stale, prepare for a heated charge that brings a new air of excitement into your world. Mercury in Aries crosses in front of Uranus and together they align with Saturn to secure a new road for yourself. This may also be experienced as positive shock waves of change in your commitments that improve your connections for the long haul. Mars in your house of the unseen world reaches out to Jupiter in your house of home and the emotional body suggesting you may be receiving a bit of help from invisible guides, creating an inner feeling of peace and confidence to support you in areas where you typically feel vulnerable. You experience an edge of strength where you have historically felt insecure. 

All the energy you need Cancer to make the changes your Soul wants right now is literally at your fingertips!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

Not until the full truth comes all the way out can there exist the kind of turning point in a key connection that will allow it to proceed in evolutionary fashion. A Full Moon in Scorpio in your house of home and the emotional body brings light where there had been shadow and question. Mars in Gemini aligns with truth seeker Jupiter in your house of communication to initiate dialogues that can potentially transform a significant relationship. Mercury’s conjunction to Uranus in fellow fire sign Aries offers unusual objectivity on the subject and it allows you to shift your orientation to something that once had a suffocating strong-hold on your Soul. You also have tremendous support for expanding your creative life purpose and securing an alternative path for yourself that is unlike anyone else, one that will feed and contribute to this special sense of destiny that you have felt since you came out of the womb. Your communications and negotiations prove to be fortunate and worthy of a radical fresh start, one where you feel validated to the moon and back.

Slip into the groove of your heart-centered nature and the universe will create a stage for you to shine!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

Surprise, surprise! Your ruler Mercury is in fire sign Aries and will cross in front of Uranus on Wednesday, May 10, the same day as a Full Moon in Scorpio. Strong and in some cases metamorphic exchanges with others turn the tides in your life and create openings for new avenues to travel. Mercury and Uranus team up and find Saturn to energize a more secure inner world so you can take on whatever the outer world has in store for your Soul. The next week is karmic in nature as there may be some key events that have a long term impact on your road ahead. Know that I am most impressed with the unusual bounty of energy available to promote the very best possible outcome in a changing dynamic. It may also be that your unique, individual contribution is recognized and someone wants to recruit you. You will simply be a cut above the rest, and the light of your Soul will be illuminating whatever space that it holds.

Don’t fight to hide your light. It's time to let it shine!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

Your ruler Venus is right where you want her, traveling in your opposite sign in your house of relationships. Your exchanges with others will happen with greater passion and ease and yet there is also an immense amount of energy to help transform your bonds for the better. Mercury is also in Aries and will cross in front of eccentric Uranus in this same sector to transform what is already good and make it great as well as help to jettison the bad. Together these cosmic brothers connect with unparalleled precision to Saturn serving to strengthen the foundation of the change taking place where new themes of relating will exist. Mars in fellow air sign Gemini auspiciously connects to Jupiter in your sign to help you find just the right words to ask for, and ultimately get, not just what you need, but what you so dearly want. It may require letting go of something else in order to make room for it but it will feel to be a small sacrifice to pay for what you get in return. In the process, watch your tendency to please the pack and remember that your needs are equal to the rest. A true metamorphoses is also possible in your world of earning as a Full Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday, May 10, energizes the need to eliminate those things in your life that do not serve you.

Keep this in mind in all cases and a timely rebirth will soon take place!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

The deeper you go, the better it will be. Your nature wants to take it all the way,  to go as far as this life will take you. A Full Moon in your sign on Wednesday, May 10, will remind you of this truth as you feel this sentiment full throttle. The Sun will also be favorably aspecting your ruler Pluto, helping you ground yourself within the intensity. This week kicks off with a unique surge of energy as Mercury and Uranus merge in Aries while aligning with steadiness to Saturn to seal the deal. Whatever ideas or desires that are surfacing have a high shot at sticking with this team in place. In addition, this is a week for fixing whatever feels to be warped or broken. With Mars in your house of the invisible world and harmonizing with Jupiter in your house of the Soul, heavenly guides may be showing up in your dreams to direct your next steps. In the same vein, they are available to help you let go of something from the past that is getting in the way of the gifts that live in the present. At times you have to feel something in full for one last time before you can finally and forever let it fly. Not only are you going to find a way to feel good this week, you are going to find a way to be free.

Follow your Soul wind and it will be!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

I used to love to take the ball and run with it, the faster the better. Yet my chosen sport of soccer is a team sport, so at an early age I would often hear my coach yell, “let the ball do the work ”. In order for the team to be successful, everyone must do their part, which means becoming open to receive the ball and then pass it to another. This week if you remember how to let the ball do the work, allowing others to bring their best to the turf , instead of exhausting yourself from the chase, you are going to find the net with greater ease. Action Mars is your opposite sign and is connecting with wonderful precision to your ruler Jupiter in Libra, suggesting when you harmonize with others and combine your efforts, it can happen easily and with great speed. Also, Mercury in fellow fire sign Aries moves in front of Uranus on Wednesday, May 10, the same day as a Full Moon in Scorpio, and together they connect with impressive strength to Saturn in your sign. I cannot think of any other combination of energy that could manifest more to springboard you into your future energizing a true acceleration and advancement. Something is destined to stimulate your heart and your passion for something this week, and you will have plenty of energy and kindling to keep the fire roaring for quite some time.

When your heart is all the way in the game, you are destined to win!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

Take off your coat Cappy but instead of taking a seat, get ready to move to a new groove. Your ruler Saturn in Sagittarius is receiving an energy of initiation from Mercury and Uranus in Aries, and they will be surprising you at every turn with ways to modernize your world, leaving anything old and outmoded in the dust. A Full Moon in Scorpio in your house of breakthroughs on Wednesday, May 10, suggests the same and speaks to themes of having your belly full of something you feel done with. Fortunately there will be plenty of cosmic fortitude to bless you with something far more favorable and Soul stimulating to take its place, the more outlandish the better. Action Mars in Gemini is also aligning with Jupiter in your house of career that is giving you more leverage in a certain negotiation but make sure to read the fine lines as well as whatever appears to exist between the lines before you sign for someone may be trying to hide something. Be sure someone says what they mean and means what they say. But overall the odds are stacked in your favor.

Use this breakthrough vibe to help you unload the unwanted and change your tune, one that keeps you feeling lighter in your heart as well as on your feet!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

Your communications, thoughts and ideas take on a life of their own, and through transmission they take off like wild fire. Finally and fortunately for you, they are not perceived as crazy. Mercury in Aries moves in front of your ruler Uranus and together they receive accolades from Saturn as he gives you a thumb’s up to take something forward. You may be recognized for an innovative concept or perhaps you are able to secure a new business idea via alternative pathways such as the internet. On a personal note, this promotes strong lines of open communication and an opportunity to make lasting change wherever you see fit. Action Mars is in fellow air sign Gemini and connecting in fluid ways to expansive Jupiter energizing abundant growth, yet with Mars also squaring Neptune, you may find it requires additional funds to get your wishes off the ground. Regardless, everything you touch has potential now, so harness the energy to be a voice for positive change, personally and collectively.

Your finger is on the switch!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

Your biggest breakthrough this week shows up in your area of earning as Mercury crosses in front of Uranus in this sector and together they connect in contractually binding ways to Saturn in your house of career. This can feel like a harvest after a long period of laboring or it can manifest as a sudden opportunity that occurs through someone you know, as in a friend of a friend. You also show up as having something unique about you that no one else does and you are standing out as the ideal choice. Mars is squaring your ruler Neptune so you may feel emotionally drained in some cases as you feel uncertain how something will all play out, but you have strength in just the right places, including the help of a Full Moon in fellow water sign Scorpio kicking off this week on Wednesday., May 10, guaranteed to empower you from tip to toe.

Mars is also in perfect working harmony with Jupiter, encouraging you to trust in the power of your intuition in all cases. If you do, it will lead you into the arms of gain and glory!

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