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Starcast for the week beginning June 21st, 2017

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

With your ruler Mars moving through Cancer, it may not be the most comforting emotional ride that you have known. It can poke at all of your tender spots and remind you what corners are still a bit needy and raw. However, it is a time when you will be shown what still needs your Soul attention, where some inner work must occur. Fortunately, any efforts you make will be rewarded by the heavenly Gods, as Mars moves into a highly favorable angle to Neptune, the planet governing ultimate relief, and for some this may feel like bathing in an eternal well of bliss. On a more practical note, this brings a focus to the home whether it involves improvements or a literal move, and with a New Moon in Cancer in this same sector late on Friday, June 23, this could allow you to feel rapid progress on all fronts, within as well as in your outer domain. Also, Venus, the planet of love and what you value most, will be exceptionally aligned to Pluto moving into the weekend, offering greater depth and security with the ones you love most.

When the opening to go further arrives, surrender into that space of the unknown, and you will be floored with the feeling results!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

Venus is feeling completely at home as she travels through your sign. As your ruler, she governs all that you value as well as the resources you need to survive. She also rules the senses and all that you love to feed in order to feel good, whether it’s beautiful music, a savory meal, or the loving touch that you share with another. In essence, she rules all that makes life here work, the practical and the pleasure-full. My favorite trend for you this week Taurus is that Venus forms an angle of ease to Pluto, the planet of the Soul, which speaks to deepening your values as well as opening avenues to experience greater depths in your loving connections. This aspect also serves to help you align more deeply with your right work, essentially the work your Soul came here intending to do. In addition, a New Moon in feeling Cancer on the eve of Friday, June 23, makes you more emotionally present and allows you to connect with more of your entire feeling being. So much growth with friends and loved ones can be gained as a result of breakthroughs in your communications. Have the courage to initiate conversation in areas where you may have been feeling somewhat hesitant or guarded and you will thank your stars that you did. This week supports emotional turns and meaningful movement.

Strip it all down; Live simply & Love completely!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

This week you are being offered plenty of kindling to keep your Soul fire going as Mars in Cancer finds Neptune in heavenly ways, to help you keep your eye on the dream. It is important to not only always have that dream in focus but to trust that it can come to be. Your faith in what is possible keeps the channels for manifestation open and you are going to see a light streaming through that tunnel as a sign of things to come. Pluto, the planet of the Soul, is also aligning with majestic precision to loving Venus in your house of the ideal, keeping you in those upper echelons as a visionary for your future. It is allowing you to climb to higher elevations in order to grab a hold of a bigger picture point of view. This helps you release the added pressure you may be putting on yourself for needing everything to happen right now. Your ruler Mercury also enters Cancer along with the Sun on Wednesday, June 21, to initiate summer and to celebrate the longest day of light in the year. This shines a light of focus on your most essential needs, and has you recovering your bottom lines of what must occur in order to move forward feeling whole.

Strengthen your base and you will be singing all the way to the proverbial bank!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

If you are not growing, what is the point? If you are not expanding your root nature, why exist? There is nothing more painful than spinning wheels or fighting tides. It feels far more freeing to surrender to the pull forward versus resisting what awaits. A New moon in your sign on the eve of Friday, June 23, sets up the weekend beautifully, as you access newfound courage to raise your Soul game. Warrior Mars is also in your sign currently and if that wasn’t enough to get your engine going, he aligns with supreme elevation to Neptune in fellow water sign Pisces, the planet of rising above the rest. This alignment supports taking the high road or in discovery of a better road that had not previously been offered to you, perhaps because you were not seasoned enough yet. You may also experience invisible support which may come to feel like a silent prayer had been answered, one that allows for some timely emotional relief. Even though evolution is essential here on this plane, and it often does not come pain free, there are also time-outs from the growing grind that are granted, and you are due for an earned break. Loving Venus in Taurus combines with powerful Pluto in a positively transformative way, serving to helping all of your most cherished connections.

The world is calling you out of your shell. All eyes are now on you baby!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

We celebrate your ruler the Sun on Summer Solstice, the longest day of sunlight in the year,  late in the west on Tuesday, June 20. Most people think of Jupiter as the largest object in our solar system but the truth is, Jupiter is dwarfed by your ruler, as the Sun is approximately ten times bigger than what is known as the solar system’s generous giant. To put this into greater perspective, you can fit about one thousand Earths inside of Jupiter. Your ruler is indeed awesome, of course none of us can live without its shine on our faces, and it sits in the heart of our solar system. The North Node which pulls us into our future, is in your sign Leo and it is plugged into innovative Uranus in rare form, as well as being anchored by Saturn to support your forward moving creative ambitions. This may also open pathways for more love to enter your life, and some of you may find a friendship transforms into something more meaningful under this trend. This exceptional window between now and October with some peaks within this period of time, will never occur again in your lifetime, so when the moment or the music moves you, make something magical happen with it.

There is so much more possible now than meets the eye, so follow the usher with the flashlight and you will find yourself rubbing elbows with some of your favorite stars!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

It is time to take an emotional leap this week Virgo. Courage becomes you and you find you are feeling as spontaneous as they come, with Mars in feeling Cancer aligning with profound intent to Neptune in ways that give you an impressively brave face. You feel an opportunity surface and you will stop at nothing to take full advantage of the gift that has landed in you life. At first you may not be sure if this thing will flip, flop or fly, but you know you have nothing to lose and you have already set something in motion anyway. You cannot turn back now. Your instincts are ripe for decision making and this time it involves your emotional radar not the over-analyzing mind, so if it feels right, give it a whirl. A New Moon in the eve of Friday, June 23, helps clear some of the emotional clutter that had been collecting and you will feel more objective than you have in some time which will add to the heightened clarity. Loving Venus is in fellow earth sign Taurus and harmonizing heart-fully and in some cases, karmically, to Pluto, the planet of the Soul, granting you an opening to take something further and deeper, and to continue a meaningful loving thread from your past.

Desirable evolution is now possible when you trust in those trails of the heart!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

With Mars’ transit through Cancer, it has a way of tugging hard old emotions and being that you are a natural giver, it may feel more than ever that more is going out than is coming back in. People may have felt to be non-responsive in places as well and you may be feeling on your own. A New Moon in Cancer on Friday eve, June 23, helps shift some of those feeling tides and creates an emotional new start as you hit a feeling re-set button. Action Mars is also in Cancer and is progressively forming an uplifting angle of support to Neptune, the planet that governs ultimate meaning. This can turn a problem into a solution. Something troublesome or worrying could take a miraculous turn or a fear could vanish when a dark cloud is replaced with rays of hope. Your greatest support comes when your ruler Venus aligns with metamorphic Pluto this weekend, allowing your family connections to deepen as well as the emotional girth you are feeling within yourself, keeping you stronger for the ride. It can feel a bit like ringing out a water laden rag, and freeing it of the weight it holds.

Free yourself Libra and everything in life will look and feel far better in a blink!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

You’ve got the cosmic goods this week Scorpio and it starts with a New Moon in fellow water sign Cancer on the eve of Friday, June 23, which essentially energizes a blank emotional slate for you to fill with lighter emotions, also allowing you to start anew with another if need be. In addition, Mars is also in fellow water sign Cancer and he says if you follow him, your feet will leave the ground, rendering you weightless in areas that have buried you in the past, as Mars unites with heavenly Neptune with a healing ascension. This brings many of your emotional pursuits full circle and can energize an optimal outcome. Gift giving Venus is in your opposite sign of Taurus and is forming an ideal angle of support to your ruler Pluto in Capricorn this weekend which can help anything from financial fronts to deepening a bond with a Soul mate. In some cases it may also equal interfacing with someone new yet feeling as if your connection is lifetimes old. Whatever it may be, this trend helps you feel that you have come into contact with something you need and it will lead to a better feeling of inner balance. At the very least you will feel in some way that you are getting what you need to support your highest pace of evolution.

Now tell me Scorpio, what on Earth could be more valuable than that?

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

If you were really honest, what would you wish for this week? With Mars in Cancer squaring your ruler Jupiter, it may be that what you want may not coincide with what another wishes, and it may require some courage to come out with it. However, Mars will move on to align with Neptune as we move into the weekend in a way that grants you an invisible boost assist and you get what you are after. In addition, Venus and Pluto combine in perfect working harmony to help matters and you feel that the overall give and take is more than fair. A New Moon in Cancer, in your house of the Soul on the eve of Friday, June 23, helps create the emotional shifts you feel you need to empower you farther further on your destined path. This trend also brings a heightened focus to the home front whether it is improving emotional ties or simple home enhancement projects to beautify the abode. You may have been feeling all over the place as of late, but there is an energy that offers you a more grounded and centered stride which will empower you like nothing else.

When you feel unified within ie all of your working parts are well functioning and integrated, nothing can stop your Soul from being all that you came here to be!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

The good news Cappy is that you have one heck of a cosmic charge available for you to transform your life for the better until October, as your ruler Saturn aligns with awesome ease to radical Uranus in ways that it has not done in your entire life. So if it all isn’t currently playing out quite as you wish, give it time. However, this week there are some energetic perks. Loving Venus in fellow earth sign Taurus partners with powerful Pluto in your sign in beautiful loving fashion and you find a way to naturally deepen into your Soul groove. Nothing feels better than not only doing what you know you are designed to do, but also feeling highly valued for it. This may also help to support your connections with loved ones as you reach the root of what needs your touch and you turn things up and around. You will get the proof that you need letting you know you are right on track. Mars, the planet of desire, is in your house of relationships and tho it may have felt like it has been a fight picking trend, Neptune in Pisces comes to the rescue and helps you resolve and evolve. Emotional discussions open up new roads to travel together so allow yourself to get soften and there will be no limit to how things can flourish and flower.

Mars will move on to oppose Pluto in your sign the middle of next week, which will be another growth point, so milk the time now for all its worth and it will replenish you fully!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

Wherever life feels funky and out of sorts and wherever life has felt to spin out of control, things are fixin to shift. A New Moon in Cancer in your house or repairs on the eve of Friday, June 23, is going to offer you a cathartic emotional release. Mars is also in Cancer and with his square to Jupiter it can have a way of blowing the smallest detail way out of proportion. Often times when things become more than you can handle and hold, it can be difficult to see how it can return to a more desirable state of relative balance. Nothing stays static in life for long and with this week’s tides come opportunities to establish more balance and confidence in the direction you are taking your life. It may have been too that you felt your efforts have been in vain similar to trying to hold water with your bare hands. Mars moves on to access the pure magic of Neptune and you witness measurable gains and results for all your blood, sweat and tears. Loving Venus and Pluto also align in out of this world ways, granting you a higher perspective on things, which serves to solidify your emotional base and recharge your Soul spirits.

So get ready to roll!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

There is something about the essence of your nature that sets you apart from the rest. No matter what may be happening here on Earth, you easily slip into those far away places. You fuel thoughts, feelings and fantasies through your tendency to escape to better feeling worlds. There really is no limit to the heights and the distances you can travel Pisces, for your imagination is hard wired to transcend space and time. You, my friend, are a ‘Soul in Wonder’. With your ruler Neptune retrograde now until November, you will find that your inner travels become even more vast which will be stimulating to the psyche on one level but it may take more energy to stay grounded here. Why? Because in truth, it all feels better where you roam. However, this week, you will find plenty to keep your feet planted here, as a New Moon in fellow water sign Cancer on Friday, eve June 23, will boost your emotions and give you good reason to stay fully present . Action Mars is also in Cancer giving you plenty of backing to support your most desirable pursuits, helping you stay focused and driven to get the outcome you seek. Mars is also aligning in enchanting ways to your ruler Neptune this weekend making you a starry standout. At the very least, good times can be had and magical memories will be made.

Follow your heart and doors are bound to swing open!

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