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Starcast for the week beginning August 16th, 2017

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

You are standing on the edge of a cliff but this week you have a hang glider on your back, as Uranus in your sign has you feeling the need for some elevation and speed as part of a Grand Fire Trine on Monday, Aug. 21, the day of the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo. Saturn in Sagittarius is also integral to your safe landing and he is well positioned to support your efforts moving forward with his unparalleled support to your ruler Mars. Mars is in fellow fire sign Leo as well and he is recruiting Jupiter to help you magnetize to you those things in your life that help you reach your greatest potential. This powerful surge does also involve Uranus squaring Venus, which could disrupt life at home and with loved ones, as well as Mercury retrograde in Virgo, inevitably creating delays and slow downs, in some cases due to a health set back or simply you not getting enough rest. Something may be telling you to stop and drop. Nice try for an Aries born Soul I realize.

Just make sure you are taking care of yourself in any way you can for the universe will be keeping you on your toes and opening doors you won't be able to run through fast enough!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

While you love the slow and stable strides, this week promises anything but. Even though the energy in the air feels radical, there is one key factor in the energetic configuration that will help you sleep at night. Steady Saturn is favorably aligned to keep life from going too far. The word ‘eclipse’ just on its own makes the average person shake. Why? Because many know the history of what the power of this kind of energy can produce. No one likes to feel rattled or caught off guard, especially you. This Total Solar Eclipse in Leo on Monday, Aug. 21, in many cases can turn just about anything positively up and around due to the Grand Fire Trine involving the Sun/Moon, Uranus, and Saturn, suggesting your world may need to stop for a moment in order for you to see the light in a challenging situation. The energy is illuminating and in some cases Soul stunning, but it is intended to wake you up to something that has been kept in the dark. Your ruler Venus is squaring Uranus as well which is in place to put dynamite to old mental blocks. Following the blast, there is no telling how fast things can fall into place. Emotional breakthroughs and shifting tides at home are inevitable. Everything that needs to surface will. As far as the way forward goes, the writing will be on the wall.

Try a creative entry, it is certain to steal hearts!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

There is an abundance of opportunity with this coming Eclipse, but this week is far from perfect. Something may even feel as if its not quite time. So often, we never feel ready or good enough but we jump in with both feet anyway only to have to circle back again and re-group. With your ruler Mercury retrograde in Virgo, something is keeping you humble. Continue to do a gut check on your thoughts for they will have a direct hit on your emotions for better or for worse, so utilize this time to be a period for an illuminating lift versus casting shadows of doubt. There is far too much fire in the sky to get you down Gemini, as a Total Solar Eclipse in Leo on Monday, Aug.21, has enough speed to jettison the bad and usher in the far better. Action Mars is also in a perfect dance step with Jupiter, suggesting your communications may prove to be ’lucky’, so let  your instinct lead and follow through, it may just get you in the golden door. Uranus and Saturn are forming an insane angle of support with the Eclipse called a Grand Fire Trine that could have your words taking off like wild fire, so be clear about what you want and direct your will in this way. Uranus is also squaring Venus which can create some anxiety surrounding your livlihood but just as the worry comes in, the solution arrives. Keep your heart on the target and use your connections well. They will help you where you can’t help yourself.

Voice what you want and with a little effort, it may just boomerang right into your life!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

The timeless gift for you in this expanding energy field involves an open channel for significant personal evolution. Any takers? It’s not easy but it is always worth the extra push. This week holds your invitation to experience necessary change with neck breaking speed. In many cases, the events that promote such growth will not be presented as a choice. However, what you do with what arrives in your world will be on you. In other words, no one can force the Soul to evolve, everything in life is linked with choices made. A Total Solar Eclipse in Leo on Monday, Aug. 21, has your ruler the Moon center stage so all eyes will be on you. For minutes or moments, the sky will go dark as the Moon eclipses the Sun, allowing your ruler to be fully energized by this solar surge of energy for you to carry into your bright future. Loving Venus is also in Cancer and although she is doing all she can to pump you up, she receives a square from Uranus next week, pulling you so far and fast out of your shell, that it may create a crazy feelings of insecurity. You may also be experiencing old family traumas re-surfacing as some of the old content rushes forward. If you are feeling unresolved or holding energy in the unconscious, you can expect it to surface. At the very same time there is a tremendous energy for objectifying the past and finding emotional resolution.

With a certain weight soon to be lifted and cleared, it will be time for a clean break-away!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

With the approaching Total Solar Eclipse at the final degree of your sign this Monday,Aug. 21, it carries a Soul spinning kind of speed that can radically change your life as you know it. It may also be that life around you is changing so suddenly that you are having to emotionally adjust to a new set of circumstances. Anything that surfaces now has been brewing beneath the surface. This Eclipse occurring at the tail end of your sign suggests something is ripe and ready for you to unveil to the world. There is a compelling energy surrounding truth and your need to follow only what will allow your Soul to grow, no matter what that looks like. For example, what if you are offered a job overseas, something you have worked for your entire life, yet your partner has no interest in going. It may take letting go of someone in order to follow your ultimate bliss. Mercury is retrograde in Virgo, so much of the change that will occur may require you to get practical with finances and also get down to the nitty gritty of what holds the most meaning and value to you at this stage of your journey. With Mars in your sign, in your house of new beginnings, while harmonizing in heavenly ways with Jupiter, you’ve got serendipity at its best.

Watch the signs like they’ve been sent from the Gods just for you, and there will be zero question what you need to do!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

You are in the middle of a process that is underway with your ruler Mercury in your sign currently retrograde. You may be grinding away and worrying about all the reasons why something should or shouldn’t happen and concerning yourself with where certain choices will lead. The waiting and the wondering is the hardest part. However, there will be plenty of action in the next ten days that will feed you with a great deal more information to help direct your life in the ways that you want and need. A Total Solar Eclipse in Leo on Monday, Aug. 21, is fire loaded in all of your water houses, suggesting passions will be flying and you will be feeling the truth of how to proceed. Mars is also in Leo and aligns favorable to Jupiter to help expand your personal base and help you get in closer touch with your version of the dream. Its like feeling more support beneath your feet while experiencing the roof of potential rise above you. This period of time is meant to help you strengthen your inner space so you can bring more confidence and courage to life’s stage. I continue to preach about wavering themes surrounding friendships, it still simmers and may come to a boiling point in the coming week. Allow yourself to see the purity of your intentions clearly so you don’t get tangled up in what isn’t your burden to carry. At the end of the day, it’s about aligning yourself with support you can trust.

Your radar is sharp as a tack. Use it to help you sail into more ideal seas!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

This isn’t any ordinary week Libra and you are feeling it! We are still in between eclipses until the big one strikes on Monday, Aug.21, and so the energy is palpable and emotions can be peaking. Your ruler Venus is forming a progressive square to unpredictable Uranus for the next week and the pressure may feel like someone is tightening your emotional screws. It may be too that recent news already has you feeling a bit uneasy as anything goes the entire month of August. The good fortune within it all is that a powerful fire trine will be in effect on the day of the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo and it can carve out openings where you had not seen any in view or inject you with more energy and inspiration to tackle and take on what you must. Generous Jupiter is in your sign and aligning in ideal ways to warrior Mars to get you the help you need and to send you in the direction that is best for your Soul. Mercury is retro in Virgo so you may have to return to what felt like an old issue, or health concerns for yourself or loved ones could have you bringing your focus closer to home. Whatever may be up for you, there is a strong blowing wind of transformation that could turn everything around in your favor before long.

The Eclipse will show you where innovation can help you beat unthinkable odds!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

Due to the nature of your own psyche, you will be intimately feeling the intensity of the coming Total Solar Eclipse in Leo on Monday, Aug. 21, but there is also an energy that suggests you will be watching something from the sidelines, as your ruler Pluto appears to be quietly sitting this one out. Pluto is within orbs of influence to many of the planetary players this week but those direct hits are coming from other cosmic characters. A powerful Grant Fire Trine combing the Sun/Moon in Leo along with Uranus and Saturn forming a wildly  auspicious triangle of support energizes a turn-key operation as something gets unlocked and unleashes in your world of work, earnings and career. It may be that you have been busting your tail for quite some time and the profits are now rolling in. Venus in fellow water sign Cancer is receiving a hard square from Uranus, suggesting there could be a quick change in directions with respect to how you are spending your time, as a new gig could suddenly surface, perhaps with an international focus. If you don’t want to move or can’t, these travels can take place utilizing the world of webinars, E-commerce, the internet etc. Get ready for the show Scorpio, there will be much to witness and revel upon. Your world is destined to sky rocket, practically speaking or spiritually speaking. Is it the Lamborghini you are after or are you in pursuit to know God?

Your experience depends on what desires are leading the way!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

Your ruler Jupiter is stoked. For almost a year he has been traveling through fence sitting, peace-maker Libra, which has been sweet in spots but frustrating at times when you need to see things happening with greater direction and speed. You need to feel motion and movement daily. You want to know you are growing and going somewhere. Heck Sag, your ruler is expansive Jupiter. He wants to build up on your base and help you increase your wing span so you can rise to greater heights while your Soul is in flight. Action Mars, the planet that governs desires, is in Leo and is moving into prime position to Jupiter to help align you up with what you want. Their connection becomes seamless on the day of the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo on Monday, Aug, 21, where a Grand Fire Trine also exists involving Saturn in your sign and Uranus in Aries, the sign Mars rules. In essence this means, if you follow your natural intuition, it can carry you to far out places, a reality that you never for a moment expected could happen. Mercury is retrograde in Virgo so please try not to undermine the good when it strikes or question whether this gift was really meant for you.

It is meant for you, so take your time to do it justice!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

Your ruler Saturn is holding down the fort. Isn’t that what you were wired to do? To keep everything stable and secure so life’s storms don’t ruin all that you have built? Personally, I am grateful that stable Saturn is so integral to this rare Total Solar Eclipse in Leo on Monday, Aug. 21. For starters, Saturn is in Sagittarius and is forming a Grand Fire Trine with the Sun/Moon in Leo, and Uranus in Aries. This is like a cog being secure in a wheel, to keep your Soul engine on course. Saturn is also forming a fierce angle of strength to warrior Mars, helping you drive what you want with brave confidence, suggesting your energy and your push will be well sustained and taken seriously by others. It offers an air of respect as well, which is what all Cappy’s need to feel at the end of the day, natural respect. Mercury is retrograde in fellow earth sign Virgo so you may be re-thinking some of your next moves, and Venus will be squaring Uranus suggesting you may hear from someone out of the blue that will cause you to pause in your plan. Everything is rising up for a reason.

Use this as a your green light to go after life with more of a bite, wasting not a moment until you get it right!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

If I had to pick two stars this week, it would be your ruler Uranus and Cancer’s ruler, the Moon. Clearly the coming Total Solar Eclipse in Leo is being eclipsed by the Moon so she will have a message for us all. But your ruler Uranus is gearing up to make a statement and to shock the world in an eye catching way. It may be too that you are getting ready to shock the socks off someone with your ingenuity or with a clever plan that could turn life up and around. Relationships also are up for grabs and open for changing scenery with plenty of opportunity to make new connections with others who share your same passions. With Uranus at play, along with the nature of the Eclipse, just about anything can happen, especially events you thought never would or could. Uranus prides himself on making a splash and a surprising entry. He also loves to usher in something you never saw coming, something that can change your life for the better for good. We live in a world where karma dictates much of what happens to us, it is simply the law of cause and effect. Venus in Cancer does square your ruler so relationships upsets are probable. This coming week will show you where you have earned some proud stripes and where you need to raise your game. A sudden taste of success will keep you wanting more.

“Stay hungry my friend”!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

Just like your fellow water sign Scorpio, your ruler Neptune is taking a seat set back behind the scenes. A Total Solar Eclipse in Leo on Monday, Aug.21, has so much planetary influence, you are playing it safe and waiting to see where it all flies. So much energetic fire for that watery inner space of yours and considering you have a permeable feeling filter, you are going to be feeling everything as it is. Mercury is retrograde in your opposite sign in your house of relationships, and this is having you re-thinking your way forward with key others. It may be too that some further attention needs to be placed where breakdowns occur but the Eclipse will show you where things are out of balance and where you feel to be traveling on different pages with Venus in fellow water sign Cancer squaring Uranus exposing the weak links. Your love connection needs to be water tight or it won’t be worth bringing it forward. Mars is forming a truth-telling angle of support to Jupiter in your house of the Soul, exposing the depths of what you need as well as what you want.

Heed the call that is clearly echoing in the halls of your Soul and follow the sound until it leads you to your ultimate destination!

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