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Starcast for the week beginning August 23rd, 2017

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

While the recent Total Solar Eclipse undoubtedly ignited deep emotion, there is still a bit of an anxious aftermath with threads of unpredictable emotions involving the ones you love as Venus is still forming a square to Uranus in your sign until the weekend when she finally frees herself from some of the stress. Nervous emotion may be tough to shake but it is trying to direct your attention to an area that needs additional inner work. Venus enters fellow fire sign Leo on Saturday, Aug, 26, which will allow you to finally exhale and follow with a feeling of better emotional balance. Your ruler Mars is also in Leo and is traveling with the North Node, the symbol that pulls you into your future, and together they progressively form a liberating angle to transformative Uranus in the next few weeks. You are within a strong orb of influence now to tap into this electric juice so direct your energy well and with a pure-hearted focus. Mercury in Virgo retrogrades back to join the Sun on Saturday, to help bring more light and energy to an area where you have been dragging and lagging. Great strides to improve upon something that has been amiss or run amok will also create a needed feeling of progress. Tend to the squeaky wheel and all will be moving swiftly and smoothly before long.

Soul corners are turned this weekend!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

Cha-cha-cha-changes have become the new norm and with Uranus still squaring your ruler Venus and really not totally in the clear until early next week, it can feel like breakdown city or being on the brink of emotional burnout. The recent Total Eclipse would have brought every emotion to the surface and while there was a creative and loving surge of powerful energy, the bottom may felt to have been dropping out beneath you. So much of this fiery force is impacting those spaces behind the scenes and within your own inner space. This is where all the change must initiate in order for the outer change that you wish to see happen play out. Mercury will retrograde back to join the Sun in fellow earth sign Virgo this Saturday, Aug.26, the same day your ruler shifts into Leo, so anticipate some relief by then. Your entire focus is on the home and the hearts that share the space with you. It is also about how you tend to and take care of your inner home where you emotionally rest and the better you become at nurturing those lands, the better everything around you will begin to follow suit. Day by day, you will find your way back to feeling whole again. This recent energy stream was simply exposing any weak links so you could dive back in and fix the holes. Observe your anxiety like it is someone’s else’s and you will know just the right words to comfort yourself.

Above all else, breathe!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

It’s a bit like seeing your dream car parked out front with the engine sitting next to it on the driveway. Your ruler Mercury is retrograde in Virgo and even with the Total Eclipse putting a wild fire under you, there is no way to kick it into gear until you put some of the missing pieces back together. Mercury in Virgo is more humbling than in any other sign for it forces you to sit with your insecurities. This may feel like a bad thing but it is actually a very good thing as it presents you with vital information regarding what still needs some elbow grease. We can try and avoid those places but in time they will only rear their ugly head again. The times are demanding that you look at stuff; the good, the bad and the ugly. It may be that you are feeling unfulfilled in certain relationships with Uranus and Venus still forming a square to one another, perhaps even projecting that void onto another, like it is their fault that you are not happy. Yet there is no Soul who can begin to fill that space for you. This is about you being enough for you. It may be too that this feeling of insecurity is linked with financial question or resource concerns, but your ruler will retrograde back to join the Sun on Saturday, Aug.26, to help show you a way through. Loving Venus also enters Leo which is sure to get that hope and your heart beating again.

There is still a world of energetic morphing going on, play your role in shaping your inner reality into a picture of health and you will love the final product!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

Your ruler the Moon has been busy, and undoubtedly so have you. She showed the world the power of her role in keeping things fair and balanced and she reminded you of the power of keeping her presence in sight. While loving Venus is in your sign she is still squaring Uranus, continuing to keep the emotions of others, let alone your own, highly unpredictable. An undercurrent of anxiety can remain under this trend until we pull into the weekend where you will feel that edge ease and your natural breath return. This trend is occurring to push your emotional growth Cancer, and to liberate old patterns of hiding and holding. You are deepening into your own maturation process so your Soul can stay rooted in your center of gravity versus feeling tossed around by all of the cross currents in life. Fortunately by the weekend, you will get a better handle of something that has felt chaotic as Mercury retrogrades back to join the Sun in Virgo and a key piece to a nagging concern gets settled. Loving Venus also enters Leo the same day which will help you feel better about you, in some cases because you are feeling valued. It may also be due to finding courage, stepping up and showing your strength where you must. The next two weeks bode well for more building upon your base and creating more security for yourself due to your own creative contribution.

Welcome to the outskirts of finding your bliss. The nougat is on its way!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

What an event to have your name written on it Leo, a Total Solar Eclipse at essentially the the last degree of your sign. This can inspire motivation to bring your very best to an encore. It can have you inwardly accessing all that you have to offer  from the bottom of your heart. While all eyes were on you, there may have been some cases where you wished that wasn’t the case, as Mercury is retrograde in Virgo and has been highlighting some of the cracks in your shine. Heck we all have them Leo, but this humbling trend can cause question and doubt. Uranus in Aries is also squaring Venus in Cancer igniting a great deal of vulnerability across the board, but you will feel born again by Saturday, Aug.26, when Venus enters your sign. Also, your ruler the Sun, joins Mercury retrograde in Virgo to show you just what is needed to put that broken feeling back together again. Mercury will eventually retrograde back into your sign and station at the same degree as the Total Solar Eclipse in late Leo on Sept. 4, so whatever may feel to be ailing you now, will be history by then. A little humbling does the heart good, it restores compassion and allows you to live fully in the present, never squandering a moment or a good feeling. Love never feels better than having it arrive following the feeling of wondering if it ever will return.

When you have lost something and you get it back, nurture it with your entire BE-ing, and it will allow you to bring the whole of you back to center stage of any scene!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

Anytime you wonder why Virgos tend to have to ‘work harder for it’, just remember that every highly evolved and saintly Soul shares significant Virgo energy in their astrological make-up. Leos represent the royal world of gold and luxury and yet there must be a fall to the kingdom, which is where you come in Virgo. Virgo is the sign of the simple and the pure. It’s about knowing the value of living with less. It’s about helping those who cannot help themselves and seeking to be of service to this world in order to make it better than the way you found it. That is progress for you Virgo, this is what energizes a feeling of success. Ultimately you want to heal yourself and others, or improve upon what needs a lift. This explains the greatest spiritual teachers of our time, as in ‘the last shall come first’, for it is not about status and station, it is about taking are of one another. Your ruler Mercury’s retrograde tour through your sign is about recovering more of you and not missing a beat. On Saturday, Aug. 26, Mercury will join the Sun, and for a moment or more you will feel full of yourself and full of the warmth and unconditional love of the Sun. You will be reminded of your own light. Venus enters Leo the same day to show you a higher love that is present, a reminder of the importance of your efforts on the climb and the rewards that await for your selfless pursuit in making a difference.

Every thought counts. Make it all work wonders for you!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

While I have never in my years as an astrologer seen so much power and influence to support and sustain needed transformation for any Soul with the recent Total Solar Eclipse, there were two little cosmic scoundrels causing angst and mischief. Your ruler Venus has been in vulnerable Cancer and will finally make her exit this Saturday, Aug. 26. However, in the next few days, she is still forming a square to Uranus which can put those nerves on edge and have you feeling a catch in your throat on occasion. In essence, something in your life is making it hard to breathe, an anticipation of something to come and the unknown in how it will play out. However, benevolent Jupiter is in your sign and helping to guide you in your travels. His connection to Mars is also helping you draw others into your midst that can support your efforts moving forward. Your ruler Venus enters Leo on Saturday as well which will feel like a breath of fresh air compared to where she has been. Mercury retrogrades back to join the Sun in Virgo to show you next steps to a key resolution. Life has been intense. The next two weeks help you find a better feeling grove within yourself as well as with others. Communicate openly, honestly and often and you will not recognize your life on the flip side of this trend.

Rapid desirable change is still yours for the taking!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

When life becomes too much, the only way to deal with the energetic surge, is to attempt to detach and unplug yourself from the circuit. I realize that is easier said than done for a Scorpio born, but it will allow you to make better choices now if you can find a way to observe your life from outside of yourself. Mercury is retrograding back through Virgo in your house of objectivity and joins the Sun on Saturday, Aug. 26, energizing your ability to capitalize on this beneficial approach to life at the moment. It can be so easy to get caught in the wave and wonder when you will ever find your way to shore. Fortunately, the powerful fire trine on the Total Solar Eclipse occurred in earth houses for you so would have done well to keep you relatively grounded. However, Venus has been squaring Uranus so just about any little thing may feel to set you off. Venus finally frees herself from the lightening over the weekend, even more so early next week. you will feel more support from the Sun and an inspiring fire burning bright in your Soul center again. More of your life’s work is being brought to light and because of the power of your influence, the universe is in the process of paving the way. You are still gathering a few more ingredients for your Soul’s success.

Look to Sept. 5, to be ready to roll it out!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

You have a gift for being able to stay out of the line of fire while dropping into those pockets of safety with benevolent Jupiter as your ruler. My teacher, also a Sag like you, used to say that if he wasn’t a Sag, he would be dead by now. So many near misses can be experienced due to your magnetic nature granting you with the feeling that a guardian angel hovers near. Jupiter is considered to be the great protector of the universe because Jupiter’s gravity and motion has a way of deflecting asteroids that are dangerously rifling toward our planet Earth. Jupiter and Mars were so in step during the Total Solar Eclipse, you too may have found your desired stride, moving you into your next octave of action and expression. Mercury is retrograde in Virgo, suggesting however that nothing comes free and with a need to create a consistent shift in your habits, the Sun meeting with Mercury on Saturday, Aug.26, will gift you with validation for your recent push. Loving Venus also enters fellow fire sign Leo allowing you to harmonize with yourself, with others, and with your master plan. There are surely of few things due to surface as a surprise to attempt to knock you off your game, so in your power so you can respond from a sane center.

You have strength and support in all the right places, so lean on what you’ve got and just like always, no matter what comes flying at you Sag, you will come out on top!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

While the Total Solar Eclipse would have lured you abruptly out of your comfort zone, it would have been a change you would like to see stick, as a powerful Grand Fire trine which included your ruler Saturn, is certain to set some needed change in motion, most likely deep in the recesses of your being. It is true that you will see plenty of activity in your home with the location of Uranus, the planet of transformation, in this arena and also part of this power trine, your inner reality is where the brunt of this shift is at. Loving Venus is in your opposite sign of Cancer and still squaring Uranus, so lingering upheaval and unrest may still be smoldering in relationships until the weekend when Venus finds the courage to set herself free. Mercury retrogrades back in fellow earth sign Virgo to join the Sun as well, so where there had only been pain and darkness, a light finds a way to shine again. Your perspective shifts and your outlook lifts and you prepare for what feels like a new chapter which will officially feel to take place in September.

Do what you need to prepare for this launch in the meantime, which starts with clearing the inner decks of doubt until all that is left is a clean slate of promise and pure potential!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

The Total Eclipse may have finally peaked and passed, but your ruler Uranus’ presence remains strong and continues to be a key factor in implementing the change you seek. With Mercury retrograde in Virgo, every little flaw and broken detail in your plan will be showing itself and with Venus still squaring Uranus until the weekend, you may be feeling very much on your own and in a boat without a oar. You are quite familiar with being a group of one if necessary but you also know there is power in numbers. Fortunately, Venus leaves Cancer and enters Leo in your house of others on Saturday, Aug. 26, the same day that the Sun joins Mercury retrograde, bringing your process to light and reminding you of what this pursuit means to your Soul. The support and partnerships that you seek, you will have in spades when Mercury stations direct at the last degrees of Leo on Sept.4, the same degree as the Solar Eclipse, while your ruler continues to stay anchored to Saturn. This buys you time and staying power and reflects tremendous sustainability for your mission.

The people you need will show up in numbers, its just a matter of time!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

Peace is what you seek Pisces, but Peace feels more like a luxury these days with so much heat and tension in the sky. There is accessible rocket fuel available, but it can be a challenge to know where to invest your energy for you wonder and even fear that it all may just scatter in the wind. Loving Venus is in fellow water sign Cancer and is still squaring electric Uranus, which can invite things into your life that you never saw coming, whether it is a client that erupts and projects their reality onto you, or simply catching someone at the wrong place and at the wrong time. You are so sensitive to people and to your environment Pisces that actions of others could rattle you, so it would be best to lay low as best you can until the weekend. Mercury retrogrades back in Virgo and joins the Sun in your house of relationships on Saturday, Aug. 26, which will have the effect of the Sun coming out in your life again, or the Sun warming your skin after a dip in the cold sea. The potential for you to build your world of career is immense in the next six months, so get a hold of what you value most and focus fully there.

Abundance is destined to follow!

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