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Starcast for the week beginning August 30th, 2017

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

You are in position to fly like an eagle. Your ruler, warrior Mars, is in fellow fire sign Leo and aligning with supreme elevation to radical Uranus, to help lift you high, high, higher than you were before. There is a strong energy of productivity, creativity and loving progress with Mars reaching the same degree of Leo this weekend as it was on the day of the Total Solar Eclipse. Mercury retrogrades back to join Mars in the late degrees of Leo as well to circle back and have you finish something you started. Mercury stations direct on Tuesday, Sept 5, also at 28 degrees of Leo, the same degree of the Eclipse point, reflecting an exclamation point or period of final initiation. Most of what you need to know will have surfaced by then and you can be ever so clear about how to best direct your energy and efforts. Loving Venus is also in fellow fire sign Leo and will be helping you feel with more heart and flavor in the next few weeks, reminding you how special the final touches and tender gestures can be.

Something is soon to make all the difference in your world!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

The feeling of love is a good thing, it eases just about anything when it enters your bloodstream and reaches those emotional shores. It has a way of slipping into the creases and permeating every cell of your being. Venus is in loving Leo and is moving through your house of home and the emotional body. This is no time for rational thinking. It is a time for feeling fully and for allowing your heart to take charge. Action Mars is also in this sector and will reach the powerful Eclipse point this weekend while also aligning with ridiculous strength to Uranus. This will prove to become a liberating lift, with positive changing scenery at home and within the landscapes of your heart. Mercury is still retrograde in fellow earth sign Virgo, but he will back into Leo as well this weekend, while joining Mars, and then station direct at the same point as the Eclipse on Tuesday, Sept. 5. Major transformation is happening within the home and within those sensitive inner spaces, destined to lighten and lift you into a better feeling world.

Find it, fix it , change it, heal it. You are gonna love it!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

A dramatically notable shift will be felt in the coming days as your ruler Mercury backs out of Virgo and into the final degrees of Leo again. You feel your own fire return as Mercury joins Mars this weekend at the exact degree of the recent Total Solar Eclipse. It is a meeting of the minds, but it is also a strong surge of awareness regarding what you want more than anything. Mars governs desire and he accesses what is deep in your Soul and brings it out into the world for self expression and actualization. Because Mars is in Leo, as well as Mercury, this also connects with what your heart wishes for in the earthly sense. It is one thing to have your head in the game, but add the totality of your heart and the drum beat of your Soul and you will have no choice but to pay attention to the sound that is emanating from the deep. Your ideas are coming to fruition and this week you access the energy to set them fiercely and passionately in motion. Mercury stations direct on Tuesday, Sept. 5, to put a stamp of approval on a recent process. Loving Venus is also in Leo in your house of expression, bringing a balancing and healing ease to all of your communications. Access her help to sweeten your most meaningful connections.

You ‘have the floor’. Someone you love is all ears!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

You were a showstopper during the recent Total Eclipse, with your ruler the Moon taking center stage. The effect of this month’s energy is still reverberating and will contine long into the distance. If the rare path of totality wasn’t enough to turn this Earth emotionally on its axis, the energy this week is a close ‘2nd’ and nearly as stunning, in some cases even more so. The reason being is that five planets were retrograde during the Eclipse, including Mercury in Virgo, suggesting there could be a lag time in some cases as certain fated events are still catching up speed. Saturn shifted direct in Sagittarius on Friday, Aug.25, and will be improving his position for the next two months as well. Action Mars moves to the final degree of Leo this weekend, the very same degree of the Total Solar Eclipse on the 21st of August, in your house of how you earn and what you value. Mercury also retrogrades out of Virgo and backs into Leo while joining Mars this weekend, and will station direct on Tuesday, Sept. 5. Beyond the obvious practical benefits reflected in this strong surge surrounding your resources, it’s your inner relationship to yourself that is deepening and creatively actualizing that is so impressive and alluring. It is by virtue of this inner actualization that is allowing your magnetism to expand.

Name your price Cancer, and you may very well get it!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

While the recent and rare Total Solar Eclipse had your name written all over it, and warrior Mars was also barreling through your sign, along with the North Node, the symbol for your destiny, five planets were retrograde, including Mercury in Virgo. No matter what kind of good was going on, there would have been some kind of humble pie served to keep the buzz from going to your head. Since then, Saturn in fellow fire sign Sagittarius has moved direct on Friday, August 25. Also, Mars advances to the last the degree of Leo this weekend, the same degree of the Eclipse in your sign. In addition, Mercury retrogrades back into your sign as well and joins Mars for the festivities this weekend before stationing direct on Tuesday, Sept 5. This screams new beginnings Leo. A flame has been lit and with Uranus jumping in to fan those flames of love and creativity and turn it into a bonfire, you will never feel so sure of what you want. This week, you recover in full a piece of brave confidence that is needed to propel you full throttle forward. You are re-remembering the inherent nature of your design, what you came here to do and to be. You are re-connecting with the passion to make your own personal mark on the map.

Let us hear your roar wildly return!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

You say it best when your ruler Mercury is in your sign but with Mercury currently retrograde, you may have been feeling uncertain and tongue tied. It may also be that the speed of life and its demands has gotten into you. Mercury is helping you recover skipped steps and overlooked business. As Mercury leaves Virgo and re-enters Leo this weekend, he will join Mars at the same degree as the Total Solar Eclipse which will say an enormous amount about what this recent cosmic showing was personally about for you. This week will definitely help you get things in order along with recovering your heart and your center. The help you can access on high and behind the scenes is outrageously auspicious for those who know where to reach and who to recruit, especially in the invisible realm. You are not one to ask for help, but you are no superhuman Virgo, not one of us is, so set aside your pride, know that you are worthy of guidance and assistance. Your ruler Mercury slows to a stop and finally stations direct on Tuesday, Sept. 5. You will feel more connected to the vision you dream of for yourself and stronger in your pursuit because of a holy energy in the mix.

Warrior Mars enters Virgo the same day, just to give you an extra strong nudge. No excuses now Virgo, even if they seem rational.  The Gods are at your back, it’s all a 'go' from here!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

Even though Venus is your benevolent ruler, she tends to shine her brightest when she travels through the sign of Leo. This may very well be due to her natural way of wanting nothing more than to make you feel at your very best. When you are at your best, you do sparkle and shine like no other. Venus travels through Leo for the next three weeks, helping you tap into the stockpile of your Soul’s loving and creative potential. But what makes this week so pronounced is that Mars in Leo will reach the same degree as the recent Total Eclipse, making it crystal what you want in love and in life, for the body does not lie. Mars in this position is high on courage and chomping at the bit to make some change happen in your life and he’s not afraid to do it for a second. Mercury, the planet of communication and negotiation, is retrograding through Virgo and will back into Leo to join Mars this weekend, while aligning with speed to Uranus. Talk about about a powerful transition, quite the understatement. It’s an ideal time for finalizing changes but also for spontaneous adventures with friends. Mercury stations direct on Tuesday, Sept. 5 at the tail end of Leo and has you ready to start implementing and augmenting , in essence, improving your life in any way you see fit.

Feel what you need most to be at your best and then go baby go!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

I cannot remember when I have seen this much concentrated energy in your house of career and your public self. A stellium of energy in Leo lights up this stage of your life and has you earning long overdue accolades for all of your years of Soul invested strides, as well as the creative and ingenious ways you have separated yourself from the rest. The Total Solar Eclipse in Leo was a powerful activation point in this arena but this week the energy travels with an even greater speed and without hesitation. For starters, there were five planets retrograde during the Eclipse, which could have the effect of creating a charge and then something being put on hold. Saturn moved direct after four months retrograde on Friday, Aug. 25, and Mercury treks back into Leo this weekend and stations direct on Tuesday, Sept. 5. Mars, the planet of action, joins Mercury this weekend at the same degree of the Eclipse in Leo which is no light and passing trend. This is as powerful as a fire flare in view when you are lost a sea, this is about letting people know what you are made of, and this is in some cases a benchmark for how you will leave a legacy. In the end, this week energizes what you want to remembered for as well as who you want to share your journey with through time. There will be zero question which direction you will want to take your life on either front.

Let your instinct speak novels and prepare to turn a promising page!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

While the Total Solar Eclipse had a way of busting a boatload of content loose, it may have felt more like a mess you needed to start organizing and cleaning up before you knew what to do with all the energy that was in place to benefit you long term. August did not come without its frustrations and set backs, Mercury has been retrograde in Virgo, which can have a way of putting too much salt in your favorite soup or too much vanilla creamer in your coffee. There is so much good there but going back to the drawing board is needed. This week looks potentially positively giant. Saturn in your sign just stationed direct on Friday, Aug. 25, after over four months retro, and you will feel a foundation of support building by the day as a result. But the bigger hit is that action Mars is in fellow fire sign Leo and will reach the exact Eclipse point this weekend. Mercury retrogrades back into Leo and joins Mars to deliver an empowering dose of energy as they favorably trine electric Uranus. Mercury will stop and station direct on Tuesday, Sept 5.. It reminds me of how fast you can reach someone who is half way around the world simply by pushing a button.

Hone in on your target, put all that you have into what you want and get ready to become a master manifestor, simply by hitting send!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

Most good things take time, just like grapes need to sit on the vine. There has been no need to rush this, and even though you have felt angst along the way, when all comes to a healing fruition, you will be reminded again that everything happens at the right time. Who likes sour wine? Your ruler Saturn stationed direct this past Friday, Aug. 25, in Sagittarius and will continue to receive liberating angles of support from Uranus for the next two months, so this party is far from over. If you are wondering if the universe left you out of the cosmic jackpot, don’t you worry. Mars in Leo is in your house of empowerment and is progressing to reach the exact Eclipse point this weekend and before he exits, he receives a special blessing from Uranus to help speed up a meaningful Soul process. Mercury also retrogrades through Virgo and backs into Leo to join Mars at this promising activation point for the fireworks this weekend. Something or someone may have been taking their own sweet time, but you will be forgetting all about the worrying and the waiting when life as you know it swiftly changes gears. Mercury stations direct on Tuesday, Sept.5, and the next month promises to be more in step and in sync.

It’s about Soul choices now Cappy, know what is needed even if it takes a bit more from you and you will be amply rewarded!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

Boy, have you ever been busy Aquarius. With your ruler Uranus so present and strategically active, you have not missed a beat. Sure, with Mercury retrograde in Virgo, it reminds us all that no one is perfect. Things have also been in question in places and key spots overlooked that you have needed to tend and return to. We are now on the heels of a rare and loaded Total Solar Eclipse where Uranus was responsible for some radical breakthroughs and wake-up calls in so many people’s lives. However, Uranus is far from finished and in many cases has not done his best work yet. Uranus has only given you a hint of what’s to come. Five planets were retrograde during the Eclipse which can keep things outwardly quiet yet the rumbling continues. Saturn in Sagittarius stationed direct on Friday, Aug. 25, and Mercury is fixing to follow suit on Tuesday, Sept. 5. Even more telling is that action Mars in Leo will reach the same degree as the Eclipse this weekend and Mercury backs into Leo to join him. Together they align with Uranus with supreme precision, granting you all the energy and leverage you need to tilt things in your favor and reel in what you want. Best of all, relationships are transforming in unthinkable ways.

So much potential to secure something exciting and new exists from here on out!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

It may very well be feeling like ‘evolution central’ for many of you Pisces Souls. While there is tremendous changing tidal opportunity, there are many themes that feel as if they are having you dance with loss. Much of this can be felt simply when we know nothing will ever be the same again, that life has moved on to the point where a reality that you loved has moved into a period of transition and turned into something else. It can be so tough to hold on when you feel it slipping through your fingers. Fortunately, while life may feel to be forcing you to let go of something over here, it will be offering you something beautiful and bright over there. Mars travels into the tail end of Leo this weekend, at the exact Eclipse point while harmonizing innovatively to Uranus. Mercury is currently retrograde in Virgo, your opposite sign, but will back into Leo and join Mars this weekend, to help you find and feel love in places where there has felt to be an empty pocket that nothing could fill. You find a way to fix what has felt broken as Mercury stations direct on Tuesday, Sept. 5, and it has a way of helping you feel worlds better about the world you live in, starting with the emotional world within yourself.

You have support, there will be answers, and something is soon going to set your heart, your body and your Soul positively free!

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