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Starcast for the week beginning September 20th, 2017

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

It’s one thing to want something, even to dream about it, and another to know you can have it, or for it to be realistic to have it. There is an elusive air this week with your ruler Mars opposing Neptune, making it feel in some cases, as if you cannot bridge the distance between where you stand and what you seek. It may be too that you need to choose your battles this week and know what is worth fighting for. Loving Venus enters Virgo just prior to the New Moon in Virgo late Tuesday Sept.19, to join Mercury and Mars, bringing a high degree of focus on the areas in your life that need adjusting or improving. However, the larger and more long term energy that is so strongly in your camp is that Uranus in your sign is still within striking distance to Saturn in fellow fire sign Sagittarius and together they are doing their part to keep your Soul candle alive and burning, as well as your motivation high.

Mars finds older brother Pluto next week, so whatever may feel to be escaping you now will be back in your powerful arms of influence again by then!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

Well with a team of planets convening in fellow earth sign Virgo, you will feel an added benefit of celestial support. Late on Tuesday, Sept.19, your ruler Venus enters Virgo just prior to the New Moon in Virgo, joining Mercury and Mars in this sector of the sky. As you well know Taurus, there is power in numbers and when planets pull together in a fellow earth sign, it gives you an added edge. However, Saturn squares the New Moon while evasive Neptune opposes Mercury and Mars, keeping you uncertain about your progress and direction in places. It may be too that some patience and discipline is required now or that certain concerns are simply getting the better of you and you are not feeling up to your best early on this forecast week. Perhaps you are just simply feeling burned out. Mercury aligns favorably to Pluto on Thursday, Sept. 21, which can help your mind stay anchored and clear and by next week, Mars follows suit and your Soul will be feeling true to course, giving you greater ambition to continue pursuing your dreams. Keep your heart all the way in it and by next week you will take a leap of love like you have never known.

High risk with a dedicated follow-through equals high reward!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

It is safe to stay in your head. For may of you, it becomes a playground for escaping emotional matters or running away from getting to the root of what may be troubling you. However, with your house of home and the emotional body filled with planets this week, you will be pulled so far into feeling matters, your mind won’t have a fighting chance. The truth is, the Soul cannot evolve via the mind, there is a limit to what the mind can access. As Souls, we can only evolve via the emotional door. Venus enters Virgo in this zone late Tuesday, Sept, 19, and a New Moon follows. Typically this would be a good feeling buzz but this lunar event squares Saturn and your ruler Mercury and Mars oppose Neptune, creating this feeling of not knowing how to hold all that lives within you and feeling emotionally overwhelmed by worries in your world. When the Gemini born is trapped in that feeling box and forced to sit with all that is contained there, it can drive the Soul crazy unless you get some air, but it is necessary to feel through everything that resides there. Fortunately your ruler Mercury finds Pluto prior to the weekend to help you access the root of what is creating the challenge of such emotion and you find a way to untangle the feeling knots and free yourself. The work you do on your inner space will prove to be more important than anything you touch in the outside world.

Clean up and clear that sacred space and you'll be worlds better for it!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

So much to do, so little time. There is oodles of energy in your house of diversity, including a New Moon in Virgo late on Tuesday, Sept.19, that is squaring Saturn, suggesting you are being pulled in many directions at the moment, making it a challenge to have a concentrated focus on any one thing. The squeaky wheel does however get the grease so make sure you are putting your energy where the top priority sits and you will find a way to work through the rest. Venus enters this sector just prior to the New Moon as well which will help you stay relatively balanced within it all but with Mercury and Mars in Virgo opposing Neptune there will be plenty of things that will attempt to pull you off center. Just do your best to keep the bigger picture in mind in any given moment and it will allow for that broader view of where your efforts are most valuable now. Mercury does recruit Pluto for directions on your Soul map before the weekend helping you connect with your next steps.

Mars follows this path of ease and least resistance early next week to help you feel like you are really gaining ground again, which will have a way of elevating your emotional state beautifully!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

Venus is the last planet leaving your sign for a while late on Tuesday, Sept. 19, but it doesn’t mean the love has to leave with it. A heap of planets get to work in your second house of what you value and it has you working harder for it than you can remember. Something has become a labor of love and for the most part you will be up to the task. Mercury and Mars are also in Virgo and opposing Neptune this week which may feel like you are running out of steam. It may be too that you are feeling disillusioned by someone you have given your all to and that is bringing you back to your own ground zero with them. There will be no escaping reality in key areas and you will be forced to confront someone for what you discover. Mercury will align with impressive strength to Pluto before the weekend, allowing you to feel levelheaded and centered as you work to resolve an upset. Mars jumps in early next week to take it positively further when it steps in for Mercury and pulls form the forces of Pluto to help you position yourself with impressive leverage. You have been on a manifesting roll, it may fizzle out this week, but it will return with a vengeance.

Your efforts pay handsomely!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

The forecast week starts with A New Moon in your sign late on Tuesday, Sept.19, and loving Venus also enters your sign just prior to this lunar event. The New Moon represents a new feeling start and yet this particular lunar tide is squaring burden laden Saturn. It may be that a weight rests heavily on your heart and it is making it difficult to feel light in your step. It will benefit you well to have a slew of planets traveling in Virgo, which includes your ruler Mercury and Mars, but they oppose Neptune this week which can have a way of not being able to see the road to your future, similar to trying to navigate through the fog on the highway when you are driving by the sea at night. However, you have a team of planets working on your behalf, helping you fight your way up and through the gravity of emotions. Before the weekend, your ruler Mercury aligns with empowering Pluto with conviction and slowly but surely you begin moving the hard energy that has been holding you captive. Next week, warrior Mars in your sign combines with Pluto to really give you a push of confidence as well as your heart and Soul a stimulating surge. Keep moving through this process versus avoiding the inevitable and you will be well on the other side of troubled waters.

Venus promises love will win you over in the end!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

Those timeless treasures sit in the simple spaces and you find yourself wanting nothing more than to escape in your quest to search for the gold. It starts with the journey within or in your dream state where you are reminded of what holds eternal meaning. Your ruler Venus enters Virgo in your house of imagination late on Tuesday, Sept.19, and a New Moon in Virgo shortly follows, setting the stage for the next two weeks. With Saturn squaring this lunar tide, you are reminded of earthly mortal challenges and as Mercury and Mars also in Virgo oppose Neptune, it can feel like your outer efforts are going nowhere. As a result you are forced to turn within where you can find comfort and meaning. Better thoughts pull you out of a haze as Pluto throws Mercury a line, securing your feet to a course that feels true. Mars follows in his footsteps early next week to grant you an empowering emotional shift that has you in fear of nothing. With this state of being, you emerge one strong and steady captain of your destiny.

Keep your eye on the sky without losing sight of the horizon and you will reach a desired landing by this time next week!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

With all the madness and mayhem in the world, you become a lifesaver this week Scorpio. Mercury and Mars are in Virgo, which can create the tendency in people to worry wildly and we all know that gets the Soul positively nowhere. Mercury, the ruler for Virgo, and action Mars oppose Neptune this week but Mercury knocks before the weekend and you are ready at the door to respond to the call. This supports your communications and helps you get a strong message across, which energizes some timely transformation. Mars jumps on this bandwagon and finds older brother Pluto too as we pull into next week, so the real progress may not be felt until then. Loving Venus also enters Virgo late Tuesday, Sept.19, with a New Moon in Virgo following in her footsteps. Saturn squares this lunar charge revealing a clear barricade on your path, a reminder of what must be removed first before anything else can happen. Timing for removing this obstacle is key, so trust your exceptional radar to know when to make your move.

All will be moving more freely and yet securely by this time next week!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

You are a master teacher when it comes to focusing on what you have versus that which you don’t, which by virtue has a way of helping you attract more of what you want. However, with Saturn in your sign squaring the New Moon in Virgo late on Tuesday, Sept. 19, you may be focusing on life’s imperfections and where there feels to be a void in your world. Loving Venus enters Virgo as well just before the New Moon up at the highest point in your chart, bringing an ease of movement linked with career driven focuses. It may be too that you are feeling greater support from the people that surround you in your efforts. However, Mercury and Mars, also in Virgo, oppose Neptune this week so it may feel more like a stall out with respect to your personal output to make a difference in the world, as something may be calling for your attention at home. Fortunately, Mercury finds Pluto before the weekend to help ground you through the chaos and Mars follows on the heels of Mercury to position you with a returning dedication early next week. What feels like a losing battle currently will prove to turn itself around by my next forecast.

Stay in the center of what is of primary concern, and your efforts will help alter the tides for everyone’s benefit!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

There is some serious work to do on the family front as you detect the difference between truth and lies. Certain relationships are taking top priority in your life at the moment as your ruler Saturn squares the New Moon in Virgo on Tuesday, Sept.19. You’ve got a mountain of support in the next few weeks in places however, as Venus enters fellow earth sign Virgo just before the New Moon joining Mercury and Mars. Often times things have to get worse before they can get better, “life has to fall apart before it can be rightly fall into place again”, which may feel to occur with Mercury and Mars in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces. However, Mercury becomes his industrious self as he reaches out to Pluto for a push before the weekend. Mars sees the light after Mercury’s efforts create an opening and he marches into position with Pluto to take back control of a situation while using the experience for growth and for good. Your ruler Saturn is still within range of forming a liberating angle to Uranus for the next two months so consider this as your ticket to free yourself from the weight of the past.

You will not have another opportunity again like this in your lifetime!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

Even if the world around you looks and feels like it’s coming undone, there is an energy that is fastening you to the foundation of your desires as your Soul pursues a path forward. Your ruler Uranus is in Aries and is combining auspiciously to Saturn in Sagittarius for two more months. However, right now it just may take a little more work than you realized with so many planets converging in Virgo. With Mercury and Mars in Virgo opposing Neptune, it may feel like some of your recent efforts have been futile but sometimes the Soul gets tested to see how much something is worth. The New Moon in Virgo late on Tuesday, Sept.19, is squared by Saturn to add to the feeling of having to fight tooth and nail for something. Life may not come easy in the next handful of days, but there are planetary players that can bring more peace to the inner turmoil. Mercury in Virgo in your house of the Soul harmonizes with Pluto in your house of dreams before the weekend and Mars steps into the same position early next week to keep your compass clear and your determination strong.

While you may not see it now, results you favor are soon to be inevitable!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

With a stellium of planets in your opposite sign of Virgo, there will be a thing or two bringing you back down to Earth, whether it is the health and well-being of a loved one or something in your own reality not allowing you to escape into dreamland. The energy of Virgo has a way of forcing us to deal with what’s real and often times to deal with what hurts head on. It can be a time when we are immersed in work and with the New Moon on Tuesday, Sept 19, squaring Saturn, there is going to be a discipline on your part required. With Mars and Mercury opposing your ruler Neptune, it may also be that you are being forced into seeing someone or a situation clearly and it pains you to have to feel it but this week will help you cut through what you must, so you can emerge conscious and clear moving forward. Prior to this weekend, Mercury, the ruler for Virgo, will align with strength to Pluto, gifting you with a keen lens for discernment, proving to be a glorious timesaver.

Mars will pull into a strong and favorable angle to Pluto next week. You’ll have all the information you need to begin a productive process and before long you will feel a pleasing momentum return!

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