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Starcast for the week beginning February 14th, 2018

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

More often than not, it can feel like emotional rocket rounds one after the other under ecliptic skies. It can create a high degree of vulnerability and a feeling of anticipation, waiting for the next round to land. This energetic window between eclipses becomes paper-thin and invites the impossible. A New Moon Eclipse in Aquarius on Thursday, Feb.15, presents a wide open tunnel for you to travel through and key events may very well change your reality, if they haven’t already. Your ruler Mars is squaring Neptune, the planet of the unknown, which can increase the potential for something to catch you by surprise but it also may be something you need to experience in order to help move your Soul to higher ground. However, Mars is also forming a highly supportive angle to the North Node, the symbol for your destiny, in fellow fire sign Leo, to help pull you passionately into your future. No matter what you have been through, there will be something that keeps your heart beating strong and with fierce motivation to manifest more of what you know your Soul came here to do.

Prepare for the silver linings to show themselves!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

Welcome to the land of Looney Tunes, as people may be acting as if they have literally ‘lost it’. Anyone can play the game of appearances but for only so long before their true colors and emotional weak links seep through the cracks and become painfully transparent. The world at large is being tested with emotional trip wires and energetic land mines hidden beneath our feet. This is what the nature of any eclipse can bring. However, it can also represent a window for favorable change where you least expect it. A New Moon Eclipse in Aquarius on Thursday, Feb. 15, promotes radical change in your commitments across the board. The past is crumbling beneath you and a new future to support your evolution is in the process of being erected. The transition between what 'was' and what 'will be' can be uncomfortable at best because we naturally want to drop into that groove of familiarity. However, staying in that groove will only lead to another skip in the record. For most of you the change involves key relationships and this starts with you becoming as strong within yourself as you can be. Wherever your words are falling on deaf ears, pull your energy away and your silence will become a 'boom box'. Visualize the change you seek and then hone in hard with all you have.

A mastermind becomes you!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

You aren’t playing it safe or standing in the shadows for a second Gemini. Your ruler Mercury is in fellow air sign Aquarius and is conjunct the New Moon Eclipse on Thursday, Feb. 15. This electric trinity of energy is not only merged for maximum impact, they are harmoniously aligned to innovative Uranus, the ruler for Aquarius, for extra celestial backing. Already we have seen many surprising results during the Olympics, athletes who were expected to win the gold not only taking the back seat to a dark horse, but not even reaching the podium in some cases. Positively life changing events are happening for some Souls and the very opposite reality for others, all in the very same moment. So how does one predict ‘who gets what’ during a time like this? It can be next to impossible to predict anything during an eclipse. Warrior Mars is squaring Neptune, igniting the potential for disillusionment within a relationship or two, but fortunately Mars is also well anchored to the North Node, the symbol for your destiny, suggesting you will re-direct your efforts with a heart-centered surge and in places where you can get the validation you need.

There is spellbinding energetic support to change your life simply by using the power of your thoughts. Play with this approach and then prepare to be rendered speechless!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

The water signs, like yourself, are known to be highly sensitive while embodying far more emotion than the other signs. However, for any of us to evolve, we all must enter those vulnerable seas. A New Moon Eclipse in Aquarius on Thursday, Feb.15, is bound to energize deep emotional breakthroughs for you, events that grant you the kind of perspective that keep you profoundly more present and conscious, especially within those emotional spaces with loving others. Uranus, the ruler for Aquarius, is in tremendous support to this eclipse to help facilitate breakthroughs that may also lead to a greater presence on the public stage of life. This lunar surge will also help you bust through any emotional walls you have repeatedly bumped up against. It’s a bit like learning to swim. You can’t just dog paddle while holding onto the side of the pool and expect to feel safe in the middle of the sea. Sometimes you have to be thrown all the way in before losing the fear of going deep.

Mars’ square to Neptune may remind you of the challenges you still face but with Mars also in strong aspect to the North Node, the symbol for your destiny, you will be reminded this week that you are stronger than you realize and that some things are worth risking it all for, starting with your very own Soul!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

Your ruler the Sun, joins the Moon to form an energetic showstopper in the sky as a New Moon Eclipse occurs on Thursday, Feb. 15. Mercury can’t sit this one out for a minute and will combine with this lunar/solar spectacle in your opposite sign on Thursday, Feb. 15. Radical breakthroughs in all of your most cherished connections are inevitable and wherever there are weak leaks, those connections may end. There are no gray zones this week, only black and white, which in the end can be a necessary time saver. Eclipse windows are classically known as a time for course correction, so if your Soul is heading down a road and energizing things that are not leading you well, then something will bring you to a halt so you can re-redirect your energy and focus in areas that serve you better. Mars and Neptune square one another, highlighting themes of loss or of not being able to hang onto something you want. However, Mars is in fellow fire sign Sagittarius and is in strong support to the North Node in your sign, the symbol for your destiny, so you have a surplus of energetic supply to help pull you forward and into a better zone, no matter what may be up in your world.

Prepare to carry the torch into a desirable new land!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

This week shows you how fast something appearing to be ‘bad’ can be turned into something far better than you knew. A New Moon Eclipse in Aquarius energizes your house of improvements on Thursday, Feb. 15, with your ruler Mercury working to maximize the energetic impact. Uranus, the ruler for Aquarius, is strategically positioned to help this potentially life changing transition take place and he his working hard to surprise the best of us. This is a time to re-invent yourself in many ways, or to make strides to create a reality that supports your own unique individuality in the world. There will be no time to sit this one out and no time to think, only a time to jump at the chance at something coming your way. Mars make a square to Neptune which could have you question how certain relationships will evolve as as result but with Mars’ streamline surge to the North Node, the symbol for your destiny, your heart will be reminding you of your ultimate destination. This starts with cultivating your own personal creative life purpose. Everything emanates from there.

The sign you were seeking appears this week, and the gale force wind at your back follows!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

While a wild potential exists in one area of your life, you know it won’t come without a fight, along with the need to bring everything you have to this pursuit. Even then, you know that nothing is guaranteed. There is is crazy mix of feeling on the verge of something exceptional combined with the fear of it slipping through your hands. You may not be able to relax for a moment. A New Moon Eclipse is coming in fellow air sign Aquarius on Thursday, Feb 15, which should on its own open some doors for you. Uranus, the ruler for Aquarius, is in your opposite sign of Aries but will be aligned with ideal support to this lunar tide as well as to Mercury.This bodes well for unexpected communications and networking that could launch you into promising scenarios. With Mars in a square to Neptune, it won’t come without a few hiccups but Mars is also in strong alignment to the North Node, the symbol for your destiny, suggesting your ‘will’ alone could keep you airborne and traveling at a desirable speeds to bring you closer to the goal. You have some ridiculous elevation this week Libra, so just don’t let anything re-rail your confidence.

Optimism eclipses chaos and doubt. Make faith and determination your living mantra and together they will pave the way!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

When your depth is accessed, this is when you shine. A New Moon Eclipse in Aquarius on Thursday, Feb. 15, in your house of home and emotion, is bound to open you up to a new inner experience, one that has you getting in further feeling touch with the full body of your emotional capacity. In some respects, you may not enjoy what has brought you to this place, nor may you understand why you are experiencing such a high degree of palpable sensitivity. It is similar to having new skin after a hard fall, ever so tender even to the slightest touch. This is the nature of an eclipse, to surprise you with events or with the intensity of how much something matters and means to you. In many cases, these events will be occurring within your family of origin and there may be an urgent call for your presence and undivided attention. But with Uranus in such a favorable position, he steps in as problem-solver almost has fast as the problem arrived. While life may feel to be coming undone in places, Mars positions himself well to the North Node, the symbol for your destiny, to help you anchor yourself within a solid plan and a strong feeling of direction.

It may prove to be arduous in places but you will exit this week with a great deal to look forward to!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

When everything in your midst feels like it is going haywire, you have to put your faith in what you know will pull you through. Your ruler Mars in your sign is squaring Neptune which can have life feeling like its falling apart at the seams, but Mars is also forming a strong trine to the North Node, the symbol for your destiny, in your house of what you envision for your future. You won’t be just leaning on a mere hope, you will experience an inner ‘knowing’ that things will work out well. You lean on this strength Sag and this has helped you land on your feet more times than you can count. In addition, you won’t hesitate to recruit larger forces to back you in your efforts and while initially they may appear to be no where in sight, you will see in hindsight that they were there all along. A New Moon Eclipse in Aquarius on Thursday, Feb. 15, in your house of ideas and communication, has you tuned in to a higher frequency that will help you speed through a certain emotional mess. A new vantage point becomes a powerful key in keeping your heart stay all the way in the game.

Stay open and get ready for a monumental download to suddenly drop in. A keen eye for innovation and a novel form of creative expression like you have never known is within arms reach!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

The energetic skies feel like a freeway during rush hour. This week is loaded and carries an air of unpredictability but one thing you can find security in Cappy is that your ruler Saturn is in your sign and in staunch support to loving Venus. You are still able to feel quite productive, and possibly even more-so, with all this peaking energy in the ethers. A New Moon Eclipse in Aquarius on Thursday, Feb. 15, is in your house of how you earn and what you value while joined by Mercury. Together they are plugged into the full force of Uranus, the ruler for Aquarius, suggesting just about anything can happen at any moment. But with Uranus providing inviting leverage, you are going to find that one form of change is destined to release you from an old emotional weight. Mars is square Neptune which can make communications foggy and unclear at times, so be careful with misinterpretations. Mars will align with passion and purpose to the North Node, the symbol for your destiny, to energize a trust due to an instinctual feeling that your higher guides have your back.

Once you tap into that frequency, you will feel to be invincible!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

You sure have been ‘bringing it’ Aquarius. For months on end, you have been working hard to promote the best possible change in your life and to secure a better setting on your path. This all started last summer during our last pair of eclipses when your ruler Uranus was so prominently positioned at the end of August. On Thursday, Feb.15, we have another New Moon Eclipse and this time it is in your sign. Uranus is the game changer for the whole deal. A New Moon Eclipse on its own can lead to surprising events, but Uranus and younger brother Mercury are aligning themselves to secure the best possible outcome for you. Sure, you may feel to be totally out of your comfort zone in ways with Mars squaring Neptune, and it can be a challenge not to feel victimized at this point, but Uranus wants to remind you of the power of one, and where that can ultimately lead. Mars also aligns with fervor and fire the the North Node in Leo, in your opposite sign, which means there will be loving others along the way to support you in your pursuits, perhaps sooner than you think. But it starts with really putting yourself out there and being a group of one if necessary.

Bring your very best this week Aquarius, and while you are at it, might at well up the ante. I guarantee it won't be long before someone comes running and adorns you with gold!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

Mars may be poking at some of those vulnerable spots this week as he forms a hard square to your ruler Neptune, but with his equally strong and supportive angle to the North Node in Leo, the symbol for your destiny, you are going to be reminded that whatever you are enduring will be worth it in the long run. You are trudging through some earthly slop, but there is light at the end of this tunnel and you will land in a far better place than you ever could have otherwise. You can see it in the eyes of some of the Olympic athletes who fought their way back from rejection or injury, treated as if they were yesterday’s news, only for us to now witness them storming back with a vengeance. There is a wild fire in their eyes, and their journey has made them stronger and more resilient, just as yours has. On Thursday, Feb.15, a New Moon Eclipse in Aquarius in your house of dreams, is magnetically aligned to Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, to help you secure your footing with respect to some unexpected changing scenery. Your reality could change suddenly as news hits your airwaves and you are offered a new way forward, in particular linked with your livelihood.

The unthinkable is possible now, so conjure up something outrageous. If nothing else, you will be gifted a running head start!

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