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Starcast for the week beginning March 7th, 2018

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

If your life is already going well, this week’s trends could launch your life into a positively surreal universe. If your life is not going so well, it could create a rapid fire turn around. Your ruler Mars is in fellow fire sign Sagittarius, a wild place for adventure and a place he loves to roam. Mars is forming an angle of profound precision with Uranus in your sign, which magnifies the power of your instinct as well as the sheer speed of your thoughts. Uranus creates an electric channel to carry your wishes out into the stratosphere and into the realm of manifestation. To make things even sweeter, loving Venus and Mercury have also just entered your sign, to give you added leverage and an edge in all of your communications and passionate outreach, a fruitful time to sell yourself. With Saturn in a square to Venus and Mercury, your confidence may be tested but not for long. Something novel is initiating this week, and it will have a way of offering new life at a time when you need it most.

Prepare for a primal courage to return. When that is in place, the world is yours!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

Life may be taking on a more serious note these days as Saturn in fellow earth sign Capricorn tours through your house of truth and the need to deal with reality head on. Your ruler Venus and Mercury are also now in the sign of Aries and will be squaring off with Saturn in the coming week which can force you to surrender in places. However, Mars and Uranus are combining in fire signs at the same time to help you pull off a miracle or two, or at least to send out a request for one with the universe granting yours top priority. You are getting in touch with the phenomenon of loss and the feeling of ‘life moving on’ and while none of us can play ‘God’, you do have a cosmic advantage in those invisible realms in the coming days. If you feel you need to influence an outcome, I would suggest you start by tuning all the way IN.

Your guides are all ears!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

Relationships in your world may be feeling like a revolving door. For those of you who are putting a sincere effort into transforming the old, you will be rewarded by experiencing new ways to relate, whereby your connections will be operating from a different sheet of music, one with more rhythm and more harmony. Transiting Mars in your opposite sign of Sag is connecting with supreme precision to Uranus to help you change your relationships for the better. In some cases new friendships can be formed with others who are ‘cut from the same cloth’, or perhaps there are friendships that deepen into something more. Your ruler Mercury and Venus also both just entered Aries as well and together they will square Saturn, further exposing where key ties still need some work. You will be motivated to pursue positive changing dynamics with everyone you hold near and dear to you. This time, change can happen faster than you think.

Energize what you want and the universe will do its best to positively transform those special bonds!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

The recent energy that has flooded our worldly skies has lifted us out of the sea and into the fire. Mercury and Venus have exited Pisces and entered feisty Aries up at the top of your chart, so all eyes are on you. This can take you straight out of your world of pondering and have you nose-diving into action. So much focus is now on your future and the work you will bring to this world. Warrior Mars is in Sagittarius and aligning with impressive speed and desire to radical Uranus to help you remove any obstacles that have been getting in your way. You may feel as if someone has pushed the re-set button on your energy field having you feeling ready to take on anything in your midst. You will still feel there is not enough time in the day to accomplish all that you wish, but you have a surplus of available energy to take your work to another level of expression. This is a highly innovative time for you so pay close attention to what streams in from the ethers.

In the middle of it all, a key relationship may be taking a great deal of your energy and time but if you commit to resolve, the connection can beautifully evolve!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

Fire likes fire and lucky for you that means you. Action Mars is in fellow fire sign Sagittarius and is forming a power trine to Uranus in fellow fire sign Aries this week, with an emphasized line of connection over the weekend. Something undeniable has your heart beating loud and strong and with Mars partnering with Uranus in your house of visions, you are going to feel the pace of your pursuits picking up some of what my fifteen year old son would call ‘redonculous’ speed. Loving Venus and Mercury, the planet of communication, have also just shifted into Aries, to help bring even more passion to life’s playing field. Something may be in the way early next week, perhaps you are forced to be a bit more patient surrounding your heart’s desire, but you will feel to be well on your way.

How you direct your energy now will make or break the outcome that you seek, so access an optimal optimism and wrap it with confidence, and you will land in a world of your making!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

You are digging in and going deep this week Virgo. There will be zero room for playing it safe or for scratching life’s surface. Transiting Mars in truth-seeking Sagittarius is forming a stellar angle to ground-breaking Uranus in Aries in your house of the Soul, opening new pathways for optimal inner change that can lead to a more ideal outer reality. Loving Venus and Mercury have also just entered Aries and will square Saturn, which will be testing some of your fears and requiring you to deal with the depths of how they influence your every move. This week is bringing up the old so you take tackle it head on in order to move on. I cannot think of anything more valuable than for the Soul to witness its own evolution, where you can literally observe yourself making new choices in the face of old dynamics. This is empowerment at its best. Prepare to rise to this special occasion.

Liberation follows!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

If you follow your instinct and take action without hesitation, you will find the courage to speak up and out this week, and you will be grateful you did. In any arena where you to need to make contact, get a point across, or influence a decision, you have the energetic goods. Action Mars is in honest Sag and is aligning with maximum precision to Uranus in Aries in your house of others. Your voice when backed with bold truths cannot be beat. It opens doors and gets a needed dialogue going, and it's your voice that wins in the end. Your ruler Venus as well as Mercury, the planet of communication, have also just entered Aries, giving you kindling for that verbal fire. Passion sells and it may push a few people’s buttons, but hold your ground. Some things are well worth fighting for, even if it ruffles a few feathers.

Go all in, even if the conflict stings, and you will emerge evolved as well as victorious!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

Visible progress is revealed with every effort you make, large or small. With Mars and Uranus forming an angle of elevation and speed in your house of what you value and your house of improvements, this suggests that one flip of a switch could send something around the world and back again. There is more velocity available than you may even know what to do with so direct your will well. The focus is high on earning now but this can also connect to taking the work you do in the world to innovative heights or to another feeling universe. One minute you are not thinking of a thing and the next you are downloaded with the way forward. It can happen that fast. Loving Venus and Mercury have also just entered Aries and they are injecting you with the fire and the fuel you need to take the work load on. You may be butting a heads with someone along the way but your vision is clear and your efforts to push on will prove to pay off. While outer success is enjoyed, Jupiter reminds you of the wealth that can be obtained within when he stations retrograde in your sign on Thursday, March 8, increasing the inner pull to expand your consciousness for the next four months.

Jupiter reminds you: The deeper you go, the higher you will fly!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

With action Mars transiting through your sign, life can feel inflamed and intense. However, you ‘score’ this week as you find a way to harness the energy to help you break the mold and bust down some old doors with Mars’ laser-like angle of precision to Uranus in fellow fire sign Aries. Life can radically change under this exceptional influence and your desire plays a vital role in how it goes. There is powerful energy in your personal possession that can morph your reality in life-changing ways. Your instinct will be as sharp as it gets so do not hesitate or question what is rifling up from within. Loving Venus and Mercury have also recently entered fellow fire sign Aries but Saturn steps in to slow down the pace of your passionate plans. You may still have to play by the rules, but you travel now with strong celestial favor. Your ruler Jupiter stations retrograde on Thursday, March 8, reminding you ever more of a powerful truth, one that will prove to deepen your push into its very center.

It’s breakthrough city this week Sag, so move in the direction your Soul desires, and the energy will speak for itself!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

What are you still carrying? Are you ready to be rid of it yet? Mars in Sagittarius’ streamline connection to Uranus in Aries carries enough power to jettison anything you don’t have the energy to hold any longer. Often times, the Soul just keeps the old emotional clothes on just because they are comfortable and familiar. This week something will be stripped from you with stunning speed and while it might burn a little at first, the relief you feel as a result of its removal will be like nothing you can ever remember. Another possibility with this trend for the spiritual seekers could equal an unexpected thinning of the veil or a great leap in your meditation where you experience a greater inner universe at play. Loving Venus and Mercury have entered Aries as well and in the midst of it all they square Saturn this weekend, which can cause the old patterns to rear their ugly head. However, there is far more energy to rebel so nip the bad in the bud.

Visualize an inner reality that is free from the weight of the past and the old emotional clothes will land in a pile on the floor, right where they belong. Freedom awaits!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

When up to his own devices, there is no telling what your ruler Uranus will do. He is rebellious and unruly. We never know what to expect when Uranus is at play, which can be good and not so good. But every now and again, he will join forces with another planet for conscious action and set the world on fire with his transformational tendencies. Mars, the planet of action and desire, is in fire sign Sagittarius and is aligning with Uranus with remarkable strength. This wild pair is providing a channel to direct the energy of your will, allowing you to be productive with this surge and use it to benefit your life moving forward. This planetary combo is unparalleled in its ability to mainline you with a stream of ingenuity. It can energize a rare innovation and also assist you in all of your networking and communications with others. This is a trend-setting surge as well, and an energy that is bound to catch someone’s immediate attention. It will require you to make a move this week, so follow your razor sharp instinct. There may be a few unknowns in the way but keep stoking the fire and your number will be called.

This week you set yourself apart from the rest!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

You may be a dreamer Pisces but you are getting down to business. Profiting Venus and Mercury, the planet of communication, have exited your sign and are energizing your house of what you value. It is time to materialize all that you visualize. Often times it takes getting the information into the right hands in order to help your vision sail and with Mars in your house of career plugged into Uranus this week, you are sure to experience a boost assist in this arena. It may be too that you profit well from following a lead. Something in your world of work may take off with an unexpected speed and have you wondering if you have the structure in place to support the rush. Jupiter stations retrograde in fellow water sign Scorpio on Thursday, March 8, and will favorably aspect this Sun in your sign on Tuesday, March 13, suggesting there will be a wise ‘ol sage in place to support this next stage of your evolution.

With Jupiter’s retrograde tour through Scorpio for the next four months, you become a seeker of deeper wisdom, which will prove to become a place where you find Soulful refuge and comfort!

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