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Starcast for the week beginning March 28th, 2018

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

The longer emotion is held in and back, the greater the chances it will come hurling out with the slightest trigger, and it won’t look so pretty when it does. Whatever we repress does become distorted. Leave it to a Full Moon in Libra squared by Saturn and your ruler Mars in Capricorn on Saturday, March 31, to pull some emotional weeds out by their wild and unruly roots. You have been holding onto something and it may be getting tangled up inside of you. It’s not allowing you to rest peacefully and it is likely linked to a key relationship or two. In some cases it may be due to the failing health of parents or the burden of your responsibilities to take care of someone in need. Loving Venus, the ruler for Libra, will have just shifted into steady Taurus just prior to the Full Moon and will be moving ever closer to forming a supremely supportive angle to your ruler Mars in Capricorn. The exact aspect of optimal elevation doesn’t occur until the following weekend, but there is support in the days that lead you there as you climb your way out of a hole.

Evolution isn’t always easy, but the hard push this week will be well worth the feeling of freedom on the other side!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

Emotions peak upon entering the weekend as a Full Moon approaches in Libra on Saturday, March 31. A Full Moon alone can cause tensions to rise, but this one is receiving a square from Saturn as well as Mars, which can send life in just about any undesirable direction. It may require all that you have to stay centered and balanced. Fortunately, your ruler Venus enters your sign several hours before this lunar boom to help stabilize you and grant you some better feeling vibes. Venus then progresses by the day to reach a beautiful angle of support to Mars in fellow earth sign Capricorn the following weekend. So do know that whatever you are feeling now, as uncomfortable as it may be, is soon to find a way to steady and calm. As soon as the Full Moon begins to wane, the pressure will slowly cease and just making your way to Monday may make all the emotional difference in the world. Knowing that things will evolve in your favor can motivate you through any emotionally demanding moment.

Trust in the tidal shift that promises to resume your faith in ‘good living’ again!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

You’ve got your foot in the door and it is holding it open just enough for someone to witness the shine in your heart and the desire of your intentions. Your ruler Mercury is retrograde and he is taking steps back to re-align with the Nodes, the symbols that connect to your past and your future. This week could very well be an emotional game-changer with a Full Moon in fellow air sign Libra on Saturday, March 31, as Saturn and Mars are both squaring this lunar ball of light and testing what is is that you think you want. You will be better equipped to make some adjustments to your plan following the weekend when Venus kicks things into gear and combines with certainty to Mars. This is a week to not only re-think your way forward, but to change your strategy. It is also a time to let your heart be your guide versus trying to wrap your head around it. There will be zero room for mind bending, only full blown feeling.

Speak from your heart and that door will swing open!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

You may be feeling like you are on an emotional roller coaster as we move into the weekend with your ruler, the Moon, becoming Full on Saturday, March 31, in Libra, in your house of home and the emotional body. Mars is closing in on Saturn as well in the sign of task master Capricorn, which can make life feel hot but also heavy with emotions peaking in committed connections. You may just need to try and ride out a storm. Either way, emotions will be on edge and buttons will be pushed to the point where anger may not be able to be contained. Anger when held onto will never manifest into something you want so feel all the way through what you must and then find a release point. Loving Venus, the ruler for Libra will enter earthbound Taurus, the sign Venus also rules, hours before the Full Moon, to attempt to ground you and show you an alternative way through. You come to realize that you are being tested to see how much you have grown. Will you be tempted to take the bait and react like a wounded child or will you re-direct your energy and seek a healthier and higher resolution? The choice is yours and it will dictate how it all goes.

Empower yourself to evolve!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

There is a wild fire forming and the elements are ripe for adding more fuel to wherever that came from. We’ve got wood, we’ve got oxygen and we’ve got sparks. The Moon is growing Full in air sign Libra on Saturday, March 31, and your emotions are sure to grow with it. A Full Moon in Libra is typically supportive for the Leo born Soul in communicating well with the ones you love, but this Full Moon is being squared by Saturn and Mars in Capricorn which can have you feeling pushed into a corner, the very last place you want to be. However, with Venus moving into earth sign Taurus hours before the Moon culminates and finding Mars to better channel some of the intensity, you will feel more directed and productive with this abundance of energy in the days that follow. You benefit this week by taking things slow; step by step and breath by breath. Mercury is retrograde in Aries and works his way back to combine with the Sun as they reach a desirable balance with the North Node in your sign, the symbol for your destiny. This creates an opening for a conversation that needs to take place or puts you in a position to receive information that will be vital in how you move forward. Commit to this process and make every moment matter, because everything counts in the final tally.

Bonfires light the way!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

Nothing happens fast with your ruler Mercury being retrograde. In fact on many occasions you can thank your lucky stars for the return to recent steps as it helps your Soul recover something you may have missed. A Full Moon in Libra is brewing and will be complete on Saturday morning in the west, March 31, in your house of what you value and how you earn. You may experience some unwanted stress leading up to this lunar event as Saturn and Mars are squaring that point, which may be a result of feeling burdened by a decision or burdened because you are waiting on someone to make a decision. As soon as the Moon begins to wane, your emotions will ease with it. Loving Venus will also enter fellow earth sign Taurus hours before the Moon becomes Full and will move with grace as she harmonizes with Mars in fellow earth sign Capricorn in the days that follow. One other piece of good fortune for you Virgo in the midst of what feels like a whirlwind, is that the Sun will join your ruler Mercury to illuminate your strengths as well as a desire you have, increasing a greater feeling of self confidence.

Prepare to feel inspired as you peek into a dream of your future!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

Prepare for every single emotion you ave been containing to come tumbling out. A Full Moon in your sign on Saturday, March 31, has you feeling more stretched by the day. One reason life may be feeling so heavily weighted is that Saturn and Mars are traveling in a pair in serious Capricorn and it puts a high degrees of focus on something you feel you cannot control. It may also be that you have allowed a certain dynamic to play out in a relationship for far too long and you know it is time to change the rules or you just are going to play anymore. Any form of confrontation can create tremendous fear for most Libras for it can feel so foreign to your nature and go against your natural grain. However, when life reaches an extreme, as it will be in one way or another, then those scales do have to find a way back to a better state of balance. Thankfully, your ruler Venus enters earth sign Taurus in your house of the Soul hours prior to the Full Moon, and will progressively align with purpose to Mars in Capricorn with each day that follows. This will allow you to emotionally stabilize and follow through with your intentions versus glossing over it again. It is not time to appease or please, it is time to speak your heart with strength.

Desirable change follows!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

The fear of the unknown can paralyze just about any Soul when their ‘time’ comes. It has been said that even the most evolved Soul can experience fear at the moment of their passing even as the Light is calling them home. A big piece of the fear is rooted in the separation from loved ones and the grief of leaving them behind. However, when the Soul exits the form, an even greater feeling of presence and fusion can be experienced. This Saturday, March 31, a Full Moon in Libra in your house of the heavens, is squared by Saturn and Mars in earthbound Capricorn which may very well may be triggering the reality of your earthly attachments. Loving Venus’ entry into Taurus earlier that day will be pulling in a focus in those cherished connections and as Venus proceeds she will blend with support and strength to Mars to help you more deeply bond with the ones you love when you verbally voice some of those fears.

Talking through some of the tough stuff will open the heart of the relationship, allowing you to reach new feeling depths in your connection!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

There is an emotional electricity in the air and you cannot pin point its origin. In part you are feeling the collective angst and the radical divide in the world, but you are also feeling the Moon increasing her energy which is creating a hypersensitivity as she becomes Full in Libra on Saturday, March 31. What puts this lunar ball under so much pressure is that Saturn and Mars in Capricorn will be squaring the Moon and they just aren’t going to let anyone down easy. They can push and prod until you feel poked. There is a lesson here in knowing what you need and knowing how to go about expressing that need. It’s about taking care of your base and your own bottom lines so you are strong enough to bring your all into everything you do. You can only handle so much Sag and you will experience the line of this limit in the coming days. Loving Venus will enter Taurus in your house of health and habits hours before the Full Moon, which will help you re-boot and design a focus on recovering your vital resources as she progressively aligns with Mars in Capricorn in the days that follow. Mercury retrogrades back to join the Sun while together they form a favorable trine to the North Node in fellow fire sign Leo, to help you plug back into the passion of a creative or loving pursuit. This alone will increase your energy and drive to re-commit to bringing a latent desire forward.

Follow the heat!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

Your ruler Saturn is traversing through your sign and is being given some extra fuel this week as Mars forms a conjunction to Saturn, potentially turning you into a different kind of animal. You will feel an increase in energy, in some cases you may be feeling some anger surface with the coming Full Moon in Libra on Saturday, March 31, as Saturn and Mars squares this Full Moon. There is a healthy channel of flow that follows however as loving Venus enters fellow earth sign Taurus hours before the Moon peaks and will combine with Mars in the following days in a productive, heart-centered rush. This will allow you to experience measurable results form your efforts and to work through whatever challenge arises. Mercury is retrograde in Aries but will join the Sun this weekend while favorably aspecting the North Node, the symbol for your future in your house of the Soul, which speaks well for being able to align your personal will with what is emanating from the deep, allowing a healthy evolution where the heart is concerned.

Desirable growth looks good on you!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

Breakthroughs in your relationships initiate this forecast week as Venus spends her final days in Aries and crosses over your ruler Uranus on Thursday, March 29. This can energize a sudden change in the dynamics of your bond or it surfaces as a surprise that stimulates the connection in some way. If you are single, it can represent an unexpected meeting of a new love interest with the potential for something in your world to be set in motion. Mercury is retrograde in Aries and joins the Sun this weekend while in a highly supportive angle to the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, re-stating a theme surrounding friends turning into lovers or a novel idea that turns into a passion. However, with Saturn and Mars in Capricorn squaring the Full Moon in fellow air sign Libra on Saturday, March 31, there may be something in the way of your dream. These trends are just telling you to be patient and that a little more time and well directed effort will help you clear a hurdle. Loving Venus also enters Taurus hours before the Full Moon and will progressively align with Mars, reminding you of how the power of right thoughts can help manifest what you want into being.

An optimal focus of energy leads you into fertile fields!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

Out with the old and in with the new. Welcome to this week’s mantra. Mars is approaching Saturn in Capricorn and wants nothing more than to close the door on the pain of the past. You also realize there is no benefit to bathe in the energy that holds you hostage and so you are taking charge of the change. This combo will also be squaring a Full Moon in Libra on Saturday, March 31, which will force a transformational turn for your Soul so prepare for some fear to surface as a result. You may also come to find out who your true friends are in times like these and some of those connections will need to be put to rest. Loving Venus shifts out of hot-headed Aries and into grounded, plodding Taurus several hours before the Full Moon, to help you keep your eye on the ball and focused on on the roots versus the leaves. Mercury retrogrades back in Aries and joins the Sun while together they shine a light on next steps.

You stay sane and gain strength by holding your gaze right there!

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