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Starcast for the week beginning May 9th, 2018

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

While your ruler Mars spends his final days traveling through Capricorn, you will continue to find yourself motivated to pursue a higher place and station as you make the climb. You have plenty of experience under your belt and the time dedicated in recent weeks to a personal endeavor has energized a deep new groove inside of you, one that is giving you a greater feeling of confidence for the road ahead. Mars will enter Aquarius on Tuesday, May 15, where he will remain until Nov.15, due to a Mars retrograde motion this summer, inspiring you to challenge the system and to make continued change wherever it is warranted. In addition, on the same day an even greater planetary change occurs when Uranus, the ruler for Aquarius, exits your sign after an eight year stint and enters Taurus. You may very well be the one feeling it the most as your ruler Mars will square Uranus right at the transition point, which can feel either like a door slamming in your face, or a door swinging wide open. It all depends on the nature of choices being made which will either lead to a breakdown or breakthrough. Lastly, a New Moon in Taurus, again on the same day, invites new earning ‘props’ as a result of all that you have been building over the years.

Stay wholly committed and you will ascend to electric new heights!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

The planet Uranus takes eighty-four years to travel all they way around the zodiac and on Tuesday, May 15, Uranus will be entering your sign. Obviously, you have not felt the impact of Uranus quite like this in your lifetime. It depends on where your Sun sits in the sign of Taurus in terms of when you will be experiencing the direct hit of transformational energy but the world as we know it, and especially the planet, will be changing before we can blink. On the same day, action Mars enters Aquarius while squaring Uranus. This sounds unsettling and it can be unpredictable in nature, however, a New Moon also occurs in your sign that day gifting you with a fresh perspective and an opportunity for rapid growth and cosmic backing. You might as well clear your docket because working is the very last thing you are going to have time or space for, unless you are in the middle of a wild brainstorm. In that case, stay plugged in until the electric current meters out. If that wasn’t enough, Mercury, the planet of ideas and communication, enters your sign two days before the triple surge on Sunday, May 13, to get the whole thing started. It’s a power packed push, so just make sure you create enough space for the energy to naturally run its course.

It promises to be promotional in all the right places!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

Loving Venus may be in your sign at the moment, but her recent square to Neptune had you feeling either a bit lost or experiencing grand scale overwhelm. Venus continues to help where she can for the next ten days but she will be up against a major symphony of energy. It's a bit like hearing the relaxing sound of the violin and then suddenly the string section is drowned out by brass as the tuba blows. The energy swings that are coming are monumental with Uranus exiting Aries and entering Taurus after an eight year journey on Tuesday, May 15. The same day, action Mars squares Uranus as he enters fellow air sign Aquarius, the sign Uranus naturally rules, injecting you with a deluge of energy and desire to take your life to crazy new heights. There may be a fear of the unknown that gets activated but your excitement level should well overpower whatever else is getting under your skin. Your ruler Mercury also enters Taurus in your house of the invisible realm on Sunday, May 13, and a New Moon follows in this same sector two days later.

It really is a week to leap without looking, for even if do happen to slip, you will fall into the arms of grace!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

When I write for your sign Cancer, my first step is the location of your ruler, the Moon. The Moon will be new in Taurus on Tuesday, May 15, granting you security within a coming change, but that tidal event will be nothing in comparison with two other cosmic occurrences that day. For starters, slow moving yet rapidly life changing Uranus exits Aries and enters Taurus for the next eight years, serving to help you in your Soul's individuation process and allowing a new current of electricity that feeds innovation to enter your veins. Secondly, Mars, the planet of action and desire, enters Aquarius while squaring Uranus which will have you wanting nothing to do with the past and everything do with making choices that lead you into your Soul's intended future. Mercury will also enter Taurus this week, two days before the triple energetic flair, which will have you more focused on the bigger picture, in some cases more timeless pursuits versus the mere mundane. Your visions and dreams of what you hope to create in this life and beyond will be high on your radar which could have the effect of opening lines of communication to those on the other side. Higher guidance is granted and an invisible hand is presented for those of you who extend your focus on the far out and the other worldly.

Reach with all that you have within you and you will land on freshly toiled, fertile soil!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

There is an enormous amount of energy taking place up at the top of your chart in the zone that rules your career and your public self. Uranus, the planet that wants to revolutionize the world, will enter Taurus on Tuesday, May 15, where it will be present for eight years. This is potentially revolutionary for your work here on Earth. Uranus will rub on any tendency for tradition and will create a restlessness in you to change anything where you feel a ceiling has been reached. Some of you may change the entirety of the nature of the work you do and others will just give it a royal face lift. Boredom will swiftly surface for those who are not introducing new ways to become innovative in your creative expression. On the same day, action Mars squares Uranus while entering Aquarius, in your house of relationships, suggesting it may bee a challenge to balance your career with your love life and if this is the case, you will hear about it. A New Moon also occurs that day in Taurus, re-stating the focus on the future of your career, with the potential for new contracts and opportunities.

You have been paying your dues and if you haven’t been cutting any energetic corners, your efforts are about to pay off quite stunningly!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

There is more earth in the ethers than even you may know what to do with. You are an earth sign Virgo and while earth looooooves earth, this week there may be such an excess of it, you are not going to know how to manage the weight of it all. No need to fear, it’s a good problem to have. It starts with your ruler Mercury entering fellow earth sign Taurus on Sunday, May 13, in your house of expansion, energizing a spirit of faith and optimism for what lies on the horizon. A new hope is going to be felt in your bones and it will lay down serious heart in the emotional foundation for what follows. A New Moon in fellow earth sign Taurus on Tuesday, May 15, adds an even greater emotional lift and has you looking forward to the next stage of your journey. A far greater energy resides in Uranus’ entry into Taurus the same day after creating plenty of fireworks in Aries for the past eight years. However, I really love Uranus in Taurus for you Virgo because it raises your vibration and helps you reach your highest potential. Mars will also square Uranus as he enters Aquarius so do be mindful of how much your body can take. Don’t take on more than you can physically or emotionally bear and this week will serve you memorably well. It builds swiftly from there.

Get ready to take life up a few radical notches!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

There is no better feeling than knowing you have just come through a taxing chute. It’s that feeling of finding yourself on the other side of something and knowing you are either free of its hold or finished with the lessons it was meant to deliver. You can feel the emotional muscle that has replaced your weakest feeling link as a result of what you have endured. But anyone who has experienced personal trials knows that in life and in evolution, there will always be more. This then allows you to enjoy the breaks and the breaths when they come and to make the very most of the time you have without conflict. Your inner landscapes have been undergoing necessary construction and brick by brick you are building and birthing a better and more balanced state of being. Uranus, the planet of transformation, is entering Taurus, in your house of the Soul, on Tuesday, May 15, and will be residing there for the next eight years. A New Moon in Taurus occurs on the same day, representing new life and the prospect of someone with deep pockets investing in you. Action Mars squares Uranus while entering fellow air sign Aquarius, forcing you to direct your heart and your will in a way that grants you immediate results. Your capacity to be creatively convincing is about to reach new octaves and resonance. Prepare to deliver your perfect pitch. Who could possibly say 'no' to the sound of that?

Get ready for 'yes'!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

Where there is earth, there will always be plenty of water when it comes to the natural flow of the zodiac, and this week we have earth in abundance. Being a water sign Scorpio, you do benefit from the support that the earth brings and even more so given that your ruler Pluto is transiting in earth sign Capricorn for for the next several years. A majority of the energetic favor will be occurring in your house of partnerships, as a New Moon in earth sign Taurus on Tuesday, May 15, forms a supportive angle called a trine to your ruler Pluto, the planet of the Soul, helping you deepen the bond in your most meaningful connections. This starts with direct and honest dialogues. The same day, liberating Uranus enters Taurus as well in this same sector, and will work to release any of the old dynamics that have been preventing ideal growth. Mercury enters Taurus a few days prior and hands you an invisible talking stick which works wonders in getting the ball rolling. Action Mars will square Uranus just as he enters Aquarius on Tuesday as well, requiring you to slip into more vulnerable waters, which may be uncomfortable, but it will part the seas for an even deeper and desirable dive. It all comes down to what it’s worth to you.

Time is about to tell!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

It’s best to keep the present climate in perspective. With so much energy changing directions, it may be hard to predict which way life is going will go. Even if you experience your life radically altering in some way this week Sag, remember that your ruler Jupiter in Scorpio is forming a heavenly angle to Neptune in Pisces, suggesting that no matter what is occurring ‘down here’, your higher guides are hovering near to catch your fall and shelter you from harm, They are also quite present to help you rise to a new evolutionary station, that is, if you are ready. Uranus spends his final days in fellow fire sign Aries and then shifts into Taurus on Tuesday, May 15, which brings an added focus on the changes required in your daily habits to support a liberating discovery. Mercury will enter this same sector a few days prior and a New Moon in Taurus brings more emotion into your daily dedicated rituals and this allows for ideal follow through. Action Mars squares Uranus just as he enters Aquarius, the sign Uranus rules, also on Tuesday, May 15, reminding you of the importance of tending to first things first. If you follow divine order, there will be a stellar return on your energetic output.

Water the roots first versus waiting until the end of the day and your garden is destined to bloom!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

We’ve got earth, boy oh boy do we ever have earth! You are definitely carrying far more than your fair share of the load Cappy but then again, what else is new? However, you are going to be gifted plenty of energetic help in the next week so something can take off with tremendous promise and speed. Mercury leaves Aries and enters fellow earth sign Taurus on Sunday, May 13, to help you knock out some of the details so you can put out those pressing fires. Once some of the smoke clears, on Tuesday, May 15, a New Moon in Taurus offers a fresh feeling start and has your heart beating strong and hard again. Pluto in your sign aligns with ease to this lunar tide and it has a way of unearthing an even greater spirit of determination to prosper and succeed. Radical Uranus leaves Aries and enters fellow earth sign Taurus as well on the same day, where it will be for the next eight years, certain to keep your heart stimulated and your creative projects ablaze. Mars will square Uranus as he enters Aquarius which may have you needing to fork out some funds to get a project moving, but you can see the future and you will be certain of your ability to recoup any immediate monetary withdrawal. You are investing in your future Cappy, and by the looks of things, it is shaping up to be star spangled.

Shine on!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

You like things wild and unruly, where you are simply ‘free to be’, with nothing in your way to limit you. In a handful of days, you will be experiencing an even greater desire to rebel from anything that creates a rub of resistance as action Mars, the planet of desire, is entering your sign on Tuesday, May 15. Mars squares your ruler Uranus right as Uranus enters Taurus, where he will put down his roots in your house of home for the next eight years. You are likely to feel like an emotional bull in a china closet if you aren’t careful so prepare now for the potential eruption. There is a sea change of energy shifting in your house of home, which means you are either changing locations or there is a great deal of inner work that is taking place linked with loss and separation. Directly dealing with the ache in that space is your ticket to evolve. A change of scenery may be exactly what your Soul needs and something may be on offer with the coming New Moon in Taurus inviting a fresh feeling start. Loving Venus is still in fellow air sign Gemini for the next ten days and she is sure to step in to balance the good with the hardship at every turn, so lean on her as needed. Mars’ entry into Aquarius increases your courage to enter those vulnerable feeling seas and your instinct will carry you there so personal evolution can occur. The water is not always warm, but I guarantee it will be worth it.

No swim suit allowed!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

No Matter what may be occurring in the physical world, you have a planetary influence that will serve as an energetic savior with your ruler Neptune in your sign aligning in magical ways to generous Jupiter in fellow water sign Scorpio. It’s analogous to finding yourself out in the middle of the sea without a life vest when suddenly a dolphin emerges from the deep to carry you back to shore. There is a boatload of energy shifting into earth sign Taurus this week, which will help keep your head well above water and your belly full of the good stuff. It all starts with Mercury entering Taurus on Sunday, May 13, to allow for an ease of initiating conversation that may lead to desirable breakthroughs. It takes voicing these wishes to the right pair of ears. Life changing Uranus enters Taurus on Tuesday, May 15, where he will be stationed for the next eights years, energizing tremendous innovation in those mental pathways and ability to reach the masses with your message or your touch. A New Moon also occurs on the same day to open the first door into this experience. However, willful Mars squares Uranus while entering Aquarius, making it feel like there is too much content for your cup to contain. Too much charge may cause your wants and wishes to come out sounding garbled. It may be a challenge to feel clear initially but the energy will mellow out in the following week.

Your voice will eventually be heard and it will stick like glue!

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