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Starcast for the week beginning May 16th, 2018

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

Life is loaded with unpredictable turns these days as your ruler Mars enters Aquarius late on Tuesday, May 15, while squaring Uranus which could very well set the tone for the week. Anxieties may be running high and something may also be keeping you on the edge of your seat or you up late at night. However, with a New Moon in Taurus occurring that same morning while forming a supportive trine to Pluto, the planet of the Soul, it will have a way of strengthening your roots and leading you more deeply into your journey. The superfluous in life will suddenly fly off your radar as you bring your focus to those things that hold true value and meaning. Pay close attention to what is calling for your immediate attention and you will know the next steps that need to be taken to support the next stage of your evolution. It’s all about growth and in the universe’s eyes, growth is gain. This is a time to radically alter your path in places and re-direct your efforts. Be ready for an alternate route to present itself because that road will be ‘where it's at’.

There will be no need to look further!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

When preparing an optimal chicken or veggie dinner, it may be ideal to ‘shake before you bake’, that is, to mix up all the spices and flavors in order to create an even coating for ideal crunch, texture and taste. It may feel too for you this week that there is a great deal of shaking going on where life feels like it is traveling in a million different directions before being able find a way to settle in and let time in the oven do its thing. Radical Uranus just entered your sign so do know it may take a bit of time to get used to this kind of charge on a regular basis. Prepare for this to potentially become your new norm. It’s a bit like being downloaded an epic idea and now you have to figure out a way to turn it into something. More than likely, your brainwaves will be on overdrive and excitement may also reach an all time high. Mars is shifting into Aquarius, the sign Uranus rules, and will be squaring Uranus, late on the Tuesday, May 15, where wake-up calls and direction changes may peak as we enter a potentially life changing week. It may be a wild ride that is leading you somewhere that you have never ventured, yet a place that your Soul is calling forth.

Bring it on!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

When this kind of electricity is running through the airwaves, it can be a challenge to really know where to start. On Tuesday, May 15, eccentric Uranus exits Aries after an eight year adventure and enters Taurus, a place that is certain to create some form of global earthquake. Action Mars enters fellow air sign Aquarius the same day, where he will be traveling for an extra long tour due to a retrograde spin this summer and will be not changing signs until November. While Mars in Aquarius is extremely uplifting for you, Mars initially squares Uranus which may reveal something shocking that had been hidden so you can deal with a truth versus feeding an illusion. While at first something may sting, you will quickly see how much this trend will come to serve you so that you are energizing a dream that can be realized versus spinning your wheels. You should feel more grounded by Friday, May 18, when your ruler Mercury, also in Taurus, forms a stabilizing angle to Saturn.

Take life in stride as best you can until we reach the weekend and you will find you become more centered by the day and ready to make the very most of Mars in your corner!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

A sudden change in your personal scenery is quite likely this coming week with Uranus leaving Aries and entering Taurus. Whether friends are coming and going or your home is undergoing a transformation, life as you know it may shift suddenly right along with the cosmic tides. Fortunately, you have some higher assistance hovering as loving Venus leaves your house of the heavens and pitches a tent in your living room. Venus will be transiting through your sign for the next three weeks so you are due to benefit in nice and needed ways. At times all it takes is a minor scare to invite a radically altered perspective, one that benefits your view immensely. Warrior Mars is also changing signs and entering Aquarius while squaring Uranus which can keep the nervous system running hot and high so life may feel erratic at best in the coming week. It is similar to getting off a rollercoaster, it takes some time before your breath can settle back into balance. However, this week also has life changing potential in key connections as it stimulates the best of what it can be and in instances where something has run its course, Mars square Uranus will remove it at will. All for evolution sake Cancer.

Not always a joy ride and yet never a dull moment. However, the ‘change will do your Soul stunningly good’!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

So I am out watering the garden this morning before writing your forecast and I over hear on the radio that rain is coming with thunder and lightening to boot. It’s beautiful out and not a cloud above so I found it hard to believe. I return to my office and slowly but surely, word by word, the Sun is being covered by a gray sky. Uranus exited fellow fire sign Aries and entered Taurus. Mars is also entering Aquarius and squaring Uranus which can feel like lightening suddenly striking straight out of the clear blue sky. While this will be our collective experience, this transit will impact everyone in its own unique way. For you Leo, Uranus is impacting your world of career and will work to open up new pathways for you to be innovative. Uranus will be up at the top of your chart, in your house of the public self, for eight years. We all know that most of you love the limelight, and this may just prove to be your time. This may also be a time where you totally change your focus due to boredom with what you have been pursuing and feeling like you need to make a real breakaway in order to evolve. I guarantee you that nothing will stay static under this influence and yet if any of your conditioning has shaped you into something that does not reflect your individual nature, here comes the jackhammer to remove the cement.

Look to the weekend to be shown some of the key details to help support next steps toward your new future. A steadier flow follows!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

It’s all about Earth these days, and it’s about time. Uranus, the planet of change and breakthroughs, entered fellow earth sign Taurus on Tuesday, May 15. A New Moon also occurred in Taurus earlier that morning and your ruler Mercury is traveling through the sign of the bull as well. Not to mention Pluto and Saturn both in earth sign Capricorn. Now that is one ton of earth. Mars enters Aquarius late on Tuesday, and squares Uranus upon entry, which can energize initial unrest moving into this forecast week. It may manifest as far too much stress in your world or too many deadlines to reach but really Virgo, it will be nothing you cannot manage. Mercury aligns in stable ways to Saturn on Friday, May 18, and you find yourself making a new commitment toward a creative or loving piece of a cherished long term plan. You have serious energetic props during these highly chaotic times and I am certain it will lead you into exciting new waters and eventually propel you fast and forward into your future. Loving Venus enters Cancer this weekend as well to bring more love within your connections of like heart and mind. Let nothing limit you now. Who says you can’t feel powerful?

Who says you can’t be free?

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

Most Souls spend so much time laboring, that it makes life far sweeter if you truly love what you do. If you aren’t lovin’ it yet, now is the time to make some permanent changes along these lines. Your ruler Venus is heading toward the top of your chart and she will peak in her position this weekend to improve your magnetism and ability to attract more of what you need with greater ease and less angst. Currently, Jupiter and Neptune are forming a stellar alignment to one another in earth houses, suggesting now is your opportunity to raise the stakes and invest efforts into something you feel carries timeless value. It may also be something you feel allows you to give back to the world in a deep and meaningful way. Uranus enters Taurus in your house of the Soul on Tuesday, May 15, while Mars enters Aquarius and squares Uranus, life will change as fast as you can blink if you are not heading down a path that is destined for you. However, with Mars entering fellow air sign Aquarius late that same night, a place where Mars will travel until November of this year, you are in a prime position to direct your life in the way that you want with greater precision and speed.

Something may initially erupt without warning this week, but it will all lead to changes you could never have predicted, yet you will celebrate the fact that they came!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

Rarely do we experience the mother lode of energy occurring on Tuesday, May 15, with three significant shifts in our sky setting in motion events that will follow in the coming week. We started early with a New Moon in your opposite sign of Taurus and this lunar initiation was anchored well by your ruler Pluto in Capricorn, reflecting new starts in significant Soul connections, perhaps as a result of the need to change how you move forward together. Shortly following, change-maker Uranus enters Taurus as well for an eight year stint to keep your relationships in a state of perpetual transformation, the fastest way to help the Soul get a move-on and evolve. Just about every connection you have will either change or it will end over time, depending on whether or not the connection is up to speed with your Soul’s master plan. Mars also enters Aquarius late on Tuesday, May 15, and squares Uranus. While this will feel emotionally unsettling at best and in some cases create unwanted anxiety and stress, Mercury and Saturn will come together to help you work out the best way to proceed by Friday, May 18, which will help to create an inner calm. Jupiter in your sign is also forming a magical angle of support to Neptune in Pisces, reflecting an invisible energy of protection and grace.

Trust in the higher plan!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

Even within any upheaval or unrest, just as I shared with your neighbor Scorpio, you too are divinely protected and being carefully guided by a benevolent hand as your ruler wise Jupiter is in the sign of Scorpio and connecting in miraculous ways to Neptune in Pisces, suggesting it is best to trust in that higher compass and let go of the wheel. Uranus has just entered Taurus after an eight year journey through fellow fire sign Aries. While this could bring some things to a full stop as Mars also enters Aquarius and squares Uranus, it will bring your attention to something you may have taken your eyes off of so you can fix it or make necessary adjustments. Mercury is also in Taurus in your house of improvements and will stabilize your life in some way as you iron out some loose ends as Mercury secures himself to Saturn. There may be events that derail you from your usual schedule but you find clever ways to resolve what you must and find your way back on a fast track again. With Mars in Aquarius now until November due to a retrograde this summer, your mind may reach revolutionary heights.

Prepare to ‘break every chain’ and push every limit!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

Regardless of the sheer amount of unpredictability that reaches your path early on in this forecast week, your ruler Saturn is prepared. Mercury in Taurus partners with Saturn to feed him the necessary details to support progress where you have experienced any sudden surprises or setbacks. Uranus entered fellow earth sign Taurus on Tuesday, May 15, and while in the long run this serves you tremendously well, in the short-term it is riddled with stress as Mars enters Aquarius and squares Uranus, presenting you with potential unexpected emotional and financial hiccups. It could be as simple as not saving enough for a coming trip and receiving a balance that must be paid before the plane leaves the ground. Whatever it is, earthly worries about your resources and long-term survival may surface which will directly impact your emotional reality. Uranus always finds a way through and in your case something is going to turn out better than expected, which could not have happened without the initial flip-flop.

You are not only going to land on your feet, you are set to hit the ground running with serious speed!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

What a radical difference one breath can make. On the inhale your ruler was in Aries where it had been for eight years and upon exhale, Uranus entered Taurus on Tuesday morning, May 15. Uranus connects to the nervous system or the vibrational energy that we all experience on the planet. Uranus will impact the rate and speed of your own vibration, influencing what your personal radio signal emits. Everything may feel to be changing on the home front for you Aquarius with Uranus entering this sector, which includes how you relate to yourself within as well as what you are feeling emotionally on a moment to moment basis. Nothing will change you like this unfolding trend and with Mars entering your sign the same day while squaring Uranus, you may get a taste of what is coming. It may create unwanted stress initially but Mars in your sign will eventually energize more courage and impetus to make the changes needed from the inside out. You will be forced to feel things all the way through and your Soul needs this shift to support desirable evolution. Fortunately, Mercury partners with Saturn before the weekend to help you regain your footing, and you find a way to get your bearings back before you are off to the races again. Life is busy and yet life will also be inviting you all the way in.

The deeper you travel, the faster you fly!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

While the whole wide world may feel to be on edge with Uranus’ shift into Taurus, this change will come to benefit you in the end, Pisces. Uranus in this position helps you streamline your connections and allows you to play it smart in your networking and relationship building. So often in life, it comes down to who you know and with Uranus in this sector now for the next eight years, you have plenty of time to make an unforgettable impression. Undoubtedly, Uranus will be forming angles to other planets at varying degrees in your chart, so the timing of its influence may occur at a number of different stretches in time, not just when it favorably aspects your Sun. Action Mars is also shifting into Aquarius and squaring Uranus as he does, which may challenge your confidence some but Mercury’s tour through Taurus is helping to get a certain ball rolling which will generate a better feeling of security as you initiate an alternative plan before too long. More feedback that your Soul is on track is coming the weekend of May 25th.

One smart move will soon swing open the right gate!

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