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Starcast for the week beginning July 25th, 2018

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

It may be next to impossible to really relax this week Aries. Your ruler Mars is retrograde, which does speak to the need to cool your jets and take some space for yourself. But something will be calling for your immediate attention as warrior Mars conjuncts a Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on Friday, July 27. In addition, Uranus, the ruler for Aquarius will be squaring this lunar blow. Typically, lunar eclipse events are more emotionally based and personal in nature, but since Mars is involved, it can magnify the potential to have more of a permeating impact and adds to the potential for unexpected events. Fortunately, Pluto and Venus align with tremendous strength to help bring people together and can reveal selfless acts of humanity at their best. It can also bring your people together and strengthen your connections. You will be feeling the edge of evolution this week and how easily life can go either way; welcome to eclipse season. There is also plenty of energy to suddenly turn things around for the better if you access the courage to blast through the past and come up for liberating air. Old friends may surface unexpectedly, and just about anyone or anything that you miss may reveal itself.

Open your heart to allow something or someone back in, even if it's just for coffee and a healing!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

Living on the edge is not your favorite place to be, but it’s time you learn to live with the feeling as Uranus in your sign will be transforming you by the day. This week the energy peaks in electric ways, as a Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on Friday, July 27, is conjunct Mars and squaring Uranus, the ruler for Aquarius. In truth, that transit alone makes me want to pull the covers over my head. However, there are other strong areas of support that you can lean on. For starters, Saturn in fellow earth sign Capricorn, is still forming a stable angle of support to Uranus in your sign, securing whatever initially feels too radical for you to commit to. Also, your ruler Venus is in fellow earth sign Virgo and forms a stellar trine to Pluto in Capricorn on the day of the eclipse. This is Soul unearthing energy at bare minimum, energy that can deepen your inner relationship to yourself as well as to others. With so much support securing your base, it can be a time for tremendous personal acceleration, either with respect to your work or a relationship breakthrough of some kind.

Hold on to your hat cuz this ride is already in motion, ready or not!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

As if a Total Lunar Eclipse in fellow air sign Aquarius wasn’t enough to force you to think on your feet this coming Friday, July 27, your ruler Mercury also stations retrograde in Leo two days prior. You might as well forget the plans you made Gemini because more than likely they are out the door with yesterday’s news. It will be vital to stay adaptable and open to a change. If you are traveling, then do leave plenty of time for delays and re-routing or course corrections. This is a week for priorities as well and for you, those priorities may be keeping or calling you home. Pluto, the planet of the Soul will favorably trine Venus in Virgo in your house of home and the emotional body, luring you back to your safe place and into those spaces where nurturing is needed, either because you are in need or nurturing by you is needed from others. Spontaneous outreach may lead to a sudden new speed and momentum with respect to some of your novel ideas.

A little energetic output now can suddenly take off like a rocket, so be mindful of how you direct your efforts!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

The parks once filled with children and the walking trails where hikers and dogs love to roam are empty. Everyone is forced to play inside. Even the flowers don’t want to open, and why would they? Smoke has filled the valley where I live and we all know where there is smoke, there is always fire. It’s quite telling really with Mars retrograde, forcing us all INSIDE to take a look around. Plenty of events will be occurring this week on a collective level to force a state of reflection, but not before some sudden action is required. A Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius will be joined by Mars and the South Node, the symbol for your past, while squaring erratic Uranus. Even if nothing is occurring in your immediate environment, you will be witness to plenty of chaos in the world around you. It is in times like these where loved ones are brought closer together, and where deeper meaning can manifest as a result. Keeping it simple is best. Pluto, the planet of the Soul is in your house of relationships and forming a strong angle of support to Venus in Virgo in your house of communication. It may be a time when you work to repair the past and energize new ways of relating while changing the dynamics where inevitably emotions between you would bottle-neck. Shapeshifting, mind-bending, and dream building are up for grabs.

Try it for yourself and your immediate success will be all the proof you need!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

While your world of work may feel steady and stable with Pluto in Capricorn forming a strong angle of support to Venus in Virgo, in your house of earnings, a Total Lunar Eclipse in your house of relationships is conjunct Mars in Aquarius and squaring Uranus, the planet of surprises on Friday, July 27. This carries an energy of upsets where emotions are running high and other people’s actions may feel to be unpredictable. It may also be that your own emotions get triggered and you end up overheated and voicing what has been jumbled up inside. Mercury, the planet of communication, is shifting retrograde for the next three weeks on Wednesday, July 25, having you re-visiting conversations with loved ones where you feel your voice has not been heard. While work may feel to be relatively stable, the energy within your field may throw you for a loop, keeping you guessing as to what will come next. People may be coming unglued for no apparent reason, so stick to your center wherever and whenever you can. In fact, while so much of the next week may involve the actions of others as well as your reaction to them, you will benefit most by strengthening your own inner base in order to keep yourself balanced and your Soul on track. Stay open and aware of the high road, so you can take it as soon as you see it.

Greater peace is found there!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

It always helps immensely to have loving Venus in your corner, and this you have Virgo. Venus is in your sign and will form a harmonious trine to Pluto in fellow earth sign Capricorn on Friday, July 27, the same day as a Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius. This will serve to anchor you well and keep you less subjected to this week’s chaos. Your ruler Mercury also shifts retrograde in Leo on Wednesday, July 25, which will keep you energizing creative and loving spaces, essentially wrapped up in 'the dream'. So much feels to be up in the air for at least the next three weeks, so if you can ride this wave without signing on any dotted lines, you will avoid having to do things a second and third time. Allow yourself to think through big steps and big choices. A change in scenery is definitely needed in the next few months with Saturn and Uranus so strategically positioned to help support a healthier change in flow. It is a wild week to be out in the world, so I would minimize your activity when and where you can. Just pay attention to the obvious; if there is a brawl going on outside, don’t jump in and join em’. Observing from a safe distance helps keep you objective and responsive.

Your heart gets fed this week, thanks to Venus, so let her reign and leave the worry and the rest alone!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

With so much energetic unrest in the ethers, it may be easy to feel pulled into the fray, regardless of whether you want to or not. Warrior Mars is in fellow air sign Aquarius and will be conjunct the Total Lunar Eclipse, as well as the South Node, the symbol for the past on Friday, July 27. To add more anxiety to the mix, Uranus, the ruler for Aquarius, is squaring this lunar peak. Something in your world will reach a breaking point. But you are a lover, not a fighter; you remind the world of this every day. You will feel the deep truth of your natural way in the world this week with your ruler Venus in Virgo forming a powerful trine to Pluto, the planet of the Soul. But this time you must act. This is not about taking sides, it’s about having the courage to be true to yourself  by sticking to your values.

If you are called to your own battle of choosing to fight for justice and fairness or to defend someone less fortunate, do not hold back and you will gain a team of allies in the heavens, a line of Souls supporting your fight for the cause, further than the eye can see!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

Conversations run deep and take on a metamorphic tone, as your ruler Pluto combines effortlessly with loving Venus in Virgo in hour house of friendships and community. This may also energize breakthroughs in all of your connections as you work to evolve within karmic bonds. In business, this aspect could buy you a better deal or have your message reaching others who want to invest in your gift. However, we do have a Total Lunar Eclipse coming in fellow fixed sign Aquarius on Friday, July 27, which will be joined by Mars and the South Node, the symbol for the past, while squaring Uranus in your opposite sign. That is one spring-loaded, hot-wired, planetary jolt. Collectively, we will be feeling it and you may be feeling it closer to home. It may be that you are simply experiencing swings of emotion linked with something you feel you cannot control, emotions that feel to be catching up with you from the past. Just know Scorp, that with Pluto so sweetly and securely positioned to Venus, there is an optimal channel for you to move through this safely and productively.

Keep your heart soft with less sting and you will be much happier with how life plays out!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

Unexpected communications may land in your inbox or ring your 'cell’ with the upcoming Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius in Friday, July 27. Action Mars merges with this lunar light show, along with the South Node, suggesting something or someone from your past may be circling back or unresolved content from your history may surface. It may be a time when health flare-ups also occur, as all dis-ease is rooted in some form of emotional unrest. However, swinging change in your daily habits will promote the fastest and best form of improvement in your overall health and feeling of wellness. You do have some serious energetic props for pumping up your career and cash flow with Pluto in your house of how you earn forming an undeniable angle of support to benevolent Venus. The avenues with which you do experience more profit may very well surprise you. Mercury stations retrograde as well on Wednesday, July 25, in fellow fire sign Leo, which will have you musing about ways to expand your reach and how to bring more of what you have to give to the world.

Life happens fast this week, so stay centered in what you can trust, starting with yourself, and through extension, your invisible guides that hover!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

To get through any week with the feeling like progress was had, it takes tapping into the energy that is there to bolster you. Pluto in your sign aligns with precision and promise to Venus in fellow earth sign Virgo, the same day as a Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on Friday, July 27. Feisty Mars joins this lunar shock and squares Uranus just for kicks. In ways this could feel like the perfect storm, yet remember you have more than one energetic leg to stand on, and more than a little grace on your side. Jupiter and Neptune are favorably aligned which makes your communications serendipitous and your connections fortunate. Work may feel to be uncertain and volatile in places but with Venus so securely aligned to Pluto, there will be a way through. Do Remember Cappy if all else fails, Uranus is forming a stellar angle to your ruler Saturn for the next two months, helping you think cleverly outside the box and carve out new pathways for yourself. There is no room for the old way within the new way.

Outsmart the past and you will love your future!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

A classic way that people might describe you, besides uniquely intelligent or eccentric of course, would be emotionally detached . Being an air sign can have you spending a majority your time in your head. With Uranus as your ruler, your mental engine is always turned on. This Friday, July 27, a Total Lunar Eclipse in your sign is joined by Mars and squaring your ruler Uranus. The South Node, symbolizing the past, is also in the mix, which can make it feel like Ground Hog’s Day. Regardless, your relationships will be feeling the heat. You may be feeling pressure from partners because they are feeling distanced from you, yet you are needing more freedom. The reverse could also be true where you feel you are not getting your needs met. There is no predicting how someone might behave, including yourself, so prepare for anything. Mercury will station retro on Wednesday, July 25, in Leo, so second thoughts about a relationship or feeling the need to re-work it in some way is likely to occur. Your home is also highlighted where a sudden change in occupants may alter that space. However, Pluto and Venus are beautifully combining in earth signs and they are showing you how to deal with whatever is in front of you so that you can feel good about the outcome, ultimately, so you can evolve.

There may be some short term pain but it will lead to more long term joy!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

Clarity may not be your usual strong suit being that your Soul naturally wants to float and dream but with Jupiter in fellow water sign Scorpio in your house of truth and perfectly aligned to your ruler Neptune, your intuition is sharp and it can be trusted in full. Life may be emotionally topsy-turvy this week with a Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius this Friday, July 27, which is joined by Mars and the South Node, the symbol for your past. Uranus is also squaring this ball of electric light so life may dart in unexpected directions. Fortunately there is some stable energy in the ethers with Pluto in Capricorn forming a favorable trine to Venus, which will go far to strengthen your relationships and a feeling of support that surrounds you. It will deepen the connections that are meant to stay with you for the long haul and you will come to quickly know who will be there for you through thick and thin. Life events pull your head out the clouds and your heart into the moment and  you experience others race to your side before you can blink.

Look no further!

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