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Starcast for the week beginning August 1st, 2018

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

It is a hot and heated window in time, and when there is fire, there tends to be plenty of intensity and spice. However, your ruler Mars is still retrograde in Aquarius until the end of August, and so these passions and inspirations that you are feeling are meant to be sifted through and directed with patience. Also, if you are carrying any anger, it can become inflamed, as Mars is inverted and currently squaring rebellious Uranus for the next week, so your tolerance for those things that push your buttons will not be at its best. Venus is working her way into position to try and calm those turbulent emotions and help support more peace and harmony as she progressively aligns with ease to Mars on Monday, Aug.6. Fortunately, Uranus in earth sign Taurus is secured by Saturn in earth sign Capricorn, which can keep you relatively safe and grounded through just about any storm, while supporting any changes that must take place. So much may feel to be up in the air, but there are also four planets working to keep your life together and in tact as life changes by the day. Growth will become you whether you feel ready for it or not.

Ultimately, you will sing cosmic praises as a result of your inevitable transformation!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

Life has been some kind of rockin’ ride lately, not only with the eclipse energies creating spikes and sparks of the unexpected, with Mars squaring Uranus in your sign, it can make it hard to breathe. Anxieties can run high under these skies, and for some of you there may feel to be no real obvious trigger to ignite the feeling. The times will activate the old and unresolved including trauma that still finds a way into your nervous system. In part, these times bring all of the emotion connected to the past forward, content that needs to be looked at again and felt all the way through. Because of this, it can feel in your body like something is happening all over again when those old memories come storming back. Fear can surge and panic can choke the best of us, but with Uranus so strongly aligned with Saturn, you will be able to push through anything that you put your body and mind to. You are traveling down life’s highway and your off-ramp has revealed itself. Just because the road you have been traveling looks and feels familiar, it doesn’t mean it is leading you in the best direction for your Soul.

When you feel your heart race, that would be your sign to exit!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

You are not alone Gemini. Your ruler Mercury is retrograde but then again, so are four other planets, including Mars, the planet of action. This can create the feeling that nothing is really moving forward and everything is forcing you into a state of review. However, there is plenty going on energetically, it’s just asking for you to carefully consider your choices moving forward, which includes reviewing the past to help you be more conscious of what you are doing now and how to direct your best efforts. Mars in fellow air sign Aquarius is retrograde and squaring Uranus this entire week, which can make it a challenge to feel settled in any real way. Even if you are on a supposed vacation, the energy may feel jagged and erratic. Loving Venus, although currently in Virgo, will shift into fellow air sign Libra on Monday, Aug. 6, and trine Mars to help clear out some of the emotional static, so just allow yourself plenty of time now to let life play out as it must and you will be feeling back to your ol’ self again before long.

Mercury retrograde in Leo will help you recover creative ways to express yourself and activities that make your heart and Soul happy, so let your passions surface so you can actively keep that torch lit!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

We are smack dab in the middle of eclipse season and the energy is not letting up. Things did peak exponentially on Friday, July 27, with the Total Lunar Eclipse, but that energy is still traveling strong and will continue until at least the middle of August. What is keeping the energy so electric and hot currently is that Mars retrograde in Aquarius is squaring Uranus this week, so relaxing may be feel to be a luxury and catching a breath may be hard to come by. Even though the energy in the ethers is amped, there are other planetary combinations that may come to your rescue or be your saving grace. Jupiter in fellow water sign Scorpio is harmonizing with Neptune in fellow water sign Pisces to help you keep your sights high and on the bigger picture. It helps keep the dream alive and makes the short term easier to deal with knowing where your life may potentially lead. You do have celestial support under these wild and unruly skies and the heavens are keeping a close eye on you Cancer.

Find a way to grow through whatever may be challenging those nerves and you will find yourself light years ahead of where you have been!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

Life is already full of surprises, but add eclipse season to the mix and Mars in your opposite sign of Aquarius squaring Uranus and it is anybody’s guess what could happen at any point in time. The degree of shock value potentially in store can be off the Richter scale, whether you are observing something in the world or experiencing it in your own backyard. Your safest bet is to do what you can to distance yourself emotionally from whatever is getting a rise out of you. We are all just actors on this grand stage of life, we choose our roles, and with Mercury retrograde in your sign, you can re-write the script in the next few weeks. Things may still feel unsettling in ways but by Monday, Aug. 6, Venus will combine with Mars to allow for some more love and balance in your most meaningful connections. The third of three eclipses coming on Saturday, Aug 11, is in your sign Leo, where new beginnings abound. So prepare for the new between now and then and do what you can to roll with these unpredictable seas.

With Jupiter in water sign Scorpio beautifully aspecting Neptune in water sign Pisces, abundance and peace are waiting within. The outside world may not be able to adequately fill the inner void but real sustenance is waiting when you take a deep dive within, a feeling once found that will never let your down!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

The sky may be falling but hey Virgo, Venus has your back. Venus in your sign brings light to any dark day and can help you find favor in just about anything you touch. Your light will also shine a little brighter and others will take greater notice of you. Life on this plane may feel to be all over the place with Mars retrograde in Aquarius squaring Uranus in fellow earth sign Taurus. This suggests the need to be as adaptable as you can be and especially now with your ruler Mercury retrograde in Leo until the middle of August. Fortunately, Uranus in Taurus is aligned with impressive strength to Saturn in fellow earth sign Capricorn, which progressively helps you secure certain inevitable changes in your life and allows you to feel less rattled and more rooted, creating its own form of security. Considering it is eclipse season and there is so much retrograde energy in the sky, the best thing you can do for yourself is not fight the tide but go with the flow.Follow what feels best in the moment. Each moment is bound to teach you something new about yourself. From there, you will know the best way forward when it’s time to make a meaningful move.

For now, just feel it!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

Whenever life feels to be in stress, the first planet I look for when in search for some relief, is your ruler Venus. She knows best how to comfort the Soul in a human body. Currently, Venus is in Virgo, but she will enter your sign on Monday, Aug. 6, and trine Mars in fellow air sign Aquarius when she does, allowing for a semblance of balance to return. The energy until then still creates an air of uncertainty at best and this feeling of the unknown or waiting for the next shoe to drop may feel to have become the new norm. Nothing is predictable. We also still have another eclipse coming on Saturday, Aug. 11, so it is best to stay flexible and not attached to a tight schedule or plan. Mercury is retrograde in Leo and as I have been sharing in recent weeks for you Libra, so much this summer is about circling back with old friends from your past to either rekindle your connection or put to rest what feels frayed and unfinished. There is the potential for abundance in your earning arena as Jupiter in Scorpio compensates you for your efforts large and small, and combines with Neptune in Pisces to raise the roof of what you are worth.

Invisible eyes are recognizing your value and may soon reward you for your gifts!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

No matter what may be going haywire here on planet Earth, you have higher guides protecting you well as generous Jupiter harmonizes with Neptune in fellow water sign Pisces for the next month. This energy allows you to stay centered in the sea versus centered in the wave, where you are subjected to all of life’s crosscurrents. Imagine the sea as the Source of all things. Each wave that separates from the sea is a Soul like yourself expressing itself out in the world. We are far more effective if we can stay centered in something eternal, something that has the power to keep us stable and aligned with ultimate meaning versus being tossed around by whatever insignificant thing life is throwing at us. Mars retrograde in Aquarius will teach you how to be less reactive and more responsive which always leads to more desirable results. Mars is still squaring Uranus in your opposite sign this week, so you may be tested to see how well you are keeping your center. Loving Venus will shift into Libra on Monday, Aug. 6, and harmonize with Mars, offering more serenity on those inner planes and less attachment to the physical world.

When you release your grip, the peace will filter in!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

There is so much more to life than meets the eye. Backstage and behind the scenes, there are higher forces forever at play; and this entire month, you get the rare benefit of having the highest of celestial influence. Your ruler Jupiter is forming a harmonizing trine to Neptune in Pisces, the planet that governs ultimate meaning and life ever-after. This combination also opens you up to a grander version of yourself and with it being eclipse season, you may be suddenly exposed to something that offers you a radically new way forward. Action Mars is retrograde in Aquarius and squaring Uranus this week, so something in your world may be attempting to knock you off your best game. However, Venus enters Libra on Monday, Aug.6, and aligns with precision to Mars to help you feel your way back to your natural center of gravity. Uranus and Saturn are keeping you steady on life’s path as long as you are making consistent efforts to grow and there is a harvest that awaits for those of you who can push past the fear. Mercury is retrograde in fellow fire sign Leo until the middle of August, which will also help you reconnect with old loves and passions, bringing more fire and flare to your personal pursuits. While life may feel like one big wild card these days, there is ample energy to help keep you rooted in what is real and ready for what waits for you on the wings.

Keep your sights high and you will rise like the Sun!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

You are a cardinal sign Cappy, which means you are a natural for initiating the new and open to whatever will help build a better world for you. However, no one loves the new to occur as a result of forced change. We are in the middle of eclipse season so anything can really happen at any point in time. Fortunately, your ruler Saturn is forming a stable and supportive trine to Uranus, the planet of transformation, which means no matter what may be coming undone, something far better is waiting to take its place. For the most part, your world of work may be tentative at best, where sudden changes are likely to occur due to Mars being retrograde in your house of earning and squaring Uranus. However, Venus exits fellow earth sign Virgo and enters Libra on Monday, Aug, 6, and trines Mars in Aquarius just as she enters. Get ready to witness the blessing in disguise.

Your communications are quite fortunate these days, so lean on those who you know can help you, and they will surprise you by their quantum leap on your behalf!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

You are most content to have the freedom to be and do as you wish. There is nothing in your Soul that wishes to conform or follow someone else’s idea of how to live life. However, you find that a little structure can go a long way to support your radical ideas or innovative urges. Stable Saturn is in Capricorn and in staunch support of your ruler Uranus in earth sign Taurus for the next few months. Uranus stations retrograde on Tuesday, Aug. 7, and will join five other planets that are also retrograde. This is an ideal time to get the whole world to follow your outside the box thinking or to at least attract quite a following if you are going after change and need others to join forces with you. Uranus retrograde will be an ideal time to work out the kinks of what you wish to alter and morph. With Mars retrograde in your sign and squaring your ruler Uranus, you may find that your emotions are all over the place this week, so let them go on their journey and just know by early next week, things should find their way back to a steadier feeling stream.

Saturn keeps you sane and helps you find your resting place through it all, so trust in his steady hand!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

Generous Wisdom holder Jupiter continues to bless you with his benevolent presence. While everything may not be out in the open with Jupiter in fellow water sign Scorpio aligned in heavenly ways to your ruler Neptune in your sign, there is good fortune growing that is going to benefit you in the long run. Mars is retrograde in Aquarius and squaring Uranus for the next week, which may be impacting your level of self-confidence and with Mercury retrograde in Leo in your house of improvement, you cannot help but be your own worst critic at the moment. A little humbling right now is going to make you rise in a supreme way. You have a measure for where you wish to land and what you need to do in order to get there. It is essential at times to be practical when going after your ultimate goal and to have a strict plan to support the outcome you seek is necessary. Know that these feelings of instability and uncertainty will not weigh on you for long.

If you ever need a quick lift, Jupiter is a whisper away. He knows your heart and the nature of your ‘out of this world’ potential. Let him promptly remind you of this truth!

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