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Starcast for the week beginning August 8th, 2018

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

With your ruler Mars moving retrograde until the end of August, you are going to have to go back into your past in order to get ahead. Mars is currently in the early degrees of Aquarius but will back into Capricorn, the sign ruled by Father Time Saturn, on Monday, Aug. 13. We can’t re-write history even if we wanted to, but you will be able to gain an alternative view, which will change your orientation to the past. Your Soul is in the process of making new commitments moving forward now, ones that are rooted in your changing frequency. A New Moon Eclipse in fellow fire sign Leo on Saturday, Aug. 11, will energize a surge in passion for something your heart just can’t live without. Your ruler Mars is also forming a supportive trine to loving Venus this week, allowing you to feel the support you need to honor your nature and follow this undeniable pull. With Mercury also retro in fellow fire sign Leo, this will entail going back to something that captured your heart at one time, so you can re-visit that dance to see if it carries the same kind of charge.

I have a strong hunch that it will!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

You slip into a better groove relative to your work this week with your ruler Venus harmonizing so effortlessly with Mars in Aquarius. It may be that you can finally feel a profit or a kickback for your efforts and output. There are rewards offered for dedicated strides and a feeling of being able to finally clear a hurdle. Still, there feels to never be enough time in your day to get it all done. Uranus in your sign also just stationed retrograde for the next four months, which means if sudden changes have been occurring, this will allow you to more easily integrate them into your new reality. We are still in the middle of a thirty day eclipse window that closes with a New Moon Eclipse in Leo on Saturday, Aug.11, occurring in your house of home and the emotional body, so something will bring a passionate focus there. When big changes occur in your life, it requires your feeling body to catch up to speed with the change. Prepare to pick up some emotional slack as you are immersed in far out emotions that you could not even begin to describe or deny.

Heart open equals life full and cup runneth over!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

Six planets are currently retrograde, including your ruler Mercury, which is transiting in the sign of Leo. Nothing happens fast, and I mean nothing. It’s OK though because we are all in the same boat. The retrograde energy is really forcing you to feel through everything in your world and ask yourself if this is adding onto you or subtracting from your Soul. Are your efforts in vain or will they lead to a desirable bounty? It is important to note here that while you may feel progress inhibited on one track, these trends are firing up progress on an alternative avenue. This massive volume of inverted energy at play is leading you all the way IN so that you can inwardly realize all that you need to in order to know which way to go. In addition, Mars may be retrograde in fellow air sign Aquarius, but he is favorably aspecting loving Venus in fellow air sign Libra, suggesting your efforts will be supported by someone significant this coming week as you will have a way of catching their immediate attention.

A New Moon Eclipse in Leo on Saturday, Aug.11, allows you to express yourself at your best at just the right moment and for just the right person!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

You have been putting in some serious Soul miles this past month Cancer and you are ready for a bit of a break. However, we have a New Moon Eclipse in Leo still on the horizon, occurring Saturday, Aug.11, and so there will still be plenty of fireworks in your midst to keep your heart on its toes. Loving Venus has entered Libra and is in sweet alignment to Mars this week but she also squares Saturn in the process. In essence, you may be feeling liberated in one area of your life and yet also be feeling held back in a key connection that is not really allowing you to feel the full freedom you seek. This eclipse is energizing a powerful creative charge within your being and it is bringing an illuminated focus on your inner relationship to yourself. This week is fueling a spirit of individuality and for you to follow what makes you so uniquely you. Feel your passion, fan those flames, and follow the flashlight on the path. It is leading you back to the root of your essence.

Everything flowers from there!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

This coming Saturday, Aug. 11, a New Moon Eclipse in Leo is fully loaded with love, just how you like it. With Venus now in Libra and blending beautifully with Mars, there is energy to attract more of what you want. However, with Saturn in Capricorn squaring Venus, there may be something in the way of your having it. It may be that you have to wait or it may mean that you have to work for it a bit harder and longer. With Mercury retrograde in Leo, there are things that you may still need to clear up with someone, talks that do not feel particularly easy, before you can experience the deep joy you crave. There is tremendous potential for healing the past through direct and honest dialoguing and when being straight up. This is an electric period for initiation and for showering the world with even more of your light and your love. Eclipse energy can change your life on a dime. It can turn life upside down or right side up.

You play a vital role in which way it goes!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

With six planets currently retrograde, including your ruler Mercury, it’s as if the universe is giving you permission to cruise. Nothing can be forced and a world of things can change. It requires you to be enormously flexible and not attached to timelines, and in some cases outcomes. A New Moon Eclipse in Leo occurs on Saturday, Aug. 11, in your house of dreams, which adds more fuzz to those lines of definition. This can be tough for the Virgo who is not comfortable with the unknown. Mars and Venus do align with immense ease and it has a way of removing an obstacle in your world. It may be true too that while you may not initially get the job you want in one direction, something better opens up along an unexpected highway. There is great promise for connecting more deeply with your creative life purpose with Saturn in fellow earth sign Capricorn forming an angle of precision to Uranus in fellow earth sign Taurus. There is no need to undercut your potential or doubt what you can become.

Everything is in position now to help you paint the world with a new kind of beautiful, similar to the colors in a perfect sunset!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

Life may have been feeling like one giant revolving door in recent weeks, as so much of the energy has forced a return to the past. Transiting Mars retrograde has been traveling close to the South Node, in addition to a stellium of planets retracing their steps. Not much is allowing for swift forward motion. Knowing this will grant you some space to take a breath. I encourage you to take your time. Wait for the telltale signs because they will come, and they will be obvious. Fortunately, your ruler Venus has just entered your sign and she will feel to save you at many turns while also reminding you what life is worth living for. In addition, she favorably partners with Mars retrograde in fellow air sign, Aquarius, suggesting that together, they will be revealing something that makes this world really work for you.

While family burdens may be weighing heavy at times, there is new love and creative pursuits that carry a breath of fresh air and gift you with a heavenly light of welcomed perspective!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

Considering you thrive on extremes and you never do anything half way, eclipse season is ideal energetic territory to springboard you into an ultimate experience. A New Moon Eclipse in Leo this Saturday, Aug. 11, in your house of career and your public self, can really turn the floodlights on in this regard. You want to leave a legacy Scorpio, some of you already have, and this week you get a taste of how much further you can take this train so that you are remembered. Mercury is also retrograde in Leo in this same sector, so you may be returning to something you started and stopped, knowing now that it holds real promise for reaching more of the masses. Abundant Jupiter in your sign is protecting your dreams as he combines with Neptune in timeless ways, keeping you wishes under wraps for now, until they are ready to be brought out into the light of day. Life is about timing, as you discover firsthand this week. Life is also about sharing your joy and your success with the ones who you know you best.

A little more patience and that celebration can finally happen!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

Life may be feeling a bit weird and wild this week, but per usual, you are up to whatever life is dishing out. Mars is retrograde in Aquarius and still within a square to Uranus, keeping life strange in places and unpredictable. Mars will back into Capricorn on Monday, Aug. 13, bringing a more serious air to life’s table but these trends are energizing a greater commitment to your life purpose here and will not allow you to mark time for a minute. There are plenty of sparks in the cosmic skies to keep your heart beating hard and fast with a New Moon Eclipse in fellow fire sign Leo on Saturday, Aug. 11, which will go far to remind you of what lights your Soul fire. Passion sells and when you are aligned with your truth Sag, you become a magnet for anyone who comes close to your energy field. Your ruler Jupiter is in heavenly step with Neptune which is keeping you straddled between Heaven and Earth. The gift of this union is an invitation to receive an infusion of eternal Grace.

Grasp its power and your touch will be unforgettable!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

I will start with the basics, as well as your bottom line. Start each and every day with what you can lean on and trust. Your ruler Saturn is forming a stunningly rare angle of support to radical Uranus, the energetic antithesis to Saturn. Never in this lifetime has this occurred in this way and being that your ruler is now in your sign, it gives you an added advantage to make something monumental happen. While you have three more months of accessible support along these lines, the real meat of this energy is in the next six weeks. It’s about taking charge of the change you need while leaving the fear in the dust. Mars is retrograde in Aquarius, and will dip back into your sign on Monday, Aug.13, for evermore fire and fervor. You are in the process of reinventing yourself as well as your life, so do not think for a minute that you can keep on trucking with the old. A New Moon Eclipse in Leo on Saturday, Aug.11, in your house of the Soul, will illuminate creative pathways and next steps in your journey. While there may be some fear that reaches your feeling radar, anticipated excitement will drown it out. Much is being asked of you, whether in family or a tedious work regimen, but you also know that it is paving the way for a liberating change in lifestyle.

Keep bathing your ideas in the balm of your truth and your wishes will soon be realized!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

Your ruler Uranus and Mars have been stirring up some trouble in recent weeks but we are past the breaking point. Your ruler Uranus just stationed retrograde on Tuesday, Aug.7. Mars is still retrograde as well in your sign but will back into serious Capricorn on Monday, Aug.13. Life may have felt to be wildly unpredictable and with a New Moon Eclipse in Leo, in your house of relationships this Saturday, Aug. 11, you can expect a few more surprises. Mercury is also retrograde in this sector, which tends to drum up the past and have you reconnecting with others who still hold a piece of your heart. Another possibility may be that you meet somebody new and it happens when and where you least expect it. The best news of all is a reminder of the fact that steady Saturn is still forming a secure angle to your ruler Uranus for several more weeks, which means that you have a solid anchor to keep your Soul safe in the midst of sweeping change. Also, with Jupiter in your house of career and your public self auspiciously combining with Neptune in your house of earning, there are no limits to how you can prosper .

Follow your intuition and you will profit in more ways than you can count!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

With buoyant Jupiter aligned to your ruler Neptune in supremely elevated fashion, you have the power and the energy field to naturally attract the ideal. It is true, there is a wild assortment of energy that could take your life in just about any direction these days, but if you keep your eye on the dream, there is no reason why you can’t have it. Six planets are currently retrograde and so not everything may happen as soon as you wish, but these trends are also making sure what you think you want is what is best for you. Much will be inwardly realized this month and this will keep your compass clear. A New Moon Eclipse in Leo on Saturday, Aug.11, might present you with some obstacles but there will be someone who holds the key to removing them from your path just as soon as they appear to emerge. Maintain a healthy optimism and the pure force of your inherent nature will have the lot of them longing for your energy and presence.

Keep one eye on the moment and the other on the bigger picture and your steps will lead you light years closer to the dream!

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