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Starcast for the week beginning February 20th, 2019

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

Your ruler Mars may have exited your sign but this shift out of the fire and into the Earth will now allow you to bring true form to your desires. A Super Full Moon in Virgo on Tuesday, Feb. 19, sets the stage for this forecast week and Mars is right in harmonious step with the energy at hand, helping you streamline your efforts and experience meaningful progress to boot. A Full Moon in Virgo can shine a light on a necessary adjustment that needs to be made on your journey, but you will have all the energy you need to make it right and to get things humming again. Loving Venus climbs in front of Saturn in Capricorn to reflect your commitment to the new landing that you have now reached. Couple your desire with the emotional charge you are feeling and give every step your best shot.

You are building upon a new base so feed it with only the energy that you know will support your ongoing evolution, one conscious step at a time!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

You are starting to feel more like yourself again Taurus. All of this earth energy in the ethers is helping you ground your efforts and allowing you to feel more directed. A Super Full Moon in fellow earth sign Virgo reveals some additional details that will help you make some serious headway, and with Mars in your sign now, you are taking charge of your choices and your Soul is leading the way. It is clear what your priorities are, and you are making time for them, even if that means less sleep. You will feel to have more energy and fuel however, in order to tackle your most meaningful pursuits. Mercury, the planet of communication and negotiation, is in Pisces and moving in tandem with your ruler Venus this entire week, helping you iron out the details and gain some invaluable information that will assist you in making some monumental decisions. A few seemingly minor pieces of information end up meaning ‘everything’. Be patient and these ‘pearls’ will reveal themselves without much effort at all.

A sudden revelation becomes your saving grace!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

While you may feel emotionally taxed in places early on, your will and desire for healing closure or a resounding win of some kind will prove to propel you to the top. A Super Full Moon in Virgo in your house of home and the emotional body keeps you out of your head and all the way into the center of a feeling, but this lunar tide is receiving volumes of support from warrior Mars to give you all the courage you need to take a certain ball and run with it. Loving Venus has just moved in front of Saturn in Capricorn to initiate a new chapter for your Soul, and you need this Full Moon to experience the full thrust of just how much it means to you. Your ruler Mercury is in Pisces and is partnering with pure intention to Venus in Capricorn to help you get a little closer to the dream. You are sure to be a standout this week, as long as you remove every shadow of doubt and bring everything your Soul has got to the table.

Visualize and actualize!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

It’s time for some liberating change Cancer. Your ruler, the Moon, has not only grown full, it is a Super Full Moon and the brightest of 2019, which also means you will experience more of its illuminating effects and evolutionary impact. That is why we are all here, isn’t it Cancer? To evolve. We need the Moon and its influence on our emotional reality to lead us deeper into our journey. Action Mars in Taurus is in strong support of this Super Full Moon in Virgo and is energizing more courage and desire for you to embody and use to your great advantage. New starts in relationships are also inevitable as you experience yourself maturing by the minute as you take on a greater feeling of responsibility for your role in the connection and what you bring to that space. Mercury in fellow water sign Pisces and Venus in Capricorn partner up to help you reach a greater ideal with loving others, while also allowing you to better express what you need and to listen ‘with all ears’ in return.You are experiencing a growth spurt and this energizes an opening for your relationships to rise with you on the climb. Once you feel secure within, you will be able to access a contagious confidence that transfers into the world around you.

Welcome home to you!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

Your sustained work ethic and dedication is going to earn you notice this week Leo. A Super Full Moon in Virgo in your house of earnings and what holds meaning and value is forming a favorable trine to action Mars in your house of career, suggesting you may just land yourself a promotion or a raise.The stats are in and you are looking fine. Venus and Saturn also join in Capricorn which means that you have put your time in and earned these stripes. Any form of accolade always feels better on the heels of the blood, sweat and tears, like a stamp of validation for your Soul investment. You are learning this week that hard work does pay off and you will be feeling like a seasoned veteran where output is concerned. Venus and Mercury also connect in ideal ways to let your Soul know in some way, shape, or form, that you are right on track. You are also learning the value of being aligned with a greater cause. Your efforts are having a ripple effect.

Prepare to deliver more from where all of that came from because you want to, and because this time it means more than ever!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

A Super Full Moon in your sign says it’s time to deal with the doubt head-on. Mars in fellow earth sign Taurus signs up to ensure your success as he aligns in superior ways to this lunar event. Loving Venus moves in front of stable Saturn in fellow earth sign Capricorn to increase your own feelings of security in a key relationship. You are willing to invest more of yourself but you will be asking for this same kind of commitment in return. What’s fair is fair, and being on the same page will lead to a true feeling of union. Venus will conjoin Pluto this weekend to test the longevity of your love but with your ruler Mercury in Pisces forming a beautiful partnership with Venus, someone may just say the words this week that you have been longing to hear. Something sweet arrives almost as soon as you release your attachment to it.

Let go of your need to control an outcome and then get ready to receive in full!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

You are envisioning your version of perfection in this world, as a Super Full Moon in Virgo on Tuesday, Feb. 19, lights up your house of dreams. This is where it all starts, right in the center of your picture of the ideal. This lunar dance will invite all of the details that make your vision spectacular and every detail counts; from the landscape, to the lights, to the people, to the song. The subtle nuances are what will make something fly. This Super Full Moon will have you not only pouring over the details but feeling the significance of each and every one. You have this ability to design a stage or a home and know exactly what it will feel like before even a stitch of furniture has been moved. Make-it-happen Mars is in Taurus and in exquisite position to the Super Full Moon and he is energizing something deep in your Soul that is proving to be a vital source of inspiration. It’s the kind of thing that would allow the music to return to your life with Venus also joining Pluto this weekend. Venus in Capricorn syncs up well with Mercury in Pisces, energizing the potential for new contracts in partnerships to be born.

Something that felt broken gets fixed, and it has the potential of being far better than it ever could have been before!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

This weeks starts off with a Super Full Moon in Virgo in your house of breakthroughs and this lunar strobe light is forming a powerful trine to Mars in your opposite sign. This carries enough energy to totally morph old dynamics in relationships where you have continued to find yourself feeling stuck. Loving Venus' merging with Saturn in Capricorn is asking for your renewed commitment to something or to someone, and with Venus approaching your ruler Pluto this weekend, your love life is set to intensify. Life feels serious and it carries greater gravitational forces with Saturn and your ruler Pluto both in Capricorn. Venus merging with Pluto will allow a loving bond to be taken to deeper degrees of connection and it can also help you work through old karmic wounds. Mercury is in fellow water sign Pisces and is aligned with Venus in ways that are heaven sent which means you would benefit greatly by trying a softer entry as opposed to having your stinger ready. Invisible forces are waiting to lead you to a higher road of relating. Reach for greater understanding and healing, and your loving connections will evolve in ways you can trust.

The celebration follows!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

This week is about finding your way back to your Soul's bottom lines. Venus just joined Saturn in Capricorn during a Super Full Moon in Virgo and she is now approaching Pluto, the planet of metamorphoses. These are not light times. Fortunately, action Mars is in staunch support of this lunar peak and he is helping you concentrate your efforts where they count the most. While loving Venus travels to the deep with Pluto, Mercury in Pisces is at her wing, energizing a feeling of angels in your midst. Your personal efforts and self determination to grow, either within a relationship or within yourself will prove to recruit forces from on high to ensure that your connection deepens and your love escalates. It may also be that the additional efforts you are making linked with your Soul’s work in the world are going to kick in and you will be abundantly reaping what you sow.

Give a little extra this week and you will be showered with a timeless feeling of validation!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

It feels like an earth sign frenzy this week. We started with a Super Full Moon in fellow earth sign Virgo which was forming a phenomenal alignment to action Mars in fellow earth sign Taurus. Loving Venus was joined with your ruler Saturn in your sign, re-emphasizing the degree of your commitment to those things that you value most, including specific ambitions you have. Venus will meet up with karmic Pluto in your sign as well this weekend so pay attention to the interactions you are having with others and the timing of your communications and collaborations. In some cases, someone who has the power to help you may do just that, they may place a call or go to bat for you in some way. Mercury, the planet of communication and negotiation, is in an ideal position to help you sell yourself and your ideas. At the very least, you will feel to be bridging the distance between where you stand and where you wish to be.

This is a monumental week for progress and for feedback. Use this cosmic leverage to pull ahead!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

Your ruler Uranus is hanging out at the very last degree of Aries and preparing for a significant shift in energy in early March. No doubt you have already broken free in recent years and taken some radical steps. The next two weeks will remind you of the  courage it took. A Super Full Moon in Virgo set the stage this week on Tuesday, Feb. 19, and her strong trine to Mars in Taurus will carry you forward for days. If there is something you want to say or do to repair an emotional connection with another, there is ample energy now for you to enter a heated ring and leave with a feeling of resolution. Venus has recently merged with Saturn and is approaching Pluto this weekend, so healing will be up for grabs. Venus finds Mercury in Pisces to help you find the words that will equal magic to someone’s ears. This week is all about the unfinished business that must happen before your Soul can take another step. Forgive another if you must, but start by forgiving yourself.

Make this a tip-top priority and the Gods will fully have your back!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

There are strong winds working in your favor for productive negotiation and liberating forms of expression. A Super Full Moon in Virgo on Tuesday, Feb. 19, in your house of relationships, is forming a stellar angle to action Mars in Taurus in your house of communication. Mercury is also in your sign and partnering seamlessly to loving Venus this weekend. A powerful turn in your evolution awaits with what feels to be so much on the line. You may have a message for the masses and wish to bring something transformational to the mainstream world and people are truly starting to tune in. If there is any lingering left over karma with key others it could re-surface this weekend as well, as Venus crosses Pluto, but it also opens doors for people from your past to re-surface on your journey with the intent to help you with your mission.

Keep feeling your way forward and you will know when you have arrived!

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