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Starcast for the week beginning March 22nd, 2017

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

Dang Aries, you sure are getting all the love. With A New Moon brewing and fixing to give you a good lift on Monday, March 27, Mercury, the planet of communication, and electric Uranus is also in Aries, while Venus continues to make a sweeping slumber on the flames of your fire. That's one heck of a lot of heat. What will you do with all that burn? I know you do best by operating on pure instinct. Good idea this week. Your ruler Mars is in earth sign Taurus so that will keep you grounded in the middle of your impulsive pursuits. You don't spend much time ruminating about the past, it's just not your way, for you live for the feeling of riding on the wings of unbridled momentum. However, you may need to 'go there' on occasion until mid April with Venus still on a retrograde cruise until then. In essence what this means, is that you cannot forget about your compadres. It also suggests by looking back and tending to the flames of old and staying tuned in to the needs of others, you can move forward with more of you, which means more whole and fully charged.

Keep that fire lit Aries, stay soft while you are at it, and you will never run out of loving steam!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

I love Mars and so will you. Mars, the planet of action and desire is moving through your sign, giving you more energy, passion and fuel to pursue what you are after in the world. Also, five planet in Aries this week helps you jump into something with both feet, whether it involves facing a fear, pulling the plug on something you feel done with, or taking a risk and following your heart. A New Moon in Aries on Monday, March 27, in your house of dreams and the ideal, energizes brainstorm sessions like never before, as Mercury also joins its higher octave Uranus, to open doors to the higher mind, helping you usher in an idea that is out of this world. This sector of the sky also connects to healing and closure, so on the heels of something coming full circle, you initiate something beautifully brand new, something that holds the promise of magic. You will find too that by surrendering in those private spaces, this leads you to your deepest longings.

Your Soul will have no choice but to follow the light. The warmest of embrace awaits!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

Firecracker Gemini. You already think faster than most. Geminis admit that no one would ever want to be living in their mind, it can be so exhausting. Your ruler Mercury is in Aries which speed things up even further and he's not slowing down for anyone, not even you. On Monday, March 27, a New Moon in your house of breakthroughs speaks volumes to a sudden desirable change that is coming this week. To improve your chances of manifesting some positive change, Mercury joins older brother Uranus bringing the genius out in you, surprising even your own sweet self. Mars, the planet that rules Aries, is in Taurus, in your house of the unseen world, so I can imagine you will be keeping some of your wishes private and quiet. Mars is the planet that reflects your leading desires. Your instinct tells you what your Soul wants and you are going to stop at nothing to follow it. Whatever is rising up in you as a desire will speak to where you traveling on the wheel of life, and what your Soul still needs to experience. If all you can think about is experiencing a more eternal connection, your breakthrough could manifest on your knees at the alter or on the yoga mat, but if your leading desire is in your creative expression or inventing something new, you can have that too.

Whatever it is that you want, you are getting warmer, thus closer, to being able to have it and hold it in your hands!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

It's officially spring, the moon is soon to be new, the sun is gradually growing higher in the sky and shining brighter in your life. There is something about this time of year that has a way of energizing greater gratitude in the simple things. New life can be witnessed in every bud that is beginning to open, these fragile gifts in the wild revealing their essence. You cannot duplicate the colors of nature just as your own nature in this world cannot be matched by another. That sacred bud is opening in you too Cancer, an expansion is occurring, your inner windows will soon be ajar and a new wind will be blowing through the halls of your heart. Within this, you are getting stronger by the day. It starts in the deepest recesses of your Soul. A New Moon in Aries on Monday, March 27, up at the highest place on your personal wheel. Mercury and Uranus are also joined in Aries, and it is fanning those flames of desire to change the trajectory of your life, to design it in a way that suits you and to sustain a new momentum that brings out the best in you.

Do it because you want to, do it because you know you can sustain it long term, and that will be reason enough to make it fly!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

When it comes to love, you are going to be hungry for a bit more spice in your life. Your tolerance is nil and your patience was gone with yesterday's news. You may also feel a bit sassy under these trends Leo as you want nothing limiting that fire that is lighting your way, as a New Moon in Aries, on Monday, March 27, is action packed with a feisty flair and life is proving to be positively unpredictable. Mercury and Uranus are also joined in Aries in this sector which speaks to the spontaneity that may be required to maximize your experience. Mars, the ruler for Aries and the planet of desire, is in Taurus, in your house of career, which may require you to be responsible in those passionate pursuits, but it will also give you some kind of structure to harness all of that charge. You can surely build upon what you want this week and experience some enjoyable progress. Behind the scenes help is showing up in spades for the pure of heart so don't be surprised if someone shows up out of thin air to save the day. There is a higher watch happening.

Trust the power of its presence and it will prove to you with one seminal event that it's here to stay!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

Fire looks good on you Virgo. Inject a Virgo with just a bit of confidence and combine it with your natural humility and you become the most attractive choice of all. A stellium of planets in Aries energize your house of the Soul which has a way of shining a light on some of what you have kept close to the vest and not shown others up to this point. You will be feeling like you have nothing to lose so as a result you totally 'bring it', you reveal your full strengths and you step more fully into your authentic self. A New Moon in Aries on Monday, March 27, is accompanied by not only Venus retrograde but your ruler Mercury who is merged with his higher octave Uranus, also in Aries. Together they align with stable Saturn to seal a deal. Mars, the ruler of Aries, is in fellow earth sign Taurus and is essentially saying, “Hey Virgo, what do you want”? You can get what you want this week, just get out of the way of yourself and let it happen. You succeed with flying colors when you remove your mind from life's equation and let life happen organically.

Prepare for life to truly go your way!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

You love nothing more than 'feeling the love' Libra. It is what keeps this world turning and with your ruler Venus retrograde in Aries, your opposite sign, you are focused fully on what is needed to keep that love alive. If there is something missing, you are going to go after it this week, as a New Moon in Aries is also aflame in your house of relationships, on Monday, March 27, offering you a chance to clear the decks and start anew. To illuminate the love to a greater degree, Mercury and Uranus join in Aries as well and find Saturn in the sky to ensure that this change sticks. You need something radical to happen and your chances are high for some kind of surprising element in your key connections to undergo a memorable breakthrough. If things have become dull, you are fixing to put a fire under it to get it going again. Mars is also proving to help build your inner strength as he travels in Taurus in your house of empowerment, helping you become more confident by the day so you have the courage to not only ask for what you need but to go about getting your needs met too. Stay unwavering in your stance, stay steady and rooted in your Soul.

Speak directly yet succinctly and what you are after will be yours!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

Nothing stays static for long, so the one thing we can count on in life is change. This can have an upside or a downside depending on what is playing out in your world. With that said, there can be energy swings within any given day, more often than not depending on the phase of the moon. More change is not only coming, it will be welcomed, as a New Moon in Aries in your house of improvements will have you feeling uplifted with a little spring cleaning. Clutter holds energy, this includes emotional clutter, so no better time than the present to clear the feeling dust and the cobwebs. Loving Venus is also still retrograde in Aries which will have you refining and revisiting old connections and dealing with the unfinished. Imagine how free your Soul will feel when you off load the unwanted. To improve your chances for a stellar week, Mercury and Uranus put their heads together and help you come up with an alternative solution to a quandary that has been taken up a great deal of space on your inner band width. Mars, the planet of desire, is in your opposite sign and in perfect step with Neptune, the planet of healing, suggesting you may experience a higher, thus deeper, level of connection in a key relationship. The degree of growth you experience with another will be directly linked with your pure desire followed by your efforts to take something all the way.

It really can be that simple!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

I recently heard singer Celine Dione coaching a young artist and offering some sage advice. I responded so personally to this natural teaching that I got up and out of my seat to jot it down for you. I changed one word in her message to reflect this week's trends. She says, “You can't be 'on' all the time, you've got to be 'on' when it's time”, and its about that time Sag. A New Moon in fellow fire sign Aries on Monday, March 27, offers you a powerful new start, in ways it may feel as if you have exited the wardrobe and entered Narnia. Timing is everything and whether it's an exit you need to take or an on-ramp that leads you into a changing future, either way, it's time. Mercury, also in Aries, joins electric Uranus as well and they create the kind of power surge in your life that may feel as if a switch within you has been flipped. In some cases, you may even have to pinch yourself to make certain that what you are experiencing is real.

You are emerging from a fog and from the hold of the past, as Mercury and Uranus harmonize with a fierce strength to Saturn in your sign, and they guarantee that you will have all the tools you need to show the world you are not only back, you are better, because it's finally time!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

Everyone needs a little mercy on occasion and this unconditional loving gesture when extended can become an emotional line that you need for ultimate healing and closure. There appears to be more accessible grace in the coming week and it comes at a time when you need it most. A New Moon in your house of home and the emotional body on Monday, March 27, is traveling close to Venus retrograde in Aries giving you a second chance at life, helping you extinguish some of those painful inner fires, offering you a new look at an old connection. Mercury and Uranus conjoin as well in Aries and reach out to your ruler Saturn in your house of the heavens with impressive strength and speed. It can feel in one moment as if that body of yours, the structure that houses your Soul. is all boarded up, and in the next moment the windows and doors open again, allowing a renewed and highly charged wind to blow on through. It takes reaching a state of total darkness at times before there can be a return to the light. Mars in fellow earth sign Taurus connects seamlessly with healing Neptune allowing your communications with others to be effortless and where you end up reading each other's minds. This week you make a commitment to open your heart again to someone and you find by letting go of the resistance and the resentment, that a whole new world opens up all over again. 

Prepare to exhale!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

All it takes is just one word to break the ice. A New Moon in Aries on Monday, March 27, in your house of communication, puts you in a strongly strategic position to generate a needed breakthrough with significant others. Venus is also circling back in Aries and is a whisper away from this lunar initiation. You are either in a prime position to express what you need and how you feel, or you recognize this need in another and space is granted for your ears only. To up the energetic ante, Mercury and your ruler Uranus in Aries team up to secure your success as this combo also aligns auspiciously to Saturn to guarantee your success. Mars, the ruler for Aries, is in Taurus, suggesting you may be feeling somewhat vulnerable as you wear your emotions uncharacteristically on your sleeve, but Mars finds Neptune for a feeling lift and you quickly realize that an open heart is the only way your intentions can be trusted. When you clearly know what you want, it becomes far easier to invest the full force of your energetic spirit to fight for it. You put your mighty all into something as you risk full exposure of your feelings, and as a result you find this is the only way you can win.

What are you waiting for? Jump all the way in!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

Team Gods appear to be showing up in numbers. If they haven't already, they are sure to silence you as you are in awe of what is possible even here on Earth. I recently witnessed a Pisces friend reap a true harvest for her long time dedication to selflessly helping others and I see now her ship is coming in. How sweet to be able to observe good karma at play versus the Souls who are so top heavy in their own self interest that they don't care who they step on to get what they want. You may be self sacrificing in nature but the tides are shifting. A New Moon in Aries in your house of what holds value and meaning on Monday, March 27, grants you with the kind of leverage that you can rely upon. Mercury and Uranus also merge and connect with speed to Saturn to create a catalyst effect with respect to everything you seem to touch. But as good as all that support may be, it's not as good as it gets. Action Mars in Taurus syncs up with your heavenly ruler Neptune in your sign to help you manifest something you have always wanted, it will energize a dream realized and the ideal to materialize. While I am referencing potentialities and not absolutes as your prior actions leading up to this point will influence how this week plays out, you are in position to take charge of your future.

The ball is in your court Pisces, direct the cosmic current with the power of your will!

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