Astrology Home

Astrology, Horoscope & Tarot Reading

Share horoscope predictions & feature your contact info for session schedulingwith a website made for astrology!

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Horoscope Light

A Layout Ideal for All Astrologers

Showcase horoscope signs on your site, upcoming events, meetups, and share astrology news by featuring blog posts.

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Shop Home

Your Online Astrology Store Is Here

A shop website template that featuresseveral extraordinary product list andsingle layouts for your arcane trinkets.

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Fullscreen Slider

Share Your Monthly Zodiac Readings

Feature detailed horoscope readings in a slider style layout alongside Astralla’s stunning pack of zodiac sign images.

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Horoscope Dark

Astrology-Themed Dark Palette

Match the mystical allure of astrology by choosing the dark version of the horoscope home for your website.

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Tarot Home

Specially Designed for Tarot Reading

Customize your site by adding tarot cards,personalized horoscope readings andmore with Astralla’s plentiful options.

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