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Starcast for the week beginning February 19th, 2020

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

Just because Mercury is retrograde in Pisces and there is a New Moon in Pisces brewing for Sunday, Feb. 23, doesn’t mean that massive strides cannot be made this week. In fact, swift sprints are possible as your ruler Mars in Capricorn could not be more favorably aligned to innovative Uranus in Taurus. I cannot imagine any two planets in any two signs generating better and bolder outcomes. This is also a period of time when hidden things are revealed that allow you to see your way forward with a higher vision in mind. In everything you do this week, keep the bigger picture in place and you will experience greater breakthroughs in your commitments and career arena in perhaps longer than you can remember. New Moons are ideal days for wish-making, but at the onset of this forecast week Mars and Uranus are plugged into an electric source of energy that could have you experiencing a surge of change so fast that it happens just soon as you energize a desire for it.

Bring your all to something you wish to transform in your life, and with loving Venus in your sign, she will have you magnetically drawing to you more of what you love and value most!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

You rarely indulge in heavenly travels as you are so focused on keeping things secure here on Earth. However, the cosmos are working to lift you out of the material world and lead you on a tour into an unknown galaxy. Mercury is retrograde in dreamy Pisces and a New Moon in Pisces is also occurring on Sunday, Feb. 23, both in your house of progress in alternative realms. This would be equivalent to experiencing a breakthrough in a meditation, or discovering a metaphysical body of work that allows for an inner transformation to occur. This trend is also wonderful for connecting with friends who share obscure passions or an opportunity for you to re-visit conversations that allow for healing and change to occur in your most meaningful connections. Mars is exquisitely aligned to Uranus in your sign this week, which means you could quickly bridge the distance between where you currently stand and what you so veraciously wish could be.

Dream bigger and life may very well surprise you!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

There is a vast amount of energy percolating up in your house of career with your ruler Mercury sweeping the decks in Pisces and making room for a greater advancement with respect to how you put yourself out there in the world. You will be raising the roof of what you are wishing for in the coming days, and well you should. A New Moon in this same sector occurs on Sunday, Feb. 23, energizing more promise for your future, and the potential for a miraculous moment if you need one. But what sets this lunar lift up so strategically is that action Mars is now in ambitious Capricorn and streamlined with Uranus, the planet of ingenuity, in a way that have you cleverly connecting with a key other that could change your life on a dime. This week you get in touch with what your Soul desires  in order to evolve, something you are feeling deeply called to pursue and there may very well be powerful others who are ‘waiting in the wings’ to help you launch your life.

If you want to turn a tremendous corner this week, it is a fine time to make your move!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

Everything in your chart is pointing up, as in ‘to the top’. A New Moon in fellow water sign Pisces on Sunday, Feb. 23, has enough magic infused in it to beautifully expand your horizons, as this lunar opening harmoniously aligns with the North Node, the symbol for your destiny, in your sign. Mercury is retrograde, also in Pisces, which is energizing a slow down effect so you can spread your wings, allowing you to accumulate even greater favor in a promising journey ahead. If you slow down your stride long enough, it will give you space and time to further open your heart in a way where others discover you as a diamond in the rough. Your connection with a key other will be timely for an acceleration in your visibility as Mars in Capricorn combines with Uranus with unparalleled precision, stimulating your bonds and generating rapid growth within them. Your overall appeal will also be illuminated so get out in the world and share your light as well as your love.

This is your week to peak!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

You have been known to be called a hopeless romantic, Leo, but this week, your Soul may be longing even deeper for the dream like never before. The longing is not such a bad thing, as it will be energizing desires within your Soul that make you ever so aware of what it is that remains unfulfilled within you. Mercury is retrograde in Pisces and is feeding your fantasies with more color and flavor, giving you a greater taste of something that may be yet to come. A New Moon also approaches in Pisces on Sunday, Feb. 23, which may very well open doors of loving opportunity that you did not see coming. But prior to the weekend, action Mars and Uranus are combining in earth signs Capricorn and Taurus, which means you are going to be putting some serious time in on a labor of love, and will have earned a tender time-out come Sunday.

Something you have been chipping away at for quite some time may suddenly give way, generating a new kind of welcomed loving freedom!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

You are a natural giver, Virgo, so much so that others often come to expect you to step in pick up the slack. You may have been feeling taken advantage of in recent weeks, without so much as a thank you or a gesture of appreciation. It is true that the world has been wound tight in ways, but this does not excuse a lack of acknowledgment. Things are already changing in your favor, however, as Mercury retrogrades in Pisces in your house of others, and a New Moon in Pisces approaches as well this Sunday, Feb. 23, highlighting the gifts that you inherently bring to this world. This planet is better because you are in it, especially because you pay attention to the details and the beauty in life’s simple treasures. Your relationships blossom this week and in some cases, news ones arise, connections that reflect the purity of your essence. All your Soul, or any other Soul for that matter, really wants is to be loved for who you are, and this week you receive this validating gift. At the onset of this forecast and into next week, action Mars in fellow earth sign Capricorn is favorably trining Uranus in earth sign Taurus, and it’s bound to bring out the very best in you.

Just wait and see how the world responds!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

You are reminded exactly where to ‘find the love’ this week with your ruler Venus traveling through Aries, your opposite sign, energizing greater support from the ones who know you best. You have been shouldering far more than you fair share in recent travels with so many planets in Capricorn but now that action Mars is there, you are taking charge of your joy and taking responsibility for your steps, this alone is bound to generate an optimal tidal shift in your emotional field. At the very least, you will feel an inner drive to directly deal with any emotional content that has felt like a ball and chain. You will find the key for release as soon as you access the courage to look for the cause. Mercury is also retrograde in Pisces as we approach a New Moon in Pisces as well this coming Sunday, Feb. 23, which is prime for problem solving or initiating new habits for optimal health and healing. Close your eyes and ask yourself, if you could wish for something to be gone from your being, what would it be? Eradicate and eliminate the excess and the unwanted.

A feeling of weightlessness follows!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

Often times it just takes three words to change the mood and the moment. Action Mars is in your house of communication and aligning in exceptional ways with Uranus in your house of relationships, suggesting you have a stunning window of opportunity to change the landscape of a key connection with just the right conversation. If it has been the same ‘ol thing and you need something to change yesterday, this week is primo for turning things around. Mercury is retrograde in fellow water sign Pisces in your house involving matters of the heart. A New Moon in Pisces is also on its way this Sunday, Feb. 23, to swing open heaven’s door along these lines. Sometimes we need a little help from the higher-ups to guide us more deeply and without fear into the arms of love. There is not a thing that cannot be illuminated and then healed under these cosmic skies.

Dream of the best possible way forward and the best it may turn out to be!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

Time is of the essence to cultivate your base and energize an evolving foundation to support the journey of your Soul. The historical stellium of planets in Capricorn are working hard to help you fuel a platform of greater self-reliance, one that will support you well into your future. Whatever projects you are in the throes of launching are ones that will set the stage for some time to come, so be sure that you are directing your energy well and in a way that reflects greater elevation on the climb. Mars has entered Capricorn and is now forming a most profound angle of support to radical Uranus, where an exciting work pursuit has the potential to take off like wild fire. It may be too that the time is simply right for you to make some transformational turns in the work you are doing so you can experience a more creative buzz of freedom. Essentially, your efforts this week can catch wind in such a way that allows your ideas to fly like seeds being blown into distant landscapes to fertilize and flower. Mercury is retrograde in Pisces and a New Moon looms on Sunday, Feb. 23, keeping you emotionally dialed in and spiritually aware of your highest path from here.

Remember Sag, “Creation is only limited by imagination.” (JWG)

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

Everybody you need is on board. Pluto, the planet of the Soul, your ruler Saturn, generous Jupiter, and now action Mars, are all moving through your sign Cappy, this is quite an impressive team of planetary players. Just as Mars entered your sign he finds electric Uranus in fellow earth sign Taurus to unearth an inventive pursuit or to help you make strides to transform your creative life purpose. This is a brilliant brainstorming breeze. If you want something, send it out into the wind and let the speed of technology or your sheer energetic wit take you there. Mercury is retrograde in feeling Pisces in your house of communication, so it keeps you more sensitive in conversation with others and in tune with your imagination, if that is what is required in your work. A New Moon also approaches in Pisces on Sunday, Feb. 23, and this is exceptional energy for clearing up your past by having conversations with others with the intent to clear the air and heal any rifts. Joining forces with others is the way to go this week, and the way to love.

Just when you thought a heart could never change, someone surprises you most!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

Out of all the signs, your ruler Uranus transiting through the sign of Taurus generates the greatest feeling of vulnerability and emotional discomfort. The reason being is that you are typically able to easily detach in order to keep yourself distanced from those things that make you feel insecure. Uranus in Taurus can keep your Soul bathing in emotion without reprieve. Fortunately, this is the only avenue where true evolution takes place, via the emotional river. As a result, this is where swift strides of growth can be experienced. You get more than a break this week however, you get a big piece of your confidence back. Action Mars is in Capricorn and aligning with Uranus in the most compelling way possible, energizing a spirit of initiation and courage as it fans flames of passion and generates a feeling of long overdue freedom. Innovations and breakthroughs are also at their height with Venus in Aries, presenting you with plenty of alternative paths to embark upon, if you so wish. Mercury is moving retrograde in Pisces however, which may have you re-thinking your way forward with respect to your financial big picture, and with a New Moon in Pisces days away on Sunday, Feb. 23, you may have your answer arrive almost as soon as you imagined what might be possible.

A gift is coming!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

These are your kind of vibes this week, Pisces. The world is lifting you up and the water is calling you in. Mercury is currently retrograde in your sign and a New Moon, also in Pisces, awaits on the horizon this on Sunday, Feb. 23, allowing for life to slow down and for you to steal a needed reprieve, whether that is giving yourself additional rest or an escape from the daily grind with a trip to the sea. Action Mars is in Capricorn and aligning brilliantly with radical Uranus which may be gifting you with friendship or adventure of an unusual kind, perhaps both. You have been tending to more things than you feel you have had time for and this week all that you have energized and touched will feel to have a life of its own, for you will finally set a certain workload free. It's in someone else’s hands now. Use this next week to discover new worlds and to grow because of the adventure these kinds of travel invites, even if this journey equals traveling within.

New experiences and new beginnings abound. Prepare to take flight to new starry and transformative heights!

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