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Starcast for the week beginning February 13th, 2019

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

Firecracker 'pop', who knows whats next? Your ruler Mars is conjoined with unpredictable Uranus for the next few days making the unexpected more likely than not. While every Soul will not experience this trend in the same way, everyone will be feeling the collective angst. It can also be a time to give you the sudden shove that you need or a wake-up call that propels you forward in some way. It may be a bit high on stress and taxing on your nervous system but the energy is peaking in the next few days, you will be able to catch your breath before too long. Another symptom of this trend is a lack of tolerance for some things and one little pinch could be your last straw, pushing you over the edge. Anger and reactivity can surface so knowing what to do with it when it does ahead of time will help you navigate these button-pushers. Saturn is in a strong position to Neptune to help keep your wits about you and to allow for higher help to keep the inner seas from turning into a storm.

Direct your will in the direction of your dreams and the electrical charge will give you a wild head start!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

It’s edgy and erratic at best as we kick off this forecast week with Mars and Uranus joined at the hip in in Aries. Yowza, that’s electrifying. Thank the stars your ruler Venus is in grounded Capricorn and making her way to partner with high road Neptune this weekend. You are going to need a cooling down after the way this week gets started. It may be that you are simply running into a crossfire of energy whether it be grumpy customers or people on the road driving with a lead-foot. The way through the first few days is to give yourself plenty of space and time to buffer some of the darting energetic forces that appear to ricochet. Mars, the planet of desire, enters your sign on Valentines day, Feb. 14, which is sure to activate all of your senses but if you are wanting something more soothing and sweet, wait until Sunday to celebrate. You take a dip in more refreshing trends this weekend and stabilizing forces follow you into next week.

Ride out the wild knowing that steadier winds are on their way, just what the Taurus needs!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

You are softening Gemini. Don’t worry, you won’t turn to mush, but you will be feeling some of your edges turn to butter. This may not be true in the first few days of this forecast week as Mars and Uranus are throwing some fire daggers. You may be experiencing more energy coursing through your veins than you know what to do with, along with an air of detachment that may come to surprise more than a few people in your midst. But this totally shifts by the weekend when Venus and Neptune combine forces in more majestic ways and you quickly see the bigger picture of where your current desires are leading you. In addition, your ruler Mercury is in dreamy Pisces and you are going for it, the dream that is. A Full Moon looms in Virgo in your house of home and the emotional body, set to occur on Tuesday, Feb. 19, where a spotlight shines on this realm. Saturn and Venus join on that same day to initiate a new commitment on the heels of some emotional closure. New starts follow a feeling finale. This is about Soul stuff now Gemini.

Make every moment mean something and it will give back to you double!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

Uranus and Mars are lighting up your career house with a rare charge early on this forecast week which may initiate a new theme in this regard or an opportunity you didn’t see coming. Action Mars exits his currently volatile stead entering plodding Taurus on Thursday, Feb. 14, and is in an ideal position to the Full Moon that is forming to help energize a favorable momentum in your communications with others. You will feel your growth in being able to express the depths of how you feel in articulate ways. Mars’ presence will allow you to implement needed changes with your connections that allow them to feel freed up from the drag of the past. Loving Venus and Neptune help you see the light and experience the silver lining in a recent storm. Your beautiful ruler, the Moon, is growing Full and will complete this lunar cycle on Tuesday, Feb. 19, in the sign of Virgo. On the same day, Venus and Saturn merge in committed Capricorn, in your house of relationships to renew your commitment to a loved one and you can feel the work you have done together paying off.

A loving harvest waits!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

There is a weight-bearing load that feels to be increasing by the day with so may planets in serious Capricorn in your house of health and things in need of repair. It may be that you are feeling the weight of responsibility or are carrying a burden of taking care of an aging loved one. Whatever the reason, it is vitally important that you are also taking care of you. Mars and Uranus join in the final degrees of fellow fire sign Aries as we initiate this forecast week which is giving you one last charge of insight that is set to further illuminate your future before Mars shifts gears. Mars enters earth sign Taurus on Thursday, Feb. 14, energizing your world of career and your public self, gifting you with the kind of energy and attention that you are eager to enjoy. What is important now is to experience the heart in what you do and how you bring who you are as a Soul out onto the stage of this world. Loving Venus and Neptune partner up this weekend to lead you into an experience that will help you find deeper meaning along the way . Take a timeless turn and think of how your actions are going to serve you in the long run, not just in the next ten years, but far beyond this lifetime. Become still this weekend, and listen to whispers.

Your Soul has something you need to hear!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

 While life has been feeling unpredictable at best with Mars and Uranus joined in Aries, you can expect some of that energy to drop into a steadier stream as action Mars enters fellow earth sign Taurus on Thursday, Feb. 14, and will be in strong support for the Full Moon that is brewing in your sign and will be complete on Tuesday, Feb. 19. It definitely puts you in the driver’s seat so use the days that lead up to its glow to become crystal clear on what you want and then claim it as if it was already yours. Just prior to the Full Moon, loving Venus in fellow earth sign Capricorn finds her higher octave Neptune in magical ways to help you reach new heights in a key relationship, offering greater security for you. Saturn and Neptune are also arm in arm to gift you with that glorious feeling that you have someone you can truly count on, and in some cases, someone who holds the key to your heart.

Mars is going to help you get more of what you want, and at the very least, he will infuse you with the energy that you need to manifest more of the dream!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

You have been a really good sport Libra. I realize that life is no laughing matter and that you may have been feeling yanked around at times. One minute you are flying high and the next minute the rug has been ripped out from beneath you. Leave it to Uranus in Aries, in your opposite sign, to have people changing their tune almost as fast as they started singing. You could say you have been learning some harsh lessons surrounding ‘expectations’, and feeling to hope for the best is far safer than hanging your whole world on something that may not come to pass. It has forced you to go with life’s flow to a greater degree and to know that there are some things in life that we never can control. Fortunately, action Mars will leave Aries on Thursday, Feb. 14, and enter Taurus to then form very productive angles of support to the coming Full Moon in Virgo on Tuesday, Feb. 19. Your ruler, loving Venus, finds her higher octave Neptune over the weekend to help you reach a healing level of perspective and to find some emotional relief in simple acts of self-care. There may be some unpredictable tides within the home but with Venus partnering with Saturn early next week, you will be feeling more motivated as well as anchored in a new chapter start.

Some solidly good news helps you get there!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

Straight-talking, sharp-shooting, driving that message home. You have always been known to speak in bottom lines but there is an energy in place now where you will not want to waste one more second. Mars and Uranus are merged in Aries, creating a sense of urgency surrounding your path in this life. You will have very little patience for even a sniff of a repeating dynamic that creates a stall. The times support tackling your fears and sharing the weight of your worries with the saints that are seated on your altar. Loving Venus is in time-bound Capricorn and she will be elevated by the energy of heavenly Neptune this weekend, showing you the promise of how things can be involving matters of the heart or anything that holds a place there. Action Mars enters your opposite sign of Taurus on Thursday, Feb. 14, and will be in stellar support of the coming Full Moon in Virgo on Tuesday, Feb. 19, generating a timely breakthrough in a committed relationship of some kind, suggesting the earnest work of digging all the way in is set to pay off.

Loving Venus and dedicated Saturn join the same day and grant you the feeling the power of the new stage that will soon be set!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

Everything in your body is telling you what your Soul wants. Mars in fellow fire sign Aries is plugged into Uranus making your instinct hardwired for sound. You are feeling everything and it is your body that is speaking truths like never before. With that said, your thoughts should simply stay out of the equation this week, they would be best given a time-out. Mars will enter Taurus on Thursday, Feb. 14, which will slow some of the energetic forces down,   but there will be a reverberating effect of this current charge. Your entire nervous system is being fine-tuned now and with loving Venus partnering up with her more evolved counterpart Neptune this weekend, your emotions and your body are due to find their way to a strikingly better balance. Its about feeling your way there and not getting de-railed with self-limiting thoughts. It’s your chance to carve that new groove and make the song stick this time. A Full Moon in Virgo approaches on Tuesday, Feb. 19, and will be strongly supported by Mars in Taurus suggesting every little ounce of your sincere efforts this week, will land you higher on the hill. Venus and Saturn also unite on the Full Moon to deliver earthly evidence of your new center of gravity!

Welcome to your higher octave!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

Life can be heavy-duty, which is nothing new for you Cappy. You born serious and all grown up . But now with Pluto, Saturn, Venus and the South Node of the Moon, all in Capricorn, it has even been feeling even more weighted for you. Perhaps for some of you its just that feeling of running out of time to express your true ‘calling’ and making it real. For others, maybe you have been feeling maudlin as you reflect about the years gone by. All of that is about to change. Action Mars, the planet of desire, is entering fellow earth sign Taurus on Thursday, Feb. 14, which is going to feel like a power shot in the arm. Motivation and drive is going to be your new best friend. Loving Venus is also now in your sign and she is here to remind you of life’s simple pleasures again. A Full Moon in fellow earth sign Virgo occurs on Tuesday, Feb. 19, and will have your vision of what you are chasing on that horizon feeling more within reach as you deal with some of the doubt and the details that have been getting in your way.

Get ready to find ‘the zone’!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

How does sitting on that live wire feel? It is enough to have your ruler Uranus transiting through fire sign Aries to make you feel like you have to catch your breath several times a day. Add Warrior Mars to the mix merging with Uranus at the final degree of Aries and it can create the feeling like you are a rocket ready to launch. It can create anticipatory anxiety at the very least. It can also be epic for some brainstorming sessions, for your mind will not have an off button. Mars enters earth sign Taurus on Thursday, Feb. 14, to slow thing down some, but the energy will travel for days and it may take you some time to slow that surge down. Be sure to allow for some deep belly breathing in order to move the energy and temper some of the heat. Fortunately, loving Venus in steady Capricorn syncs up nicely with heavenly Neptune to help you reach new heights in your life in some way. This could also serve as a tremendous bridge in your meditations. On a practical level, it can allow the financing that you have been waiting for to roll on in. Mars in Taurus aligns powerfully to a Full Moon in Virgo next Tuesday, Feb. 19, allowing you to be less in your head and more in your Soul. Follow a feeling that you know can only lead you forward and leave the rest in the bucket.

You are surely going places!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

Mars and Uranus in Aries are fused at the final degree and bringing a wild fire to life’s playing field to reinforce what is worth living for as well as fighting for. Emotions may flair so be mindful what deserves your energy, your heart, as well as your life force. You may also have novel ideas that emerge surrounding how you wish to earn in your future. These energies are stimulating the radical and the new so stay open to the avantgarde and a change in scenery. A Full Moon in your opposite sign of Virgo illuminates your relationship world and while it shows you some of the flaws, it also reminds you as Leonard Cohen so brilliantly sings, “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” Mars in Taurus is well positioned to support communications with your ones that bring you both to the same page. Everything starts with desire and a strong dialogue can secure a meaningful connection. This week supports closing one chapter and trying something you have never explored before. Feel through what your instinct is unearthing.

It’s about to open a masterful floodgate!

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