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Starcast for the week beginning January 23rd, 2019

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

Life for an Aries born Soul becomes a wild dance between pushing on and the need to stay open and receptive to others as well as to the world. Your ruler Mars just wants to move where he wants and as fast as he can. Currently, you are enjoying the energy of Mars in your sign and it is motivating you on an entirely new level. However, Mars is squaring limiting Saturn in Capricorn, so something is either not allowing you to move at the breakneck speed you prefer or you just do not have have enough minutes on the clock to cover everything on your docket. Fortunately, you have some extra good fortune early this week to help you remove a block or to find a way around it. Loving Venus and generous Jupiter are joined in fellow fire sign Sagittarius and forming a direct angle of support to your ruler Mars. This can help you rise to any challenge and conquer. You will not need to force the flow, it will find its way to you as long as you do not try and control its movement.

Something is about to naturally arrive. Slow down long enough so you can see it coming!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

When push comes to shove, you work your way through in one fell swoop. Mars in Aries is squaring Saturn in Capricorn which is not allowing for much patience in people, including you. It may be too someone is telling you that something you long for is unrealistic and they are attempting to extinguish your fire. There is an undercurrent of agitation in the air but also a plethora of energetic play for you to take full advantage of now. Your ruler Venus is merged with abundant Jupiter, giving you plenty of great reasons to feel good and grateful. Together they are forming a favorable trine to Mars in your house of the ideal which is where the real magic takes place. Start by energizing a vision you want and need to see happen. Your prayers are carrying extra speed as well so do take a ride on the wings of your wishes and know that how you direct your energy will be instrumental in terms of how it all unfolds.

Never, ever, underestimate the power of belief, especially now!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

Relationships prosper under these energetic skies with loving Venus and abundant Jupiter joined in honest Sagittarius in your house of others. Obviously, if things are not working well, then this trend will not magically make everything right again. It may exaggerate what feels broken. Jupiter can show you a clear sign of truth where there is a need to let go of connections that are not benefiting you any longer. By letting go of the old, you create space for something better for you. If your loving connections are thriving, this can allow them to expand and become better than before, and more buoyant in nature. Your ruler Mercury enters fellow air sign Aquarius on Thursday, Jan. 24, to help you think faster and smarter, and in some cases to help you communicate in ways that set you apart from someone else. You have a way of grabbing someone’s attention, either by your approach or in the way you express yourself. Your mind will be working at warp speed this week, along with seamlessly integrating your intuition. Don’t let Saturn cast one shadow of a doubt as he squares Mars early on. Trust me, the more outlandish it is, the more magnificent it will be.

Be unforgettable, in the best possible way!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

You are able to get just about anything to move this week Cancer. With enough pressure over time, something is bound to give-way. Saturn in your opposite sign is squaring Mars, which may have you feeling very out of balance with respect to how much time you are putting in at work and how much time you are allotting for fun. It reminds me of someone working away at the office while just outside the window, others are dancing in the park. It’s all about striking a needed balance this week and knowing how to replenish your inner feeling resources. With Venus and Jupiter joined and also aligning strategically with Mars, it may be too that you are loving your work and just do not know when to stop. You will have an ample supply of energy as a result of your desire to tackle it all, just pace yourself in the process and take some occasional breaks for those simple things that give back to you time and time again. Your world of work appears to be winning at the moment, and it may be that some of your relationships are more work than they are worth.

Continue to find personal meaning in all that you do and it will positively spill into everything you touch!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

Investing added extra effort and time into something you genuinely care about pays dividends this week with Saturn in Capricorn in your house of improvements squaring Mars and testing the degree of desire that you have for something. It’s similar to someone deciding they want to be an actor or a doctor. How much time is that Soul willing to dedicate to something to perfect the craft? Fortunately, Mars in fellow fire sign Aries is also in wonderful support of loving Venus and generous Jupiter in your other fellow fire sign Sagittarius, allowing you to get in close touch with your creative capacities and your natural potential. If you carve out enough time for it, this week can help you expand your reach in areas that become the torch keeping your passionate heart healthy and on fire. Relationships can also flourish if you focus on all that brings you joy within them versus everything else that is creating a rub. Immense potential to take an impressive leap. Don’t let so much as a smidgen of fear or doubt hold you back.

Your connections with others, possibly internationally speaking, are paramount in putting you on the world’s canvas!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

Enough frolicking and fun Virgo, it is time to get back to work. Your ruler Mercury will enter Aquarius on Thursday, Jan. 24, which will increase your ability to keep up with the pace of life and all that has landed on your plate. Saturn in fellow earth sign Capricorn is squaring Mars which may have you wondering how much of the current ‘rat race’ is contributing to the journey of your Soul. It will be important to ponder this week and it may very well cause you to pause a time or to, so you can re-direct your energy and focus. Loving Venus joins Jupiter early on in Sagittarius in your house of home and the emotional body, so you will be finding joy and nourishment in those sacred spaces. Together they also form a compelling angle to Mars, allowing you to tune into what your Soul wants in your life, trusting it will lead you forward on the journey. Courage is born when you allow yourself to travel within without limits and explore landscapes that you would like to experience.

Discover the power of the deep that is waiting to be accessed and unearthed!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

Enough lunar lunacy already, you are ready for some levity and relief. We are on the other side of a pair of eclipses which had a way of intensifying the feeling of being human. It can bring you to your feeling limits. Action Mars is squaring taskmaster Saturn early on but your ruler Venus has the amazing grace of Jupiter as her guide to open doors for you. Together these two benevolent energies also align with ideal precision to Mars in your opposite sign, suggesting your relationships are bound to blossom and rebound. You are reminded this week that people buy things from people they know and like. Your connections with others will remind you, again, that the LOVE is worth living for. Mercury, the planet of communication, enters fellow air sign Aquarius on Thursday, Jan. 24, to help you express yourself in innovative ways and allow for some ingenious insights to color your creative ambitions. Saturn may be reminding you that when the day is done, you are all you have, but you will also be shown that you are not alone, nor will you ever be.

Prepare for some love to rush in from all sides!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

When you are ready, you are ready. When you want something, you go after it full on and full throttle, so waiting on others can chap your hide. Saturn in Capricorn is squaring Mars in Aries which is energizing a need for patience as some details are needing to be worked through. There is a lack of tolerance that you possess and you may be quick to judge others for their limitations. You do have tremendous support in areas that hold meaning and value to you as well as within your work pursuits with Jupiter and Venus joined in your house of earning and aligning with purpose and intent to Mars in your house of daily efforts. This suggests you have a greater capacity to pull in more resources linked with your energy and efforts but you may also be butting heads with someone along the way. This week will require extra discipline early on and the need to be patient at times when it comes to others. However, there will be people that support you in ways that bring out the very best in you.

Prepare for a little dose of you to go a massively long way, thanks to them!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

The joys of life are far better felt when they are shared with another. It can double the feeling and enhance the experience when the energy of a good thing is combined with the heart and Soul of someone on your very same journey. It’s similar to playing an individual sport versus a team sport. When you win alone, it’s a great feeling. But when you win together, the feeling is far superb. One plus one equals one as opposed to one plus the team equals a communal feeling of united ecstasy. Imagine a team of people working together on a space project for several years. When together they make history and this experience is shared, it’s like being plugged into a electric circuit, one they can all feed off of for the rest of their life. The energy quickly dissipates when you fly solo. Your ruler Jupiter joins Venus in your sign and together they connect with speed and ease to action Mars in fellow fire sign Aries, energizing a heart connection with others that knows no bounds. If you have a choice to go at it alone or join forces with others, choose the latter and you will be airborne in no time.

Don’t let so much as a doubting thought dim your light, you have all the support in the ethers to make the very most of this epic journey!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

Even you get a bit irritated by all the rules and red tape early on this week Cappy with your ruler Saturn squaring Mars in Aries, creating some emotional turbulence and a feeling of vulnerability. It may be that a boss is coming down on you or that you are feeling judged by another in some way. It may also be a personal judgment that you are internalizing due to what you are picking up from your surroundings. It can be a time where you experience an existential feeling of aloneness but this is only temporary. You are in charge of this changing. Loving Venus and expansive Jupiter are joined in free-spirited Sagittarius in your house of the unseen world. Together they are aligning in stellar fashion to Mars, the planet ruling your magnetism. Your entire feeling of connection will occur on the inner planes this week. Invert your energy and seek to first nurture your own Soul center which will open doors into a world where unconditional love is palpably present. Everything in your outer experience changes due to a shift in focus. Outside-in becomes inside-out.

Emotional freedom awaits!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

Your good fortune surfaces through a friend or the experience of the phenomena of one degree of separation. Venus and Jupiter, our two most benevolent planets, are now joined in Sagittarius and allowing you to attract people that are not only good for you but those who can also help you along life's heated highway. This may also be a time when you are choosing to explore alternative areas of study to expand your consciousness in some way . With Venus and Jupiter’s trine to Mars, this becomes the experience of the book that you just can’t put down. The very last thing you are going to feel this week is uninspired. To help matters even more, Mercury, the planet of information and communication, enters your sign on Thursday, Jan, 24, which will have your mind working faster than ever before. You will be able to synthesize material quickly and masterfully while also putting your own spin on it. Your only struggle this week may be responsibilities that are getting in the way of all that you wish to explore; in love, in the spirit of adventure, and in life.

A new wind of innovation is blowing, all for your Soul to receive!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

There is not one corner of you that will be allowed to get lost in la-la land this week as your Soul is ramping up for some serious career building. Profiting Venus and prosperous Jupiter are joined at the hip in Sagittarius in your career and public-self sector and they are forming a strong angle of support to action Mars in your house of earning. You will be strongly focused on not only the work you are doing in the moment, but how your efforts will contribute to your future. You are also making timely connections with others who may carry a high degree of influence to help you advance in your future and who could be the key to your success long term. It IS all about who you know. Make efforts of outreach this week, and be sure to follow through at every turn. The unknown and the uncertainty may cause you to question what is possible, but do not let it stop you from showing someone what you are worth.

Keep knocking, cuz this time, someone will surely answer!

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