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Starcast for the week beginning August 22nd, 2018

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

Your ruler Mars is getting ready to finally turn on his heels and kick things into a more desirable gear. Mars has been retrograde since the end of June when he inverted his energy in the sign of Aquarius. Mars will station direct on Monday, Aug.27. This has induced a state of reflective rumination and while you have felt plenty of inner fire, it energized more idling versus worldly action. All of your past choices and choices you are considering for your future have been undergoing conscious contemplation. This transit was asking you to pick up the pieces from the past, to re-visit any unfinished business and to consider unearthing old interests that you wish to re-energize. No doubt this trend would have dipped into the truth of what your Soul still wants and what you know you need in order to evolve. Mars retrograded back into earth sign Capricorn Aug.12, and will move direct in this sign before re-entering Aquarius Sept.10. Use this time to step more deeply into your Soul shoes and to secure this changing stride with confidence and candor.

You are destined to rise, to be respected and to be taken seriously, Soulfully so!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

The past few months have had their fair share of deep dives and unexpected turns. I am sure there were (plenty of) good times in the mix too. It has been a long time since I have seen and experienced so much energy that forces that evolutionary curve in one fell swoop. This week there is ample opportunity to stay in that feeling zone and evolve with the tides and the times. Your ruler Venus is in Libra and is progressively squaring Pluto. You have some significant relationships that are moving through their own chutes as a result of this function of time. Kids are growing up and out, parents are aging and relationships in places may be running their course. Whatever the case may be, this is when the Soul is most put to the test. Fortunately, Mars is now in fellow earth sign Capricorn, and will station direct on Monday, Aug. 27. He is working to grant you courage and confidence through this trying time while also keeping you responsible in bringing your emotional ‘all’ to the forefront. You may feel somewhat vulnerable this week but there is power in those tender places, as it will allow you to reach others more deeply and completely. On Sunday, Aug. 26, a Full Moon in Pisces grants you some space to dream about your future, along with the vision to make it real.

Liberating Uranus is in position to help you jettison what has become so crystallized in your life and will serve to help you break some significant personal ground!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

Slowly but surely, your ruler Mercury is picking up speed as he makes his way through passionate Leo in your house of communication. You may be having so many ideas about your future, that you are just not sure how and where to best direct your efforts. Action Mars will finally turn direct again to help matters on Monday, Aug 27, in the sign of Capricorn, to keep your Soul on track with less frazzle and more focus. It will create a serious energy about the choices you are making from here on out, choices that do not involve marking time, but choices that encourage progressive personal expansion and self realization. The day before Mars moves direct, a Full Moon in Pisces highlights your role in the public and how you bring your Soul out onto life’s stage. This round ball of light will shine its high beams onto your future, letting you know what emotionally motivates you to no end.

There is a heavenly lift to this lunar gift so stay receptive and open to receive its highest possible blessing!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

You are bound to find a way to feel good this weekend Cancer, as a Full Moon in fellow water sign Pisces on Sunday, Aug, 26, is helping you access a feeling of emotional levitation. You may even feel as if you can defy gravity on occasion. As Saturn in Capricorn continues to oppose your Sun, you will be in intimate touch with any fear or resistance that is lingering in your inner halls. You may also find that you are feeling challenged by key connections as Saturn tests whether or not they still hold water, but this week an energy allows you to change your orientation toward anything that has obstructed your path, and before you know it, an alternate route is revealed. Action Mars is also stationing direct on Monday, Aug. 27, in the latter degrees of Capricorn, helping you re-define how you relate to everything, starting with yourself. When you re-define how you relate to yourself, which starts with watering your root and strengthening your center, then you will automatically re-define how the world relates to you in return. This is the nature of cause and effect. Once the old is lifted, the new can resume.

Commit to energizing and establishing a sweet feeling of inner balance and your new way forward will miraculously begin!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

While we all know you prefer to live in the land of love, there is an approaching Full Moon in Pisces, as well as action Mars shifting direct in Capricorn, that is bringing a high degree of focus on your life’s work and the area where you spend a majority of your time. On Sunday, Aug. 26, a Full Moon in Pisces, in your house of the Soul has been gifted a pair of wings. Each wing serves to expand your reach and deepen your impact as they take flight in earth energy, which brings a focus on earning, efforts and recognition with respect to your creative life purpose. This Full Moon in Pisces energizes your Soul’s personal ideal, and it can tap on the shoulder of those with deep pockets to support your cause or your bottom line. Mars’ shift back into direct motion will increase your energy as well as your output and will help you initiate a productive and constructive routine. Venus in Libra will be squaring Pluto this week, so you may need to be mindful about who you trust as well as taking in what you hear with a high degree of scrutiny.

Leaning on others without seeing them clearly may leave you high and dry, so reach for yourself and you will prosper plentifully and flourish famously!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

Now that your ruler Mercury is moving direct, that leaves us with one down and five retrograde planets to go. The next energy change you will feel the most is when action Mars stations direct on Monday, Aug. 27, in fellow earth sign Capricorn. Your drive will return, along with a commitment surrounding a clear direction forward. The next planet to make an about-face will be Saturn in Capricorn the first week of September, your birthday month, so you have two strong energies on the horizon that are forming in your favor, not to mention Saturn in an epic angle of liberating support to Uranus for the next several weeks. Your energy commands attention and respect. Whatever it is you are after will be well earned, for you are highly deserving. A Full Moon in Pisces on Sunday, Aug.26, can really take a cherished connection to new heights as this Full Moon has a galaxy of support from Saturn and Uranus, granting you with a feeling of security within a vulnerable window of raw and real growth. You will need to soften in order to rise to euphoric heights.

If you want it, you can have it. So hesitate not, and go get it!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

Your beautiful ruler Venus is in your sign, and while she loves to shower you with all that you love, she is being pushed by Pluto to help you reach into your deepest corners so you can evolve. Action Mars is also stationing direct in the late degrees of Capricorn which is forcing you to get real in some family relationships. It may feel to be an end to an era in ways and this can emotionally tug where you want it to the least, evoking a visceral vulnerability, yet unveiling an inner channel where everything can finally move through. Your Soul needs this push Libra, and you will be stronger on the other side. On Sunday, Aug. 26, a Full Moon in Pisces is supported by Saturn and Uranus to downright guarantee a healing where you have been overly hard on yourself or carrying some debilitating doubt. You will find this week that a strong push straight into the center of those areas that hurt the most will have your Spirit emerging and traveling at a freeing new altitude.

Dig all the way in and you will be floored when you suddenly feel yourself begin to soar!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

Relationships across the board are up for review as your ruler Pluto will be receiving a square from Venus. Themes of trust may surface and memories of old betrayals and loss may erupt as well. However, the hard emotions will be short-lived with a Full Moon in fellow water sign Pisces on Sunday, Aug.26. Saturn and Uranus will serve as Spiritual escorts as they are gracefully aligned to this emotional tide, offering you a better way forward and presenting you with an option to free yourself from the weight of the past for good. This Full Moon promotes forgiveness and healing, it offers emotional closure and culmination. The following day, Mars stations direct in Capricorn giving you the gumption to speak up where you have harbored a hold on your pain and to express it intently and directly. Honest Jupiter is in your sign as well and still receiving some full on grace from Neptune in fellow water sign Pisces to help keep your heart open and a trust in a powerful union high. Total immersion and absolute fusion is your Soul’s natural way to merge. Anything shy or short of that will never be enough.

Heal first and it can happen!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

This week is loaded. It is heavy and serious in places, yet laced with grace. Your ruler Jupiter is in Scorpio and combining with invisible ease to Neptune in Pisces, which in and of itself is enough to keep you feeling loved and safe, even if that feeling is streaming in from some other realm. A Full Moon in Pisces approaches on Sunday, Aug.26, keeping your heart securely fastened and corded to something more eternal, which allows you to find stability in your walk and loved exactly for who you are. Action Mars stations direct in Capricorn on Monday, Aug. 27, carrying an energy of inner commitment to your travels here so you can make the most of every minute and every moment. Your evolution is resting on your shoulders. Your success depends on you, yes you Sag.

Tune into the truth of what makes your offering unique and the universe will help access a place that offers a majestic view!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

No matter what is happening in your world, you are automatically plugged into an electric charge that can radically change the outworn and the unwanted, as your ruler Saturn is in your sign and forming a phenomenally rare angle of support to life-changer Uranus in fellow earth sign Taurus. What layers of holding are you ready to remove? Access them and strip it down. You don’t get into the river with your clothes on do you? So why allow yourself to lug around content that creates such an energetic drag? A Full Moon in Pisces will bisect Saturn and Uranus on Sunday, Aug. 26, suggesting you very well may be flooded with some angelic support. It reminds me of a baby being submerged into holy water while sitting safely in the palms of a saint. There is a sacred stream of energy at hand and you can dip into this heavenly well but only if you leave your old clothes at the door. A purification of sorts can happen on Sunday, and the day after, action Mars stations direct in your sign and gives you the go-ahead.

Clear the decks and unwrap yourself so your boat can motor on the cosmic seas with minimal weight!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

Often times, the Aquarian born can think so far outside the box that it can be a challenge to get everyone on board with your ideas and your thinking. We count on you for that but this can create a feeling of being a group of one or an inner experience that no one ‘gets you’. However, times are changing. You realize that you need to hem things in some form in order for your innovations to be utilized and well received. Now the very last thing I am suggesting is that you need to conform, it is more about giving people what you’ve got in bite-size pieces. Your ruler Uranus is in Taurus and is forming a secure angle of success to Saturn in Capricorn. The earth signs are more practical and they ground you in a reality that can have you profiting in greater degrees. In essence, they help put food on the table, clothes on your back and a roof over your head. This coming Sunday, Aug, 26, a Full Moon in Pisces is flanked by Saturn and your ruler Uranus, which will have a way of fueling your dream and opening your vision of where something can go. This leaves practical in the dust.

Prepare to be backed by someone who has the means to help you make something big happen!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

There is a Full Moon in Pisces forming on Sunday, Aug. 26, and it carries an extra special quality just for you. Often times when people hear about the Moon becoming full, they want to run for the hills as sensitivities can run so high. This is the kind of energy you feed off of. This Full Moon in Pisces will form a KITE pattern in the sky with the Moon at the tip of the kite, the Sun at the tail, and Saturn and Uranus at each wing. This symbolizes rising above the gravity of this earth and elevating yourself in the world with your own unique vision and vibe. You may feel to have grown a pair of celestial wings and granted an extra charge of cosmic support. At the very least, it is about rising above the pain and finally healing what has been weighing you down for far too long. Mars in Capricorn will also be stationing direct the following day which will help you channel this emotional charge of energy into a productive pursuit.

You are a rare and magical bird Pisces. Prepare for your life to take flight!

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