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Starcast for the week beginning August 29th, 2018

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

It is prime time to direct your will with a serious intention. Your ruler Mars is officially moving direct in the sign of determined Capricorn, however, it may take some time for your Soul engine to catch up to a desirable speed. It’s a bit like going back to school as a kid after a nice, long summer break. It can take a while to get used to the new subjects and teachers. It can feel like a slow climb until you reach that place where life starts clicking into place again. Mars in Capricorn is considered to be exalted, which means you can get a great deal accomplished and feel quite efficient under these cosmic skes. You will be channeling your energy well versus feeling like you are all over the place in yiour pursuits. Take each day as it comes and bring your best to each breath and there will be visible progress in the coming days, with each day feeling potentially more productive than the one before.

Hone in with heart on your goal and you will hit your mark!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

You have been working hard for it Taurus; long hours, countless tasks and daunting deadlines. Your ruler Venus is in Libra, in your house of everything that feels to be piling up on that plate of yours. Mars is also moving direct in the late degrees of fellow earth sign Capricorn, which you will find helpful in giving you the energy required to get it all done. It may feel like an up hill climb in the next few weeks but something is driving you and you will be granted spaces in between when you can stop to take a breath as well as a victory lap. Innovative Uranus in your sign is still forming an unparalleled angle of support to Saturn for the next several weeks, and it is an energy you will never see again in this lifetime, so dedicate as much of your Soul as you see fit in order to maximize your energetic profits.

It is time to transform what is waiting for your magic touch!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

You may be feeling more than ever a desire and an urge to dive deeper into your journey, with Saturn in your house of the Soul so wildly in favor to radical Uranus. This is about stripping away old layers that you have collected and freeing any unresolved fear to be exactly who you were designed to be. Your personal journey may be carrying more gravity as you get in touch with the nature of time in a new way, not wanting to squander it or take anything for granted. Your ruler Mercury is in Leo in your house of communication which may be fueling passions to align more with your creative life purpose. If nothing else, you will be expressing yourself with more fire and light and a charge that carries a magnetic current. Action Mars is direct in Capricorn as well in your house of the Soul, which will prove to be an added motivator to go after life with both barrels of your being. Your biggest challenge is in your need for diversity, which can create conflicting desires.

This week allows you to take steps to bring everything you love back to the very same page!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

It is a fine time to turn the love around. Mars, the planet of desire just stationed direct in your opposite sign of Capricorn in your house of relationships, bringing a tight focus on your connections across the board. The question becomes, which ones deserve my time and attention? Of those that I do wish to keep in my life, which ones are out of balance? This trend works to help you establish more give and take and a better feeling of harmony because you are demanding it. New rules, new game. It starts with knowing what you need and not being afraid to ask for it. No more doing things out of obligation or guilt Cancer , the best working relationships flourish when you give from a place of love. A little effort can go further than you could possible measure with Saturn and Uranus forming a life changing trine for the next several weeks. A little tough love may be in order at certain turns, but you quickly find that respecting yourself earns instant respect from others.

Go within and you will never be without!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

With a hammer and a chisel, you are shaping your world. Something is requiring much from you but you keep putting in your time just knowing that something will soon give way. Saturn is in Capricorn in your house of improvements and is forming an electric angle of support to Uranus in your house of career. It reminds me of a musician who spends countless hours practicing her craft, humbled by what it takes to ‘make it’. One day someone hears her song and in a blink she gets her big break. Nothing is out of bounds. In fact, the unexpected breakthrough may become a common phenomena in the next six weeks. Put in your time and assume nothing. Your humility and your hard work is what will open a magical door. Mars is also moving direct in Capricorn now which will increase your dedication and desire to leave everything you have on that stage.

Head down, heart open and spirits high. You are headed somewhere grand!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

Love and all of its possibilities is what makes life worth the journey. We can’t take the material stuff with us, but everything we do in the name of love carries on. Your ruler Mercury is in your sign in your house of dreams and the ideal, energizing a higher vision for what you aspire to experience. Heck Virgo, why not? You are known for hemming things in and being more practical in places, but you are stretching your canvas to be able to hold all of the love and color that you wish to express and experience. Action Mars is finally moving direct in fellow earth sign Capricorn, which is also making you masterful with matters of the heart. You are putting more of your Soul and less of your head into everything you do these days and you are finding less time is spent worrying. With Saturn also in fellow earth sign Capricorn and forming a life altering angle of strength to Uranus in fellow earth sign Taurus, you are in position to totally reject an old debilitating theme.

Prepare to continue feeling better in your own skin. Shed what you don’t want and allow your transformation to shine!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

Life may continue to feel tender in places and your inner world may be howling with the sound of a vulnerable wind, but you are in the process of eliminating those connections and things that do not bring out the best in you.Your ruler Venus is in your sign but has been challenged by Pluto and is approaching a stress point with Mars the weekend of Sept.7. You may be feeling tested but love will find a way. Mercury is in loving Leo and will sync up with great ease to your ruler Venus on Sunday, Sept. 2, granting you the most promising of perspectives and just the right kind of understanding from just the right person. A welcomed objectivity reaches your lens and it has you seeing something with a different heart as well as a different pair of eyes. Your energy, courage and confidence will return with a vengeance but not until Mars re-enters fellow air sign Aquarius on Monday, Sept. 10, so use this time to mend some of those emotional wrinkles and bide your time until it’s time. Your success in the coming weeks will be a direct result of how you nurture what you need today.

The outer breakthrough can only come when your inner work is well on its way!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

Expansive Jupiter is in your sign until early November, so might as well make the very most of his benevolent presence. Jupiter governs many things but is most notable for his ability to promote optimism and help you embody an energy that allows you to attract what you seek. It is the planet of wisdom and intuition and your Soul can grow by leaps and bounds under his influence. Jupiter wants to help better align you with your natural calling so you can express your powerful and unique individuality in the world. You may attract teachers under this influence as well who can help guide you there. Mars is finally moving direct in the late degrees of Capricorn in your house of communication and negotiation and is helping to bridge the gap between your intuition and your analytic mind. This will also help you get a strong point across or help you sell yourself more convincingly. Saturn in Capricorn is aligning like a laser to Uranus in your house of others, suggesting communication is the key to your relationship success. Talk about the tough stuff and you can free it from your shoulders.

Strive to be weightless!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

If you are not wrapped up in your dreams and visions of what you wish to see in your future, then you may be missing out on some material magic. Your ruler Jupiter is in your house of the invisible world and is mainlined to Neptune in Pisces. It is a matter of tapping into what feels best to support what your Soul naturally needs. It is about raising the roof on what you feel is possible and then reaching further yet. Miracles are made out of these energetic times. Action Mars is also now direct in Capricorn in your house of the material world, and he is energizing a focus and a drive to help you accomplish just about whatever you set out to do. Loving Venus and Mercury will also be in beautiful sync this coming Sunday, Sept. 2, to further assist you in expanding those horizons and connecting with others who you know will be first in line to jump on your band wagon. It’s about sharing your love as well as your ideas, and feeling validated for who you are.

That alone is worth a mint!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

You have claimed your lane. You own it, and now it’s time for some additional speed. Your ruler Saturn is in your sign and in rare and clever alignment to change-maker Uranus for the next several weeks. These two cosmic beasts will never again to be in this stunning position as long as you live, so make it good and finish strong. This trend will also help you set a new chapter in motion that is free of an unwanted past. Action Mars in your sign has just stationed direct and is making his way forward, giving you more courage to face your fears and tackle what terrifies you head-on. In fact, with Uranus in such staunch support of your ruler Saturn, you have a greater ability to remain objective than you ever have, which will allow you to see something with less emotion muddying the waters. Mercury and Venus harmonize Soulfully this Sunday, Sept. 2, to help you go deeper with less resistance and with a greater feeling of loving support. Let go and fall all the way in.

Welcome to Nirvana!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

You can only hold out for so long before the walls start to cave in and you are forced to dog paddle in vulnerable seas. Your ruler Uranus is retrograde in your house of home and the emotional body and his goal is to re-wire your emotional network so you can integrate all that you feel fully versus immediately detaching when you start to emotionally wobble. Fortunately for you Aquarius, Saturn is forming a stabilizing angle of support to Uranus to help keep your head above water so you don’t drown. I am certain the past month or more has ignited a river of emotion that while the path feels somewhat uncertain, you know you must follow its lead. Action Mars is finally direct in Capricorn and he is helping to keep things real and to keep your focus on what counts, not just for now but eternally ever-after. Mercury and Venus are sweetly aligned this Sunday, Sept. 2, to invite in some good company and a heart full of levity and fun.

A little reward for your brave effort!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

Wherever you need the arms of protection or a slice of abundance, Jupiter is standing by. Your ruler Neptune is still in striking distance of receiving the benefit of Jupiter’s generous hand. This energy will filter in and out of your life and it tends to be the most apparent for those who give up something, or create some space, to make room for the prosperity. Uranus and Saturn are also partnering well to help you secure a change that you sorely need, whether you are leaving the mainstream world and reaching for a more alternative profession or in need of the courage to have a conversation that you know may very well set you free. This is about releasing any holding that has simply become too much for you to shoulder alone. Loving Venus and Mercury are also working in tandem to help you remove a block so your Soul can get back into a better feeling flow.

Take one giant step straight into your fear and the Gods will carry you the rest of the way!

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