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Starcast for the week beginning October 10th, 2018

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

It is bound to be a rocky week in spots with your ruler Mars in Aquarius squaring Venus retrograde in Scorpio. This can create a sting or a sudden separation in Soul connections with others as people are making their own choices that may not reflect where you are headed. In some cases, it may be you who is making the choice to move on, but one thing is for certain, things cannot stay as they are. Mercury, the planet of communication, is also now in Scorpio so there will not be any mincing of words, it is about dealing with everything in black and white. Things are either coming to an end, or they are evolving into something else with the intention of evolving into something better, even if at first it doesn't feel that way. It may be too that you are uncertain in the midst of things of what steps may be best but by Monday, Oct. 15, when Mercury joins Venus, you will find a way to communicate exactly what you need.

It may feel as if this is not a win-win situation, but with more information, as you will soon glean, the next steps speak otherwise!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

The energetic tides can change by the hour or even by the minute, so you can imagine how much something can morph in one week. The planets are never all in stress or all in harmony, there is always some kind of combination of both. We do need those high pressure trends in places to push the Soul to evolve. Your ruler Venus is retrograde in Scorpio in your house of relationships and is squaring Mars as we pull into the weekend. You are due to be feeling high on irritability and low on tolerance. This can also represent a feeling of detachment or a lack of interest in something where you used to be all-in. Mercury is also now in Scorpio and opposing unpredictable Uranus in your sign while squaring the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, suggesting there could be a sudden change in the nature of a significant relationship in the coming days. At the very least, you may not be seeing eye to eye with someone and you are finding yourself feeling torn about which way to turn. Time does have a way of shifting energy so just be mindful of hearing someone out, while staying aware of your own needs as well. Venus retrogrades back to receive ample support from secure Saturn so what feels like the end of something today, may repair itself and rekindle in two weeks time.

A bit of time and space from something for now could be a very good thing!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

Nobody knows how to rebound better than you Gemini. This is because it does not take much to catch your attention or to stimulate new interests in you. You just can’t stay down for long. Life may feel to be intensifying currently with your ruler Mercury in penetrating Scorpio and opposing Uranus as we initiate this forecast week. This can bring problems with others that you did not see coming. This may be occurring more so in the work place as it is manifesting in the form of manipulation and power trips. It may be too that you are not experiencing the kind of traction you prefer on this Earth climb as too many others things are getting in the way of your ultimate goal. Sometimes you have to deal with the un-fun before you can get to the prize. It reminds me of having to eat those peas as a kid before dessert was ever close to being on the table. You are in the process of working through some karmic cross-hairs and the more you pay attention to every detail the swifter your chances will be to experience desirable freedom.

This week much may come to a head but it will allow you to move up, out, and ultimately on!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

There are times when the best option when undergoing energetic extremes is to duck and cover. For a Cancer born Soul, this would be equivalent to pulling the covers over your head and waiting until it's safe to re-enter the world. Mars in Aquarius is squaring Venus retrograde in fellow water sign Scorpio which can make life highly unpredictable and people overly reactive. Mercury is also in Scorpio and opposing radical Uranus, a classic signature for accidents to occur as a result of too much going on in every direction. These are trends not just for you, but for the entire planet, so the best way to move through this week is to stay in your center and bide your time. While Mercury is in a volatile position to Uranus early this week, he is anchored to Saturn, which means engaging in dialogue that you didn’t anticipate could work to improve a connection that felt like it was on the fritz. Stay as objective as you can this week Cancer and you will see optimal openings that are generated from a patient and responsive approach.

Anything forced will lose its value and hold, so idle and observe until you know it’s a go!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

Emotions are due to be on edge this week. The ongoing unexpected becomes the new norm yet with Mercury receiving the support of Saturn early on, there is nothing that cannot pan out or be worked on and through. Something may suddenly demand your immediate attention and the next thing you know you are boarding a plane. At least one relationship will be taking an emotional toll on you and it may have your nerves feeling frayed. With Venus retrograde in Scorpio and squaring Mars, this will require you to start at the center of your own Soul and work your way out from there. There will always be people in the world who will let you down at one time or another so it is vital to become your own best friend and your own central source of support. The more you make nurturing what you need your front line priority, the more strength you will have to handle whatever the world appears to be throwing at you. Create daily time and space for what feeds and fuels you and life will strike a far better balance in the next two weeks. Life is about choices now that lead you forward, not hold you back. Try making a radical new choice when you feel old emotional tendencies emerging.

One new choice could set your heart free!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

Your focus is clear and so is your heart. More than one thing is keeping your Soul passionately committed to a well directed path but others may be working hard to throw your Soul off track with your ruler Mercury in Scorpio opposing Uranus. It comes down to not attaching so much to what other people think and keeping your focal point clear of unwanted static. Your ruler Mercury is in Scorpio and is also forming a stabilizing angle to Saturn in fellow earth sign Scorpio to keep you rooted in what means the most. Mercury in this position also supports taking a love deeper but with Venus retrograde in Scorpio and squaring Mars, there may be fears or doubts surfacing that get in the way. This week your mind, and where those thoughts travel, get tested. This is ideal training ground for re-wiring the old mental reel for good. If you can get over this week’s funky hump, an ideal outcome follows in my next forecast.

Trust yourself, you have more power to direct how things go than you know!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

All you ask for is a bit of peace. Your ruler Venus is retrograde in Scorpio which on its own has a way of digging down into the depths of a feeling, keeping you emotionally stretched at best. Mars in fellow air sign Aquarius is squaring Venus which is really forcing you to confront many things you would rather avoid. Your livelihood may be feeling taxed or far more funds could be going out than are coming in and you may be wondering how long you can keep going on like this. A strong piece of emotional support shows up early on this week to keep you grounded in chaos and much of what feels to be taking so much of your energy due to stress may resolve itself by next week when Mercury harmonizes with Neptune. Pace yourself Libra, and take each day as it comes for what this time is about now is to reflect upon what’s needed next, and ultimately, what will support your evolution moving forward.

The deeper you go, the darker it may appear, but the brighter it will get!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

With Venus moving retrograde in your sign until the middle of November, you will be re-thinking your way forward on just about every level: in love, in work, and in life. Venus governs everything that holds meaning and value to you. It rules your relationships as well, including your inner relationship to yourself. The things that held meaning two or ten years ago, very well may not carry much weight today. So given that so much has been changing in recent months, you are feeling through what you need long term to support your highest and your best self. Mars in Aquarius is squaring Venus retrograde in Scorpio this week, which may start some emotional fires at home, throwing you off balance in places. Mercury, the planet of communication, is in your sign as well and will oppose Uranus but follows with a supportive link to Saturn, suggesting a partner may create a sudden stressful stir but if you take the time to talk it through, there can be significant growth and progress on the other side.

You are calling in whatever is rushing in, so rise to a higher understanding, so you can leave it in the rear view mirror and return your sights to the hope on the horizon!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

Old and unresolved emotional content from your past that is in need of further healing may come back and demand an additional look. This may involve distress among siblings or it may be an experience where you feel to have a different level of emotional investment than another. You will be re-visiting old conversations that feel unfinished with Mars in Aquarius squaring Venus retrograde in Scorpio. Mercury is also now in Scorpio and while some sort of conflict may arise with his initial opposition to Uranus, Saturn steps in to help you resolve it almost as soon as it becomes inflamed. While unsettling energy may surface in spots due to a triggering of your past, by my next forecast, you are bound to experience a peaceful closure due to Mercury’s progressive trine to Neptune, as long as you allow yourself to move all the way through this experience versus avoiding it all together.

Strong relationship gains result when you dive right in!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

Life may be feeling like a stormy ride one day after the next, as Mars in Aquarius is squaring Venus retrograde in Scorpio. It can be a challenge to keep your head in the game when the goal posts keep moving but worry not as this trend won’t stay this way forever. You may also feel as if you cannot keep your body and your health in a state of balance with so much energy reaching peaking extremes. People may be over promising and not beginning to be able to deliver and we all know you wrote the book on ‘under promise and over deliver’, along with ‘if you want something done right, then do it yourself.” Well you cannot do it all Cappy and you cannot fix it all either so this week you pick and choose where and how to direct your energy in order to get the best possible results. Your ruler Saturn syncs up strongly to Mercury in Scorpio right after Mercury opposes Uranus, which will directly speak to where to put your focus. So much may morph in the next month or more so the less you attach to immediate outcomes, the less will disappoint.

Steady as you go and you will blow through this wildly unpredictable window!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

Life may feel to be changing by the breath with Mars in your sign squaring Venus retrograde in Scorpio. Your ruler Uranus is also opposing Mercury while squaring the Nodes suggesting you may be experiencing an extremity of emotion. Fortunately, secure Saturn is forming a stabilizing angle to Mercury, offering you needed support and backing from someone who holds the key to your future. Emotions will be mixed. It may feel impossible to celebrate something if you know someone else is suffering as a result of your victory. It comes down to whatever you feel you need to be worth going to the mat for.

Life won’t feel pretty in places and it can sting at the same time something else is making you smile. So measure what it is all worth, and then know that in time, the right thing will play out and a state of relative balance will resume!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

The week is classic for minds and hearts being changed along with the direction of your life. Loving Venus is retrograde and in fellow water sign Scorpio while squaring Mars in Aquarius. This is like attempting to sail on an unrelenting sea. Mercury is also in fellow water sign Scorpio and is opposing Uranus and squaring the Nodes, the symbols that connect to your past and your future, reflecting ever more unpredictability. However, steady Saturn is combining with strength to Mercury just following the surge, to anchor you in whatever changes are imminent and necessary. Mercury will move on to form a highly favorable angle to your ruler Neptune by my next forecast, which will allow you to feel somewhat on track again. These trends are unruly in ways for the entire world, so you and we are not alone in this energetic field. If you ride this one out, the next wave you catch will be far more pleasing to your immediate reality.

Be consciously aware of your opportunities for growth. Just one little thing could alter your life in a very big way!

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