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Starcast for the week beginning November 7th, 2018

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

The ethers are hot and still highly unpredictable. The energy is wild and unruly at best with Uranus backing into your sign again while squaring the Nodes, those symbols that connect to the past and the future. The Nodes have also just shifted into cardinal signs Cancer and Capricorn like your own, which will bring you to a turning point in your own journey, away from the old and into something stunningly new. Uranus in your sign has you over and done with what has been, and you won't hesitate to go to battle for what you want. You have been granted a few more legs of support this week Aries, with your ruler Mars in Aquarius forming a stellar trine to Venus retrograde in Libra. Someone may really show up for you in surprising ways this week Aries. In addition, generous Jupiter enters fellow fire sign Sagittarius, where he will be traveling for the next twelve months. Yee-haw! You are really going to feel this one. Jupiter offers levity where there has been gravity. He offers insight where there has been darkness and fear.

We may be approaching winter here in the west, but get ready to open those blinds cuz the light of day is coming, a light you are sure to welcome with open arms!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

While your ruler Venus is retrograde in Libra and doing what she can to pull away from an opposition to Uranus, she is still in a relative line of fire, as she too is still within an orb of influence and squaring the Nodes, the symbols that connect to your past and your future. It is one unexpected ride, and life can swing in just about any direction. However, Warrior Mars in Aquarius is forming a highly supportive angle to Venus in the coming days and it may just be the thing that saves you. It speaks to being in the trenches and yet knowing just the thing to do in order to outsmart what appears to be holding you in place. You may also know just who to call to help work out a snag or resolve an issue. Life is intense these days, there is no two ways about it, but you have just the right planetary pair in place to help you pull through a tricky and tangled mess.

A New Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday, Nov. 7, breeds new life into a meaningful connection and with Jupiter entering Sagittarius the following day, you may even begin to feel reborn again!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

Life may be feeling stressful and chaotic, but action Mars and loving Venus are partnering in fellow air signs Aquarius and Libra to help you settle a score. Venus is retrograde and she is helping you seek some justice or claim something that has your name on it. Relationships will have a chance to renew themselves as well with your ruler Mercury now in Sagittarius in your house of others, so energize a spirit of honesty, in order for it to be all it needs to be. To add more bounty to this area of your life, abundant Jupiter is entering Sagittarius as well on Thursday, Nov. 8, and will be traveling through your relationship sector for an entire year. This bodes well for all of your connections and will have you attracting all kinds of attention without much effort at all. A New Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday, Nov. 7, harmonizes with Neptune, the planet of the ideal, allowing you to solve a nagging problem where something turns out better than planned. The key for you this entire month Gemini, will all be about making sure you keep your head out of what your heart wants.

Stay pure in your pursuits and the Gods will deliver!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

Everything may feel to be happening all at once. That’s because so much is changing directions this week. This becomes a game-changer for Souls who find themselves parked on the proverbial fence. The transiting North Node of the Moon, your ruler, shifted into your sign Cancer on Tuesday, Nov, 6. Uranus retrograded into Aries on the same day to keep the intensity and anticipation high as a kite. There will be no cruising in the coming days and emotions may feel to be all over the place. Fortunately, a New Moon in fellow water sign Scorpio on Wednesday, Nov. 7, trines heavenly Neptune, energizing a miracle or two in your life. It will set an ideal stage for the next two weeks. Action Mars and Venus retrograde align with precision as well as we approach the weekend to help you integrate all that you have been feeling in a way that supports needed and necessary personal transformation. Your ability to take charge of the change within will have a direct effect upon what you then attract in the world around you.

Welcome to your liberation point!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

You are a sign that has truly been pushed. For starters, fiery Mars has been in your opposite sign for six months due to its retrograde tour this past summer. Mars typically spends only about six weeks in any given sign so you were given about four times the dose. In addition, Uranus’ entrance into Taurus, also in the middle of May, energized a spike in your nervous system and injected an air of unpredictability in your days. But things are about to change. It is true that Uranus is still in great stress to the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, but abundant Jupiter is soon to enter fellow fire sign Sagittarius on Thursday, Nov. 8. This may mean that the sudden surprise that lands itself in your life is something Jupiter ushered in, and thus something you want. Mercury, the planet of communication, is also now in fellow fire sign Sagittarius, helping you in your creative pursuits or in any area that your Soul naturally wishes to express itself. It also aids in expanding the reaches of you heart and helps you attract more of what makes the thing beat.

While a certain unpredictability still exists, the tides are finding the Sun, which means they will be doing what they can to help you rise and shine again!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

There are some dramatic swings of energy in the coming days, but the one area where you are certain to feel this energy the most is within your emotional body. The transiting Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, shifted into fellow earth sign Capricorn, and watery Cancer respectively on Tuesday, Nov. 6. These are lunar points, thus will directly impact how you feel in your body on a moment to moment basis. Expansive Jupiter also enters Sagittarius in your house of home and the emotions on Thursday, Nov. 8, to expand this arena of your life. It can help you experience more inner joy and it has a way of lightening your emotional load. Your ruler Mercury is also in Sagittarius in this same sector and will help you find a sense of humor when in the past you might have hung on to a worry. You will find this week that laughter becomes the medicine you need to put an entire mountain of fear into perspective. You will come to understand the power you have over changing your immediate circumstances simply by what you inwardly energize.

A New Moon in Scorpio aligns seamlessly with heavenly Neptune on Wednesday, Nov. 7.
Improve your mindset and a miracle just may happen!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

Life has reached peaking extremes in the past few months and it may have had you re-evaluating just about everything. Venus has been traveling in an opposition to unpredictable Uranus while squaring the Nodes, those symbols representing your past and your future, making life feel most unsettling. Venus is still working her way through some changes which can make life wobble to and fro. However, motivated Mars in fellow air sign Aquarius is forming a strong and stable angle to your ruler Venus as we pull into the weekend, increasing your confidence and helping you gain the support you need from others. You will be feeling a priceless presence from friends and loved ones which for you is what makes your world go round and round. Benevolent Jupiter will also shift into Sagittarius on Thursday, Nov, 8, benefiting you in all forms of outreach and communication. You have gobs of support for the next year when it comes to networking, selling yourself, or pitching an idea. Mercury is also in Sagittarius now which is helping to keep your mind in an optimistic groove. A New Moon in Scorpio ushers in new life on Wednesday, Nov. 7, and you may very well feel as if a bit of magic had something to do with it. There is grace in places where you would never think to look.

Trust in what you can’t yet see!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

The transiting lunar Nodes have shifted into Capricorn and Cancer, symbolizing the past and the future. This in and of itself may offer some relief as it keeps you less uncertain and allows you to enter a better feeling flow. Uranus has also retrograded back into Aries which will keep things still a bit unpredictable but at the very least interesting. A New Moon in your sign on Wednesday, Nov, 7, harmonizes with Neptune like there is no tomorrow, suggesting you may be feeling higher than usual that day which will follow you through the week. It allows some of the weight to fall from your skin and get you in touch with those things that hold ultimate meaning versus some temporary fill. Generous Jupiter is leaving your sign after a year long tour on Thursday, Nov, 8, but his gifts do not stop there. Jupiter enters your house of earnings and what you value, which increases your potential to expand your resources within this earthly realm. Mars and a retrograde Venus also form an auspicious angle to one another as we approach the weekend, which will do wonders in those loving connections, allowing you to experience more fusion and less separation. There is not a wing or a prayer that you could not hitch a ride on now.

Rise up and fly!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

It’s about time. Your ruler Juppy is coming home. I hope you have the table set and the linens washed because he will be home to stay on Thursday, Nov. 8. That is, for the next twelve months. He will also be bearing gifts and reminding you of the bounty that is alive within you. He will teach you about the ways of the world and expand your already intuitive nature. He fuels the very best in you and shows you the potential of what your natural magnetism can manifest. You have been tested for quite some time Sag and all of that is about to change. “There are two things that define you. Your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything.” Jupiter is prepared to give you everything but he wants to know that you will do something worthy with it in the world. Jupiter expands everything he touches, so you must maintain your usual stride of optimism in order to maximize the benefit of his presence. A New Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday, Nov. 7, will be forming a timeless angle to heavenly Neptune, which may very well give you a taste of what Jupiter’s visit will all be about. Make a private wish as Jupiter enters your sign and hold it in the halls of your being. Mars and Venus will be in sync upon entering the weekend, helping life find a way to click and jell in just the way you need.

Breathe and BE YOU. Jupiter will take care of the rest!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

Energy speaks louder than words and it’s producing some serious noise. The transiting Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, have just shifted into Capricorn and Cancer respectively, and will be transiting retrograde through these signs for the next year and a half. The natural motion for the Nodes is retrograde due to the fact that we are always referring to those memories of old in order to create a better future for ourselves. With a South Node in Capricorn, your own past will continue to circle back, but this is offering you ideal energy to build new structures on the heels of what has run its course. You will be making new choices in the face of old fears, and busting down walls of resistance that are getting in between you and your freedom. Uranus backing into Aries for the next four months, has that freedom feeling covered however, as he will operate like a wrecking ball on anything that has become too crystallized in your life. A New Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday, Nov. 7, will form a majestic angle of support to Neptune, allowing you to not only see the high road but empowering you to take it as well. Mars and Venus align in air signs Aquarius and Libra to increase your drive in areas of career and earnings, allowing you to generate high reward.

Prepare to feel exponentially valued for all that you bring to life’s grand table!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

It’s time to rock and roll. Your ruler Uranus has shifted back into Aries for the next four months and he isn’t going to let anyone get in the way of what he wants, thus neither will you. The transiting Nodes have also shifted from Aquarius and Leo to Capricorn and Cancer, creating an enormous energy shift in the collective atmosphere. Your ruler Uranus shifted with it and is making an exact square to your past and your future, suggesting life as you know it could suddenly transform in ways you did not expect. Fortunately, warrior Mars is in your sign and forming a beautiful angle to Venus, the planet of justice and fairness, to help you balance a certain scale in your life. Relationships can be renewed when efforts are made to mix things up and when you listen closely to what a loved one needs. Give a little more to someone who least expects it and it will come back to you tenfold. A New Moon in your house of career on Wednesday, Nov, 7, opens doors and shows you the potential for an ideal scenario and Jupiter enters Sagittarius the following day to help you align with a more natural calling, one that pumps fresh oxygen into your lungs.

The roots of your nature are soon to rule the way forward. Let your intuition lead you all the way there!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

Your ruler Neptune is aligning in supremely divine ways to the New Moon in fellow water sign Scorpio on Wednesday, Nov. 7, to help elevate your life in the deepest possible way. The transiting North Node, which pulls you into your future, just entered fellow water sign Cancer, allowing you to experience a better flow moving forward. You will be reminded that when you lean into life with the purity of your emotion, then the pace of your swim quickens. Generous Jupiter enters optimistic Sagittarius on Thursday, Nov. 8, for an entire year, and will expand your public self and all that you bring to the stage of life. Good fortune follows you when you make your way out into the world and you will find that more people want what you’ve got, naturally, just by being you. Action Mars and Venus harmonize in clever ways to help you energize a new mantra for your Soul’s mission. Tune in to what you really want and need and then send your request to the Gods. They have their ear to the ground for you!

Om Shanti!

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