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Starcast for the week beginning November 14th, 2018

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

Talk about an energy shift. You will feel it more than anyone this week Aries, with your ruler Mars exiting Aquarius where he has traveled for nearly six months due to his retrograde tour. It will feel like one wild swing from the sky to the sea as Mars enters emotional Pisces on Friday, Nov.16, and takes a watery plunge. It’s a good thing Aries, this is the kind of change that will serve to accelerate your evolution. If there is something you need to heal, now is the time. If you can remain conscious of all that you are calling in and have the courage to return to the rub that has become raw, strong strides forward await. Mercury in fellow fire sign Sagittarius will shift retrograde as well the following day, to encourage your truth to surface easily. Honesty will have a way of freeing you up considerably so enter that natural opening when it arrives. Loving Venus stations direct just as Mercury reverses directions, which means you will be working to strike a better balance between work and spending time with the ones you love. Your relationships will sweeten in time again, you just may need to work out a few more kinks between now and the end of the month.

When you feel the wave swell beneath you, ride it as far as it wants to go!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

Feisty Mars has been somewhat of an irritant for you in the past six months, as he has wedged you into uncomfortable corners at times, forcing you to have to wiggle or push your way out. Mars has been in highly charged Aquarius and spent an inordinate amount of time there with his retrograde motion this past July and August. Mars typically spends a few months at most in one sign but you had to wrestle with some higher pressure energetic winds for six months. Mars enters compatible water sign Pisces on Thursday, Nov. 15, which may very well feel like taking a dive into the refreshing sea on a hot day. Your ruler Venus also stations direct in Libra after six weeks retrograde on Friday, Nov.16, helping you to get your world back in order again. At the very least, you will be feeling more connected where you have felt disconnected, and that will be a wonderful start. Oddly enough, the very day that Venus moves direct, Mercury in Sagittarius makes an about-face and slides into reverse. You will be circling back in some Soul connections to work out what is unfinished or at least to voice your side of things, even if it isn’t the first time. Maybe someone is finally able to take your truth in.

There is still some turbulence with Venus re-entering an opposition to Uranus the end of the month, but all things told, you have more leverage now than you have had in quite some time!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

Just as Venus finally stations direct in fellow air sign Libra on Friday, Nov.16, your ruler Mercury rebels on the same day and takes a time out as he kicks it into reverse in Sagittarius in your house of relationships. You may be wondering if the planets will ever all be moving direct at the same time. It doesn’t happen often, especially with the transiting Nodes natural motion being retrograde. The next time I do see this occurring is at the end of February of 2019, which will speak to a clear way ahead. The retrogrades are necessary however, because I am certain you learned a thing or two about what you value you most in Venus’ retrograde transit. So now you may need to re-visit how best to implement change in order to make the most out of your journey, one that reflects a more authentic way forward. Action Mars also changes signs after nearly six months in fellow air sign Aquarius, due to his retrograde stint. Mars enters Pisces until the end of the year on Thursday, Nov. 15, which will have a way of getting you out into the spotlight and onto the public stage as he activates your career sector and house of recognition.

Follow your instinct before your mind has a chance to toy with your thoughts. You will be eternally grateful you did!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

The most effective way to navigate complicated energetic trends is to lean on what you know and to partner with the energies in place that are working in your favor. You have a big one happening this week. Action Mars enters fellow water sign Pisces on Thursday, Nov. 15, mainlining you with a renewed fire that feeds your Soul with an inner courage. Mars will be in Pisces until the end of 2018. Your inner energy field dictates so much of what you attract that it is vital to keep your energy elevated in order to magnetically draw more of what you wish for and less of what you don't. This energy will tell the world that you know who you are and because of this, others will be naturally drawn to you. The day following, loving Venus stations direct in Libra, giving you an additional edge as you will be able to reach a feeling of inner balance on the heels of a chaotic ride. Mercury shifts retrograde the same day in Sagittarius, but he is motivating you to go back to the drawing board which will in turn have a way of inspiring you in unforeseen ways.

When you find your sweet spot in the coming days, stay there. The universe will take care of the rest!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

So much feels to be on the line these days, with an extreme of energy in the ethers. Action Mars has been in your opposite sign for nearly six months, his usual tour is two, but with the retrograde in the middle of it all, it has been long extended. This has brought relationships of all kind to the forefront. It has been touch ‘n go in places and transformational in others. You have also come to know who will be there for you when push comes to shove, and who just can’t or won’t. Mars enters water sign Pisces in your house of the Soul on Thursday, Nov. 15, activating desires of a higher nature, so follow the pull. With expansive Jupiter’s recent entry into fellow fire sign Sagittarius, it will help to alleviate much of the angst as he loves nothing more than to help you find a better way through. Loving Venus stations direct in Libra on Friday, Nov. 16, and on the same day, Mercury in fellow fire sign Sagittarius stations retrograde. It has felt like nothing but re-working your way forward in the past few months.

Mercury will help you re-calibrate your heart and get you back in touch with people who know just how to reach you, in all the right ways. Be flexible in the next week and your openness will lead you into some true and tender territory!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

Your world of relationships is about to pick up steam. Mars enters Pisces in your opposite sign on Thursday, Nov. 15, and has your social life, as well as all of your cherished connections, in high view. Loving Venus stations direct the following day and just as she readies herself to move forward, Mercury stations retrograde in Sagittarius. It may be that you will be re-uniting with loved ones in the coming ten days, or that you are re-connecting in other ways. Your emotional past is coming back and it may be time to talk through some of the unfinished where there are loose feeling threads. You are due to be longing for the great outdoors, in fact this may very well be precisely where you find refuge now. Nature is your church and an ideal place to replenish yourself emotionally and spiritually. With generous Jupiter in Sagittarius in your house of home and the feeling body, you can experience emotional bounty, especially when re-connecting with women and family. It is important to remember that Jupiter in this sector is about finding that feeling within versus searching for it out in the world. When a good feeling arises, keep the wave in motion by egging it on evermore.

Your inner state is set to send a positive transmission out into the world around you. Prepare for that positive charge to be returned in abundance!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

 Your ruler Venus has reached the end of of her retrograde rope and she will station direct in your sign on Friday, Nov. 16. She entered your sign on August 6, and then entered the sign of Scorpio on September 9. She stationed retrograde in Scorpio on Oct. 4, and then backed into Libra again on Oct. 31st. Her retrograde tour was wrought with unpredictable seas as sweet Venus opposed Uranus and squared the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future. Perhaps you too have been on your own roller coaster ride. Venus will have to make one more opposition to Uranus at the end of November before she is in the clear but with Jupiter now in Sagittarius, your luck with communications could get you out of just about any jam. Mercury stations retrograde in Sagittarius as well on the same day Venus moves direct, which is destined to help you recover a spirit of optimism again. Much may have taxed your trust in the right thing happening but you will have that faith restored before too long. Mars enters Pisces on Thursday, Nov. 15, and will anchor himself to Saturn, to help you secure your footing on the climb.

Visualize better days and the pure nature of your wish may make a desirable mirage materialize into something you can touch!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

Your ruler Pluto’s younger brother is warrior Mars. Wherever Mars is traveling will determine how strong you are feeling within yourself. Mars governs instinct and your ability to take charge in your life. It helps with confidence and bravery and you want it in your corner when you are going after something you desire. Mars is about to be sitting pretty in your world as he enters fellow water sign Pisces on Thursday, Nov. 15, and will be transiting through Pisces until the end of 2018. Pisces suggests something is coming full circle and that you are in the middle of a final healing process. It may be too that some financial riff is finally reaching some kind of resolution. Value added Venus in Libra also stations direct on Friday, Nov. 16. There is something that your Soul has wanted to have happen for quite some time and you are either already there or a whisper away. Mercury, the planet of communication, stations retrograde in Sagittarius on Friday as well, which may have more to do with your world of earnings than anything else. There may be some re-working of contracts at that time or a re-focus on how to best direct your energy. International interests loom large. Be sure to think this one through, but your inner knowing will be all that you need to direct you well.

No one can see straight into the center of something like you. Trust yourself!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

What a relief it is to have your ruler expansive Jupiter now in your sign for the next year. It won’t fix everything straight away but Jupiter will do his best to make whatever you seek possible. It will be important to energize that vision and to continue to fill in the details now as Mercury in your sign stations retrograde on Friday, Nov. 16, for the next three weeks. You will be re-thinking a whole load of things, in particular you will really be ruminating about how you would like to see your future unfold. Mercury and Jupiter rule the left and right sides of the brain, the analytical side as well as the intuition, so with both sides working toward the same page, you too will be feeling more in step and in sync with yourself. You have been missing your serendipitous tendencies and perhaps even wondering if you lost that magic manifesting touch, but it looks like the tides will be working to bring it all back. Try not to get too far ahead of yourself by saying yes to everything that presents itself as an opportunity as Mars moves into Pisces on Thursday, Nov. 15, for there will also be plenty that will be calling you home. Mars will progressively gain support from Saturn to reel some of your energy in but that steady energy is invited due to the need to pace yourself in this upcoming growth spurt.

Your new Soul Adventure awaits!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

With so much unpredictability still in the skies until the end of November, the world looks to your ruler Saturn to calm the storm and to be a voice of reason. Warrior Mars enters Pisces on Thursday, Nov. 16, and will find Saturn for shelter or a safe haven on Tuesday, Nov. 27, although the days leading up to that point will also feel progressively stabilizing in places. Mars will be energizing your house of ideas, writing and communication and is ripe for activating a strong imagination. Mars in Pisces will energize the ideal and for a practical sign like yours, you will be able to relax enough to stretch your vision beyond what you once felt was possible. Venus, the planet that rules love and money, is stationing direct after six weeks retrograde on Friday, Nov. 16, but will have to clear one more opposition to radical Uranus on November 30. Mercury stations retrograde that same day in Sagittarius, which will have you re-working your future plans but encouraging some essential dream time to make it all you want it to be.

The sky may soon become your new limit!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

Your sign has known to be a trouble-maker for the Aquarian born challenges consensus thinking. Bless you for that. Your ruler Uranus is a liberator, he can shock the pants off anyone and wants nothing more than to encourage you to express your own unique way in the world and never to apologize for it. Uranus has been wreaking havoc all over the place in recent months with his opposition to Venus and his square to the Nodes, those symbols that connect to the past and the future. We really do not know what is coming next when Uranus hovers and with Uranus’ recent retrograde back into Aries, it is reflected in the California fires and the continued cross-firing in political debates. Venus stations direct in Libra on Friday, Nov. 16, and will oppose Uranus one more time on November 30. Mercury in Sagittarius is reversing directions for three weeks on Friday as well but this will allow you to recover key information that you were not privy to in the past and it just may be your ticket in. Action Mars also leaves your sign and enters water sign Pisces the day before on Thursday, Nov. 15, which will really change the feel of your life’s landscapes. You will not be sitting on your hands for a second.

Prepare to fight for something that you want and ultimately what you need. It will be worth doing to secure a road to your future!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

Sweet Pisces, you are about to feel the fire of desire like you can’t remember when, as action Mars enters your sign on Thursday, Nov. 15. Nothing like being plugged in and ready to roll. This is a confidence builder and it will put you in a strong position to choose. You will be letting others know that you are not just here to play, you are here to win. Ultimately, you are ready to take your life to another level. You have been known to sacrifice your own needs for the sake of others, and while this may still prove to be true at times, your wants and wishes are worth a million to you now. Venus stations direct in Libra in your house of the Soul on Friday, Nov, 16, suggesting there is something you have to prove and you are in the process of recovering a piece of your power, if not recovering all of the power you may have felt you had lost. Not only do you have something to prove to the world, you have something to prove to yourself. Abundant Jupiter in Sagittarius is now up at the top of your chart and Mercury has joined him there too but will station retrograde on Friday, Nov. 16. Perhaps you have a score to settle or your reputation to recover. Maybe its just about taking life by the horns and bringing your very all to this pass.

Your curtain call is coming. Prepare well!

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