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Starcast for the week beginning November 21st, 2018

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

The holidays have a way of bringing up the past, along with feelings of those connections that were here and then gone. Your ruler Mars is in Pisces, which has a way of making you feel everything full on. It’s as if all of your inner windows and doors have been left ajar. The Moon was in Aries when I was born so I can well relate to this. I was recently standing in line for a store to open and an older women who looked exactly like my sweet Mom (who passed five years ago) stepped right in from of me. I immediately burst into tears. One minute I was fine and the next I was heart deep in an emotional puddle. Mars in Pisces is forming a T-square with a Full Moon in Gemini and Jupiter in Sagittarius late in the West on Thursday, Nov. 22. Sensitivities will run high and so will the reality of time and how it races by. You will be reminded of all of those things that you feel you cannot control. While life may be unusually unpredictable until the end of the month, there are a few days this week that offer exceptional potential. The Sun will merge with expansive Jupiter and Mercury retrograde in fellow fire sign Sagittarius as we round a corner into next week, revealing a silver lining to a once perceived stormy cloud.

Your future is about to open way up and your spirits will follow along right with it!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

The Moon changes signs about every two days, which is why life never feels to stay static. Once a month the Moon grows full and it is when this Moon reaches maximum fullness that we tend to feel the most. It can be a time when your heart is overflowing with emotion or a time when you cannot handle one more thing flying at you. Late on Thursday, Nov. 22, a Full Moon in Gemini will have the balls in the air multiplying as you attempt to keep everything flowing and going. This lunar ball is squaring Mars in Pisces, which is sure to present you with some revolving doors, yet it may also be energizing a highly innovative imagination. Tap into the surge if it comes for it could be brilliant. The Sun in Sagittarius joins intuitive Jupiter and Mercury retrograde in your house of the Soul to shine a loving light into some shadowy corners and have you inspired by next steps that will empower you forward. Being honest with yourself is your ticket into you.

What you discover may seem crazy at first but follow it and you will be ecstatic!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

With your ruler Mercury retrograde in your opposite sign, any number of things may feel to be up in the air. The direction of your future could change three times before a straight line is reached by the time Mercury moves direct again. To add to the element of the unknown, Mars in Pisces is squaring a Full Moon in your sign late in the West on Thursday, Nov. 22. However, the Sun and Jupiter merge with Mercury as we pull into next week, suggesting some of what feels so chaotic may lead to a blessing in disguise. Let's say your connecting flight gets canceled and you are forced to spend the night in the airport. No fun, right? Yet you meet someone that night that changes your life. Better yet, you meet someone you have been searching for your whole life. That may sound like a pipe dream, but anything is possible under these planetary skies. My advice is to just roll with what comes and trust that your Soul is calling every speck of it in.

This wave you are riding does appear to have a life of its own. All you need to do is make sure to stay on your board!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

Something is coming full circle Cancer. Your ruler, the Moon, will become a round ball of light in Gemini late in the West on Thursday, Nov. 22, in your house of culmination. Just like the Moon completing itself, something in your world will be coming to a close as well so you can move up and on. Action Mars in fellow water sign Pisces is squaring the Full Moon and truth seeking Jupiter, revealing whether or not you are really done with the past or still wrestling with some left over pieces. The memories have made you, and they will always remain. Your growth point comes when you are able to experience the past outside of the hold of its reality. The Sun in Sagittarius joins Jupiter and Mercury retrograde this Sunday as we enter next week, to illuminate what can be fixed in your life so more light and levity can shine on the subject. These are also tremendous trends for integrating daily rituals that keep you dialed in on your truth and the most honest way forward. Better health all around is what this week offers, starting with your emotional being.

Nurture your center and a flow will be found!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

No matter how rocky the energy gets, there will always be avenues to travel that minimize the full impact. Between now and the end of November, it’s anyone’s guess how things might evolve as Venus forms her final opposition to unpredictable Uranus in fellow fire sign Aries while together they square the Nodes, the symbols that connect to your past and your future. Action Mars is in Pisces and is also squaring a Full Moon in Gemini late in the West on Thursday, Nov. 22. But Jupiter fuses with the Sun and Mercury retrograde in fellow fire sign Sagittarius upon entering next week and it opens wild doors you would not expect. This trinity of energy will grace you with its abundant presence and you are due to feel your heart stretch for miles and miles. When your heart is open, the world responds.

Something you experience is going to make that happen all on its own!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

It’s all about family and the feeling of home this week Virgo. With generous Jupiter now in Sagittarius in your house of the emotional body, it nurtures those spaces by creating quality time with the ones that you love. A Full Moon in Gemini is squared by Mars and opposed by Jupiter late in the West on Thursday, Nov. 22, so early on life may feel busier than you would like and frenetic in places with too much work on your mind. However, the Sun and Mercury retrograde join Jupiter as the weekend comes to a close and they provide ample opportunity to feel the love in full again. With the holidays essentially here, this is an ideal time to re-connect with loved ones and experience a renewed appreciation and gratitude for all that you do have. There is an energy of compromise this week in that you must separate from someone in order to be with another. Anything emotionally unresolved is also up for discussion so be ready to talk it through. Let your emotions lead and the words follow, not the other way around.

This steep curve is in place to add the good onto you. Let something go, so you can grow!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

Your ruler Libra is direct in your sign but she, thus you, are not quite out of the woods. Libra will oppose electric Uranus one more time at the end of November before she finishes her travels in your sign. Together they will also square the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, so life may still feel to be up in the air. Mars in Pisces squares a Full Moon in fellow air sign Gemini as well as Jupiter late on Thursday, Nov. 22, which may lead to talks that are not totally comfortable, yet that honest flow has to happen. Someone may trigger emotional content that simply needs to be released so be mindful of your response. Be aware too that too much wine could spoil a good time. Everything in moderation will keep you from regretting a word or two the following morn. The Sun and Mercury retrograde join generous Jupiter in Sagittarius at the tail end of the weekend and set up next week with a bounty of good going on, and some good news worth waiting for. Your communications become quite fortunate and may energize a serendipitous stream of, dare I say, good fortune.

Be bold and you can help it happen!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

Your Soul is pushing through some barriers this week as Mars in fellow water sign Pisces squares a Full Moon in Gemini late on Thursday, Nov. 22. Mars will also be squaring Jupiter in Sagittarius, suggesting some massive growth can occur by being cunningly honest with what you want and need. Venus in Libra will form one more opposition to Uranus on Nov. 30 before entering your sign in early December, and that is enough energy to transform a feeling or two. Venus opposing Uranus will also be squaring the Nodes in Capricorn and Cancer, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, with Uranus serving as a jackhammer to the past that you no longer wish to cart around. Fortunately, there is some relief on the horizon with the Sun and Mercury retrograde joining auspicious Jupiter in Sagittarius at the end of the weekend and carrying you into next week. This helps on financial fronts as well as feeling more in step with yourself.

With Mars now in Pisces until the end of the year, you are due to get more of what you want. Just make sure what you want has a way of benefiting all!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

This week may feel like a combo platter of ‘holy water and burning man’. It can reach extremes in places with Mars in Pisces squaring a Full Moon in Gemini late on Thursday, Nov. 22. Not to mention Venus approaching her last opposition to Uranus in fellow fire sign Aries at the end of the month, while together they reach a crossroads between your past and your future. I am certain that you are already feeling the electricity. There is an energy of rebellion and there is also an energy that is pushing you to elevate your walk, and walk your talk. Old themes will be shaking loose and you will be leaving the remains of their hold in a pile on the floor. The Sun enters your sign and joins Jupiter early on and then together they merge with Mercury retrograde at the end of the weekend and into early next week, thus opening up a vast world of adventure for you to embark upon. There may be something you initiated that is coming back up for review and re-entry, something that may very well give your plan a pair of wings. Your life is taking flight.

Exact destination yet unknown, but just say yes. It will be well worth the ride!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

With loving Venus opposing Uranus one last time while squaring the Nodes, the symbols that connect to your past and your future, there is inevitable change still in the wind. It doesn’t have to be a scary or a hard thing. It is just like holding onto the side of the pool for dear life when you are learning how to swim. The past is holding on, the future is swimming freely like a fish. You are an earth sign so you prefer to feel the security of the dirt beneath your feet, but you are learning a little more now how to let go. You are feeling the call to soften your touch and the planets are going to ensure that it happens because they know it will change you. Would you rather hold on or swim? Action Mars is in water sign Pisces and will be squaring a Full Moon in Gemini late on Thursday, Nov. 22, potentially creating the feeling as if something is slipping through your fingers. It can be the experience of feeling as if it was just yesterday when your children were young and now they are off like birds fleeing the nest. Your thoughts will be pulled into more emotional scenes and settings and it will be up to you to see that they find a better place to dwell. The Sun and Mercury retrograde combine with Jupiter in Sagittarius as we enter next week and they turn an empty spot on its head, filling that space with gratitude and plenty.

Abundance is found in nature and in your meditations. Look there first!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

Your ruler Uranus is the great transformer. He is not content unless everything is vibrating from his presence and from the shock value he has created. Venus is moving into one more opposition to Uranus the end of November and they will form one final square the the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future. This keeps everything on edge and uncertain. Being that the South Node is now in Capricorn, Uranus will be working to shake-up anything that has become too rigid or repressed, especially in relationships that are not adding on to your Soul in any way. Action Mars squares a Full Moon in fellow air sign Gemini late on Thursday, Nov. 22, which can minimize your tolerance for anything that is getting in the way of your freedom. Fortunately, the Sun enters Sagittarius and joins Jupiter as well as Mercury retrograde at the close of this weekend and reminds you how to participate in your own liberation.

Nothing restricting or limiting can stay. Only the great wide open will suffice for you now!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

If you are feeling more feisty and fired up than usual, it is a result of warrior Mars being in your sign. You will be placing a high premium on your freedom and while in the past you might have remained silent, you are going to be telling it like it is. Mars squares a Full Moon in Gemini late in the West on Thursday, Nov. 22, while also squaring Jupiter in Sagittarius on the other side. This lends itself to themes of exaggeration or taking something too far, so watch where your emotions travel if someone starts pushing your buttons. The Sun enters Sagittarius and joins Mercury retrograde and Jupiter upon entering next week and it will expand your vision of what you want to accomplish on the stage of this life. Your motivations will be high and your intuition will be dialed into a supreme frequency. Take charge of how your life goes from here on out and no one will question your steps.

What you want doesn’t only count, it must be your front line so an ideal balance can finally be established!

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