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Starcast for the week beginning December 5th, 2018

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

Patience is not your strong suit yet it is something you are being forced to develop these days with Saturn in Capricorn keeping you in step with the value of right timing. Your ruler Mars is in Pisces and it is creating this feeling as if everything is occurring behind some invisible curtain. It may feel like you are floating in an undefined space just waiting for your time and turn to make a move. Mars will not enter your sign and initiate the brand new until New Year’s Eve, so know that between now and then it would serve you well to stay tuned in and not force anything too fast. Natural timing is suggesting the remainder of this month is about clearing up loose ends and working with and understanding your emotional process. With Venus now in Scorpio, she is pulling you more deeply into your Soul and helping you get in touch with your weak links so you can strengthen your insecurities from the inside out. You will be discovering the power of turning in as opposed to bursting out. The New moon in fellow fire sign Sagittarius late on Thursday, Dec. 6, opens your field of vision and shows you what is possible. You will be able to see far further into the distance with your eyes closed, far into the great unknown where the infinite is possible!

Stoke the dream!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

Love will find you. Your ruler Venus just entered Scorpio in your house of relationships, opening doors in your connections with others where there is less strife and more moments loaded with love and affection. Mercury, the planet of communication, also stations direct in this same sector on Thursday, Dec. 6, to allow for a forward moving feeling, even if it is ever so slight at first. It can manifest as a re-kindling or a feeling of mutual receptivity. A New Moon in Sagittarius occurs late that night in the West in your house of the Soul. This lunar event is squaring Mars and Neptune in Pisces suggesting your wishes may feel out of reach, but it doesn’t mean you should not wish for them. Wishes do carry energy and you increase your chances when you trust they can, in fact, happen. The energy is encouraging you to not only talk about how you feel but to give voice to what you wish for and want. This is the first step to getting it.

Make sure it is something that will add onto your Soul and the universe will throw you a bone!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

What is the one thing you would fix if you could? What is the one thing you would say if you thought it would change everything?  Your ruler Mercury stations direct in Scorpio on Thursday, Dec. 6, in your house of improvements. This is about reaching a bottom line of something that feels broken and understanding where to go from here. Late that same night, a New Moon in Sagittarius occurs in your house of relationships but squares Mars and Neptune in Pisces, which may feel as if something is in the way of what you want, whether it is physical distance or simply the separation of time between now and when something can occur. It’s like a child waiting for Christmas when it's still three weeks away. The wait can be true torture. Your ruler Mercury re-enters Sagittarius on Wednesday, Dec.12, lightening the load of something that has felt far too intense. Tend to the very root of an issue versus staying on the surface and it will free you up considerably.

It’s about priorities Gemini. Start with the center and work your way out!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

With a New Moon in Sagittarius late in the West on Thursday, Dec. 6, in your house of health and habits this week, this translates into more work and business than you may know what to do with. This lunar tide squares Mars and Neptune in fellow water sign Pisces which can make it a challenge to know when to say no and how to hem yourself in. You may be going way overboard in just about every direction so make sure you are taking care of your own personal bottom line needs. This starts with getting adequate sleep and maintaining a healthy diet because your immune system will be taxed. Mercury stations direct in fellow water sign Scorpio as well on Thursday, Dec. 6, giving you more guts to speak directly and without hesitation. Loving Venus is also now in fellow water sign Scorpio and it is having a way of opening your heart and encouraging you to trust someone with far more of it. Soul bonds can deepen at this time and karmic ties can sweeten.

Keep your eye on the horizon and do not waiver with distraction and you will reach your destination way ahead of time!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

New Moons in fire signs like yours tend to be particularly auspicious and there is one coming late Thursday, Dec. 6, in the West in Sagittarius. However, the New Moon is being squared by Mars and Neptune in Pisces in your house of the Soul, suggesting your heart may be thumping hard for someone but you are either soon to be separated from the one you love or have already been experiencing this ‘beyond your physical reach’ reality. Being apart from someone you love can make the heart literally ache. It may be too that this New Moon brings up memories from those you have loved and lost, triggering themes of loss and abandonment along these lines. It will also be asking you if the one you are with is someone who is growth for your Soul or does it feel as if it the relationship is not going anywhere. Lastly, perhaps someone you love is suffering in some way and you are experiencing a sense of futility in your ability to help them. Mercury stations direct on Thursday as well in Scorpio and it speaks to the need to make some emotional adjustments so you can evolve through this turn. There is abundance in the love arena but not without a Soul push to boot. Evolution is not always easy, but the high road will always prove to dissipate the pain.

In the end, love always wins!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

The good news this week is that a New Moon in Sagittarius is brewing and will grace our skies late on Thursday, Dec. 6,which means for you that those home fires will be burning and your heart will be feeling more buoyant. The flip side of this trend is that Mars and Neptune in Pisces are squaring this lunar lift. There may be others who you feel you cannot quite depend on, perhaps more giving is going on than you are receiving in return. Your ruler Mercury stations direct the same day in Scorpio which will give a powerful voice to your needs and allow you to express clearly how you feel. Stronger trends are forming as we deepen into next week, energies that will stabilize your most cherished connections, but this week if you are feeling like someone is not listening, it is prime time to speak your peace. Communicating simply and yet straight to the point will get a strong message across.

This week, less is more. As a result, next week, a desirable balance is struck!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

You can only manage the symptoms of something for so long before needing to deal with it at its origin. Your ruler Venus has entered Scorpio, and the very last thing Scorpio wants to do is sit on the surface. Scorpio wants to peel back all of the layers until it knows why and Scorpio wants to know now. Mercury, the planet that governs the nitty gritty details, is also in Scorpio and is stationing direct on Thursday, Dec. 6, the same day as a New Moon in Sagittarius occurring within the hour before midnight in the West. Much of what you may be experiencing is a nagging health issue that is a result of either hormonal imbalance, a weakened immune system or emotional stress that has thrown your body way out of wack. This week is about taking charge of what can change and making whatever adjustments necessary to address wherever you are feeling vulnerable. Venus in Scorpio may also help you in financial pursuits or in freeing up your resources in some way. This week you start with you and the rest can wait, it must wait. Life stabilizes significantly next week.

Self care this week is where it starts and stays!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

You have the edge this week as loving Venus just entered Scorpio and Mercury will station direct as well in your sign on Thursday, Dec. 6. To have those faster movers rolling in, it allows for life to fall in step with greater ease and grace. A New Moon in Sagittarius occurs close to midnight on the same day and is squaring Neptune and Mars in fellow water sign Pisces, making it feel like a hard balance to reach between working and being with the one you love. It’s like having an important meeting at the office but your kid is home with the flu. Or your son has a basketball game and your daughter has a dance recital at the exact same time. Which one do you choose? Your heart is torn early on but Venus in your sign will sync up in secure ways to Saturn by my next forecast. This week’s trends also reflect your making some form of commitment about how to take your Soul journey forward. Some big decisions will be made in the next two weeks. Take your time with it so you know without question.

All In or not at all!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

It always feels better when December arrives with the solar influence in your sign but this month you are receiving a triple hit of abundance as your ruler Jupiter is in your sign for the next year. In addition, we have a New Moon in Sagittarius late on Thursday, Dec. 6, but it squares Mars and Neptune in Pisces, suggesting you may be feeling high on life but also swimming in some family stress or taking another kind of emotional plunge. Mars keeps things heated and hot, tempers flare and people in your life may also be losing their cool. Fortunately, Venus in Scorpio combines with Saturn and Mars in Pisces finds Pluto in Soul- settling ways before too long. You may find yourself on a mini emotional roller coaster but you will find your good groove again by my next forecast. Mercury stations direct as well in Scorpio on Thursday, Dec. 6, and will re-enter Sag on Wednesday, Dec. 12.

Roll with the tides and you will find there is plenty to be eternally grateful for. Jupiter is a whisper away and will continue to remind you of such things!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

Your ruler Saturn is in your sign and has been awfully quiet as of late, he’s just watching and waiting patiently on the sidelines for life’s craziness to subside. However, he will step in to play a significant role in your future next week when he harmonizes with Venus in Scorpio. Before that time, a New Moon in Sagittarius late on Thursday, Dec. 6, is being squared by Neptune and Mars in Pisces, suggesting communications will either vanish between you and someone in your family or you will need to be crystal clear with how you express yourself. Words can get lost in translation. There is the potential for misinterpretation which could lead to a disillusioning experience if you are not double checking what you think you heard. This is all temporary however but if you wish to save yourself from an unnecessary emotional dip, circle back to something if it appears foggy. Mercury will station direct in Scorpio the same day giving you some psychic savvy. It will also allow you to be a straight shooter with someone so there is no gray zone. A fated connection who has your best interests in mind proves to become a valuable ally. Let them lay their eyes on something that you cannot seem to bring into focus.

Someone else's lens helps you master a test!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

Your ruler Uranus is retrograde at the final degrees of Aries until the middle of March. With the real stress points slowly beginning to wane, now is the time to take a step back and objectify all of what has occurred in the past six months. With Mars in Pisces conjunct Neptune and squaring a New Moon in Sagittarius late Thursday, Dec. 6, it may be a challenge to discern truth from fiction. Mercury is also stationing direct the same day in Scorpio, energizing themes of trust or the lack thereof. You may have far more than an intuitive hit on someone and more may be exposed in the coming week. In the next ten days your hunches may be confirmed. Do what you can to keep yourself emotionally separated from the scene and it will allow you to see things more clearly. The unknown becomes known by my next forecast and it’s something that will allow you to sleep peacefully again.

Once you know the truth, the road will open up again for you!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

You have been mainlined to Mars, with more energy than you know what to do with. It can translate into either an unimaginable amount of desire for someone or this energy can unleash a degree of anger that you do not know how to fence in. With Mars in your sign Pisces, you are plugged into some cosmic warrior forces. On Thursday, Dec. 6, Mars merges with your ruler Neptune and takes this energy into another galaxy, making you either high on love or dosing out on too much heat. Mars and Neptune square a New Moon in Sagittarius which can exaggerate an emotion and make it larger than life. It may also exaggerate an illusion so be clear in your emotional steps this week. You do have support in other places however, as loving Venus is in fellow water sign Scorpio and Mercury will station direct in Scorpio on Thursday as well, energizing you with an ability to see straight into the center of your current situation so you know best how to proceed. Life mellows significantly next week with Saturn and Pluto stepping in to help steer your Soul ship.

You will be grateful they do!

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