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Starcast for the week beginning January 2nd, 2019

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

It’s off to the races in 2019 Aries. Your ruler Mars JUST entered your sign and is literally traveling at the zero degree mark on New Year’s Day to initiate a new beginning. Often times there can be a dip in January and it can be a challenge to get the wheels going, but not this year. You are going to be sprinting out of the gates. In addition, we have a New Moon Eclipse in Capricorn on Saturday, Jan. 5, which will go far to bust apart anything that has become too crystallized in your life. You are kicking a door down with this one. It will remove any hanging resistance and allow you to take your life to new heights as this eclipse is forming an angle of incredible support to high road Neptune. You inherently know how to access the courage necessary to take just about anything on. You follow your instinct and you kick it into gear and you go. There are times when too much is in the way but you aren’t going to hesitate even for a moment. High risk equals high gain. Something this week will be worth giving it all you’ve got.

Welcome to your running head start!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

The key to capitalizing on the energy that is available to you in any given week is to know where the sweet spot sits. Even if life comes flying at you in some way, you’ve got the gift of knowing where to lean. Your ruler Venus is in Scorpio and is forming an angle of immense support to the North Node, the symbol that pulls you into your future. It’s about going deep with ease and not having to force a feeling, it’s about getting to the bottom of something because you are emotionally ready to know the truth. Mars has just entered action Aries in your house of the unseen world and will continue to pull back the layers and lift the veil so you can direct your energy and will more efficiently. A New Moon Eclipse in fellow earth sign Capricorn also occurs on Saturday, Jan. 5, in your house of truth, suggesting a fear is finally going to be taking the back seat to your truth which means it is time to get a true move-on. Once that block is removed as a result of seeing something from a different vantage point, you will be floored by the shift that leads to a liberating emotional release.

The road to your future is about to open way up!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

The New Year is destined to light your fire in one way or another. Not only has action Mars entered Aries to stimulate your desire for new life and freedom from your past, your ruler Mercury is in Sagittarius and electrically aligned with Uranus in Aries, to help you radically change your path in heart-charging ways. It symbolizes breakthroughs and finding a brave vein to walk the road less traveled and to take your life in an alternative direction. A New Moon Eclipse in Capricorn on Saturday, Jan. 5, also looms and will do its own due diligence to bust up any resistance that has been keeping you at bay from your Soul’s intended evolutionary voyage. The bay may feel safe, but it ultimately keeps the Soul stagnant. There is no idling this month, only hard core Soul stunning growth. You may even find that you are having a bit of fun while you are at it. Get out of the way of yourself and an anchor will be lifted.

Let go and and the current will carry you swiftly and with magical forces!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

Hold on Cancer and prepare for a sea change of energy.  Welcome to 2019. There will be no treading lightly this week or this month, but then again why else are we all here but to evolve? It starts with action Mars in fired up Aries and he’s not slowing down to check in with you to see how you are feeling about it. He is opening doors and  fueling fresh starts in your career and areas that influence your public self. If that was not enough to start the year off with a bang, a New Moon Eclipse in Capricorn on Saturday, Jan. 5, brings a high degree of focus on changing landscapes in your relationships as well, where dynamics in the past may surface only to then be kicked to the curb. There will be no room for that kind of drag, so you gotta clean it up and clear it out so you can move with less weight for the evolutionary ride. Fortunately, Mercury in Sagittarius is forming an exquisite angle of support to Uranus in Aries just prior to the weekend to help you keep all the balls in the air and your ideas active and productive. Loving Venus is also in fellow water sign Scorpio and connecting seamlessly to the North Node to increase your feeling of fusion with meaningful others.

Bring your all to the moment and the moment will give back to you like never before!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

Your fire has officially been lit. Action Mars has just entered fellow fire sign Aries and he is fueling your way forward with a passionate flame. You will be in intimate touch with what you want and you are not about to take your eye off the ball. In addition, your ruler the almighty Sun is taking part in a New Moon Solar Eclipse in ambitious Capricorn on Saturday, Jan. 5, carrying enough juice to help you dismantle any apparent barrier, including self doubt, that may have been driving a wedge between you and what your Soul wants and needs. This is also an ideal time to initiate new habits that are more beneficial for your body and your being, energizing a healthier lifestyle. It’s about creating a new mantra, one where your choices reflect the kind of change that frees you up and moves you forward. Mercury in fellow fire sign Sagittarius is also forming a highly motivating angle to Uranus in fire sign Aries, gifting you with a feeling of optimism that what you envision on that horizon can be yours.

Fixate your focus and tailor your time and energy and you will quicken the time of  its arrival!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

This week has it all. It has a fresh feeling start with a push, it carries an energy of unexpected opportunity, and it holds an element of grace. Action Mars has just entered Aries and is energizing your house of empowerment which means unless you are making choices that drive your Soul forward, you are going to be experiencing a feeling as if there is something profoundly missing. Mars in Aries will energize a direct connection with your intended path. It is essential to stay quiet in the mind so it can surface. Also, your ruler Mercury is in Sagittarius and aligning with inspiration to Uranus in Aries, to keep you in a positive spin versus a negative slumber. There will be sparks in your consciousness that will be speaking volumes to you with the intention to break new innovative ground. Lastly, a New Moon Eclipse in fellow earth sign Capricorn on Saturday, Jan. 5, is destined to open your heart’s door in a big way, whether you are ready for it or not. There is no room for fear this week, only for following your ambitious pulse.

Go about your pursuits as if you have nothing to lose and everything to gain and you will come out on the very tip of the top!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

We don’t go about this journey alone. Even if there is not a Soul in our immediate company to help us with our trials and tribulations, the ethers are loaded with guides. Your ruler Venus is in deep-diving Scorpio where nothing stays on the surface. She has taken you under her wing and carried you into the depths in a key relationship or two. We move into the New Year with Venus aligning with effortless precision to the North Node, the symbol for your destiny, showing you signs of life and ultimately of prosperity and progress again. Warrior Mars has just entered your opposite sign of Aries and is sure to continue to stir the relationship pot but his intention is to keep you moving in this regard versus 'beating around the bush'. A New Moon Eclipse in Capricorn on Saturday, Jan. 5, speaks to dancing with more emotional content as surprises may surface with family and loved ones but with Neptune so strategically aligned, you will immediately see the higher intent and be able to access some peace and healing in a potential upheaval. The more emoting the better. The more emotion, the greater the gift bestowed in the experience.

Honest exchanges transform everything, positively so!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

This New Year initiates with your kind of intensity. Action Mars has just entered Aries and is due to drive your Soul forward with neck-breaking speed in the next six weeks. Two eclipse are also on the docket, the first of which is a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on Saturday, Jan. 5. This eclipse is within arms reach of your ruler Pluto and is energizing a powerful close to one chapter while energizing something powerfully brand new. Something has reached the ceiling of its potential and you are now bridging the gap into a new realm of expression. It may be that you are evolving in the way you are expressing yourself or the message that you wish to send is expanding. With Venus in your sign, the planet that holds value and meaning, you are clear as a bell about what means the most to you at this juncture. Venus makes a strong statement with her penetrating angle to the North Node, reflecting a Soul connection deepening, one that is being brought forward with you in your journey.

Let LOVE lead the way and a whole new intimate world will open all the way up!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

You’ve got just the right energy that you need at your wings to send something passionately in flight as action Mars has entered fellow fire sign Aries. I came across a quote that has inspired me over the years although where I found it currently escapes me, “Go to God with your hair on fire or don’t go at all.” The same message exists for you this week to go into this week with your Soul on fire or don’t go at all. You go with a sense of urgency because time is of the essence. Every moment matters and every minute is priceless. A New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on Saturday, Jan. 5, is busting down all the doors that have created an energy of separation between you and the other side. Anything that you have collected along the way that is not naturally adding onto you can be stripped away. Ahh, now wouldn’t that be nice if it could all happen in one sitting? This is about continuing to de-condition and unwrap the old until you are left with your pure and passionate emotional center. Loving Venus is in Scorpio in your house of the heavens and is forming a healing angle to the North Node in Cancer, the symbol for your future. Mercury in your sign combines with his higher octave Uranus to reach new heights of awareness that will energize a revolutionary wind at your back.

Go global, travel international and cross country lines. No limits now Sag, just how you like it!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

Mars has just entered Aries and he is lighting a fire in your emotional body, letting you know where there is still work to be done, at home and within your inner home where your tender hearts dwells. Remember Cappy, if you are feeling vulnerable, this is the space where it all starts. This is the space where you stay until you can experience a visceral shift. The healing energy of Neptune sits well within your grasp during a New Moon Eclipse in your sign on Saturday, Jan. 5, revealing a channel where you can safely travel to the other side of an historic pain. It will allow you to see it for what it is and to glean from the teachings that were intended for the evolutionary benefit of your Soul.

This week you experience your own Eureka moment when you seek within for answers, or via alternative pathways, and it will be just the medicine you need to launch into the new unfettered and free!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

You are well equipped to fly solo when following your Soul’s pursuits but you are sure to quicken your evolutionary clip when you combine with others who are after the same thing and wired in the same way. I realize it may feel to take an entire lifetime to find your tribe due to your unique nature but they are out there and you connect in a flash this week. One plus one may equal two but energetically speaking you will experience the phenomena of one plus one equals infinity. It could be an idea that merges with another idea that knows no bounds. It could be a long lost friend from lifetimes ago that unexpectedly appears on your path, or it could be a vision that you have that is fed a surprisingly innovative surge that you didn’t see coming. Mars has also just entered Aries and will be there for the next six weeks to help drive your communications and ideas fast and forward. A New Moon Eclipse in Capricorn on Saturday, Jan. 5, suggests you will only be limited by your imagination which means there are no limits.

Surrender to what you sense yet cannot see and it will springboard you into the wild and brand new!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

The very last thing any Soul wishes to leave this world with is regret. When you are no longer here on Earth and have reached the other side, you will reflect back at every turn and will hope to be proud of the choices you made. We all wish we could see people more clearly or change choices made in our past but a prevailing wish that re-surfaces for so many is, “I wish I had the courage to be honest.” Truths will be told with this in mind in the New Year with Jupiter squaring your ruler Neptune and this week Mercury in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries to get the ball rolling. Lean into this week with the desire to have no regrets. It’s about taking risks and taking charge of your evolution. A New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn this Saturday, Jan. 5, energizes a chance to stand out and catch someone by surprise. You may go toe to toe with some kind of authority who has the power to make you or break you and you are going to show them what you are worth, which is priceless. Loving Venus is in fellow water sign Scorpio and aligning in fluid fashion to the North Node in Cancer, the symbol for your destiny. Go all in with the purity of your whole heart and you just might experience the Gods making a few chess moves on your behalf.

This time the light wins!

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