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Starcast for the week beginning January 16th, 2019

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

It may typically be somewhat of a breeze for you to move-on Aries, but this week the past can come to be one of the hardest things in the world to shake. Your ruler Mars is in your sign and is squaring Saturn in Capricorn, bringing you head to head with the stuff that you just can’t get past or free up. Fortunately, a Total Full Moon Eclipse in fellow fire sign Leo late in the west on the eve of Sunday, Jan. 20, is calling for a full court press to break through the barrier of old. You are also being gifted with some extra celestial offerings as Mars aligns in perfect harmony to loving Venus and growth promoting Jupiter in fellow fire sign Sagittarius, granting you with the vision you need to have hope and the energetic fuel necessary for the road ahead. The truth of what you want and need will be speaking to you through that body of yours, so feel into those spaces where the wisdom waits to be unleashed. Saturn is also well aligned to high road Neptune, allowing you to take steps to elevate your life or at the very least to gain view of the larger picture.

This week has it all: passion, gain, pain and pleasure. There is no telling what will happen first, next, or in what order. I guarantee Aries, you will find a way to make the very best of it!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

While you ride this emotional wave in the middle of the current eclipse cycle, you are receiving extra juice from Mars as he forms a strong energetic current of support to your ruler Venus. Not only that, Venus is progressively gaining on abundantly wise Jupiter to help you double down on some timely good fortune. The energy that is working for you now has a great deal to do with what you are energizing on the inner planes. When you expand your consciousness and open your field of vision, it has a way of inviting a whole new reality into your world. A Full Moon Eclipse in Leo is also on its way late in the west on Sunday, Jan 20, in your house of home and the emotional body. It does tend to call in the unexpected but it can be a surprise that you welcome. You will be far better off by releasing your hold on something as opposed to gripping onto it for dear life.You only fear what you don’t know and cannot yet see.

Let this eclipse show you the power of that space known as "all that IS still possible"!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

You may find that you are clinging to obligations and responsibilities in ways that are weighing and wearing on you. Your ruler Mercury is in Capricorn and is conjunct the South Node, the symbol for your past. Mars in Aries is also progressively squaring Saturn in Capricorn, which means fears may be getting the better of you. You will be swinging between a feeling of resistance and your desire for total freedom to fly into the great wide open. Fortunately, generous Jupiter and Venus will be joined in the coming week while forming a highly favorable angle to Mars in Aries, all within tight proximity to the coming Total Supermoon Eclipse in Leo late in the west on the eve of Sunday, Jan. 20. This is bound to stimulate new life and growth within your most committed connections. This lunar opening will be activating your heart in ways that allow you to speak from this place more intimately and passionately. There is so much power in the ethers to bust through old patterns and debilitating dynamics in your relationships now. Commit to being done with all that limits and binds and open the door to a realm of wild possibilities.

Follow the most natural path to get there!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

What will it take to make you whole? How much energy are you putting into sustaining your center and building upon your emotional base, which includes your natural talents and innate strengths. You have flames of planetary support to tend to those natural embers so feel into the fire that lights your greatest desire and follow it fervently. Mars in Aries is in epic support to loving Venus and expansive Jupiter, but he also squares Saturn during the Total Supermoon Eclipse in Leo late in the west on Sunday, Jan. 20. This may create challenges in key committed connections or else you may not be feeling like you are getting back all that you are putting forth, so you will be checking in with your heart on the subject. The more you love yourself, the more the world around you will come to love you too. Minimize your dependencies and the abundance will naturally flow.

Once you have optimally energized your inner  home-base, a high energetic output will lead to a greater return on your total investment; in heart, body and Soul!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

You are the star of the show this week Leo. A Total Supermoon eclipse in your sign is on its way late in the west on the eve of Sunday, Jan. 20. It marks brand new sparks that are sure to set your heart on fire and you may find yourself emotionally taken over by a palpable feeling of passion. It will require you to move away from some of the old mental programming where doubt was dusting out your flame. Mars in fellow fire sign Aries is squaring rigid Saturn in Capricorn which may have a way of activating old fears, but he is also forming phenomenal angles of support to loving Venus and generous Jupiter in fellow fire sign Sagittarius, and you just cannot get better than that energetic combination. You can be at your all time best this week if you steer away from the suffocating confines of rules that were made to be broken or authority figures who think they know it all. Trust yourself and the inherent potential that you know you embody and possess.

Allow your passions to burn down any barrier that has historically gotten in your way, then you will show the world what it really means to shine!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

The energy may feel to be downright intense and all over the place this week but your heart is feeling more committed than ever. Maybe it’s this bolt in energy that is driving your passion forward, reminding you of the value of every living breathing moment. Your ruler Mercury will first cross over Pluto, the planet of the Soul, and then he will cross over the South Node, the symbol for the past, in time-bound Capricorn. There is a feeling of growing ambition that is stirring deep within you, and you are also feeling a charge in your heart to embrace your future with more determination and devotion. Action Mars is in Aries and combining with great ease to loving Venus and generous Jupiter in your house of the emotional body, allowing you to find refuge and comfort either at home or in the company of women. You will be feeling the power of what it means to evolve through these emotional spaces and with a Total Supermoon Eclipse in Leo, you are granting yourself the luxury to dream without limits. Don’t doubt for a second that you can’t have it.

Feed the absolute ideal and this week, you get a flash of feedback that something is possible!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

You continue to bump up against the ceiling in a key connection and nothing appears to be able to budge, but this week shows you an avenue and a way through. Action Mars is squaring Saturn which is forcing your Soul to have to deal with some hard emotional content, perhaps related to your family of origin. When patterns repeat to a fault, it can take an extreme to counteract an extreme. It can only go on this way for so long. Communicating with others may feel like pulling teeth as certain Souls can become so fixed in their resentment and resistance that they are more invested in defending their position then they are in making things better. Fortunately, your ruler Venus in Sagittarius is partnering with courageous Mars in Aries and working her way to merging with generous Jupiter. This offers the best possible outcome in a hard situation. It may not make it perfect but it can open up an opportunity that just wasn’t there before. It may take a wake-up call for someone to realize what they have.

A Total Supermoon Eclipse in Leo late in the west on the eve on Sunday, Jan. 20, shocks someone’s heart into talking, they realize the enormous benefit that your heart brings and it changes things from here on out!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

Your future is calling but not before some left over threads from your past are clipped. Mars in Aries is squaring Saturn in Capricorn, reminding you where you are feeling limited in your life. It may be that you are contractually bound in some way and yet you are feeling a need for freedom like never before. Mars is also aligning expansively to loving Venus and abundant Jupiter to promote all that you are worth. You must be feeling valued for your wisdom and your craft. This is all well and good but something is tugging on you, something in you wants more. A Total Supermoon Eclipse in Leo is looming and will occur late in the west on the eve of Jan. 20, in your house of career and the public self. You may be offered something you cannot pass up or your work life may change directions suddenly. Passion for something is not your problem, this week it will be too much passion and not enough freedom that creates a feeling of being hemmed in. The dream is possible, it is just going to require a bit more patience and time. Continue chipping away at it.

The universe will be matching your efforts, which means you will be there in no time!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

You will be reminded this week that the journey is far more valuable when you can share life’s milestones with the ones you love. Mars in fellow sign Aries is forming an angle of stress to serious Saturn in Capricorn, which may be putting added pressure on you to perform in some way, but you are finding that your efforts are worth their weight in gold and you are moving some meaningful mountains. Mars is also forming auspicious angles to Venus and your generous ruler Jupiter in your sign, these two planets happen to be the most benevolent planets in our solar system. There is long term promise in what you are setting in motion this year and it carries an international influence. At the very least, it will generate a personal feeling of inner growth and expansion that you have not experienced in quite some time, as if your consciousness is developing greater worldly awareness. It can be highly favorable for all forms of relationships and allow you to more effortlessly work through any apparent snag. A Total Supermoon Eclipse in Leo late on Sunday, Jan. 20, has you expanding your horizons with respect to your creative life purpose in ways that you had not expected.

You will be putting your time in Sag, but it will prove to be a labor of love that manifests as an ultimate feeling of wealth within!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

You may be feeling your energy lag and dip some this week Cappy as a result of feeling as if there is not nearly enough time on the clock for everything you want to do. Action Mars in Aries squares your ruler Saturn in your sign which can also mean something or someone is getting in the way of what you want. There may also feel to be unfinished business from your past that remains and without tending to it, you cannot think about the future for a moment. Mercury is in Capricorn and in the next week will be crossing over Pluto, the planet of the Soul, as well as the South Node, the symbol for the past, suggesting there are conversations that need to occur so the air can be cleared. It won’t take much to trigger you this week as you may be feeling like a tightly coiled spring, so be mindful of what you are still holding onto. Fortunately, Loving Venus, Jupiter and Mars all combine in fire signs to create a rapid channel for processing hot and heated emotion which is due to free you up considerably. A Total Supermoon Eclipse in Leo in your house of empowerment late on Sunday eve in the west on Jan. 20, is going to let your heart  know where and how to direct your energy. Forgiveness of yourself and others is the ticket to your freedom this week. The full benefit flows once those sentiments are voiced and spoken.

Your turnstile is waiting!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

You are feeling ever so restless to take flight but there is still too much baggage weighing down your Soul engine. Mars in Aries is squaring Saturn in Capricorn, and Mercury, also in Capricorn, is traveling over Pluto and the South Node, the symbol for the past. Your Soul is still sifting through all that it wants to release and if you do not do the honors, the universe will swiftly step in and do it for you. It always feels better when we are in charge of how it all happens but this is eclipse season so there are larger forces clearly at play this week. You are in transition between severing old emotional ties and flying into your next galaxy. Mars in Aries is also aligning seamlessly with loving Venus and expansive Jupiter in Sagittarius, making your connections and your communication paramount now. A Total Supermoon Eclipse in Leo late in the eve on Sunday, Jan. 20, in your house of relationships, suggests someone that you know has the potential to change your life in dramatic fashion. It may be too that the nature of one of your relationships changes in loving status. Eclipses can feel like your life is a revolving door, just remember that whatever is occurring, even if abrupt, it is your Soul that is calling the shots.

Do know that there is a plethora of cosmic plenty to make the new truly benefit you!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

This week is going to work out just the way you like it. It can be a hard emotional hit when those things you were dreaming about were nothing more than an illusion, but when there is real hope for the dream to become reality, well now we’re talkin’. Your ruler dreamy Neptune is in your sign and receiving ample support from secure Saturn in Capricorn to help grant you status on the Soul climb. If you have been exercising a dedicated discipline and investing pure energy into a desired vision for your future, you are going to experience some timely validation that you are right on track. A Total Supermoon Eclipse in Leo late on Sunday in the west on Jan. 20, increases your passion to improve your position on this destined road you are embarking upon. Mars in Aries is squaring Saturn which means you may be pushed to the test, but Mars is also aligning exceptionally well with loving Venus and Jupiter in your house of recognition. Stay focused, channeling your desires with deliberate intent, and you will get noticed in ways like never before.

"It's all about the climb!"

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