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Starcast for the week beginning March 27th, 2019

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

It’s a big week for energy shifts. For starters, Mercury stations direct in Pisces on Thursday, March 28. It will take a few weeks to feel fully clear of the haze and Mercury will not finally enter your sign until April 17. However, loving Venus and Uranus connect electrically at the onset of this forecast week and that allows for either spontaneous healing to take place or the potential to make a connection with someone that helps you secure steps toward fulfilling a dream. It will equal an ‘out of the blue’ experience that catches you by stunning surprise. Your ruler Mars leaves plodding Taurus and enters restless Gemini on Sunday, March 31, to speed up some of your communications and negotiations, or it will at least give you word of where things are headed.

You are slowly but surely emerging out of the great unknown, and that alone will stoke a fire of welcomed relief!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

Action Mars is spending his final days in your sign, so be sure to use the extra oomph wherever you see fit. He has set a desire or two in motion, a fire has been lit, and now it is simply time to follow the heat. Mars enters Gemini on Sunday, March 31, in your house of how you earn, to help you multitask and maximize profits. Better even yet, your ruler Venus just entered Pisces and is plugged into Uranus in your sign to offer an added push in a liberating direction. Life so often comes down to ‘who you know’ versus ‘what you know’, and this week someone you know will be your reason for access and entry. Also, Mercury, the planet of communication, stations direct in Pisces on Thursday, March 28, and will have you potentially turning on your heels as a result of discovering a more desirable alternate plan. Flashes of insight are flying, so be sure to pay attention to the very thing they are illuminating.

The obvious follows!


GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

You Gemini, along with the rest of the world, will be happy to know that your ruler Mercury is stationing direct in Pisces on Thursday, March 28, after a highly elusive month. Life may not have felt to have gone as planned and some of you may even be feeling like a victim of circumstance or experiencing misfortune as a result of someone else’s decisions, but life is sure to straighten itself out again before too long. Venus has just entered Pisces and aligns effortlessly with Uranus as we approach the weekend to help you energize an alternative approach, as well as to reveal a person who can help you successfully navigate through the maze. Action Mars also enters your sign on Sunday, March 31, which will bring out the warrior in you and fuel you with all you need to go after something tooth and nail. Your good fortune will be linked with the benefits of someone you know, as Jupiter still graces the halls of your house of relationships.

It may take a few weeks for things to totally unravel and unwind, as Mercury recovers steps within the shadow, but by mid April, you will have turned an exceptionally encouraging corner!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

Weave in the water in all you do Cancer, for the tenderness within your emotional body is your greatest strength. Mercury retrograde in Pisces has helped you access more of the heights as well as the depths of your feeling nature and it is time to use this energy as leverage. With Mercury stationing direct in fellow water sign Pisces on Thursday, March 28, you will be able to use your emotions as a teacher as well as a guide. Much can be gleaned from recent retreat and reflection and put into clear action in the days ahead. Loving Venus has also just entered Pisces and she courageously partners with lightening- loaded Uranus as we head into the weekend. Brainstorms will be treasured under this trend as well as being able to finally barrel through a barrier that had previously been impenetrable. Mars enters Gemini in your house of dreams on Sunday, March 31, fueling your desire for growth in every possible direction, which will help you bridge the distance between you and something beyond your reach.

Your future may very well feel to open up just as soon as this forecast week begins!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

You came out of the womb with a special sense of destiny and with Jupiter in fellow fire sign Sagittarius, it is having a way of expanding your awareness of what that actually means. Life may have been feeling uncertain or you may have been feeling to be backtracking in ways in the past month with Mercury retrograde in Pisces, in your house of the Soul, but Mercury stations direct on Thursday, March 28, and will progressively be helping you recover your footing. Change-maker Uranus is in your house of career and will have you ‘feeling the love’ early on with Venus entering Pisces at the onset of this forecast week. This will prove to open a door or two and get you in touch with someone who has the power to pull some strings. Action Mars exits Taurus and enters Gemini, in your house of innovation, this Sunday, March 31, which will have you thinking and connecting way outside your usual box. Prepare for a few unusual downloads that may just be a wealth of ideas worth saving. It may take a few weeks to clear those misty skies but there will be plenty of life to fall in love with between now and then.

Think of things 'out of this world' to fill those uncertain spaces and your search will have you coming back for more!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

Your ruler Mercury has been on holiday in Pisces which means, in ways, so have you. For some it has been a creative time and for others an overly taxed immune system may have forced you to surrender and sit this one out. Relationships have been under further review with some of the idle time pressing on you to question whether or not those essential needs are being met. The next step is being able to ask for and express what you need. Amazing timing really, as loving Venus enters Pisces as well on Tuesday, March 26, suggesting you may discover the key that allows for more of the love to rush in. Mars, the planet of desire, exits fellow earth sign Taurus and enters Gemini in your house of career and the public self on Sunday, March 31, energizing a greater feeling of ambition and focus in areas of creative expression, whether you are painting, dancing or writing.

You have a story to tell, as well as a gift to express, one that is waiting to be witnessed and heard!


LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

Uranus in Taurus is positively partnering with your ruler Venus in Pisces between now and Friday, March 29, which is certain to offer a breakthrough in love or money, but for some, this could very well change everything. Imagine for a moment that you have been terribly sick and then all of a sudden you find the right medicine. How you then experience the world changes over night. When you feel good, you will naturally experience the world with more color and shine. Uranus is going to fix something that feels broken in a blink and you find your attention steering away from the shadow and leaning more into the light. Mercury has been retrograde in Pisces and is now joined with Neptune, the ruler for Pisces, making this world feel wildly uncertain. Mercury stations direct on Thursday, March 28, and will progressively emerge from the mist and help you find your way into the clear again. Action Mars also enters fellow air sign Gemini on Sunday, March 31, to grant you with more energy and drive and to help restore a greater feeling of optimism again. If life has felt to be falling apart in places, it’s going to find a way to be put back together again.

This week will bear fruit that is living proof of better things to come!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

Your Soul may be asking much of you, but you have more than enough planetary pull in the near future to make something fly. Mercury in Pisces is conjunct elusive Neptune and will be stationing direct on Thursday, March 28. This is a bit like trying to ski in a heavy fog with no sight one foot in front of you. You may have zero ability to know what approaches or what is inches from your tail, but I can assure you, the weather forecast is certain to change. This week starts out with an energetic jewel as loving Venus just entered  fellow water sign Pisces and aligns with precision to Uranus in your house of relationships, creating a cosmic charge on the love front. It would be similar to meeting someone new that changes your life unexpectedly or falling in love with a passion that keeps your heart thumping hard. There is a strong burst in the ethers that is destined to invite someone into your life that stimulates your steps, or else an experience that you share with a partner that forever alters your connection, in the best possible way. Mars enters Gemini on Sunday, March 31, in your house of the Soul and is certain to draw you deeper into your power in this world.

Surrender to magnetic forces!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

You are full-on fire baby, and the very last thing you want to find yourself in is a sleepy slumber. Mercury has been retrograde in Pisces while rocking back and forth over dreamy Neptune, which can make the Soul want to retreat and sign up for eternal vacation. It certainly does not offer a road for clear direction, and frankly, a part of you may not feel to really care because you are lacking the energy to go after it. Fortunately, Mercury stations direct on Thursday, March 28, and will finally cross in front of Neptune again on Tuesday, April 2. Mercury will not enter fellow fire sign Aries until April 17, so some things may still be up in the air between now and then, although becoming clearer by the day. Loving Venus has entered Pisces in your house of home and the emotional body and aligns magically with Uranus in Taurus as we head into the weekend, equaling a magical feeling formula that feeds you in timeless ways. It won’t take much to fill you all the way up. Less is more and simple is best. A little yoga,  some meditation, and getting lost in nature comes to mind.

Everything can be found within one perfect single moment!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

Now that electric Uranus is in fellow earth sign Taurus, you have long term support to energize the transformational change that you seek. Uranus is really just getting started and this week you will be reminded of this influence, as loving Venus has entered Pisces and aligns seamlessly with Uranus to energize a heart opening conversation that catches you by great surprise. Information that is being downloaded from the ethers will be wired for sound and speed this week, so be sure to stay open so everything can drop in. This also bodes well for breakthroughs in communications that you have felt have gone radio silent and something suddenly gets the airwaves active again. Mercury is currently conjunct Neptune in Pisces and will station direct on Thursday, March 28, which in and of itself will show signs of life where something had felt to stop short. Mars exits fellow earth sign Taurus and enters Gemini on Sunday, March 31, so give these remaining days a final push.

More influential energy awaits on the horizon but use this fertile window early on to get an electric ball rolling!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

It may take some getting used to with your ruler Uranus transiting your house of home and the emotional body, as it tends to force you out of your head and into your feeling body. This can create an emotional rub and poke at those vulnerable corners that you didn’t even know existed. However, loving Venus just entered Pisces and is forming a favorable sextile to Uranus in your sign, to show you the benefits of cultivating your inner relationship to yourself. It may also potentially surprise you with a sudden surge in resources. Mercury retrograde in Pisces is merged with Neptune but stations direct on Thursday, March 28, and as the two planets progressively move forward, you will find you are able to build a more ideal reality with respect to your life’s work versus feeling like it's only a pipe dream. Action Mars enters fellow air sign Gemini on Sunday, March 31, injecting you with a greater feeling of confidence and this proves to help in just about every area of your life.

If you experience something that rings a bell, tune into it. Your memory is trying to help you build upon a rare find and a ripe opportunity!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

We may be moving through the sign of Aries, but the energy still carries a prominent Pisces vibration. Mercury has been retrograde in your sign, allowing you to re-consider your way forward and feel through what’s best. Mercury is currently forming a closing conjunction to your ruler Neptune in your sign, which energizes a full moon effect in order to bring something full circle. Mercury stations direct in Pisces on Thursday, March 28, and will not cross in front of Neptune until Tuesday, April 2, finally energizing a rush of initiation. Until then, some lingering fog may interfere with your steps. However, loving Venus has just entered your sign Pisces and she combines magically with Uranus for three days, certain to enhance your charm and put you in the good light with a key other. You become a star standout and timely communication offers information regarding where you rank in someone else’s eyes.

As soon as you remove attachment to an outcome you will blow open a world of better possibilities!

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