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Starcast for the week beginning January 15th, 2020

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ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

The pressure continues to mount in places with this historic Capricorn stellium still in place. The fast movers, such as the Sun and Mercury, are moving on this week, but Pluto and Saturn are laying down the foundation to support and sustain your Soul for the next chapter in your unfolding journey. The transiting South Node (past) and expansive Jupiter, are also still in Capricorn as well and working to help you recover your roots. In essence, Jupiter is working to align you with your inherent nature, where your individual capacities are unearthed and offered up to the world. Your greatest asset this week however, is your ruler, action-driven Mars, as he is traveling in fellow fire sign Sagittarius and giving you ample energy to push through the fear and emerge with courage. You may also feel a surge of  primal vitality, even amid a visceral weight of responsibility. Mercury enters Aquarius on Thursday, Jan.16, to help free your mind and have you coming up with novel ideas in how to exactly move forward. The Sun follows on Monday, Jan.19, granting you with an added solar flare to further energize your steps.

Exercising discipline along with accessing the natural warrior within will prove to be all you need to cover visible ground!

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TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

A little relief goes a very long way. It’s a bit like the Universe gifting you with breathing room after feeling crowded by people and timelines. Your ruler Venus just entered Pisces and is partnering magically with Uranus in your sign as we initiate this forecast week, giving you a time-out from it all or an opportunity to disappear from the scene. For some, this could equal getting lost in a good book, and for others, this could literally mean a spontaneous get-a-way. You know you need it. You will be back in the grind in no time, so use the first few days now to re-fuel and stimulate your senses, whatever you feel you need most. Cosmic roads look a bit frenetic upon entering the weekend, so if weather is contributing, give yourself extra time. What is most important to note Taurus, is that you still have three major players supporting your every step and a few more who are along for the ride and want you to prosper. The Capricorn stellium that has made history is backing your vision and keeping you secure in the long term picture. Trust the support that is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Breathe in deep and go!

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GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

So much Earth energy has had you feeling more serious than you are accustomed to. You prefer to dance versus being immersed in the emotionally laborious grind. You have been taken to depths you have not dared to travel in the past, and this week you will be shown signs that steps taken have not been in vain. Your ruler Mercury exits Capricorn, where he bore witness and offered counsel in the meeting of the minds. You have felt the gravity of key turns and you have also emerged feeling empowered for being a contributor toward how this karmic crossroads will play out. Mercury enters fellow air sign Aquarius on Thursday, Jan. 16, granting you with an immediate energy shift to offer you a world of welcomed objectivity. Many of you are experiencing major morphing within your relationship realm and with Mars in Sagittarius in your opposite sign, he will be speaking truths to you through your instinct. Pay close attention to the nature of the Souls who are entering your life now, as they may play a key role in your future.

Prepare to ‘be seen’ in a way you never have. This is certain to stop even you in your tracks!

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CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

Wherever you are, be there.” Life gets crazy, and at times it cane make being present’ a greater challenge than it seems. Loving Venus has just entered fellow water sign Pisces and is partnering with radical Uranus in supportive ways, reminding you to ‘stay above it’, and to always keep the bigger picture in mind, even in the midst of far too much going on. Venus will create an opening for escape, where you can bathe in a starry balm, even if only for a moment. She will remind you that this space of peace is always within reach. Brainstorming to support a better way forward, in a way that looks nothing like your past, will also come easily early on, so when the surge of energy strikes, be sure to follow it with a pen. Relationships across the board are going through a deep metamorphoses as well, encouraging you to ask for what you need, and to experience more balance where there has been little to none. Go all in when it’s time, but be sure to say ‘peace out’, when you have had enough.

It's all about balance, and this week you may just get it!

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LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

Evolving is hard work, and nobody knows this better than you. A historical line-up of planets in Capricorn have been filling your house of improvements, health and hard work. It can create the feeling as though you are carrying the weight of the world on your back, and this can take a toll on any Soul. Fortunately, innovative Uranus has been feeding you with alternative ways to make a difference and it can turn those long hours into a labor of love. But the best part of all is that warrior Mars is in fellow fire sign Sagittarius, and it is lighting a fire in your heart, and we all know what happens when your heart is aglow, you light up the world. There will be plenty of sparks flying this week, some that you will want to cling to and others that may make you want to run. Just keep your truth deep in your stride and you will land right where you want to be. This week is not only about initiation but about follow-through. Take it all the way and you will burn bright in someone’s loving memory!

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VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

Life may feel to be softening in places as loving Venus has just entered sweet Pisces, the sign of the dreamer, and she is luring you in and encouraging you to take more epic care of yourself. She will also prompt others to step in and possibly bathe you in some overdue bliss. Venus partners with Uranus in the first few days of this forecast week to invite either some unexpected contact from a cherished friend or the Universe gives you the cosmic nod for a space of reprieve, even if that time allotted sits in the distance. At the very least, it will be something to look forward to. Your ruler Mercury pulls away from the pack of planets in Capricorn and enters innovative Uranus on Thursday, Jan. 16, which may have you back to work on something tedious that you would rather not wrestle with, but you know it’s only temporary. Just keep moving forward and your steady efforts will do your heart some good as you earn yourself a special break the weekend of Jan. 24. Either that, or you are working so cleverly at something that you have no desire to stop. This current Capricorn stellium is also helping you establish critical Soul steps that will contribute momentally in the months ahead. May every thought blossom into a wish that becomes fulfilled!

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LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

First things first. Your ruler, beautiful Venus, just entered heavenly Pisces and is benefiting by an electric charge from Uranus. It can be experienced as receiving a gift in unexpected fashion and at an unexpected time. Those special slices in space can lead to moments worth living for. It’s like dreaming the perfect dream and even upon waking, the dream felt like a gift all by itself, even in the knowing that the dream would not continue. It reminds me of the experience of being visited by someone who has crossed over. They may come in the form of a dream but their visit could not feel to be more real. Some spirits may even leave their favorite scent in the air before they go. The gifts that are being granted to you now are timeless, the kind of offering that lingers in the halls of your heart, even long after the gift is gone. On a more personal note, this is a time for healing your own emotional body and experiencing the lift from the knowing you have already turned a seriously hard corner. Mercury enters fellow air sign Libra on Thursday, Jan. 16, sending out a surprise message that may soon change everything for the better.

Look to the weekend of Jan. 24, for more of what you love to land in your lap!

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SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

Slowly but surely, you are making your mark. If the ink has not dried, you are making your way there. Your ruler Pluto is still merged with Saturn. While these two planets will be convening off and on the entirety of 2020, this week marks a line of initiation that will be cultivated in the months ahead. Never again will Saturn assert this kind of pressure to your ruler Pluto, al least not for another thirty-three year. In thirty-three years, Pluto and Saturn will be in Pisces, helping you bring beautiful closure to something on this journey. So when you ruminate about your life and what lies ahead, think of time in these terms. What do you want to accomplish in the next thirty-three year? There is still a lot of life left to live and a great deal of headway to make. Loving Venus just entered fellow water sign Pisces and is plugged into electric Uranus, stimulating your connections to bring new life to old ways. This may also invite someone new into your world who changes your life. Something wakes you up and may have you changing gears, as well as lanes, encouraging you to honor a morphing process. Eternal things are worth a steady pursuit with unwavering determination.

Make what you do now be something you are proud of for lifetimes to come!

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SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

You are returning back as you are making your way forward. Jupiter, your wise ruler, is leading you into your past to help you recover more of the colors in your kaleidoscope. This highly rare Capricorn stellium is encouraging you to take your evolution so seriously that unless you are actively unveiling layers of your personal truth every day, you will feel you are wasting your time. With action Mars in your sign and Jupiter on the South Node, it is motivating you to access the courage to ‘be as you are’ and to not apologize for how you were created. Loving Venus has entered innocent Pisces as well, which is bringing out your soft side and allowing you to tap into emotions that validate the sheer beauty of your nature with all that makes you unique in this world. There may be moments when you may come to doubt some sudden leaps and liberating steps, but do trust in the discomfort and forgive any hard feelings you may have. With Mars in Sagittarius, it’s like mounting a horse and being handed the reins. A primal instinct is destined to be reborn.

Leave your mind behind and your inner stallion will take care of the rest!

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CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

You are experiencing an evolutionary transition between the past and the newly drafted future that your Soul is sketching, and in some cases has firmly committed to. There may still be residue and remnants, boxes you have left to unpack and things meant for you to finally ‘do away with’, but a big chunk of something has been dealt with. It may also be you are living with the aftermath of a major decision or you have dipped into one of those boxes and what you discovered inside warrants some follow-through. The biggest question becomes, what from your past would you like to remain in the past? Action Mars is in Sagittarius in your house of closure and finally putting something to rest. So while you are taking strides to start anew, there will be some overlap in the next month or so. Loving Venus is now in dreamy Pisces and connecting with joy and relief to Uranus at the onset of this forecast week, someone’s actions are certain to have caught you by sweet surprise. It will be moments like these that make those mountains worth the climb. Allow the healing momentum to continue and you will step into this next stage with less weight and far more fire!

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AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

The first few days of this forecast week are offering you a treasured and timeless gift. Your ruler Uranus is energizing miraculous moments as a result of forming an angle of grace to loving Venus in Pisces, which in some cases may very well have you pinching yourself. Mercury frees himself from the Capricorn crunch and enters your sign as well on Thursday, Jan. 16, but then squares your ruler as we enter the weekend. This energy can induce an air of angst or mental disruption, especially if you are out on the road. You may also need to make a split decision without a moment’s notice, so be mindful of space and time. It may also be that your mind is working on overdrive and you cannot seem to slow it down, or better yet, turn it off. However, great favor forms the following weekend, Jan. 24, with a New Moon in your sign and Mercury in Aquarius partnering with Mars in free-spirited Sagittarius.

This is when your fresh start. that is seasoned with a dollop of  hope, can begin!

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PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

Good news beckons. Loving Venus is now in your fabulous sign Pisces and she wants nothing more than to shower you with love and affirmation for all that you bring to this world, as she forms a highly favorable angle to Uranus. Something you have invested your heart and Soul into may circle back echoing accolades and validation. You may also hear from the very last person you would expect and it opens doors that lead to tremendous breakthroughs in your journey. Connections you have made along the way may also prove to be fruitful and a strong validation of this fact comes through this week. Mercury leaves the steady pace of Capricorn and enters Aquarius on Thursday, Jan. 16, and immediately forms a frenetic square to Uranus just before the weekend, energizing the potential for a change in plans, so be open and adaptable. It may also trigger a conversation with someone that you are not feeling ready to have. Things may feel unfinished but there will be a chance you are caught off guard.

The seas will calm and more openings for fluid conversation and flow will resume by the middle of next week. Know what you want before it starts and you will get exactly what you need!

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