Aquarius Aquarius

July 3 ~ July 17

There is something about the feeling of having to stare at something unfinished until the day finally comes when you see it done. What a rush; so worth the work and the grind. Better yet, a loved one, a pet, or even your favorite tree has been sick and you love it back to health or the sunshine does it for you. It’s about living with a process that works out well and better than how it began. A New Moon in Cancer on Friday, July 5, in your house of projects or fixing what feels broken, has you feeling encouraged about a welcome sea-change of energy. Action Mars is in Taurus in your house of the inner and outer home and can force you into those emotional waters, but Saturn in Pisces is throwing you a line and keeping you growing and stable in the process. It may be too that you are either working from your abode on something that is a labor of love, or working on your home itself to improve its function and beauty. It’s about nurturing the spaces where you dwell and having them hold you in the process. It helps that loving Venus is moving through this same sector to enhance how your home feels and by Wednesday, July 10 ~ early Thursday, July 11, she trines her higher octave, Neptune in Pisces, inviting an emotional opening that leads to a total surrender, so essential for those healing rivers to move. Amazing how this precedes a Venus/Pluto opposition shortly following. The peace you are looking for is on the other side of the pain you don’t want to feel ~ The Universe. Pluto is in your sign and will be opposing Venus in Leo on Thursday, July 11, which likely will have you swept up in the feeling residue of relationships from the past. You may be required to sift through what still needs to be kneaded and seen more clearly, along with feeling into every spec of the experience. An actual encounter may also occur, one that is both fated and necessary. Venus moves fast, and so will the feelings that get stirred up, as this loving force fires up your house of relationships and has your heart flying open and on fire again. Jupiter in fellow air sign Gemini is forming angles of precision and ease to the Nodes in the next two weeks, and it will have your words flowing like a river that knows exactly where it’s going. Lastly, Mars in Taurus catches up to your ruler Uranus on Monday July 15, sending a sudden charge into your nervous system that gets you moving on a heightened track as this pairing receives some heavenly support from Neptune at one wing and the life-giving Sun at the other.

Change yourself and you will do your part in changing the world. ~ Yogananda



July 2: Neptune in Pisces stations retrograde ~ Dec. 7: Old structures dissolve and hidden potential emerges.
July 2: Mercury enters Leo: 5:46 am ~ July 25: Express yourself creatively and passionately.
July 5: New Moon in Cancer, 3:57 pm (14:23 Cancer): Nurture your inner space.
July 10-11 Venus Trines Neptune: Higher Love.
July 11: Venus enters Leo: 9:18 am ~ August 4: More love, more color, more sunshine & more joy.
July 15: Uranus conjuncts Mars in Taurus: Channel this energy wisely. Watch reactions. Innovative bursts. Unexpected financial swings, and the potential for surprises. Anything goes under the Sun.


Allow me to flow through you unrestricted and you will experience the greatest magic you have ever known.

~ The Universe


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