Aquarius Aquarius

February 28 ~ March 13  Are we ever really ready for the changes we seek? It can be as exciting as it is nerve-racking. A combination of being on edge with an inner sense of invisible support is just the right energetic atmosphere for accelerated growth. We need that balance of tension and true belief in ourselves to pursue a cherished dream. The first question is always, what is it worth to you? If it is invaluable, then why? The why will be your unmatched motivator. This was deeply imprinted in you during the Pluto, Mars, Venus conjunction in your sign on and around Thursday, Feb. 22, although the energies became heightened as soon as the Sun escorted Pluto into Aquarius back on Saturday, January 20, 2024.  I read a quote that reminded me of you. “Something will never be the same, thank God it won’t be.” It took me a few passes to get the (+) message. It is a relief to know you will never have to experience a certain unwanted again. So, what does progress look like for you? Let something end, and you can have that progress in a flash. We finish February this year on the 29th, as we are gifted a bonus in time. May this day reflect your Soul accessing the courage to take a timely leap. The Sun, Saturn and Mercury are having a soak in Pisces while Jupiter in Taurus is serving them tea for the day. This is your invitation to nurture what needs to be fed within you. Take a time-out if need be, because we move into March with the speed of life increasing, and potentially suddenly. Both Mars and Venus are still transiting through your sign and pulling ahead together, increasing your chances for getting more of what you want and need, yet each will square your ruler Uranus in the early days of March. First, Venus squares Uranus on Sunday, March 3, and then Mars squares Uranus on Saturday, March 9, which can take life to an extreme, but in an attempt to keep all things in balance: an intense tuning fork. Mars in Aquarius will form a strengthening angle to the Nodes on Tuesday, March 5, to keep you in your lane and moving in the direction that suits your Soul, but it will require you to hold intently onto the wheel and keep your eye on the road. Mercury enters Aries the same day that Mars squares Uranus Saturday, March 9, which can give you that skating on thin ice feeling, yet Mercury offers added oxygen to keep the fire lit and active within you. Only light can lead you through. A New Moon in Pisces follows on Sunday, March 10, and it is coupled with the electric influence of your ruler Uranus forming a supportive sextile to this lunar opening. I can already hear you whispering, “There is a God.”

Take the road less traveled, especially if it means raising the consciousness of the planet, and you will be witnessing the truth of the sentiment above at every turn!



Friday, Feb. 29, LEAP DAY: Saturn, Sun, Mercury conjunction in Pisces while sextiling Jupiter in Taurus ~ Growing optimism in building a dream. Laying down a foundation for a greater ideal. Take a Leap!

Sunday, March 3: Venus in Aquarius Squares Uranus in Taurus ~  relationship and financials potentially bumpy.

Monday, March 4: Mercury in Pisces Sextiles Uranus in Taurus ~ Communications smooth things fast.

Tuesday, March 5: Mars in Aquarius Trines the North Node in Aries ~ Follow your instinct, courage returns.

Friday, March 8: Mercury Conjuncts Neptune in Pisces ~ turn to healing/nurturing thoughts and activities. Peace-making using talking stick.

Saturday, March 9: Mars in Aquarius Squares Uranus in Taurus ~ more unpredictable tides, potential for sudden direction change. Motivations of others revealed. Electrical interruptions.

Saturday, March 9: Mercury enters Aries ~ Launch your ideas, voice yourself through action.

Sunday, March 10: NEW MOON IN PISCES ~ Rise & Energize Peace. Wide-Open Potential for Healing Change!



I honor the place in you where the entire Universe resides,

the place of love and light

of peace and truth

where when you are in that place in you and

I am in that place in me

we are in the same place.