Aquarius Aquarius

September 20 ~ October 4  Even with every outer planet still retrograde, and recently Mercury following suit, you have felt a freeing up of energy, especially as it relates to your interactions with others, as desire-driven Mars has been combing through your connections while transiting through compatible air sign Libra. A fire has been lit and the heat is keeping the embers of attraction burning bright. Venus in your opposite sign of Leo is increasing your appeal as the potential for more love continues to fly into your orbit until October 8. Mercury is now direct in Virgo as of Friday, Sept. 15, and while it will take until the end of September to clear its own shadow, Mercury is forming three strong angles of support to let you know the landscapes are improving. At the very least, you will receive a noteworthy sign that the tides are turning in a more productive direction. Mercury is carrying a key that opens the back door to your heart, and this natural expansion of energy bridges an emotional gap that leads directly into your Soul. Feeling sparks are repairing emotional short-circuits with gold and it has you trusting more in an evolving process. Next week proceeds with a ballooning of emotional energy as the Moon grows and becomes Full in Aries on Friday, Sept. 29, while the same day, Venus in Leo squares your ruler Uranus in Taurus. This increases the degree of unpredictability in relationships, and it can also reflect your own uncertainty when it comes to love. Perhaps there is a fear of being vulnerable that has you pulling away? Mars in Libra reminds you that courage does not just happen all on its own, it must be cultivated. So, get your hands in the dirt and feel the fertile life of what this rich soil offers for greener growth. Access the courage to dig deeper. Mercury in Virgo will also be pulling out all the stops on Saturday, Sept. 30, in his outreach to his higher octave, your ruler Uranus, amid this Full Moon frenzy.  It can feel like neurons are firing that you have not felt in quite some time. In some cases, what you could be experiencing are totally new synapses of connection being made. While you may feel totally outside your comfort zone as you move into this turn, the people who are meant for you will meet you on the other side. Mercury moves on to form one more compelling trine to Pluto on Tuesday, Oct. 3, signifying that a Soul healing is due to happen as one door closes and your future opens way up.

Your rebirth begins!


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