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What is Evolutionary Astrology?

Evolutionary Astrology offers tremendous insights into where the Soul has been, its current life purpose, and ultimately where the Soul is going. In much of traditional astrology, the sun, moon and ascendant are emphasized.

About Kristin

Kristin graduated from UCLA with a degree in Kinesiology. Following years in mainstream corporate America, Kristin had a life altering experience when she met her greatest life teacher world-renowned astrologer Jeffrey Wolf Green. She is a certified graduate of the School of Evolutionary Astrology and a contributor to a book called “Insights into Evolutionary Astrology – A Diverse Collection of Essays by Prominent Astrologers”. She has presented at International Astrological Conferences, The Jeffrey Wolf Green Evolutionary Astrological Conference as well as NORWAC.

For over twenty years Kristin has been writing a weekly astrological forecast column for the Beach Reporter in Southern California which is also posted here on her website. She is also listened to worldwide on her weekly EA radio show, Guiding Stars, now on YouTube. Kristin lives in Ashland, Oregon with her family.


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“In my experience of teaching thousands of students all over the world for over 20 years, few have demonstrated the capacity to truly understand the incredibly deep richness of the symbolic astrological archetypes that correlate to the focus of Evolutionary Astrology. Kristin Fontana has demonstrated this capacity to me because of her tremendous intuitive capacity to grasp the depth and wholeness of such archetypes. Beyond this, she has demonstrated the ability to synthesize and understand how these archetypes interact so to truly KNOW the individual signature. I can only highly recommend to you that you allow yourself to experience the richness and understanding of yourself that Kristin Fontana can help you see.”

Jeffrey Wolf Green

Astrologer, Author

“If you have found Kristin Fontana, you can congratulate yourself on being ‘ready’. Ready for change. For empowerment. For enlightenment. I believe you find what you need when you can ask for it without being attached to getting it. I found Kristin in such a way. For years a dear friend had been telling me of this wonderful woman with whom she was certain I would instantly connect. But for years, I wasn’t ready. When I actually turned within and took responsibility for my life… poof, there she was, ready to guide me to the next level of understanding, trust and acceptance. Kristin is one of the most conscious people I have ever met. Oh, and lest I neglect to mention it… her energy is absolutely exhilarating. Count yourself lucky if you get to work with her, for it will change your life. Kristin is a skilled translator, active interpreter and compassionate facillitor. Working with her gift in evolutionary astrology provided a conduit into myself that reframed my perspective. Three aspects of her work particulary resonate with me: (1) the emphasis on ‘free will’ (2) her use of music as a communication tool and (3) the reassuring insights into my ‘backstory’ and how it colors my ‘now’.” Best wishes on your journey and hearty congratulations for finding a wonderful guide.


Creative Director-London, UK

“From the very first minute you share with Kristin, she will just get who you are, what you’re about, and what you need to hear to help you grow to a place of self awareness, peace and joy. She tells you the truth… even those truths we might like to ignore, but she does it with so much humor, grace, and compassion that even at the most challenging of times you will feel wholly supported and understood. The depth of her thoughtful insights, perceptions, and comments is infinite, valuable beyond any amount. Knowing Kristin will change you… and you’ll never know how you got through so much of your life before she was on your side. She is an “old soul” and she’ll help you heal, grow and become everything that you want to be. I promise – just one minute is all you’ll need to know that you took a step in a direction that will positively affect you for the rest of your life.”

M. Brodie, Ph.D.

Health Policy Researcher – San Francisco, Ca.

“Quite simply, Kristin Fontana is one of the most special people I know. I say this in reference to both her personal and professional life. Kristin is an incredible mother of two beautiful, trusting, happy children. She is the wife of a wonderful man and successful entrepreneur. I admire Kristin’s ability to balance her dedication to family with a thriving professional practice. I have been getting readings from Kristin for 2 years. As a professional coach who supports others to reach their goals and dreams, I often yearn to connect with somebody who supports me! Kristin is that person and plays a very special and important role in my life. Kristin is right on … always. Her ability to balance her expertise in astrology with her gift of intuition is remarkable. I rely on Kristin to share my future with me, teach me, guide me, and above all help me feel enlightened, focused and inspired despite sometimes very challenging times. Kristin is dedicated to the success and fulfillment of others. She always goes above and beyond in her service to her clients. As her friend and colleague I see this not just with me, but with all her clients. She truly cares about others. It is with respect and admiration that I recommend you get in touch with Kristin. You will never look back and you will have formed a lifelong partnership in helping you reach your goals and dreams!”

Michael Charest

Speaker, Coach

“Kristin Fontana’s readings are valuable life affirming opportunities that can provide you with profound insights. As she traverses through your astrological past, present and future Kristin teaches you about your unique cosmic composition and how it affects everything you do. Whether you want to discover more about your relationships, your career or your health Kristin will help you reach a greater understanding of yourself, which will help you experience even greater happiness and success.”


Architect/Designer – Canada

“I’ve been following Kristin for about five years and have been struck by how on spot she is pretty much all the time. I felt she had a clear insight into my life reading her newsletter. I eventually asked her to do our reading. It was an amazing and incredible experience. Kristin lifted a lot of doubts, confirmed what I was sensing, and simply made me feel more clarity as to what is happening in my professional, personal, and out relationship life. I can’t imagine not having met her in this lifetime. It’s as if a dear old friend stepped back into my life, smiled and brought sunshine in. She has that uncanny way of peering into the stars. The world is a warmer place with you here, Kristin 🙂 ”

Nicolas Zart

Paris, France

“If I were to think back upon my initial consultation with Kristin, I would simply grin with a slight reflection of peace. She opened up new doors for me and enlightened me to the portals that surround our lives. I now have a better image of myself than what the mirror provides, for now I can see myself and understand that not all feelings that I have are self created, but self promoting. When down, I now learn to tune into myself and realize perhaps it is a time of reflection when in the past I would have simply questioned, “why me?” The awareness that all the external elements are indeed part of my makeup have given me a sense of ease and understanding. I am not simply cells with a birth date and death date but an actual ingredient to this amazing simple yet complicated universe. It is very peaceful knowing what I have been given( i.e. skills, talents, triumphs and loss), were meant specifically for me in this lifetime. With this information, I can see purpose for my being and also now appreciate the details of those around me. I thank you Kristin for graciously holding the door open.”


Photographer – LA, Ca.

“My experience with Kristin has helped me clarify and understand many of the feelings that my “Soul” has been attempting to communicate to me since I was a little kid. Kristin helped me “connect the dots” – and understand my past and present life situations. Her insight has assisted me in my business, personal and spiritual lives. Kristin truly is an “Angel” and her wisdom is a gift that will continue to help guide my Soul during this Human experience. I am grateful that we connected.”

M. Stewart

Vice President, Fortune 500 Company – LA, Ca.

“I do not understand evolutionary astrology and I don’t know if I truly understand Kristin Fontana. This is not what it’s about. Trust, Understanding and Honesty: This is why Kristin has become my teacher, collaborator, and confidante. Her questions amaze me – she must know what I’ve been thinking about. Her insight is remarkable – she must really know where I’ve been and where I’m going? Her timing is impeccable – she must have a window into my life? Her work is sensitive yet honest – she must really know how I am feeling? Her ability to communicate is highly developed – she must have been doing this a long time? Somehow she knows me and somehow she knows my way. My head is understood and my heart is felt and for me this is what it’s all about.”

Dr. David Birdsall

CEO, Habits for Life

“Kristin Fontana is an insightful and sensitive astrologer who brings the talents of creativity, enthusiasm and a very keen intellect to her readings. Kristin has many talents and she is enhanced by a very loving and kind heart. I have found that her readings are not only meaningful for me at the time they are given, but I reflect on her wisdom long afterwards… she continues to give in a unique and exquisite manner.”

Marsha Malis, PhD.

Pacific Grove, Ca.

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Mar 21 - Apr 19

November 23 ~ December 7    Whoa, that was some month you just pulled through. But things are startin’ to look up, and you can already feel a fire of optimism returning. Loving Venus and Mercury are already traveling through compatible Sagittarius, energizing your heart with sparks of new life, and a New Moon in Sagittarius on Wednesday, Nov. 23, lifts your spirits and connection with others due to this lunar bounce. Given that your ruler Mars is retrograde, everything in life can tend to downshift due to a reversal of energy and focus on the inner journey. Know that this inversion inevitably and optimally impacts your outer approach. You are discovering how good it feels to slow down, and to stop long enough to take in your surroundings. What’s even more beneficial now is carving out ample time to reflect upon the trails you have traveled that have led to this very moment. Have they been good to you? No doubt you have been knocked around at key turns, but you sure have grown. There is always more to go; hence, the joy is IN the journey itself. The Aries Soul so often is laser-focused on the road ahead that you forget to revel in the ground you have covered. Yet, it has a way of deepening your stride and energizing a stronger presence in the moment with others. Jupiter, the ruler for Sagittarius, stations direct at the latter degrees of Pisces on the same day as the new moon, allowing life to open up again in one way or another. Abundant Jupiter will finally re-enter Aries just before Christmas, which will be a gift in and of itself, and something (potentially magnificent) to look forward to. But the most impressive trend in the next two weeks is Mars forming a strengthening trine to Saturn, securing something you want. It is stabilizing, yet also liberating. This is just the right combination for a fiery force of nature like yourself. A solid energy to have you feeling true to course on this mountain you are climbing, yet with a growing fire of desire and determination that keeps you striving til you summit.

Who could ask for more?


Apr 20 - May 20

November 32 ~ December 7   It may have been nervy at best in the past month with a potent pair of eclipses, the second one involving radical Uranus in your sign conjunct the Full Moon, but things are metering out in large degree, thankfully. Inevitably there can be a resounding vibrational buzz of energy like the ripple effect of a pebble on a pond, but what matters most is knowing best how to integrate what has been peaking in recent weeks in a way that leaves you with a wiser lens for re-entry. Your ruler Venus, along with Mercury and the Sun, are all now in Sagittarius. While this can allow for more levity, Sagittarius is also about honesty. The truth is simple, but it isn’t always easy. This trio is traveling through your house of the Soul and revealing what is most authentic at your deepest root, and will bring to light your next steps. A New Moon on Wednesday, Nov. 23, opens a door for you to explore with more awareness and trust. It’s perfect timing for such things as stable Saturn forms an encouraging trine to action Mars in your house of career during the week of November 28th. This is a highly productive time to channel your energy and resources into something you want to establish long-term, but it can also produce validating results almost immediately giving you a clear signal that you are true to course. With Mars still retrograde until Jan. 12, 2023, these two planets will not meet again with Mars moving direct until the end of March, so while you may see signs of new life and fertile offshoots, it may take until then before the wheels are moving at the speed you desire. Another sign of welcomed progress may arrive Thursday, December 1, when Venus effortlessly combines with Saturn, suggesting whatever changes you have been implementing are paying off, this includes efforts made in loving connections and you seeing evidence of optimal growth worth celebrating. 

An evolutionary benchmark worth noting!


May 21 - Jun 20

November 23 ~ December 7    Somewhere in your world the Sun is coming out again. Your ruler Mercury, along with Venus and the Sun, have just moved above the horizon, entering your house of relationships in Sagittarius. A New Moon in Sagittarius follows suit on Wednesday, Nov. 23, to lighten the air and make room for more joy and less stress. These are ideal trends for gathering with friends and loved ones as a festive cheer can linger in the air. With motion-driven Mars moving in reverse in your sign, it can allow for a tighter focus on the things that matter most, as you hone in on how to maximize your energy and time. The next two weeks will be relationship-driven and there will be key openings to strengthen your bond with whoever is of greatest priority in your life. Mars in your sign will also be forming a securing trine to Saturn the week of November 28th, and will oppose your ruler Mercury early on, letting you know just what comes first in order for the rest to seamlessly follow. Mercury will be in great support to Saturn so while there may be a great deal to juggle and manage, you will have the energetic means to pull it off with flying colors. Loving Venus in Sagittarius steps in as well in strong support to Saturn, showing you a reward for your commitment and clever dealings. In essence, this symbol point to a radical re-structuring of your relationships in order for them to peak with potential. Think outside the usual box, which will be easy for you, Gemini.

Make memories that involve exploring new vistas together and your connections are sure to skyrocket!


Jun 21 - Jul 22

November 23 ~ December 7  New Moon, ever New Joy! This lunar event in Sagittarius on Wednesday, Nov. 23, is ripe for some relief as many of you gather with friends and family in the spirit of Thanksgiving during this extended holiday weekend. But no matter where you dwell, it is also a reminder that nothing cultivates a growing bounty more than gratitude. The New Moon in Sagittarius is joined by Mercury and Venus, increasing the potential for more laughter and rapture. You can already see this reflected in the Universal love for the sport of soccer as countries gather from all over the globe to share their mutual love for the game. Whether you are an athlete or a spectator, it is a reminder that passions in common build a stronger bond within as well as across country lines. So much more unites us than divides us, starting with the gift of being able call Mother Earth our home. Extending some good cheer will go a long way to elevate your aura and extend your magnetism in the next two weeks, Cancer, and with so much Sagittarian promise in the sky, you will be finding abundance in the simplest of spaces, whether on the trails within nature or at a gathering with few or many watching your favorite sport. Accessing a better place within yourself will come with greater ease as this Sagittarian run on energy can be contagious. Just viewing those crowded stands with fans from every corner of the world, some with painted faces and costumes but every single one of them jump to their feet when a goal is scored. It’s not complicated, it just takes togetherness to catch the buzz. The Sagittarian archetype induces a playful humor, and you find it proves to be the best medicine for the moment, so find some and share it, and it will positively spill into everything you do. Action Mars in Gemini, while retrograde, is also moving into an ideal angle to Saturn the week of November 28th, and will be working behind the scenes on a dream of yours. The inner footprints you make are going to create a big splash, so time is of the essence as the inner landscapes beckon for your return and revival. Both Mercury and Venus will be adding more color and detail to your story and giving it an emotional charge, so be sure to weave in all that you want an unfolding mystery to entail.

Your New Moon Mantra: Live well, laugh often, love much, enjoy simply, feel deeply, think freely!