Libra Libra

September 20 ~ October 4  This is where it’s at! Your ruler, sweet Venus, is in the amorous sign of Leo, and you are loving it. What makes this trend extra special is that Mars is also transiting through your sign, Libra, and remains in a strong position of support to Venus through the first week of October, giving you just under three more weeks to work with this benevolent pairing. When it comes to you, your connections come first, and the more harmony there is, all the better. Mars and Venus are so in step, they are telling you one thing with their movement; that you can have it. The love is here for the taking if you so choose, along with the balance of give and take becoming your walking, breathing reality. Mercury is now direct as well to help you implement the practical changes to your plan. The simple way to keep those bonds in balance is to be clear when it’s your turn, and when it’s their turn. Document those changes. Write it down and rotate. Your turn, my turn, and so on. Keep it fair and balanced. Mercury forms a healing trine to Jupiter in your house of empowerment on Monday, Sept. 25, energizing an inner expansion and an increased awareness of how to understand more clearly the most natural way for your Soul to be in service. This does not mean sacrificing your needs for the sake of another, it means meeting your destiny right where it needs to be met. This transit can illuminate your role in bringing more Soul into how you reach and teach others as well. You get a bit testy with the coming Full Moon in Aries next Friday, Sept. 29,  as you may be tested with an emotional trigger when Venus squares Uranus. Relax around this energy as best you can to give pause before you spring into action. There is an optimal way up and over an unexpected speed bump. Mercury is well within reach of an illuminating trine to Uranus in Taurus the entirety of that weekend, revealing an attractive alternative that has you coming through this not only unscathed but victorious. Mercury follows with a trine to Pluto in Capricorn, on Tuesday, Oct. 3, as you feeling yourself leaning into a maturing strength of your emotional body. This is where the good stuff starts, right in the center of your heart and Soul. Everything heals and grows when it is loved well. People too (Brianna Wiest).

It starts with YOU!


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