Libra Libra

February 28 ~ March 13  “What can’t you remember that you thought you would never forget?” This is the effect of the Aquarian skies. They can have you forgetting what you thought you never could or would because something better has taken its place. It’s like getting your heart broken to the point where it’s all you can think about. It becomes all-consuming until it isn’t anymore.  Even then, you think you are over and through it and then an old song brings it all back. All it takes is a subtle sensory experience. But something is different now; you are changing because you are seeing things differently. You are not accepting what was never enough and you are leaning on yourself more. That, my friend, is a beautiful thing. When we attach less, the love grows. You become a magnet for more.  Action Mars and Venus are pulling ahead and away from their recent all-time triple conjunction with Pluto in Aquarius on and around Thursday, Feb. 22, with your ruler, Venus, is leading the way. This means, Libra, so are you. No matter what else is going on in the galaxy, Mars and Venus are working for and with you. They are on YOUR TEAM, and they are quite a compatible pair. It means there are others who are also going to bat for you. February closes with the Sun, Saturn, and Mercury mingling in Pisces while receiving a validating nod from Jupiter in Taurus. They are letting you know that not only are your efforts not in vain, the choices you are making are opening deeper doors in your Soul to allow for earth-moving evolution. Yes, it hurts, and it royally sucks sometimes, but Holy Heck, it is so rewarding on the other side of the grind and the grief. Venus in fellow air sign Aquarius moves into a square to Uranus on Sunday, March 3, which can send you way outside your comfort zone along with your tendency to keep the peace, and straight into being willing to expose whoever has made such a mess of things. Mars quickly changes gears and it aligns favorably to the Nodes, to give you the courage to take something (potentially major) on. Some things are worth going the distance. Mars then squares Uranus as well the following weekend, on Saturday, March 9, which becomes the fallout of someone not expecting you to play hardball, but you came with bat in hand. Mercury enters Aries the same day, giving you ever more fire to fight those battles for fairness’ sake, for nothing makes your head spin on its axis more than an injustice. A potentially strange and wonderful New Moon in Pisces on Sunday, March 10, reminds you that magic still exists when someone surprises you with their compassion and altruistic gesture. It will come unexpected, and because of this, it will have you believing once again that anything is truly possible.

Keep your glow going, for even when it’s necessary to go to the mat, it’s your light that will be the reason you win



Friday, Feb. 29, LEAP DAY: Saturn, Sun, Mercury conjunction in Pisces while sextiling Jupiter in Taurus ~ Growing optimism in building a dream. Laying down a foundation for a greater ideal. Take a Leap!

Sunday, March 3: Venus in Aquarius Squares Uranus in Taurus ~  relationship and financials potentially bumpy.

Monday, March 4: Mercury in Pisces Sextiles Uranus in Taurus ~ Communications smooth things fast.

Tuesday, March 5: Mars in Aquarius Trines the North Node in Aries ~ Follow your instinct, courage returns.

Friday, March 8: Mercury Conjuncts Neptune in Pisces ~ turn to healing/nurturing thoughts and activities. Peace-making using talking stick.

Saturday, March 9: Mars in Aquarius Squares Uranus in Taurus ~ more unpredictable tides, potential for sudden direction change. Motivations of others revealed. Electrical interruptions.

Saturday, March 9: Mercury enters Aries ~ Launch your ideas, voice yourself through action.

Sunday, March 10: NEW MOON IN PISCES ~ Rise & Energize Peace. Wide-Open Potential for Healing Change!



I honor the place in you where the entire Universe resides,

the place of love and light

of peace and truth

where when you are in that place in you and

I am in that place in me

we are in the same place.



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