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June 19  ~ July 3

It’s a feeling bend, one that can be tender to the touch, but when you surrender to the tender, your evolution becomes rapid and swiftly sweet. Your ruler Mercury entered the sign of compatible Cancer with Venus by your side on Monday, June 17. One minute you were in your head and the next thing you know a wave of emotion has taken over your Soul.  The vulnerability can sneak in fast; it gives your mind a rest, but your heart a squeeze. This is because the water is now winning, and it’s a good thing. You are going to be so busy feeling everything that there is no time, space, or even a desire to think, for it will be enough just to tend to those emotions that are greeting you at sunrise and still swimming around at sunset. Once you know how to work with them versus run from them, you are going to be golden. On Thursday, June 20, the Solstice marks the entry of the Sun into Cancer, and with Mercury and Venus already doing the breaststroke through these feeling waters, you are going to welcome a solid dose of the SUN. As soon as you realize the power that this ball of fire holds, you will be seeing it mirrored back to you as your energy interfaces with others. The Sun symbolizes your life purpose, and while you may be energizing steps that bring you closer to a more embodied expression of yourself, it is important to remember this, “Your purpose is not the thing you do. It is the thing that happens in others when you do what you do” (Caroline Leaf). This is because you become plugged into an eternal current of L.O.V.E when you align with your inner Sun, your natural purpose, the light automatically emerges from the windows to your Soul. A Full Moon in fellow earth sign Capricorn on Friday, June 21, helps you merge your emotional waters with the ever-changing waves of the sea, empowering you to lead with your heart versus your head. On this same day, your ruler Mercury will effortlessly form a bonding link with Mars, giving you the courage to take a risk with something you deeply desire, and to push a little harder to see where it leads. Loving Venus in compatible Cancer moves in beautiful harmony with Mars in Taurus for days following and peaks on Friday, June 28, directly influencing all of your emotional connections for the better. Your ruler Mercury and Saturn in your opposite sign of Pisces make a pact on Wednesday, June 26, that feels to energetically remove a barrier that has been keeping you feeling blocked in a meaningful relationship. A dam can be released with the right words and a sincere offering so that life-giving water can re-enter the river of love once again. Both Mars and Venus unite with Saturn the week of July 1, which is set to strengthen all of your most cherished bonds when you explore tenderizing spaces to enhance your connection.

Nurturing yourself and others works like a dream!




June 16: Venus enters Cancer ~ Try a little tenderness, with yourself and with others.
June 17: Mercury enters Cancer ~ Feelings first, mind follows.
June 20:Summer Solstice ~ Sun enters Cancer = longest day of the year, shortest night in the Northern Hemisphere. Shortest day of the year and longest night in the Southern Hemisphere (Winter Solstice) Access the Sun within for energy and nourishment
June 21 Full Moon in Capricorn at 6:07 pm pacific
June 21: Mercury in Cancer sextile Mars in Taurus ~ Relief valve for emotion overload.
June 26: Mercury in Cancer trines Saturn in Pisces ~ Healing conversations.
June 28: Venus in Cancer sextiles Mars in Taurus ~ Inner balance & relationship harmony.
June 29: Saturn stations retrograde at 19 degrees of Pisces ~ Prioritize Personal Healing and Spiritual Spaces.


Needing Nothing Attracts Everything!


Surrender to Your Soul, and let the current carry you.
It knows exactly where it’s going!


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