Virgo Virgo

September 20~ October 4  Your ruler Mercury is in Virgo and is moving direct again. Wahoo! You needed this like a flower needs the sun. It gets you out of your thoughts and sends you straight into action. What does this mean for you? It means so too will your life be moving fast and forward with it. This is good news all on its own, but Mercury is traveling with some spice. You may already be calming your nerves and shaking those cobwebs loose just by putting yourself in motion. Mercury in Virgo’s trine to abundant Jupiter in fellow earth sign Taurus on Monday, Sept. 25, says it’s a get up and GO time, as in VirGO. It truly is a confidence building, faith producing trend, and the more you energize these two things, the more magnetic you become. Things may get bumpy later next week when a Full Moon in Aries is coupled with Venus squaring Uranus on Friday, Sept. 29, having you feeling uncertain about how another feels or something you want may still be uncertain and hanging in the balance. But Mercury quickly gets your head back on track when you say to yourself, “I am worthy of love, I am worthy of success, and I am worth of greatness”, with Mercury aligning like a laser beam to its higher octave, Uranus, in Taurus. Your mind works on overdrive but when you infuse this energy with the electric precision of Uranus, your thoughts can travel at the speed of light. Start practicing manifestation techniques in your meditations today if you are not already priming the pump. You get the news you need on Saturday, Sept. 30, a weekend that promptly restores your belief in what can be when you use your mind to serve your highest self. Mercury motors on to form an empowering trine to Pluto, the planet of the Soul, in fellow earth sign Capricorn on Tuesday, Oct. 3, in your house that governs your creative life purpose, as it lures you further out onto the stage of life. Loving Venus in Leo is still combining effortlessly with action Mars in Libra, keeping you more balanced and rooted in your essential being while encouraging you to reach for the stars. “Statistically, 100 percent of the shots you don’t take, don’t go in” (Wayne Gretzky).

Take that shot and you’ll become a rising star!


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